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Rickman May 12, 2015 posted by

Ricky Racer: 1980 Rickman Kawasaki CRE 1000 Predator


In the magnificent world of The Frame Game, there are a few legendary marques. Bimota is often the first to spring to mind, along with the requisite Harris and Spondon. But the Rickman brothers – who started out with trails and off road machines before turning to road racing – are surely top of the class for quality and longevity. First started in 1960 by building complete bikes, Rickman eventually went the kit bike route as well, offering basic frame, suspension and bodywork components which could be assembled with a motor, trans and leftover bits from a donor cycle. Sometimes the assembly was done by the owner in the garage, but some of the cleanest bikes came out of professional shops offering this service to well-heeled customers. This appears to be one such bike.

1980 Rickman CRE 1000 Predator for sale on eBay


Kit bikes are a mixed bag in the collecting world; rare models will always be coveted, but not all have equal value. Vintage Rickmans from the “original Rickman” era are definitely rising stock these days, and this one appears to be from the period of time right before the Rickmans sold the business. The Rickman name lives on to this day, having passed through a number of hands, and Rickman products are still available via Rickman Motorcycles Ltd


From the seller:
Rickman CRE 1000 Predator
model year 1980

Super rare model, 2 owners from new The first owner ran the Rickman owners club for many years

Bike has extensive history file, frame was supplied to Maitland Racing who built the bike and supplied a tuned engine. Engine Z1000J motor fitted with a Wiseco 1105 big bore kit, electronic ignition, Goodrich oil cooler, full build sheet & dyno chart included. Dyno’d at 118bhp.

Converted to mono shock and 17″ wheels.

Starts and runs with no smoke or rattles, only known fault is the speedo requires attention currently fitted with a Sigma digital speedo.

Correctly registered (English documents) as Rickman


This bike is not entirely new to these pages. It has made the rounds on eBay before, having been posted in March on our sister site Classic Sport Bikes For Sale by staff writer Tad. This gorgeous Rickman (it is noted that beauty may be in the eye of the beholder) still has a few days left at auction, and the bidding is still below 5 Grand. There is a reserve in place, so no way of telling what will let the current owner let it go. It is an interesting example of the “build it yourself” breed, and is worth checking out. Jump here to grab all the details, and then be sure and let us know what you think!



Ricky Racer: 1980 Rickman Kawasaki CRE 1000 Predator
Ducati January 28, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati Sport 1000S Custom


While the world is quick to deride designer Pierre Terblanche for what he possibly got wrong at Ducati (arguments over the 749/999 series come to mind), the creation of the Sport Classic line was something he certainly got right. Invoking Ducati’s rich history with modern mechanics and the utter ride-ability and reliability of the fabled 2-valve air-cooled L-twin, Terblanche created a link to the past with these very cool modern sportbikes. The Sport 1000 and the Paul Smart draw on the glory days of the bevel, but rev it up with a dual-spark interpretation of the venerable Pantah.


While the Sport Classic line starts out as coveted machinery, RSBFS reader Curtis has kicked things up a notch, building a black beauty that invokes the green-framed 750, the Paul Smart Edition and even Old Blue – had it been black. While the desmodue motors do not breathe particularly well at high RPMs, they are bulletproof torque monsters…and light weight to boot. That makes these air-cooled Supersport based machines formidable street bikes, as they comprise a tidy package of compact and light weight stature pushed along by a growling and tractable 90 degree twin. Simplicity and effectiveness in one great looking package.


From the seller:
2006 Ducati Sport 1000
Selling my 2006 Monoposto Sport Classic. Ducati never made a Black Monoposto 1000S, so I took the liberty to create what I believe would live up to its name. This is basically a monoposto black paul smart. The 1000S that came out in 2007+ were all bi-posto and wet clutches.

I am leaving the country and instead of having this bike sit in storage for the next 6 months, I am putting it up for sale. All the details and particulars are listed below. I am in no need to sell it, and any low ball offers will be ignored. I am located in Orange County CA and can show the bike in person. No test rides unless cash in hand. The Tank is a black 1000s that was purchased new and had the stripes removed and recleared. It was sealed with caswell professionally by T.Markus in Hollywood so that there is no chance of this tank expanding. If you are looking for a sport 1000, beware as the tank’s expand and warp due to the ethanol in gasoline. Without a professionally sealed tank, your tank WILL expand… at a cost of $1400 for a replacement tank that still needs to be coated. Do not take that chance.



