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Ducati December 19, 2010 posted by

1977 Ducati 900cc Supersport

For sale: 1977 Ducati Supersport 900cc Bevel Drive

What we have here is what many would regard as THE Ducati superbike. You would be forgiven if your preference runs towards a Desmosedicci or a 1098R; the modern bikes are, after all, higher performance offerings. But back in the mid 1970s, this bike was as good as sportbikes could get: big torquey motor, agile chassis, good brakes and gorgeous Italian styling.

From the seller:
Up for auction is one of the nicest restored Bevel Ducatis you will ever see! This bike was completely re-built and restored in the late 1990s and then not run at all until I purchased it in 2006 (it had only 222 miles on it when I purchased it).

The bike was completely stripped down, and the engine was completely re-built. The previous owner nickel plated the frame. The bike was re-painted and the seat re-upholstered. Also, a new windshield was installed. The brakes were re-built, as was the clutch, and a Lucas RITA ignition was installed. The dash was replaced and the engine cases, fork triple trees, Borrani rims and fork sliders were polished. New Works Performance gas shocks were installed. The wheels were re-built with stainless spokes. Conti exhaust was polished and re-chromed. Billet oil filter cover. Chrome/stainless hardware was installed throughout bike.

I have done the following work during my ownership:
· The frame was chrome plated since the nickel plating was failing in spots.
· Turning indicators were installed
· Carbs were stripped, cleaned and re-built (40mm Dellorto PHMs)
· Installed power cone air filters, but bike also comes with velocity stacks for show
· Installed extended clutch actuator arm and new cable
· Brakes bled and new fluid and seals. Stainless brake lines for front and rear
· New dual rate springs for forks, along with new fluids and seals
· Installed billet adjustable pre-load fork caps (stock caps come with bike)
· Installed O-ring chain, new front and rear sprockets
· Installed new Dyna “red” coils and new spark plug wires and caps
· CRG mirrors installed
· Custom billet RITA ignition fabricated (pic is of old plastic cover)
· Billet O-ring oil dipstick/filler plug installed
· New battery
· Billet engine breather tower installed

This beauty does not necessarily score top marks for originality. The chrome over previously plated frame does detrack from strict collector value – although the bike gets an A+ for presentation. There is no denying that this bike makes a very tasteful statement, and is certain to get you noticed at the next place you stop.

So how much does the appearence of this bike add to it’s value? The seller has some firm ideas. Bidding is over the $10k mark for this low mileage bike, with the reserve still in place. However the BIN price is listed at a cool $27,000. and watch the fun!


Ducati December 10, 2010 posted by



Renowned for his natural riding ability, Mike “The Bike” Hailwood cemented his legacy by coming out of an 11-year motorcycle racing retirement to win the 1978 Isle of Man TT on a Ducati 900. This bike was created by Ducati to honor the legendary racer, who was sadly killed in an auto accident the same year this particular bike was released.

This bike is an extremely clean, original, one owner machine. The model shows off classic Ducati form: gorgeous frame, 900cc twin with desmo valve action, and beautiful, flowing bodywork. There is nothing on this bike that is not absolutely necessary – including an electric starter.

From the seller:

This bike is a rare classic, commemorating a true racing legend. At the time of this post, the bidding is at $5,000 with the reserve not yet met. to jump over to the auction and check out all of the action!


Ducati November 29, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 888 Superbike

For sale: 1993 Ducati 888 Desmoquattro Superbike!

In the early 1990’s, Ducati created these second-generation desmoquattro superbikes by bumping the displacement of the old 851 mill to a magic 888cc. This new bike inherited other 851 hallmarks, including liquid cooling, computerized fuel injection and four-valve heads. With plenty of torque inherent in the v-twin configuration and a 10,000 RPM redline, the triple-eight was a potent performer.

From the seller:
1993 Ducati 888 for sale with only 14,212 miles! This superbike features the Termignoni exhaust, and liquid cooled computerized fuel injection four-valve desmodromic 888cc engine. This beauty has been enthusiast owned and in storage for past 3+ years as owner suffered a stroke and could no longer ride.

Features and Options:
Raw carbon fiber fenders
Termignoni exhaust system
New battery

This is an amazing collectible bike, you will have no disappointments. Leasing and finance options are available – trades are gladly considered.

With 14,000 miles on the clock this bike is priced a little higher than other 888 samples seen on RSBFS – the BIN price is a cool $10,000. The bike is very clean, however, and the seller has included many hi-res pictures to drool over.

for your chance to own this beauty – or to troll over all of the pics. 888 Superbikes are not very common, and one in this kind of condition is well worth a look!


