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Honda March 21, 2013 posted by

Wrench And Patience Not Included: Project 1993 Honda NSR 250 SE

nsr right

Who is good with puzzles?  I love a good project bike and this certainly looks like one.  If you think you will be pulling up to your local hangout wreaking of Motul by the end of the week, arrow out of this page.  If you don’t mind a twist here, a missing part there but the satisfaction of completing a project yourself; well then scroll on down.

nsr left

Maybe most importantly, the frame has a title.  That should provide some motivation to get it back together.


nsr parts 2nsr parts

If you are serious about this bike I’d make a new friend that knows his NSR’s and see if he can gauge what is missing (if anything).  I didn’t notice any chambers but the seller says it was a runner before being dismantled. 


Here is the story:



nsr bodywork

I can’t tell if that is OEM bodywork or aftermarket but factor in the cost of paint if you don’t like black.  I’d factor in the cost of a total engine rebuild as well, since it is totally apart.  Consider it peace of mind.


nsr front

This one is all about price and patience.  Can you get it for the right price and do you have the patience to put it back together?


Click here for the auction.




Honda March 15, 2013 posted by

Solid in Seattle: 1993 Honda NSR250R MC21

1993 Honda NSR250 For Sale

Anthony tips us to this tidy NSR250 available on Seattle Craigslist for just $4k. And it’s titled with only 6k miles! It has a few blems that are pointed out in the ad but this looks like a deal at $4k for a streetable NSR. Good luck to buyers and seller!



from the seller:

elling my beloved NSR250R, bike has a clean and legal title, Starts, runs, rides, factory tool kit still in seat box. Been my commuter back and forth to work. Never been down or crashed. This is a grey-market bike! V-twin 2 stroke race bike sold in most places in the world but never in the USA. Bike has 180psi in each cylinder and runs strong. Also this is a kick start ONLY bike. There was never electric start on the bike to begin with (most people ask where the electric starter is). Oils and fluids changes every 1000km (im very uptight about maintenance), only use Honda HP2/GN2 2 stroke oil. All lights, horn, indicators and brakes work as they should. Bike has no issues. This would be a fun bike to ride on the nice days we get here in WA then take to the track and blast around on. When I bought the bike it had been shipped from Japan to the owner, and after 2 years he never rode it!. Bike has 10,600km (that is 6,600 miles) Pretty low for a bike made in 1993 (LESS THAN 400 MILES A YEAR) There is a small amount of decal smudging and a 1/4in crack from when the bike was brought here from Japan and some small scratches near the seat from my old riding pants which is shown in the pictures below but I am being up front about the damage , so no surprises:



Honda March 5, 2012 posted by

Beautiful ’94 Honda Rothmans NSR250R SP

Mileage: 800 miles on fresh motor

Price: $10,800

Update 3.5.2012: Now listed on BARF with additional details. -dc

Do sportbikes get much better looking than this? Go ahead, take it all in. I think you’ll find the answer is no. The NSR 250 is as legendary as you can get in any sportbike circle and if you are fortunate enough to get an SP, well then, be content with the rest of your life, whatever it may bring. You are the definition of lucky.

Seriously, just look at it. What an absolute stunner. The SP models are much more rare and difficult to find that the standard NSR and was also the most advanced at the time in terms of being a refined two-stroke street bike. It’s powered by a 40bhp V-twin that only had to propel approximately 300 pounds dry and its dry clutch and adjustable suspension made it truly one of the great two-stroke race replicas.

Here’s information from the seller-

The NSR is a real 94 Rothmans, has correct vin and number tag on subframe. Fresh motor, about 800 miles, new crank, new cylinders, used cases but almost everything else new including clutch.

Has new OEM Honda:

Upper and lower forks $$$$

Fuel Tank $$$$

Triple Clamps $$$

PGM 4 unit and gauges $$$

Every seal, or bushing greased/replaced etc etc in the last year.

Has some Chinese plastic on it and some factory, have all factory pieces except left lower and upper, that is all it really needs to be fully original. Has all correct SP parts like magteks, dry clutch adj suspension etc.

Runs excellent.

And more pics of this beauty-

The seller highlights the maintenance which includes lots of engine overhaul that should address any concerns about the motor, especially important for a two-stroke. Sounds like all the other maintenance has been done too and the seller says the bike runs excellent. Only issue really is replacement plastic which the seller also highlights letting you know what it would take to make the bike 100%.

The seller is asking $10,800. It’s not cheap, but don’t forget it’s a Rothmans edition SP, making this an extremely rare bike. And considering the work put in, then it gets even more attractive.

