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Purely Sporty – 1989 Yamaha FZR-400

Applying technology from the bigger bikes in their line-up for the Japanese domestic market, the big four started a friendly competition among smaller bikes that spread back across the oceans where the big bikes ruled.  The Yamaha FZR-400 did well in roundups of the racey smaller bikes, lightweight but not twitchy, suspension compliant but in control, the EXUP-equipped 400 with a 14,000 rpm redline but wider torque band.

20151028 1989 yamaha fzr400 right

1989 Yamaha FZR-400 for sale on eBay

20151028 1989 yamaha fzr400 left front

Introduced in 1986, the FZR-400 received the electric EXhaust Ultimate Power valve in late 1988, electrically changing the collector volume to enhance flow and stretch the midrange power.  The 16-valve inline four was good for 60 hp and 29 ft-lbs of torque, great numbers per liter.  Two aluminum DeltaBox girders support the engine, with 41mm  forks and aluminum swingarm with monoshock at the rear.  Brakes are oversized 298mm front and 210mm rear.  Endurance-racing styled full fairing has monoposto hard cover for the pillion seat.

20151028 1989 yamaha fzr400 binnacle  20151028 1989 yamaha fzr400 front

Looking nicely cared-for with its nearly 16,000 miles, this FZR boasts new chain, sprockets, tires, and battery.  Byline of the auction says the fairing are not perfect but the imperfections are not apparent.  Just a few modifications, low-profile front signals, and it looks like pillion footpegs have been excessed.  Period Yoshimura muffler.  From the eBay auction:

I have owned this bike for 15yrs and have ridden it very little,  It has always been garaged.  New parts: new tires,   Battalax 090 150x60x18 & S 20 110x70x71,  new Progressive fork springs with new seals.  I have changed to steel braids on front brakes, pads are at 50%.  Zero Gravity dark windscreen.  Chain and sprocket upgrade to 520. brand new battery.  Oil and filter and air filter serviced. changed coolant.  Yosh slip-on,EXUP model.

20151028 1989 yamaha fzr400 left rear  20151028 1989 yamaha fzr400 left rear wheel

The FZR-400 was beautifully executed, and buyers paid a 20% price premium over the competition.  That penalty has evaporated over time, but the Yamaha is still the class of the smaller sportbikes.  Sized to that almost any rider can get on, and performing so that experts and novices can appreciate it, the FZR-400 is a great starter or keeper.  This one appears to have been well loved and maintained.  The reserve has already been met with several bids and 5 days to go…


Purely Sporty – 1989 Yamaha FZR-400
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Four Hundred Four Fizzer – 1988 Yamaha FZR400

Eclipsed by the 600’s, or maybe just soft-pedaled by the factory as a domestic Japanese market special, the FZR400 lived out its eight-year stateside run in relative obscurity.  Because of it medium size and power, it was a bike that any rider, almost regardless of size or experience, could jump on and have a blast.  Occasionally recognized by the media as a sweet handler, it could embarrass its big brothers in the twisties, and finding one in nice shape is a rarity these days.

20151003 1988 yamaha fzr400 right

1988 Yamaha FZR44 for sale on eBay

20151003 1988 yamaha fzr400 left

Peeking out around the bodywork is the DeltaBox aluminum frame, seriously overbuilt for the 60 hp machine.  The overbuilding continues with the 41mm forks, 282 mm dual front rotors, and 110mm front / 140mm rear tires, larger than many bigger bikes at the time.  Max thrust arrives at 12,500 rpm, and Yamaha’s EXUP exhaust ultimate power valve extends the torque band from the peak at 9,500 rpm.  Great paint design on the full endurance-style fairing.  There’s room for lunch behind the dual seat ( with monoposto cover ) but for anything more than that you’ll need a backpack.

20151003 1988 yamaha fzr400 front

20151003 1988 yamaha fzr400 rear

Listed by a Texas dealer, this FZR400 appears very good and shows just under 12,000 miles.  Supertrapp muffler and remote-reservoir monoshock are the only mods discussed in the eBay auction:

Here we have what may be one of the best remaining Yamaha FZR400s in the market today – we understand it was owned originally by a dentist in California, and then went into a well known sport bike collection and has therefore had very little use. It is showing just 11,373 miles on the clock. 
While the motorcycle is largely original it is fitted with a period Supertrap exhaust and aftermarket rear suspension. We can source and supply original items ex-Japan if required.

A nice addition is the tail cowl has three famous signatures including that of Wayne Rainey.

This motorcycle is mint mint mint!