Kawasaki November 19, 2010 posted by

Simon Andrews’ (who?) Kawasaki ZX-10 race bike for sale!

Now here’s what I call a once in a lifetime oppourtunity – not a Desmosedici, not a RC30 or RC45, not even a NR750 (although it’s close) – but a true British Superbike front runner race bike, Simon Andrews’ ZX-10 and only for 25,000 pounds (around US$40,000):

Update: Nov 20, 2010 – Simon Andrews came 4th in the 57th Macau GP motorcycle race.

British superbike front runners,MSS Colchester Kawasaki, are selling Simon Andrews‘ BSB bike.

The bike – Andrews’ actual 09-10 race bike – cost in excess of £70,000 to build and many more thousands to develop – but is up for sale for £25,000. Apart from a 60-plate registration the bike also comes with treaded tyres, a starter motor and generator and a specification list worthy of next year’s start line.

Here’s that list in detail:

  • Ohlins FGR 800 Forks – latest spec & recently serviced Ohlins
  • TTX Rear Shock Ohlins
  • Side Mounted Steering Damper
  • Billet Brembo 2 pad pinless mono bloc calipers (top spec pre-lithium)
  • Staubli Dry Brake Couplings (Front & Rear)
  • Brembo Master Cylinder
  • Renthal Bars
  • Kit Quick Action Throttle & Cables
  • Goodridge Brake Lines
  • Brembo 320mm Front Discs
  • Adjustable offset triple clamps – 3 bolt bottom clamp and stepped top
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Adjustable swing arm pivot
  • FTR modified swing arm with factory spec bracing
  • SBK QD rear wheel
  • FTR billet one piece chain adjusters and caliper carrier
  • FTR Subframe
  • FTR Battery Box mounted by front sprocket
  • Marchesini forged magnesium wheels 3,50 x 16.5 and 6,25 x 16.5
  • Floating Rear Disc, Brembo 2 piston GP Rear Caliper
  • Valter Moto Footrest Assembly
  • Factory Arrow one-off Titanium Full System (2010)
  • FTR Alloy Fuel Tank under seat with Q/D Filler Cap, (Newton)
  • F-Hot MSS Spec Tank Cover inc. Carbon support
  • F-Hot MSS Spec Rear Seat Unit (sml race type)
  • F-Hot MSS Spec race fairing with Skidmarx screen
  • Carbon Factory Type Air Box
  • DC Mil Spec Loom
  • Kit ECU with MSS programming inc. traction control/launch control/improved rev ceiling etc etc
  • Kit Tacho & Tacho Support
  • Kit Gearbox
  • Reduced Fly Wheel Kit
  • Full Spec Motor: Kit Rods/Kit Pistons/ROO45Q10’s cams
  • Slipper clutch
  • MSS/GB Racing Engine Protection Covers
  • Samco Camo Hoses
  • Various Spares: Sprockets, Chains, Wheels, etc

If you’re interested, contact Ian Stewart at Colchester Kawasaki on 01206 860006

Sure, $40,000 is a lot of money in these times, but hey, what are the chances you’ll find another proper BSB front runner race bike for sale anytime soon?  And just check out that list of race parts: Ohlins FGR800 forks and TTX shock, Brembo billet monoblocs, carbon this, carbon that, factory one-off full titanium exhaust, kit ECU with traction control – oh I could go on!!!  I think just all the parts alone are worth the asking price!

And if you’re trying to be REALLY sneaky, just slap minimal lights on and some tiny mirrors and – BAM! – you got a proper pukka (it’s a British thing) racer for the road and you’ll be giving that $60,000 Desmosedici (plenty of those around anyway) a very good run for its money (IF the Duc can even keep up)!

If you’re ready for some serious shopping and Duc huntin’, jump over to the blog listing here.  Hmm…do the girls come with the bike?  Quack quack!


Ducati November 19, 2010 posted by

1982 Ducati Supersport Super Sport

For sale: 1982 Ducati Supersport Super Sport bevel drive

This classic Ducati Super Sport has, according to the seller, spent most of its existence in a museum. In some ways that is a shame; these 900cc bevel-drive Ducati twins are long-legged beasts that deserve rambling stretches of road. On the other hand, thanks to collecting souls who save such bikes, this fine example continues to exists in amazingly pristine condition.

From the seller:
This Ducati has lived in climate controlled museums for the last 20 plus years, first in Willie’s Motorcycle World Museum which was located for years in Daytona Beach, Florida. When Willie closed the museum in 2002, I purchased this bike and several others from the collection. This bike was restored in the black and gold color scheme in Germany prior to being shipped to the Daytona Beach museum, where it was displayed for the entire time the museum was open. I don’t think the bike was ever started while it was there.

