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Ride Home and Rethink Your Life – 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

One of Moto Guzzi’s last development projects before Aprilia took controlling interest, the V11 was a big step forward which didn’t forget its Mandello del Lario roots.  Previous owner Ewan McGregor is now a Guzzi ambassador but was a big fan before, and improved his V11 Sport with a classic Magni fairing.

2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport for sale on eBay

The V11’s look is unmistakably Guzzi, the big “square” heads hanging out in the breeze to help them keep their 91 hp cool.  The V11’s engine is a stressed part of the chassis, letting the exhausts reign over ( under ? ) the engine bay, with the prominent frame connectors anodized in red.  Accompanying the silky six-speed, the chassis is a mixed bag, with headstock raised to 25 degrees to quicken turn-in and swingarm lengthened to reduce the adverse shaft effects.  The original was shipped naked, the  factory clip-ons sneaking out under the various small fairings available.

Offered by the second owner’s shop, this 1100 Sport is in extraordinary shape, and carefully photographed.  The basic improvement of the Mandello exhausts and Power Commander complement the flash of the color-matched Magni fairing and nifty bar-end blinkers.  Comments from the eBay auction:

The current owner is a discerning collector who spares no expense maintaining his bikes and is releasing the Guzzi V11 Sport from his private collection. McGregor sold the bike in 2017 with 8,000 miles on the clock and my client has added 3,500 miles in 3 years. The V11 currently shows 11,349 on the odometer. 

Moto Guzzi developed the bike in conjunction with Aprilia’s Development Dept, developing 91bhp in stock trim with 70ft lbs. torque. The bike starts instantly and careful dyno tuning has improved the ride-ability dramatically. The installed power commander and custom map smoothed out the power curve, improving low speed ride-ability and highway speed riding. 

The bike has been maintained with no expense spared and as shown in the photos is still in almost perfect condition. Selected tasteful accessories have been added to the bike and are included with the sale along with stock turn signals, foot rests, original Brembo clutch and brake reservoirs etc.

  • Improved night vision with Bosch LED headlamp
  • Rizoma bar end mirrors and LED signals
  • Rizoma billet brake/clutch reservoirs
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Power commander and Dyno tune improved fueling.
  • New brake pads
  • Fuel / oil filters changed
  • Forks were re-valved and serviced by Progressive suspension
  • Wilbur hand build rear shock was also installed and built specially for the V11. 
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires barely broken in, with only 3,500 miles on them. 
  • Agostini Mandello Exhausts. 
  • CRG foldable Brake and Clutch levers. 

With its updated chassis, gearbox, and fuel injection, V11’s are rather more sporty than the European Harley they’re sometimes called.  Probably most Guzzi owners think of an earlier Obi Wan, but McGregor has done a lot of motorcycling in between movie shoots.  A showy autograph would be a nice addition to this fine example.



  • I like it.
    A lot. I think the Magni fairing really dresses it up.
    This is the first instance I’ve heard the tranny of a Guzzi described as “silky”!

  • The Magni fairing appears to be still available at magni.it and “silky” might be an overstatement, but the new gearbox got raves, including this from Carole Nash ( British specialty insurer ), “The clutch was so light, and the six-speed gearbox sufficiently slick that if I had not been consciously evaluating them I wouldn’t have given them a second thought.”… 🙂

  • Yep-silky it aint. But if you dont need 16,000rpm and 200+BHP to get your kicks anymore then these are a lovely old fashioned grunty way to travel on back roads. Heavy old thing but very surefooted, and will run forever with very simple basic mechanics that you can fettle at home.
    Aprilia/Piaggio have clearly decided to market Guzzi as a cruiser brand which is a terrible shame cos the factory produced a V8 Grand Prix motorcycle before most of us were born and raced and won multiple World Championships before World War Two.
    The Le Mans 850 in the mid 70s was at the time right there with Laverda Jotas and Ducati 900SS bevels yet sadly that whole legacy has been abandoned by the marketing gurus who probably dont even ride a bike.
    I have owned both the original Le Mans and currently have a V11 Le Mans and I love the thing, wont keep up with much modern tackle if you are pushing on, but in the real world they are a fine torquey beast with a great soundtrack that are lovely to look at and ride.

  • Pictures don’t do that shade of green justice.

  • Great write up Donn, the pictures really don’t do the color justice.
    I am selling the bike on behalf of the current owner, the sale ends Saturday night.

  • thanks Owen, some nice restorations you’ve got there on Moto41 ! 🙂

  • eBay shows sold for $8,260. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

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