20151003 1988 yamaha fzr400 binnacle

Reviewed as a bike you could enjoy cruising back roads and at the far reaches of its 14,000 rpm redline, the FZR400 is a bike for junior and expert riders alike.  After 1989 the fairing was given a 90’s angular styling but the early models’ design hangs together nicely.  While it would be cool to happen upon a homologation special, this one appears to have been cared for and parked indoors.  Many have been to the racetrack and had 600 cc engines installed, but a carefully maintained stocker might be better in the long run…


Four Hundred Four Fizzer – 1988 Yamaha FZR400
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Cover Your Eyes ! – 1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition

Last seen here in 2010 with some 1,200 less miles, this FZR600 is as special as speed yellow and magenta.  Together.  A long-lived model built 1989-99, the FZR600 was the lightweight of the 600s, often winning the late braking segment and occasionally the overall shoot-out.  The Vance & Hines colors are a 1992-only edition, and at number 505 0f 636, this FZR600 offers great performance if only an apology to the pillion.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition right

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition for sale on eBay

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition left

Using a light-gauge steel Deltabox perimeter frame, the FZR600 kept the weight around 450 lbs. fueled, not bad for the time.  The carburetted 4-valve engine delivered 91 hp via a 6-speed transmission.  Yamaha’s EXUP controlled exhaust valve system was on some bikes in this era, but just as well not this one.  Dual disks in front of 298mm diameter, with single 214mm rear, are mounted to 17-inch wheels.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition front  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition seat

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition binnacle  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition rear

This Vance & Hines edition could use a detailing but looks good overall, having been mildly customized.  The color-coordinated seat looks great, and the rim edges have been polished.  Not sure the steering damper is factory, but it is Vance & Hines.  Exhaust system is polished and the owner states the engine is also, in the eBay auction:

– V&H SS2R Stainless Muffler
– V&H Stainless Steel Header
– K&N Intake Air Filters
– Has Rear Seat Cowling Cover
-Stabilizer Bar
-Engine Has been Polished
-Has Alarm
-Bike has custom neon lighting at night
-Has Come Seat with FZR in purple on back.  Comes with Original seat as well.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition left front wheel  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition right rear

Not to mention alarm system, neon lighting, and the world’s smallest banana wing on the tail cone.  The fairings look pretty good, and any mechanicals required should be easy.  With some judicious neatening up, you could have a single-year performer that could again be a show bike…


Cover Your Eyes ! – 1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition
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Fun with Fizz: 1988 Yamaha FZR400


The Yamaha FZR line up – referred to as “Fizzers” by many – includes US-imported 1000, 600 and 400 models. The 400 was not a big seller at the time and was quickly discontinued. That is a shame because for many riders the 400cc model is the very best of the bunch; great handling and decent power wrapped up in a lightweight, easily managed package. The FZR400 was trying to be what the ubiquitous Ninja 250R/300R (and the follow on Honda CBR250/300) are today: bikes that are approachable from an entry-level perspective yet can offer a lot more to the experienced rider. Yamaha was ahead of the curve on this one as the idea appears to have been ahead of its time. As a result, there are not nearly as many FZR400s available on the market – liter bikes and 600s are everywhere, but a good, clean 400 is a rare find.


1988 Yamaha FZR400 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Up for auction is a pristine 1988 Yamaha FZR400. I purchased this bike about two years ago and have ridden it three times. Otherwise it has been stored in my heated basement. As is clear from the photos this bike is in pristine condition and ready to either ride or show. The engine/transmission is clean with no leaks and runs perfectly. The bike is completely stock except for stainless brake lines front and rear. There are a few minor blemishes on the fairings but they are difficult to find. Since purchasing this bike I have not seen a nicer example. I purchased it as an investment recognizing it will continue to appreciate in value but we will be moving in the spring to smaller space so I must sell some of my bikes.


It will be much more expensive to find a basket 400 and restore it versus simply buying a good one. These bikes are not very expensive (yet), hold value well, and will likely appreciate in time. Meanwhile, ride the heck out of it and save some of your pennies to buy cosmetic surgery that will be needed to wipe that non-stop grin off of your face! Check out all of the details here. Good Luck!


Fun with Fizz:  1988 Yamaha FZR400
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OW-00? 1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU


For those who follow and collect homologation machines, the OW-01/02 series bikes are the crown jewels of the Yamaha lineup. But before the OW nomenclature, Yamaha homologated another racing machine – the FZR 750RU. While not quite as rare, coveted or expensive as the OW bikes, the 750RU is a great collector machine. It has timeless lines, great performance, historical significance and was built in limited numbers. We have see a few of these on RSBFS (search for FZR750RU here), and they always seem to be well received. This particular example has just under 13,000 miles, and is located in Rhode Island. The seller indicates that it is not totally stock, but can include some of the original pieces with the sale. The opening ask for this bike is $5,500, with a reserve in place. That might be a bit high for a starter, as there have been no bids as of yet.