I brought the bike to my museum and rebuilt the carbs, replaced the fuel lines, cleaned the fuel tank, replaced the plugs, and battery and completely cleaned the entire bike. I have ridden the bike only occasionally since I’ve had it. It still rides and runs just like it looks. This is one of the last Bevel Drive Super Sports. The bike’s speedometer is in kilometers instead of miles, since the bike was originally sold in Germany. The original kilos are shown. The frame vin # on the frame is 91360. The engine # is 93627. For all the Ducati gurus out there; if you check pages 81 through 85 of Ian Falloon’s book “Original Ducati Sport and Super Sport” you will find these numbers are correct for the ’82 Super Sport. This is the definitive book on authenticating these bikes.

This is a beautiful museum quality investment Ducati that has been pampered for years. You can ride it, show it, or just sit and look at it. The pictures are representative of how the bike looks in person. This is NOT a “photo restoration”. I have decided to reduce the collection of bikes, and am selling those bikes that I rarely ride, or that I have duplicates of the same bike. I will include a couple of shots of the museum so you can see where the bike has lived for the last 10 years.

Take a look at some of the many photos as provided by the seller. The early 1980s Super Sports were not nearly as loved as the earlier “green frame” 750s, but with graceful lines and striking black and gold paint, this bike is still a looker.

The going rate for these classic machines is certainly going up. Bidding has been spirited on this one, and with No Reserve on the auction this beauty is going to a new home soon. and see if this is what you need for your collection!


Ducati November 10, 2010 posted by

Starting your Christmas wish list? 2008 Ducati Desmosedici D16 RR with Factory Warranty!

For Sale: Ducati Superbike Desmosedici D16 RR with factory warranty!

Pity the rich guys. They just don’t seem to ride as much as the more common folk. Take for example this wonderful Ducati Desmosedici: When new it retailed for more than $72,000 US dollars – yet it has less than 1,000 miles on the clock. Search for a similar vintage Gixxer or R1, and you will find many examples – all with many more miles. Still, one man’s loss is another man’s gain…and whomever gains this bike will be one lucky man indeed!

When released to the world, this bike was not so much “MotoGP inspired” as MotoGP itself. Bristling with racing technology (v4, 16 valves with demodronic valve action, fuel injection with computerized traction control and nearly 200 horsepower) the D16 RR was very fast, very composed, and very exclusive. The initial run of 500 units allocated to the US was allegedly sold out within 5 hours of going on sale. The total run of 1,500 units world wide was completed and all bikes delivered before the end of 2008.

The bike in question is a 2008 model that still has a factory warranty in place until 5/31/2011. The color scheme is known as the “Team Version:” Rosso GP with broad white fairing stripe. The build number is 375 of 1,500, and there are only 911 claimed miles on the odometer.

From the seller:
This pre-owned Desmosedici is in like new condition finished in Ducati Red/White. This DESMO Retails for $72,500.00 and is still under the manufacturer’s warranty until 5/30/2011.

The dream of a true GP replica has finally come true and the Desmosedici RR is the first-ever road-going motorcycle to offer such a stunning wealth of performance and technology that comes directly from Ducati’s experience in MotoGP. The RR derives from the Ducati Corse Grand Prix racing Desmosedici GP6, the same bike with which Loris Capirossi and Sete Gibernau competed with in the 2006 MotoGP World Championship.
The body design and the aerodynamics faithfully reflect the Desmosedici GP6. The color scheme, the fittings, the materials used in its construction as well as the technical features of the powerful four-cylinder desmodromic engine built by the Borgo Panigale factory engineers, leave no doubts whatsoever: the Desmosedici RR is the ultimate expression of the most extreme MotoGP racing machine today.

Adult owned and ridden. One owner! Super clean, Excellent Condition, Low Mileage, MUST SEE

This is your chance to own a very slightly used MotoGP streetbike at a great discount! For all the photos and details,


Ducati November 9, 2010 posted by

1974 Ducati 750 SS for sale!

For sale: 1974 Ducati 750 SS

The 750 SS is the bike that really put Ducati on the map. Ridden by the likes of Paul Smart to victories in many of the most prestigious races in Europe – including the Imola 200 – the 750 SS helped turn Ducati from a boutique builder into a genuine superbike manufacturer. 1974 was the first year of mass production (allegedly 401 units) of these masterpieces.

The bike is question is not a numbers-matching, original (or restored) machine. It is, however, a good example of what happens to a true race bike: it changes hands, it gets modified, and if luckly, it survives. This bike is a beautiful survivor.

