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Yamaha July 31, 2018 posted by

Phase Shifter – 1983 Yamaha RZ500

Here is one that will appeal to riding collectors, a 1983 Yamaha RD500LC, more commonly known as the RZ500.  Never brought into the states, this particular unit is listed as having been imported from Australia and appears to be excellent condition, although not 100% OEM.

1983 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay

Some readers may wonder why the RZ500 is prized by collectors.  After all, 500cc isn’t a lot of displacement by today’s standards.   But what is forgotten is that the 500cc two strokes dominated motorcycle racing for almost three decades.  Due to the smaller engines, these bikes were fast.  I mean really fast.  Towards the end of the two stroke era companies were building two strokes that weighed about 130kgs (286lbs) and produced almost 200hp.  It should perhaps not be surprising that these bikes developed nicknames such as “the Unrideables”… “Death on wheels”… “The biggest, baddest, most evil racing motorcycles ever to see a race track.”

This California RZ has had a startling amount of improvements, engine rebuilt, intake, cooling, and exhaust systems either new or rebuilt, but the whopper is the set of late-model R6 forks and swingarm tailored for it.  With refreshed drivetrain and 30-odd years of suspension and braking improvements aboard, this might be the 500 two-stroke experience without the age-related foibles of a “classic” superbike.  Here is the owner’s list from the eBay auction:

*Bill Wilson Faze 1 built motor ~ 7,000 miles, ~100hp

*Custom Bill Wilson throttle junction / choke / oil injection cable / junction box

*Powder Coated frame

*28 mm Mikuni flat slide carbs- all rebuilt and just tuned. Custom individual tuned length throttle cables

*2010 -Yamaha complete R6 front end. Custom triple clamp adapter. Stock forks, triple clamps, clip-ons, brakes and 17” R6 wheel

*2010 -Yamaha custom R6 swingarm- $2100/ in parts alone- striping, machining, polishing and anodizing,

 *New 520 sprockets and chain. Custom brake line. Rebuilt caliper. Galfer disc and pads. 17” R6 wheel

*Jim Lomas stainless Steel expansion chambers w/ carbon fiber silencers

*Rebuilt Works Performance rear shock

*New radiator and hoses. Automatic and manual fan on switch,

*New rebuilt CDI ignition

*New rebuilt YPVS box

*Newly repainted and braced, side and bottom panels

*Custom under seat oil injection tank with indicator light

*Gas tank interior sand blasted and coated

*Current California registration

*Re-wiring extensive electrical

*Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 17” tires

Obviously not meant for the display or museum, this is a rider’s RZ.  The experience of accelerating a 500cc two stroke cannot be replicated, and it’s nice to know this one can brake and turn its way out of a jam.  California registration is just the cherry on top.  Occasionally you hear that a leading manufacturer should re-introduce their classic bike, sports or muscle car with some up-to-date technology – this might be the next best thing…

-donn and Marty


Phase Shifter – 1983 Yamaha RZ500
Yamaha March 24, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 1992 Yamaha TZR 250 SP in California

Update 3.26.2015: The seller notes that this bike has just sold in less than two days after listing on RSBFS. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Exceedingly rare in the U.S., the Yamaha TZR 250 SP (Sport Production) was inspired by the TZ250 racer and much of that technology from the racing engine followed on to the street machine.

20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp left

This 1992 TZR 250 SP was built roughly in the middle of the model’s run from 1986 to 1999, with 50hp available at 10,000 rpm.  A shade over 300 lbs. fueled, it takes advantage of upside-down forks and fully adjustable rear suspension.  DeltaBox frame, brakes and tires able on a much larger bike indicate you’ll run out of power or something else before you run out of handling.