So if you’ve been searching for one of these, collector or rider, or both, you should give this bike a good look. They don’t pop up all that often. Contact Glenn via email.


Honda October 23, 2011 posted by

1994 Honda NSR250R MC28

1994 Honda NSR 250R MC28 100% stock and For Sale

Update 9.19.2011: Now on eBay.
Update II 9.23.2011: If you missed it this week, you’ve got a second chance after a buyer backed out. Links updated. -dc
Update III 10.23.2011: Non-paying bidder again, back on eBay. Price dropped to $6750 buy-it-now, which should move it quickly. -dc
Update 10.28.2011: She’s found a new home, congratulations Doug!

Location: New Albany, IN
Mileage: 3,500 miles or 5,700km
Price: $7,750.00 $6750 buy-it-now

One sweet ass NSR that has to be one of only a handful of low mileage, stock survivors.

This is my personal bike and it is as nice as it looks. There is one small, half dollar sized, blemish on the right side of the tail section and is documented in the photo. There is also some discoloration on the right lower fairing where the over flow tubes exit the underside of the bike that can be seen in the photos as well.

There is some evidence that it has been down on the right side at some point, but all of the bodywork was replaced except for the tail section. There is some light rash on the right canister, pipe and front turn signals. I’ve included pictures for a full disclosure, but as most people will realize stock NSR’s just are not available in any condition.

As usual, I’ve attached a lot of pictures for you to review. I recommend reviewing all pictures carefully and in doing this you will gain some appreciation for this particular machine and just how clean it is. I’ve never seen a cleaner 1994 anything-

Has new chain
Has new Michelin Pilot Powers
Carbs recently cleaned
New Spark Plugs
New Battery

This is a NSR time capsule and the only reason I’m offering it for sale is because I don’t think I can control myself from riding it. I’ve put about 30 miles on it and it runs awesome!

I know this is ‘only’ an ‘R’ version, but it is a beautiful machine and deserves to be on display and not abused.

If you’re interested let me know via this post and I’ll respond privately or if it’s a general question I’ll answer on here so everyone can see it.

You can view it on ebay as well with a few different pictures



[AffomaticEbay]Honda NSR[/AffomaticEbay]

Honda June 22, 2011 posted by

’89 NSR250R MC18: Titled and Registered in CA

Location: San Jose, CA
Miles: 9,XXXkm
Price: $4,000

Here’s one for all you ‘smokers out there! Up for grabs we have a 1989 Honda NSR250R MC18. These angry sounding bikes crank out about 45hp and tip the scales at just less than 300lbs wet. Now that sounds like a recipe for good times to me. The MC18 was at the cutting edge of technology back in the day and included new PGM-II intake technology.

This particular bike is located in San Jose, CA and has a clean title and registration which is always a plus for a grey market two-stroke. Your neighbors might not be the biggest fan, but everyone else who knows what these bikes are will be! The seller doesn’t offer much info on the bike, but an email to me revealed that it had 9,xxx km. It’s also a little hard to tell from the photos what condition the bike is in as far as wear and tear and any possible corrosion. The seller also states that it has a set of air tech front fairings and from I can tell some after market pipes (anyone who can tell the make feel free to chime in). Also seems that the rear wheel has been painted black, but unfortunately no more details on any changes are mentioned.

From the seller:

” I have a registered 1989 Honda NSR 250 for sale. It currently runs and has a clean title with up to date registration. Bike has a few upgrades including a set of air tech front fairings. This Bike is very fun to ride.
Im asking $4000. Must have Cash on hand including M1 license for test ride.”

Here is a stock photo to give you a better idea of what the bike looks like:

It appears to be a relatively clean and low mileage example in Terra blue and white livery, although it doesn’t look to be bone stock. With the U.S. Gran Prix less than five weeks away (I’m counting the hours until I’m there), and this bike being titled and located roughly an hour’s ride from legendary Laguna Seca Raceway, it could be a fun way to roll into MotoGP. Take a look at the sale ad here and make the call if you think this is the bike for you.


Honda May 30, 2011 posted by

1991 Honda NSR 250R PGMIII For Sale

1991 Honda NSR 250R PGMIII For Sale

Location: Georgetown, IN
Mileage: 9,500
Price: $5250 B.I.N.

This one sports all OEM plastics and they are in decent shape. I’ll call them a 6.5/7 out of 10 with no major cracking, but the tabs on the lower belly pan are broken off and the upper has a small piece missing where mirror mounts.