1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Own a piece of history with this rare vintage bike. Not many were made and few are still around. This bike is in great shape and has low mileage below 13,000 Miles. Never raced and some parts are not original as listed in the condition section.



OW-00?  1988 Yamaha FZR 750RU
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Small Things In Small Packages: 1986 Yamaha FZR250

Looking to get into sportbikes, but thinking maybe a used GSX-R1000 is a bit much? And maybe a Ninja 250 looks and sounds a bit too cheap, and is maybe a bit too common? Well this rare little gem of a Yamaha FZR250 might just be the ticket!

1986 Yamaha FZ250 L Side

Made between 1986-1988 with a shrieking 250cc four-cylinder that redlined at 17,000 rpm and managed to punch out 45hp, this may have been small-displacement, but it offered very real performance. Later models were designated the FZR250R and got Yamaha’s EXUP valve. These were originally intended for the Japanese market only, but some of these have managed to find their way overseas.

1986 Yamaha FZ250 Clocks

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Yamaha FZR250 for Sale

This is a very rare 86 FZR250, probably only a handful in the states, and fewer with a CA title. Cosmetically it is not perfect, but mechanically is very solid, it has had a very thorough going through and it carburates beautifully and runs like a sewing machine. Recent oil change and coolant, and last week just did fork seals and fresh brake fluid front and rear.

Please look at the pictures closely and email or call with any questions. This is a rare Japanese model not imported in the states.

Major flaws are a poor paint job, small rip in pax seat, slightly faded switchgear and it is sporting older rubber. All of these things are easily sorted! You can buy cheap Chinese painted kits or spend a little time and money and make it very nice. This is an incredibly rare grey bike that needs a new home, and it is a bit out of place in my Honda collection.

Very original, will be an easy clean up and restore or even ride as is. Please check out the pics closely and let me know if you need more or of any other part of the bike not pictured.

This bike is not in perfect condition, but should clean up nicely. It’s obviously been down on the left side at some point, but it looks like a decent new paint job on the fairings would get you close to where you’d want to be. The original listing does include some very clear, high-resolution images so you can get a good feel for what you’re getting into. And while you should always be careful with a grey-market bike, that CA title and registration goes a long way toward increasing buyer confidence concerning this machine.

1986 Yamaha FZ250 R Side Fairing

While 45hp may not sound like all that much, it’s also nothing to sneeze at and should allow for a rider to exploit all of the bike’s power with minimal fear of it biting back. It’s not a “starter bike” — it’s a bike to learn about serious cornering, one you can grow into with time and experience, not simply use as a stepping stone to bigger bikes.

And experienced riders could keep this thing pinned basically all the time. As the saying goes: “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than it is to ride a fast bike slow…”

1986 Yamaha FZ250 Dash

It is truly a shame that in the US, a 600cc supersport bike is considered a “learner”. Sportbikes of any displacement are far from ideal bikes for beginners in the first place. Their tall silhouette allows for maximum lean on track, but makes it hard to put your feet down flat. They can be reasonably comfortable on the move, but you’re perched over the bars, feet tucked up under you, making them very awkward to maneuver at low speeds, and limited steering lock just makes things worse. And modern 600’s make well north of 100hp, power that no first-time rider should have access to, combined with handling far beyond what a new rider can exploit.

We’re breeding generations of motorcyclists who have had the crutch of speed to hide very limited riding skills. Having been to a few bike nights frequented by the sportbike crowd, I can safely say the skill level of the Cephalopoda inexperius or Common Road Squid found all over the United States is very, very low. If they’d learned on something like this Yamaha FZR250 instead of Hayabusas, that might not be the case


1986 Yamaha FZ250 L Side Rear

Small Things In Small Packages: 1986 Yamaha FZR250
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Exotic Suspension for the Masses: 1994 Yamaha GTS1000

Only sold for two years in the US, the Yamaha GTS1000 was available from 1993-94. Styling is conservative 90’s Japanese, but without the garish graphics that often distinguish sportbikes of the era and the look is handsome, but so relatively unremarkable that it’s easy to miss the bike’s true standout feature: the forkless front end.

Almost missed that, didn’t you?

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 R Side Front

Conventional telescopic forks have well-known limitations: under braking, they compress and throw a motorcycle’s weight forward, upsetting weight-distribution, and this shift disturbs suspension geometry as well. In addition, the forces being channeled through and being amplified by the tubes means that triple-trees and  headstocks need to be very beefy, increasing weight.