20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp binnacle

20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp left body

20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp left detail

Very low mileage at 1500 km, but recently made ready for riding – the owner reports:

Health issues forces sale. I am ready to sell my bike ( never thought I would). Took it out for my last spin probably. I am having trouble with my knee and can’t bend it enough to shift comfortably. Bike runs strong! Started first kick after a couple of months of sitting. IT ONLY HAS 1,529 kilometers. I recently had the Race pipes installed, pet-cock replaced, air box removed, fresh clutch plates (dry) and carbs rebuilt/re-jetted. The bike comes with the original pipes, air box and a full race cdi box for the next owner. This bike is probably one of the nicest examples of this “RARE” 23 year old bike # 406/500. Current California plates, registration, clear title and currently insured. There were only 500 made. I am asking 12,500
Has correct Vin/Registration.
Last 2 pictures show the bike with the stock pipes!

20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp right front wheel

20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp left rear wheel

20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp left20150323 1992 yamaha tzr 250 sp right

Street legality is always a bugbear with a super special like this, but the owner reports current California title, registration, and insurance.  Asking price is $12,500, a lot for a 250, but for number 406 of 500 of a model that was never imported, unmolested and ready to rumble, it’d be worth a thought.

Interested parties can contact the seller though email.


Featured Listing: 1992 Yamaha TZR 250 SP in California
Sport Bikes For Sale May 11, 2014 posted by

Another Sweet 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in the House!

5.11.2014: Previously bid to $14,256 with no sale last month, this RZ500 is back on eBay with an opening bid of $16,500 and appears to be no reserve. Good luck to buyers and seller. Links updated, -dc

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale

Rather, it’s really in the house as seen in the photographs. More importantly it’s another very nice RZ500 for sale in California. This one has seen even fewer miles than the one we posted yesterday with just 2500 miles covered since new! Just two owners and a convincing seller description. The buy-it-now price on this stated museum worthy example is $18,500 and opening bid is $7000 reserve not met. A great month for California RZ500 buyers and collectors for sure!


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This Yamaha RZ500 is the Australian model with only 4,000km on it. This is not the Canadian model.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cleaner one that was not in the crate.

This is bike has had two owners. The second owner (a Yamaha master mechanic) bought this from the original owner 25 years ago with under 300km on it. The second ownder put 3700km on it in 25 years.

He noticed two years ago that the crank seal was leaking, as they all do. While him and his buddy (who was a former Honda race bike mechanic) the motor apart to fix it as well the crank shaft end bearing, they decided to put new Yamaha factory pistons in it. Please look at the pictures of the original pistons, as they will be included and didn’t need to changed (but the owner was very particular about this bike).

This bike was run once or twice a year for the past 25 years he owned it. The bike runs great and the gas was drained after each ride. The second owner stored the bike in heating controlled room for the 25 years he owned it.

The second owner changed the original tires 15 years ago. The bike will include the original Yokohama tires as they have no dry rot and are not worn out. Pictures of original tires included.

This bike is California plated and has a custom RZ500 plate.

The bike also comes with perfect original owners manual as well as the original tool kit.

The bike has never fallen over, been dropped or washed with water it’s entire life. The bike has no cracks in the stock body work.

All bolts and fasteners look like new.

The bike does have 2 extremely small scratches on the front fender. One is 1/2″ long and the other is 1/4″ long. There’s one tiny nic in the blue stripe on the left mid fairing the size of a pencil lead. There’s 2 small scratches on the right hand side of the gas tank about the size of 2 1/2 pencil leads. Take a look at the pictures.

This bike is NOT a restored bike, this is all ORIGINAL. There are no stories or issues with this bike.

I cannot stress enough that you will not find a better bike.

I do not have to sell this bike, so low ball offers are unwanted and unappreciated.

the only cleaner bike you could find would either be in a crate or in a museum, where this one should be.



Another Sweet 1985 Yamaha RZ500 in the House!
Yamaha April 17, 2014 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 with Recent Engine Rebuild in San Francisco

1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale California

Attention California buyers! Here’s a great looking RZ500 that is described as better than average. It definitely looks like a well preserved original with some refreshed panels. And sporting a fresh rebuild with just 700 miles ensures you’re looking at a bike that is ready for several riding seasons ahead. The seller clearly states that his reserve is above $12k in the description when he suggests that an average example should bring $10-12k. While many other markets might raise an eyebrow, in California you can try to find another but there will be few to choose from at any given time.