100% stock other than Tyga canisters. She sports a new top end, ultrasonically cleaned carbs and will start on the first or second kick. Runs strong and is an absolute blast to ride.

I do not have this one titled so it will be sold with a BOS only.

Please review all the pictures and ask any questions.

Here is a short video of a cold start and it idling.



Honda May 3, 2011 posted by

Smokin’ 250: 1989 Honda NSR 250R

For Sale: 1989 Honda NSR 250R MC18

You might think the RSBFS staff a strange bunch; if it’s not 400cc rockets like this one or this one, it is two-stroke smokers like today’s bike, a 1989 Honda NSR250R MC18. Now, we have seen quite a few MC18s on these pages, and you can do your homework here. And while later generation bikes are certainly more technologically advanced, many believe that a well-sorted ’18 is the bike to have. Let the flames begin!

The seller was good enough to share some broadside shots of the bike, including the obvious rash on both sides of this little gem. The damage is unfortunate, as I really like the red/black/silver color scheme, and actually prefer it to some of the race-replica livery (let the flames continue!).

From the seller:
Up for grabs ultra rare all original 89 Honda NSR black / red color combo “mc18”. 26000 kilometers or 16000 miles , Fresh oem top end installed less than 400 miles ago. oil injected so no messing around with premix.Bike runs mint and starts on first kick no matter how cold or hot it is. brand new Michelin tires, brand new brakes. the only thing it needs is fairings repainted to look new again. previous owner scratched up right fairing and slightly left fairing “look at photos”. other than that it is mint. if you are local you are more than welcome to come over have a look and test it. Title clear and clean in hand so the bike is totally street legal

This bike is not exactly low miles (odo shows just under 27,000 km) or cherry, but the seller does state that the bike is titled in NJ despite the fact that the pics show no plates. There is much that is unknown here, and as always we will recommend that you contact the seller for more pictures and more information. For additional information on NSRs, you can also check out this link.

This auction is going on now, and there has been some early action; the current bid is at $2,650 with reserve still in place, and the BIN is set at $5,500. That latter number is quite a bit high for an MC18 in this condition, but if the reserve is set at a rational level then we could have a good one going yet. For more information and pictures, . Tell ’em you saw it on RSBFS!

And if you are interested in something a little newer, be sure and check out our featured listing: a gorgeous MC28!


Honda January 26, 2011 posted by

Stuck In Between: 1994 Honda NSR250R SP MC28 Rothmans

Stuck In Between: 1994 Honda NSR250R SP  MC28 Rothmans

I bet you moved a little closer to  your computer screen when you saw those Rothmans colors.  Then you shrugged a bit when you saw this bike has been set up for the track and is not titled.  On one hand its got those great colors that collectors want but on the other hand it is track day bike in pretty clothes:  it is kind of stuck in between what people are looking for.

 One of prettiest paint jobs out there and has lots of history tied to it.  Street riders, I think I’d pass this one by unless you are a serious tinkerer.  It’s running premix so you either carrying oil everywhere you go or replacing the whole oil injection system. I would imagine you will have some wiring harness issues as well depending on what they’ve stripped away.  Gauges are track oriented items, air box and carb mods are other common track modifications.  The seller listed title status as “other” so I’m going to assume there is not a title for the bike.  Not the end of the world but definite work involved there.

For the guy looking for a unique track bike, I see no major issues as long as the price is right.  Honda parts are plentiful and Tyga and others make plenty of bolt on fun.  Who’s got the eagle eye to identify what that front end came off of?

Listing details: 

1994 Honda NSR250R  MC28

Restored for track use but could easily be refitted for the street. Runs excellently. Handles outstandingly. Exceptional braking. This bike has 450 miles since being restored. It had a complete engine rebuild.

304 lbs ready to ride.  

Magtek magnesium alloy wheels

PGM 4. (De-restricted Factory Honda “credit card” ignition that works perfectly)

Inverted front fork revalved by Dave Moss at Catylist Reaction Suspension Tuning 

JHA triple clamp

Magnesium clipon mounts

Tyga racing pipes and mufflers. Tyga racing rearsets

Pirelli Supercorsa SC2 tires with 150 miles

Steering Damper

Rothmans aftermarket bodywork. (note in the photo that the upper fairing has one small crack)

Set up for Pre Mix


 Look over the photos and email me with any questions.

I will assist with shipping anywhere. The shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not down on the little NSR.  I know that Rothmans paint can suck you in;  just go into it knowing it will be a project if plan to do more than track days with it.  The auction doesn’t have a whole lot of time left to .

What it looked like in the showroom