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 L Front End

Plenty of alternatives have been tried since the dawn of motorcycle suspensions, but most have fallen by the wayside: they may improve in some areas, but usually at the cost of increased complexity or reduced steering feel, exactly the kind of things engineers were looking to avoid. They exchanging simple for complicated with no real upside, except as an exotic calling-card for owners of bikes like the Vyrus or Bimota Tesi who don’t mind the additional maintenance expense.

Interestingly, the suspension on this machine provides the best of both worlds: suspension compliance and braking stability as well as relative simplicity and reliability.

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 Dash

Yamaha’s “Omega-Framed” GTS1000 was an innovative, ambitious attempt to bring exotic swingarm front suspension technology to the masses. Alternative suspension maverick James Parker, who is still hard at work developing this concept today, licensed his technology to Yamaha and the engine was from Yamaha’s FZR1000, a 1000cc five-valve four cylinder that was detuned for touring duty, although that’s likely easily changed to something approaching the donor bike’s 145hp without too much trouble. The bike also included a great deal of exotic technology like electronic fuel injection, anti-lock brakes, and a catalytic converter.

1994 Yamaga GTS1000 Frame

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Yamaha GTS1000 for Sale

Two words. RARE, Collector! This GTS1000 is in fantastic condition and yes, it’s a pretty difficult find. The GTS was only available in the states from 1993 to 1994. It was still available in Europe until 1999. The previous owner took exceptional care of this. If you’re a collector or an enthusiast, this would be a great bike. Not to mention, it’s still a great bike to ride. For those of you who looked at this listing earlier, I did get the bags and the brakes. Please see pics. The only thing that is any concern is that the ABS is disconnected. I do have a box of all the parts for the ABS (see pics). The previous owner disconnected them as he didn’t like ABS. Overall, this bike is in great condition and would be a wonderful motorcycle to have in any collection.

Reviews at the time suggest that the suspension performed as advertised. Unfortunately, while the bike was innovative, it was very expensive and the de-fanged powerplant combined with a surprisingly limited range to muddy the waters: exactly what was this bike for? The main advantages of this design were really wasted on a heavy sport-touring bike like this, and it seems odd to combine relatively primitive ABS with a suspension designed to provide increased braking ability at the limit.

Poor sales killed the bike after just two years, although it sold until 1999 in other markets. I’m not sure these are really any sort of huge investment opportunity, but they have a strong cult following and parts for the engine should be readily available, although bodywork and suspension bits could be a problem. As an affordable sport-touring mount, it’d be hard to beat, so if you’re looking for a weird bike with reliability and subtlety, this interestingly technical machine could represent an opportunity you never knew existed.


1994 Yamaga GTS1000 L Side


Exotic Suspension for the Masses: 1994 Yamaha GTS1000
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The Love Fest Continues: 1988 Yamaha FZR400 in Alaska


It’s springtime across the country, and great bikes are popping up everywhere like spring flowers. We have seen a significant number of great looking FZR400s emerge from winter hibernation. And this particular Alaskan Fizzer comes with spares. LOTS of spares. Yes, it has been tracked. Probably a ton of track days. But isn’t that the whole point of this fine handling little razor? Between what I would presume to be a well sorted bike AND all of the extra bits (including documentation), this one looks like a DIY hobbyists dream. You know who you are.


1988 Yamaha FZR400 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Great bike for street or race track!! Been raced at Tanacross, Alaska for years–never dropped.

This is a 1988 FZR400 street and race bike. Included are the stock ABS bodywork along with fiberglass racing seat cowl and race bodywork by Sharkskinz and Airtech. As you will see it is in excellent condition and has many aftermarket accessories including:

BikeMaster mirrors with built-in turn signals
Spec II Fork Brace & Steering Damper
Race Tech Fork Emulator system
D & D light weight exhaust pipes and light weight aluminum muffler
Stock white wheels
Two sets of extra stock race wheels (one set is black and one set is white–the white race pair could use repainting, but is fine for racing) with rotors and new Bridgestone racing slicks
Ohlins aftermarket shock
Woodcraft rear sets
Galfer braided steel brake lines
Lockhart Phillips upper fairing bra
Trombe Stobel air horn
Custom rear polished aluminum racing swing arm
Polished frame and swingarm
Veypor Racing Electronic Data System W/Extra Harness & Mount
Chain: Pro-Taper XRC 520 Gold just installed
Racing spools/sliders and much more.

Many original parts will be included with sale including one 3 inch 3 ring notebook with historical information on the FZR400, road tests and much more. Also maintenance and parts manuals will be included.


The Love Fest Continues: 1988 Yamaha FZR400 in Alaska