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Honda January 23, 2011 posted by

Honda NSR250 MC28 On O’ahu

A MC28 NSR250 at a decent price!

Bike:  Honda NSR250 MC28

Location:  Honolulu, Hawaii

Miles:  Unknown

Price:  $5,500

The details in the listing for this bike is very sparse, obviously though if you’re a two-stroke fan and living in Hawaii, you’ll give the seller a call anyway!  The bike is fitted with aftermarket bodywork and paint but looks to be in decent condition.  I haven’t seen this fairing before on a NSR, it looks to be a combination of Tyga bodywork with a YZF750 headlight, if anyone has any information on what it is please share.  Most the MC28’s we’ve seen have been priced well above this bike’s asking price of $5.5k so it’s worth a look–especially if you’re living on one of the islands!  See the previous MC28’s here.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda June 26, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR250 Titled & Registered In Texas

Update 6.25.10: Now listed for $5500.

This is a freshly re-built MC21 NSR finished in Repsol colors.  Located in Allen, Texas is a 1993 Honda NSR250(R) that is titled and registered in Texas.  The seller states that this bike has a completely re-built motor, new chain & sprocket, new rear tire and a large number of spare parts including an additional motor.  The bike is finished in an incorrect for the year/generation, but correct looking, Doohan Repsol replica paint scheme.  The bike is priced at $7,500; This is the higher end for MC21’s, usually where we see low mileage, original, California registered examples but, as the seller says, it does come with a supposedly large spares package including a motor.  It would be interesting to know what other spares are included because, for me, an additional motor and some bits needs a bit more to constitute a ~$2,500 premium.

The MC21 was an advanced bike when released featuring a PGMIII ECU from the RC30, which was:

“coupled to throttle position and gear position sensors, controls both the timing of the RC Valves, air correctors and ignition advance to give outstanding low end tractability. The PGM-III features a true 3D ignition and a different map for each cylinder…the famous Gull-Arm rear swingarm was copied from the RS250 of Luca Cadalora, as was the frame design. Even the mounting point for a steering damper was kept in place! The body-styling was based on the 1988 and 1989 RS250’s, with just a few basic concessions like lights and a rear pillion seat!! The rear wheel diameter was decreased from 18″ to 17″ and widened to 4.5” to run the latest tyre profiles and compounds. The MC21 also now featured a closer ratio gearbox with a taller 1st gear and an improved shift mechanism.

This is the last year of the MC21 and a nice looking example regardless if it is original or not.  The Repsol scheme has easily become for Honda what Red is for Ferrari’s.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda June 14, 2010 posted by

1989 Honda NSR250 In Northern California

This is a California titled and registered MC18 NSR250!

Bike: 1989 Honda NSR250(R)

Price: $5,000 USD

Location: Vallejo, California

Mileage: 23,000km (14,291mi)

This seller states that this bike has never been down and is registered for road use.  The seller also states that the only thing that isn’t original on this bike is a fairing that was replaced but, it looks to have been repainted and has a solid windscreen.  The bike does have 23,000km.  The seller states “I am asking $5,000 OBO, I am aware that it is worth a lot more…”; From the MC18’s we’ve seen, this bike is priced quite high in regards to condition but, it does have a California title so it’s worth looking into.  See the other MC18 posts here.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda April 29, 2010 posted by

1994 HONDA NSR 250R MC-28, 5600 MILES !!

1994 Honda NSR 250R with only 5,600 miles

What’s cooler then hanging out at your local Starbucks with all the “regular” bikes and pulling our something that looks like a credit card to fire it up, take that Desmosedici! The MC-28 was the last of the line for the street 250 2-strokes from Honda. I’ve had a couple of these and what a great little bike but still a bit out gunned by the Aprilia 250. Running a 54mm x 54mm square GP like bore and stroke the Honda’s (stock for stock) had better mid-range grunt compared to the Aprilia’s 56mm x 50mm combination. Although that combination gave the Aprilia much more pull in the upper rpm range to edge out the competition, the real Aprilia GP bike of that era did have the traditional 54mm x 54mm square bore and stroke provided by Rotax. Available in 3 different flavors (R, SP, SE) as you go up the ladder you get even better equipment like fully adjustable suspension, dry clutch and mag wheels, add a Repsol Replica paint scheme and you’re the baddest mo-fo out there. The bike is located in the Ontario California area and is on Craig’s List for $10,000. Click here for the jump to the ad.

The ad reads like this below, I guess his “Caps Lock” key is sticking and his last statement is, well,….interesting.


I am selling a honda NSR 250r motorcyle

milage 9000 KM.
california registered….
mc 28
year 1994
two key cards
clear title
new tires and ALL STOCK!!!!!!!!!