More from the seller:
11,345 miles
7,500 and 11,000 Mile Service Done
Valve Adjustment
Belts Changed
New Plugs
Oil / Fluids (Motul)
Upgraded Ducati S4 adjustable Showa Forks
Termignoni Single Exhaust
Custom Subframe
Paul Smart Style Full Fairings
T.Markus Caswell Sealed Tank (No Swelling) (Brand new Tank with invoice)
Custom Monoposto Black “Paul Smart”
Carbon Fiber Front Fender
New Lithium Battery (light weight)
CA Clean and Clear Title
Trickle Charge Installed
Chanel N*5 inspired fairing
Upgraded Slave Cylinder
Rear tail delete
Tires 60%+ tread


This one of a kind bike is available now on eBay. Ducati never ventured into this territory with the Sport Classic line, and you’d have to think Pierre Terblanche would love the outcome of this midnight edition 1000 S / Paul Smart combination. The machine looks great, has some impressive upgrades, and is being offered by the builder/owner (not some broker/dealer). Check it out here, because you won’t find one anywhere else!


Featured Listing: 2006 Ducati Sport 1000S Custom
Cagiva January 4, 2015 posted by

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for Sale in California!

Update 1.4.2015: The seller has alerted us that this bike is back on the market. There have been some updates since our first post in June 2014 and all new pictures as well. Links updated. Good luck to buyers and seller. -dc

Hey, speaking of British bike magazines, here’s one you’re probably not too familiar with unless you read those publications. Suzuki’s V-twin was intended to compete with Ducati, but the bikes they stuffed it into never really seemed to be able to cut the mustard. The TL1000S was brawn over brains, with a dangerous reputation and a compromised rear suspension, and the TL1000R wasn’t quite right either, a bit too fat, maybe too soft, maybe not twin-y enough?

But they sound amazing, and both make pretty cool road tools, if you want the sound of a twin without the headaches of Desmodromic valves and $120/hr labor charges. And other manufacturers clearly agreed, since it ended up powering Bimota’s SB8 and Cagiva’s V-Raptors.

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for sale on eBay

2003 Cagiva VRaptor L Side Crop

The V-Raptor was pretty wild-looking and designed by Miguel Galluzzi of Ducati Monster fame, although I think the design is trying a bit too hard. Period reviews suggest that packaging for this powerplant continued to be an issue and comfort was severely compromised for style, but Ducati Monster owners should be familiar with that. But the bike was striking and provided Italian style and booming noise without the pain of 6000 mile valve-checks. Yes, unless you do them yourself, those are every bit as annoying as you’d imagine.

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000

Missing Left Side Panel (Plastic, can order Carbon Fiber Replacements for About $100)- Bent Right Side Exhaust (Due to Slow Fall in Muddy Puddle)- Missing Right Side Chain Tension Adjuster (Easy to Fix with Bolt/Washers from Home Depot)- Will Need New Chain, Sprocket Set, Valve Adjustment, & Front Tire within Next 2k-5k Miles Jet Black Paint with Metallic Clear Coat (Professionally Done), Seat Re-Upholstered to Black Carbon Fiber, Dual Zorstec Exhaust Pipes

Look, I hate to once again be the resident Cheap Weird Bike Guy, and this bike has all the hallmarks of being ridden hard, lightly crashed, and put away wet. But it’s a Cagiva V-Raptor! You can take it to a Suzuki dealer and get it worked on!

2003 Cagiva VRaptor Title

To be honest, I had no idea these were ever available in the US and is registered in CA, a notoriously strict place relatively intolerant of DMV shenanigans. Maybe a quick email to the seller to ask the bike’s provenance? He does include a photo of the title, which is nice. And a list of things that have been done or need to be done suggest that at least the seller is representing the bike fairly.

The photos aren’t great, and the bike needs a bit of work to make it presentable, but might be worth it for the great, grunty motor and all the very confused looks you’ll get at local bike nights.


2003 Cagiva VRaptor R Side AMERIKUH

2003 Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 for Sale in California!
Yamaha October 7, 2014 posted by

1993 YAMAHA GTS1000


From the book of funny front ends comes this rare 1993 Yamaha GTS1000. Born of the James Parker “RADD” design and licensed by same, Yamaha added a bit of tour to the sport package and created a very interesting bike. In some ways, it is a bike looking for a purpose. It is clearly not a sport bike. It is clearly not a touring rig. It is a big, porky beast with a single sided swingarm front suspension. Is that, then, it’s purpose – to look different? By de-coupling braking and pitch moments from suspension, the swing arm front end promised greater suspension efficiency and better chassis behavior. And while the GTS1000 is a great bike – robust power and faultless handling – Yamaha took the cautious approach to what was ground-breaking technology. The fact that it worked as well as a conventional motorcycle was not enough; the GTS failed to sell and was limited to one year of production. Rarity is often a simple case of nobody being interested at the time (think factory Turbos, RE5 Rotary, etc). These bikes are getting difficult to find in decent condition, and with fewer than 9,000 miles this looks to be a great example of the breed. Not much in the way of pictures or text, but what is there looks clean. Good Luck!

