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Kawasaki posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX-7R For Sale with 9,697 miles in SoCal


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Location: Murrieta, CA
Mileage: 9,697
Price: $6,500

Up for grabs here, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest looking Kawi’s of all time. As we all know by now, the K1 ZX-7R came factory equipped with features such as an aluminum gas tank, close-ratio 6-speed gear box, and flatside carbs. Not to mention, all the homologated goodness you could ever want on a bike.

The seller states this has been in storage for a “number” of years and the “usual” scratches for a bike this age. Prospective buyers take note of this and make sure to get some detailed photos and descriptions of the bikes current condition. Seller noted in conversation that the bike is not running very well at the moment but is having a mechanic go through it. Important information before making a long trip to score this classic.

The exhaust is a Yoshimura slip-on, confirmed by the seller. The seller even states that a factory service manual and implies the phone number to contact Rob Muzzy is included… our skepticism remains on the ladder. Price also seems a bit high for its mileage, so keep that in mind when making an offer.

From the seller:

Who says you can’t go back? This is a rare find and the real deal with the aluminum gas tank, original paint, solo seat, close ratio 6 speed and flatside carbs. This model was the platform for the AMA Superbike Championship (which it won) and was a true racebike for the street. This bike was in storage for a number of years and is all there to ride to bike night or to make it perfect. It has some of the usual scratchs for a 20 year old bike but is in great condition considering it’s age. Ride it anywhere and not see another one. A true classic and if you have ever wanted one of these like I did, don’t pass this one up. A factory service manual and Muzzys phone # will also be included with the purchase. This was the bike that at the hands of Scott Russell and Doug Chandler took on the RC30’s and GSXRR”S… 9,697 miles.

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{Note: This is Rem’s first post as a new contributor on RSBFS. Please drop a comment a say hi! -dc}


  • Doug,

    Do you think this is better then the ZX-7 you had?

  • 9697 miles is high for a 20 year old bike in an area with almost year around riding ? ___
    50,000 to 100,000 would be high milage.

  • Great looking bike, but $6500???
    Well I guess it all depends on the buyer. My 96 CBR900RR was in mint condition with 10k miles when I sold it. Came with everything, two windshield, bar ends, manual, and the original 96 CycleWorld magazine featuring its review. Even though it sold a little over retail value, it still only brought $3400. In my opinion it’s a better bike.

  • Hi boys….

    This is my bke. To answer some of the questions, I think Doug’s bike was most likely in better condition but I just finished washing the dust of this one and it cleaned up great. I think the miles are low for the year and to me the bike is like $ in the bank. All it will do is go up as I believe this model is at the bottom like RC 30’s were years ago when the were $8,000.00 all day long. If it sells great if not, that’s ok, they don’t make these anymore and I always wanted one. I’ll make it a project and have some fun with it, it’s all there. Give me a call if you guys have any questions 951 259 5048. Cheers, Steve

    Oh, and now that I work for Pilot Leathers, I can get a customs suit to match.

  • Would you help crate the bike for shipping if the buyer needs the bike shipped? I have been searching for a while for a k bike!

  • Well with a few minutes of searching I found this…

    Take a look at the pic from the front upper cowl. Looks to be the same bike with the same 2 scratches on the left side. 17 days of ownership and your trying to make $1500.00? LOL!

  • LOL my CBR sold for much less and in much better condition


  • Yeah , but they made a LOT more than 1996 200 CBR 900 ‘ s.

  • No edit function ?

    Anyway should read ” a LOT more than 200x 1996 CBR 900 “s were made.”

  • EuroRash, you’re comparing a run o’ the mill CBR with a proper Race Homoglomation Special. Honda made THOUSANDS of examples of your bike. Kawasaki made a couple of hundred of these K1s and most of those went to racing teams.

  • Too me the production numbers wouldn’t matter. Though most CBRs fall victim to idiots crashing them anyways, so that limits the numbers. I like to ride and for the money I could have two CBRs for the his asking price and they are great reliable machines. Besides the 900RR pretty much set the standard for many years, so I don’t consider them “run of the mill”. Like I said “depends on the buyer”. If you can drop that kind of cash without a second thought, go for it. But for $6500 I’d like a cleaner example.

  • Chad…

    It is the same bike. and when I sell it, it will be in better condition than when I bought it and yes, I plan to make a profit. Actually…the bike is worth more than I’m asking for a number of reasons and the person who sold it, sold it too cheep. As far as comparing this to a CBR (great bike) it is apples and oranges. There is no camparison between the two, So. if you really are looking to buy one of these (and you should be) here it is. It’s a piece of history and in a relatively short time, it will be worth alot more than you paid for it. Try that with a bank these days. If you have any questions please give me a call anytime (951) 259 5048.


  • Steve I do agree with you that this bike cannot be compaired to a CBR900. I have had both and many other bikes and the bike i regret selling the most is my 92 ZX-7R.
    As far as the price. I can’t see myself paying $6500.00 this bike since I payed $8000.00 for my K model back in 1993.
    What are your plans on making this bike “better” than when you bought it? If it sold today, it would be in the same condition as the day you bought it. Your bike is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it… It is a nice bike, but for $6500.00 I will keep looking for that gem.

  • Still apples to oranges.
    The value of the US Dollar is less than half of what it was in 1992-93.
    When the ’91 ZX 7 R came out, it sold for almost double of what standard sport bikes were going for.
    ’91 was the 1st year with the lowest production, thereefore the most collectable.
    1st year makes a big difference to collectors .
    Look at the difference in pricew between a 1969 Sandcast Honda 750, compared to a 1970 model.
    The same can be said for 1973 vs 1974 Z 1, H 1, etc.
    People also have been known to crash 1991 ZX 7 R ‘ s.
    The percentage may not be as high as CBR 900 ‘s , but when you only start with 200 to begin with, the numbers of original paint survivors is prety low.

  • Like I said, preference. To me having a nicer bike, (even though considered not as collectible) and having $3000 extra on top would interest me more than what I consider a “typical” limited production (but not ground breaking technologically) model.

    But I don’t buy bikes to collect or sit in a garage, I ride them. So I’m not looking at this from a “collectors” point of view.

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