1985 Yamaha RZ500 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

RZ fans! Here you go….. An RZ500 with a rebuilt engine Wilson Performance Stage 1….. Check em out. The bike has SWEET Steel Chambers, and new plastics.
This bike runs flawlessly! I take it out and blow my friends minds and leave residue on their windshields!….. The bike only has about 680 miles since rebuild.
Nothing wrong, no cracked fairing, no issues. ALSO as a BONUS—- Original factory pipes included! These are rare, ( heavy, but COLLECTIBLE JEWELS)

BID with confidence. You will not be disappointed! I LOVE this bike and it gets ALL the Looks! Yes a Gamma is faster, But NOTHING compares to the fit and finish

of this RZ500.

If you want an average quality RZ500 for 10 -12k ,,,,,,go get it….this bike is NOT FOR YOU…..IF you want a Professionally rebuilt, 9.8 outta 10 Show quality daily rider

RZ500 with original pipes, manual etc, this bike is for you.

thank you for bidding. No dissapointments here.

On Apr-14-14 at 07:49:42 PDT, seller added the following information:

Bidders – The Actual mileage on the bike and frame is 16,953 km, but as stated I have put about 680 Miles on bike since I have owned it. (1094 KM)
Rebuild was done by previous owner. Bike also came from Colorado and was jetted for higher altitude. When I got the bike to CA, I had it re-jetted.

To clarify cosmetics specifically as best I can:

Also as I stated bike has new plastics- (let me be more specific- Previous owner I believe replaced the top and bottom fairing plastics)

The middlefront side plastics are original and there is slight color differentiation between the two- very minor

there is a nick on one of the rear side exhaust plastics about an inch long

there also there is minor oxidation on the triple clamp and some oxidation on the black metal reservoir cap cover. This is why I state the bike is not a 10.

It is a beautiful, clean bike which I store indoors, and ride maybe once every 2 months

the bike is a 9.8 out of 10 , ( 9.9 with out the minor cosmetic flaws and a 10 being a show bike)



1985 Yamaha RZ500 with Recent Engine Rebuild in San Francisco
Yamaha April 2, 2014 posted by

Restored and Extensively Upgraded: 1985 Yamaha RZV 500R in Caliornia

1985 Yamaha RZV 500R for sale in California

The RZV500 is one of the most popular bikes we post on RSBFS and this is one of the more unique examples I’ve seen. At a glance it is absolutely spotless and obvious that it was a labor of love. Look closer and you start to notice deviations from stock around and behind the bodywork. The swingarm caught my attention first, followed by the rims, the exhaust, and then to the dry clutch(!) And for the purist, the seller has most of the stock pieces as well, so you get to choose. There are no bids as of this writing but the opening bid is $20k. The seller states that this example could not be duplicated for less, which is probably true. Custom builds, even when this thorough, rarely recoup their investment however. But there are always exceptions and with spring fever in full swing you never know!


1985 Yamaha RZV 500R for sale on eBay


from the seller’s description:

Up for auction is my 1985 Yamaha RZV 500R. California Titled and Registered. This is the rarest version of the RZ, RD models. It was only sold to the home market in Japan. It is Yamaha’s first production aluminum frame motorcycle. This bike has only appx 10 miles ridden since a ground up restoration.