From the seller:
I am very reluctantly selling what is arguably one of the most coveted bikes in the world with a “buyit now” at a tad more than 50% of the going price for an original, unrestored example. Granted, this bike is neither unrestored or original. It is, however, a very real modified 74 750SS that had been raced & then restored in Italy. And yes, this bike once sold recently here on Ebay, but finances fell through.
I purchased this bike in Rimini at a Mostra Scambio (monster sale) from a fellow from San Marino in November of 2001 along with an NCR. I was asked by several people there where I would be displaying the motorcycles ie. museum. I responded that they would be displayed under my butt when I rode them. Both of the bikes required some work and although the NCR is not yet done, this one is in amazing shape. When I bought the bike in Rimini it was cosmetically very nice, but it was modified. It had twin plug heads, oil cooler, Imola cams, milled side cases, bolts drilled for safety wire, Veglia tach, longitudinally drilled front rotors & possibly other bits & pieces. The engine # on the cases does not coincide with the recognized series of #’s for the run of 750SS’s. It is 751554. I strongly suspect that at some time in its racing history a rod was thrown, breaking the original cases & replacement cases were installed. None the less the engine is still very much a 750SS & the reduced price reflects this issue. I have over the years seen 750SS cases with the proper series #’s for sale if that were a deciding factor fo a buyer. The frame # is DM750SS*075295*. It has since visited Tom Frutiger @ Wheels Unlimited south of Rochester, MN. These guys are some of the best in the business when it comes to early bevel drive Ducs. Tom replaced pistons, rods, bearings, & shimmed the bevel gears among other things. It now runs incredibly well & is mechanically perfect. It truly hauls ass. Original top speed on these stock was listed at 220kmh…Tom claims before he did the engine work on this bike it was still pulling strong at225kmh. For those in the Midwest that don’t know about Wheels, you are truly missing something. They were a Ducati dealership since the late sixties & are willing to confirm authenticity of this bike (507 288 5630). If you have questions regarding this bike you are certainly welcome to call me, but I would strongly suggest calling Tom as he knows this particular bike better than anyone. I have pulled off the original glass tank as the clowns in this state like to put corn (ethanol) in our gas & it will destroy fiberglass. The original tank as well as the other rotors will come with the bike. These bikes are becoming extraordinarily hard to find in any sort of shape & this one is very nice. For those that require an original, properly numbered 750SS, I am aware of one here in the Twin Cities that is for sale in the $125k range…let me know. Please DO NOT BID if you are either not serious or do not have the funds. Will be happy to assist with shipping (Forward Air) or may be willing to deliver within several hundred miles at buyers expense. Please feel free to call (Dave @ 651 492 2522) or email with any questions. I reserve the right to end this auction early if offered a fair price.

The seller has indicated that this is not a numbers matching bike, and that a few key bits will go with the sale – including the fantastic fiberglass gas tank, complete with a translucent strip so that you can determine the fuel level.

This bike is a true piece of history, and not one that can be found every day. If you are interested only in museum pieces then this may not be for you, but if you would like to own and ride a piece of history, here is a chance at much lower than “numbers matching” prices.


Ducati November 1, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 888 SPO Superbike!

For Sale: 1993 Ducati 888 SPO Superbike

Are you impressed by the current crop of 1198 Superbikes? How about the 1098? 999? 996 or 916? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you have this bike to thank. That’s right: The performance and success of this desmoquattro, fuel-injected Ducati 888 SPO made future Ducati Superbikes possible. It didn’t hurt that that bike was gorgeous:

The 888 SPO (Sport Production Omologato) was only available in limited numbers. It is estimated that only 400 Homologated street units sold between 1993 and 1994. These homologation units qualified the 888 for competition in World Superbike for production-based machines. Only 300 units were 888SPO, with the final 100 units receiving the “888LTD” designation. Any way you cut it, the 888 is one rare machine.

This particular bike appears to be in great shape. It has slightly higher mileage than a lot of bikes of this eschelon with 16,236 miles, but at least the new owner will not have to fret about putting time on a zero-miles bike.

From the seller:
I am proud to offer one of my all time favorite motorcycles for sale. I am a factory certified Ducati mechanic and have performed an extensive service including but not limited to: Belts, Valve adjustment, throttle body sync, fuel filter, Engine oil and filter, steering head bearing lube and adjustment, swingarrm and all critical fastener torques, forks. Bike performs like new!!!!!!!!! New ohlins steering damper, carbon hugger, carbon front fender, carbon guage surround, spiegler s/s brake and clutch lines, throttle meister, carbon slip ons with Ferrachi chip, 101 rwhp on our Dynojet Dyno!

Are you drooling yet? If not, perhaps you should check your pulse!

This bike is for sale right now, and the auction time is running out. This is your chance to not only own a significant piece of Ducati history, but a fantastic work of art as well.