1993 Yamaha GTS1000 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
1993 YAMAHA GTS1000
EXTREMELY RARE FIND! There’s nothing else like it . . .
In great condition with low miles



1993 YAMAHA GTS1000
Suzuki February 5, 2014 posted by

Storage Wars: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000


Presumed abandoned in a rental storage locker, this ’82 Katana 1000 comes to light courtesy of the winning bidder of the unit at auction. Not much detail and certainly no history given the circumstances, so this is a chance buy at best. However Katanas are the “in” classic these days, and prices are rising fast. With good looks, great power and not many clean survivors, this might be a good opportunity to pick one up! Bike is located in sunny Southern California.

1982 Suzuki Katana 1000 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
For sale is a very rare GS1000SZ. This is not an 1100. As far as I know it is a matching numbers 1000s. Engine number is GS10X102217. The odometer reads 36,600. I bought this from a woman about 5 weeks ago who bought it in a storage auction. The bike is in absolutely great condition. The bike has great compression and sounds strong. It had been sitting for a number of years but the systems were in good shape, meaning that the owner had been running it while in storage. I emptied the tank. Put new fuel in the tank. Took the carbs out and cleaned them (didn’t take them apart because they would then have to be synchronized) and the bike fired right up. The brakes work good but I would flush them just to make sure.


More from the seller:
Please take a look at all of the pictures. I like motorcycles but I don’t collect them and am not an expert in them. I’m a car guy. I need a bike I can ride without worrying about damaging it. This is a very nice, historic bike and it should go to a collector who appreciates these motorcycles. I understand they built just a handful of these for racing purposes. It’s almost flawless. I broke one f the mounting plastic studs on the drivers side small cover while removing and accidentally dropped the gas cap which put a scratch on it. Other than that, the bike is in great shape. The paint on the gas tank is flawless. The front fairing doesn’t have any chips or scratches that I can see. It probably will need new tires since they’ve been on the machine for so long.



Storage Wars: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000
Laverda January 10, 2014 posted by

Now that’s Italian: 1984 Laverda RGA 1000 Sprint


Laverdas are often referred to as the Italian BMW, and this RGA 1000 is a good indication why. Instead of cutthroat sport bikes, Laverda built the gentleman’s express – Italian style. Using curves and flair not typically found in Germany (and often colors not found in nature), these big triples are comfortable, reasonably fast and powerful, and ever so unique. If “quirky” tickles your fancy, read on!

1984 Laverda RGA 1000 Sprint for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Here we have a 1984 Laverda RGA w/Sprint fairing. Bike has 12k plus miles and runs strong with no weird noises or any smoke. Has new Michelin tires front and back and a new battery. The fairing is very rare and worth around $1000. The bike fell over on the right side while I was taking pictures and the only damage was to the right front turn signal housing plus my ego.


Due to the rarity of some of these models – and the fact that Laverda is no longer in existence – spare parts and bodywork can be an issue. But such is part of the fun and challenge when dealing with the rare, unique and (often) obsolete. Check out all of the pictures and details here – and then ride off into the sunset!



Now that’s Italian: 1984 Laverda RGA 1000 Sprint
Laverda March 30, 2013 posted by

Italian transport: 1983 Laverda RGS1000


I you tire of endless L-twin and V-twin pasta rockets, then check out this latest Italian find: a 1983 Laverda RGS 1000. The RGS was derived from the legendary Jota, but made to be more comfortable and more of an executive travel machine or a GT. Don’t let that fairing and those soft curves fool you, however. At the heart of this beast is the same 1000cc triple that dominated Europe before the rise of the Japanese machines.


Like most Laverdas, this one has been ridden. There is just over 21,000 miles on the clock, and the expected wear and tear of a 30 year old bike. But it looks like all of the pieces are there and with no significant damage this unmodified find might just be your ticket into Italian ownership.


From the seller:
Great Italian exotic superbike. Hard to find in this good running condition. Unmolested, clean, correct and complete. Buy for your collection or ride it like the makers intended.


This RGS is not the more desired Executive model (with higher handlebars, add on fairing bits and color coded hard bags), but it is still a great motorcycle. There has been nominal interest in this bike thus far, although at $4,350 the reserve has yet to be met. The BIN on this bike is set at $9,250 – perhaps a little high, but time will tell what the market thinks. For more info and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 21, 2013 posted by

1989 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP For Sale!