It is probably the best example you will find. 2 Stroke engine completely rebuilt with new bearings and seals, New 2nd overbore pistons and rings. Stock Yamaha colors with clear coated graphics. This bike is flawless. Has no scratches or dents. Every piece of rubber has been replaced. You can not buy an RZV in any condition and restore it to this level for less money than I’m asking. It was a labor of love restoring this and money was not an object. Includes Solo seat. The stock RZV was not worthy of it’s racing pedigree. It is based on the Moto GP YZR500 of the 80’s, stock performance is kinda weak so I upgraded the bike to how I think it should have been produced. There are several mods. They include cylinder ports cleaned and matched, compression and squish increased, Still a little conservative for reliability. Mikuni 28mm Flat Slide Carburetors with K&N Air Filters, Ducati 916 Dry Clutch Conversion,One off YZR500 Replica Exhaust, 520 Chain Conversion (Stock was 530) Brembo and Yoyodyne Hydraulic Clutch Conversion, Slave cylinder is hidden in stock engine cover and only the hydraulic line gives it away. Yamaha R6 Rear Wheel and Swing Arm Conversion with Dunlop SportMax Rear Tire. Mirrors are unique and made for the RZV only. Originals were cracked and in bad shape and proved impossible to find. So I made a mold and reproduced the mirrors in carbon fiber. Bulky rear fender and tailight eliminated. Tailight and lisence plate moved up between rear exhaust pipes mounted on a molded carbon fiber panel for a more open racey look. Smaller battery relocated under gas tank. If your a purist this bike also comes with all parts needed to return it back to box stock someday if you or your buyer wishes. I will assist in shipping, but shipping is your responsibility. A couple things to keep in mind. For me the throttle is too stiff with four cables going to four carburetors, and the clutch should disengage better although it is perfectly usable and both should be easy to improve. I’ve run out of time. Good Luck to both of us.

Restored and Extensively Upgraded:  1985 Yamaha RZV 500R in Caliornia
Aprilia March 31, 2014 posted by

Double Take: 1996 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield

1996 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield For Sale

We’ve seen this bike before, in January in fact when we first spotted it. What’s new is that the blacked out frame treatment has been reversed and underneath is what appears to be the factory satin finish with minor imperfections. While I speculated the previously noted black frame was likely covering up an unsightly blemish, the pictures show a very good condition frame and swing arm. The other major notable is the revised buy-it-now of $8500.


1996 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield for sale on eBay


from the seller:

For Sale: A CA street titled Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield Edition 2 Stroke (1996). The bike is in EXCELLENT condition mechanically and cosmetically. The top end was just rebuilt and has under 150 miles on the road; new pistons and new rings- runs beautiful!
This RS250 is not a converted cup bike. It is imported from Italy with 17 digit VIN number. It has never been raced or tracked – a true collector’s dream! The bike has the original street fairing with Jolly Moto pipes. All original parts are available including rear passenger seat and foot-pegs. My asking price is $8500.00 firm. The reason for selling the bike is that I no longer ride the bike so I want someone to enjoy it! Currently covered and garaged.


Double Take:  1996 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield
Kawasaki May 26, 2011 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R For Sale with 9,697 miles in SoCal

Location: Murrieta, CA
Mileage: 9,697
Price: $6,500

Up for grabs here, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest looking Kawi’s of all time. As we all know by now, the K1 ZX-7R came factory equipped with features such as an aluminum gas tank, close-ratio 6-speed gear box, and flatside carbs. Not to mention, all the homologated goodness you could ever want on a bike.

The seller states this has been in storage for a “number” of years and the “usual” scratches for a bike this age. Prospective buyers take note of this and make sure to get some detailed photos and descriptions of the bikes current condition. Seller noted in conversation that the bike is not running very well at the moment but is having a mechanic go through it. Important information before making a long trip to score this classic.

The exhaust is a Yoshimura slip-on, confirmed by the seller. The seller even states that a factory service manual and implies the phone number to contact Rob Muzzy is included… our skepticism remains on the ladder. Price also seems a bit high for its mileage, so keep that in mind when making an offer.