So pro’s and con’s from me. First let’s look at the facts, he doesn’t say but we’re going to assume it’s a base R model and full power, mileage is great and the fact it is street titled is a huge plus. I just have a hard time swallowing the price and let’s assume again it’s a pretty clean straight up bike, the price is still reflective of an SP/SE model. In this economy we’ve had some other NSR’s come in at $10k but are SP or SE editions, go a few years back and the price is right on. So maybe you want to pay “tomorrows” price for this little jewel or wait for the next one to come by, anyway just remember……..”WON’T LAST COME GET IT>>>>>COME SEE IT, IF YOU LIKE IT YOU GET IT”. Honestly I only see translations like this when Aprilia is giving a Press Release.


Honda April 13, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR250R MC21 Titled & Registered In Washington State

This is a very nice MC21 NSR that has come up for sale again!  Located in Seattle, Washington is a 1993 Honda NSR250R registered and titled in Washington state.  This bike has 9,600km (5,965mi) and has never seen the track.  The seller states that this bike is in original condition with some small scratches and scrapes.  We saw this bike in August of 2009 with 75 less kilometers and an asking price of $3,900.  The current asking price is $5,800; don’t hate the seller for the possibility of making a profit on the bike as he bought it for a steal.  Have a look at the PhotoBucket album that has a number of detailed photos here.  See this great looking MC21 on Craigslist here.


Honda April 5, 2010 posted by

1992 Honda NSR250(R) MC21 In A Very Cool Replica Scheme

This NSR250 has to have one of the coolest replica paint schemes we’ve seen!  Located in Saint Petersburg, Florida is a 1992 Honda NSR250 finished as a replica Foggy-Petronas FP1.  While gentlemen prefer 100% original paint work, if you have a bike that isn’t perfect cosmetically, creativity will always win out over a can of Krylon™ flat-black. This bike does have a crazy amount of miles–for a U.S. NSR–at 19,421mi but, it does feature a rebuilt motor.  It is also titled and registered for street use and features Tyga exhaust and “electronics” (I’m guessing their power-up kit).  Some view the MC21 as the most usable NSR as they weren’t plagued by the electronics of the later generation.  Now, what makes this bike cool?  Well, if you didn’t know, Carl Fogarty joined up with Malaysian oil giant Petronas to create a bike to compete in World SuperBike.  The resultant bike was a tripple that did quite poorly in WSB but, still needed to be Homologated for WSB use.  As it happens, the FP1 was such a failure that Petronas decided to simply cut their losses and shelve all existence of the bike with supposedly only two street versions actually being sold.  That is all well and good but, what does that have to do with this bike.  Well, when most vehicles are turned into replica’s, it’s usually of the crap variety complete with eBay Ferrari stickers in abundance; This bike however has nothing, really, in common with what the replica is based on but, it is still very cool because no one will know what it is a replica of, and if they do, they’ll be someone you’ll actually want to chat with and not someone who’s uncles-friend-knows-a-guy who owns a Ferrari.  This bike is actually a pretty good Troy Corser replica too:  The stickers appear to be a little too small but they’re still the right ones and in the right places.  I must clarify:  I usually hate replicas with a passion but this one is obscure enough that no one will even know it’s a replica because they don’t know what Petronas or a NSR is anyway.  The asking price is $6,500 which I would imagine to be a bit high but we’ve seen MC21’s all over the spectrum.  Here is some interesting recent information on the FP1.  Some quick, general, information about the FP1 can be found on Wikipedia here.  See the Craigslist post for the NSR here.

Here is a photo of an actual FP1 from it’s release.


Honda March 26, 2010 posted by

1989 Honda NSR250R MC18 Sold With Bill-Of-Sale Only

This looks to be a decent NSR250R but isn’t titled or registered in the U.S.  Located in San Diego, California is a 1989 Honda NSR250R.  The seller states that this bike has a fresh top end, rebuilt carbs, refinished tank and the oil injection system still functions.  Sadly, no matter how well prepared this bike is in street trim, this bike doesn’t have a U.S. title and therefore is a track only bike or a project for that special someone.  The ’89 models were the first to feature the new generation of PGM-II CDI that mapped the ignition system in 3-D and was very closely related to RS250 technology of the time.  If you like projects or need a very cool track bike, see this MC18 on Craigslist here.


Honda February 10, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR250 MC21

This NSR isn’t titled but it looks to be a nice example in the U.S.  This NSR250 is located in Bellmore, New York.  1993 was the last year for the MC21 range; being replaced in 1994 by the Pro-Arm equipped MC28.  The seller states that everything works, and works well.  As I said, this bike isn’t titled but, if you can overcome that–or are just looking for some living-room art–this could be a nice NSR for you.  The asking price may be a bit high at $5,000 with the lack of title and little other information.  This one’s worth a look.  See it on Craigslist here.