Venice, CA – 24,694mi – $2,325 with Reserve


It’s always nice to see an older, and well cared for, FZR1000 pop up for sale. It just means that clean examples are not extinct and still around for those love to look at them and ride them. These are some damn good looking bikes. Anyone that knows and loves the older FZR1000’s knows that this is the model to have. Yamaha had redesigned their liter bike, bumping displacement to 1002cc and horsepower up to 145. Now present was the EXUP system which further enhanced the bikes power delivery.


This bike comes to us from Venice, CA and as evidence by its storage conditions is taken care of. Check out the bikes in the background of this hanger! …and a plane.


The seller has a lot to say about the bike which I don’t need repeating.

Full history and all documentation from day one comes with this bike. Every receipt this bike ever generated is included. I have the original “pink slip”, California certificate of title, and the original purchase order from Simi Valley Cycles where this bike was purchased in June of 1989 for $8,000. I am the second owner of the bike. A divorce forced the sale from the original owner. The previous owner did an amazing job of keeping all service records, organized in a three-inch-thick, three-ring binder. He also kept the original owners manual, and all receipts.

Both original, stock keys are included.

There is a bill of sale from Thousand Oaks Yamaha from March of 1989 for $8,145. That was the 1st FZR 1000 the previous owner purchased, and it unfortunately was promptly stolen from Laguna Seca while he attended the USGP in 1989. So the bike you are bidding on is the bike he purchased from Simi Valley Cycles, to replaced the stolen one. I only mention that because it is rare to purchase a bike from a owner that has owned multiples of the same bike. He owned two FZR 1000. I have owned many.


For a bike with 24,694 miles, you wouldn’t believe it when you look at the bodywork. The condition of the bike shows a lot of TLC kept this bike looking new. The rear-sets, bar-ends, and turn signals, all the places you look for signs of a tip-over are all clean. The front right signal has a scratch, but not a tip over style scratch. More like something passed by the bike and scratched the signal. The lowers look amazing, there are a few scratches at the absolute bottom that look like they came from a ramp while the bike was being rolled onto the bed of a truck. You can only see them on your hands and knees. The right fork tube has a couple chips at the top of the leg. You can see the scratches in the photos. The paint quality is excellent and bright. The stock pipe is very good, but there are some signs of oxidation in the aluminum. There is also a very light abrasion at the front of the aluminum in the black paint on the weld. It is impossible to tell if it is from a tip over, or from something rubbing against it. But if it did tip over, that is the only sign. The bodywork and bar ends show no signs of a tip over. The tank is amazing and flawless. In the rear, there are abrasion scuffs and very small cracks from the seat where it sits on the rear side panels. Again, you can see the damage in the photos. The only way to see the flaws is by removing the seat. If the seat is in place, it’s almost impossible to see the scuffs. Finally, there is a piece of the tinted windshield that was broken off by the airplane’s tail while the plane was being parked. If I were keeping it, I would replace the tinted shield with a stock-looking clear screen, but it functions perfectly. The last 3″ of the screen on the left side by the mirror is where the screen is broken. The wheels have been powder coated and are in absolute immaculate condition. Finally, the last owner installed an alarm. I have removed the guts of the alarm, however he did put a light on the tail section directly above the tail light. You can see the tiny red lens in the pictures.

All in all, I would say the bodywork is 98%.

The bike starts perfectly, idles perfectly and runs like it’s 1989. The oil is fresh, the fluids are recently changed, and the Bridgestone Battlax BT012R’s look almost new. The bike is 100% ready to ride.

Model notes:

The 1989 was the second generation of the FZR 1000 series. I also have a 1989 FZR750RR OW-O1, and next to each other, you can see the similarities between the two models. The EXUP in the name describes the header-mounted servo motor that opens and closes depending on throttle position. In the mid-range, the servo motor closes the valve, giving more back pressure, and as a result more mid-range power. As the throttle is opened, the valve is opened and the pipe becomes 100% free flowing.

The OW-O1 is more rare, but if you enjoy twisting your right wrist, the FZR is the bike you’re looking for. It starts pulling around 3,000 and pulls hard all the way to it’s 11,500 redline.

Like I said before, the second gen FZR1000 is the better of the two and seems to be more sought after. The seller goes to great description in detail a few minor imperfections with the bike, which builds my confidence without seeing it in person. Hell, it even has the stock pipe with its full “EXUP” glory. Hard to find much fault in this bike. If you agree and want to make it yours, then check out the auction here!


This post dedicated to my biggest fan – Big Tex