From the seller:

Who says you can’t go back? This is a rare find and the real deal with the aluminum gas tank, original paint, solo seat, close ratio 6 speed and flatside carbs. This model was the platform for the AMA Superbike Championship (which it won) and was a true racebike for the street. This bike was in storage for a number of years and is all there to ride to bike night or to make it perfect. It has some of the usual scratchs for a 20 year old bike but is in great condition considering it’s age. Ride it anywhere and not see another one. A true classic and if you have ever wanted one of these like I did, don’t pass this one up. A factory service manual and Muzzys phone # will also be included with the purchase. This was the bike that at the hands of Scott Russell and Doug Chandler took on the RC30’s and GSXRR”S… 9,697 miles.

Make the jump here!


{Note: This is Rem’s first post as a new contributor on RSBFS. Please drop a comment a say hi! -dc}

Bimota April 6, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Spring Updates 2011!

First of all, we hope you enjoyed our April Fools fun last week. We had a blast putting it together and I think everyone enjoyed it for the most part. Anyone pick up one of those beauts?

While here in the Pacific Northwest spring has yet to really make an appearance, I know proper riding weather is returning to most of the country as we speak. The guys have already posted some fantastic examples in the past couple of weeks to fill empty garage space and we look forward to seeing what else pops up in April and May — which are historically the most active months on our website. Here are some updates that haven’t made it to this site and we think you’ll enjoy.

Rare Sport Bikes

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the action over at our companion site Check out what you’ve been missing:

Mid America Motorcycle Auction Las Vegas 2011

Mike recaps the 2011 Mid America Auction in Las Vegas earlier this year

Airane2 Moto2 GP Motorcycle News

The latest with the Ariane2 Moto2 exclusive updates

OW-01 Restoration

An OW-01 build thread I spotted on PistonHeads

And numerous cool finds from around the web (click images above for details)

Classic Sport Bikes For Sale

Doug, Mike, Brian and myself have also started to revive Here are some of our first picks to kickstart the site back into action:

1973 Triumph/BSA X75: A Beginning and An End

Triumph/BSA X75: A Beginning and An End

What come around goes around: 1975 Suzuki RE5 Rotary

What come around goes around: 1975 Suzuki RE5 Rotary

1983 Kawasaki GPz305

1983 Kawasaki GPZ305 For Sale

We are eager to reach out to potential partners that would be interested in very attractive advertising rates on this site. Join the excitement as we really get this site cranking in the next few months. Email me for details.

Featured Listings

We currently have two featured listings that we’d like to point out. Please check out these beautiful bikes:

Ducati 748R For Sale

Ducati 748R with 587 miles for $10k

2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica #006

Bimota SB8K Santa Monica with 350 miles for $13k

Do you have a bike for sale that needs special attention on our site? Email me for details on how to get your motorcycle featured on

Meet-up at West Coast Moto Jam AMA Pro Races in Sonoma this May?

West Coast Moto Jam, Sears Point, SonomaIn May the AMA road racing series comes to Sonoma at the West Coast Moto Jam, and RSBFS is going to be in attendance! A group of us are actually riding down the west coast on our bikes and I’m hoping to organize a brief ride from the track to Lagunitas Brewing in Sonoma on Saturday afternoon. I’m buying the first round, so if you’re in the area please join us! RSVP ahead so I can estimate if we need a reserved area. If anyone would like one of our shirts hand delivered that day I’ll discount to just $10 at the event! S/L/XL still available.

We’d like to reintroduce two of our primary sponsors on Rare Sport Bikes For Sale, SpeedyMoto and Tyga USA. SpeedyMoto produces top shelf aftermarket parts for late model Ducati’s, and Tyga USA is a recent entry to our shores providing many brand new upgrade products for all modern sport bikes and many older two strokes as well. We thank our sponsors for their continued support and welcome new partnership opportunities. Please email me for our latest media guide and pricing if interested.

Tyga USA

And no update would be complete without a heartfelt Thank You to our readers. All of us at RSBFS, RSB, and CSBFS sincerely appreciate you reading our sites, commenting on our picks, and submissions to our sites. We love what we do and without you our work would not be possible. Thank you!

Dan Crouch