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Ducati January 20, 2023 posted by

Touch Up – 2007 Ducati Monster S4R

Monster S4R’s aren’t seen as often as the even more rad S4RS, maybe because most riders with $14K for a Monster back in 2007 probably could go another boat payment for the RS.  Still this example is almost everything a super naked fan could want, with the exception of a couple of spots that could use a little love.

2007 Ducati Monster S4R for sale on eBay

Four-valve Monsters were first delivered in 2000 with the 916cc S4, but for 2007 got the new testastretta 998 with 130 hp.  The classic trellis frame had to be beefed up for the new engine, and it was still a project to install all the engine plumbing and electrical beautifully.  Suspension components are merely excellent rather than exotic, with fully adjustable Showa forks and Sachs monoshock.  Wheels and brakes appear up-market, though there might be metallurgical differences with the wheels.  The matte titanium finish makes a great composition with red and black accents, but didn’t use carbon fiber as part of the package.

Presented by a boutique Wisconsin dealer, this S4R looks very good with just a few fixable cosmetic issues.  A hair under under 9,000 miles, Termignoni carbon mufflers, both keys and a recent valve service are part of the deal.  The nicks in the paint, scratched clutch cover and “experienced” front brake lever could be addressed on the next owner’s schedule, and a finished tailcone might still be available from the factory.  Good notes provided in the eBay auction –

Modifications consist of a Ducati Performance-branded tank protector pad, a vented clutch cover, a bar-end mirror, clip-on handlebars, carbon-fiber mufflers, and a rear-fender eliminator kit. Service in preparation for the sale included replacing the timing belts, tires, front brake rotors, and spark plugs as well as checking the valves and flushing the brake and clutch fluid. This Monster S4R has 9k miles and is now offered in Wisconsin with an owner’s manual, a red key, a black key, a key-code card, and a tool kit, and a clean title.

The bodywork is finished in matte silver over a red steel trellis frame. Features include a Ducati Performance-branded tank protector pad, a matte black-finished front fender, a side stand, rear-set foot controls, a rear-fender eliminator kit, and a two-up seat with a removable body-color cowl. There are mild scratches and scuffs on the fuel tank and the tail section, shown in pics.

Black 17″ Marchesini wheels were mounted with 120/70 front and 180/55 rear Pirelli Diablo tires in preparation for the sale.  The front rotors were replaced and the brake fluid was flushed in preparation for the sale.  Service in preparation for the sale included checking the valves along with replacing the timing belts and the spark plugs. 

Sustained triple-digit speeds are somewhat easier on the S4R than on the rider, but all good for a short burst.  The next owner could take it to another level with a cat-less exhaust, a new tune, some guards for the radiators and find some nice carbon bits – all before the riding season really gets under way.  The ask is assuredly post-pandemic, but the Make Offer button is there to get the conversation started.


Touch Up – 2007 Ducati Monster S4R
Moto Guzzi January 13, 2023 posted by

22 Year-Old Red Head – 2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello

OK, maybe spring on the shore of Lake Como isn’t in the cards this year, but Moto Guzzi had a limited edition V11 that celebrated life in red.  Today’s Goose looks very good and quite original with a little over 16K miles.

2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello for sale on eBay

Styled and named to commemorate 80 years in Mandello del Lario, the limited edition used the recent V11 backbone chassis and two-valve twin, with respectable power at 91 hp.  Torque was actually plan A, with 69 ft.-lbs. and a new six-speed transmission plus a light hydraulic clutch.  Nicer components spiced up the traditional drivetrain, with Marzocchi usd forks, an adjustable monoshock, 320mm Brembo brakes and wide 17-inch alloy wheels.  The side view is a composition in red, black and grey, with candy apple valve covers and a helpful carbon fiber handlebar fairing and mudguard up front.

Not a great time of year for a test ride in central Wisconsin, but the owner has wheeled her out for a short video,  hard to share but easy to play on eBay.  A few touch-ups to the fuel tank, but otherwise looking quite good and just waiting for a proper detail.  Fresh Michelins and the Power Commander will fill in the dry spots in the fuel injection map.  Notes from the eBay auction –

Bike is #49 out of 300 numbered bikes produced. It was estimated there were around 177 shipped to the United States. Bike is all original besides a power commander and a Penske rear shock which was over $1000 new. I was told by previous owner the clutch was done but I do not have any paperwork for it. It feels great.

Bike starts and runs great. Has excellent Michelin Pilot Power 4 tires. Needs nothing. The pictures are unedited and speak for themselves. 

I have all the original literature for the bike including pictures of it being uncrated, letter of authenticity, manuals, original sales receipt, advertising, and a small model of the bike.

Guzzi has a clean and clear WI title.  A Mistral crossover and carbon exhaust will be available for this bike at an agreed upon price.

The Rosso Mandello was only mid-point in the V11’s model run, and the longitudinal V-twin and shaft drive soldier on in Guzzi’s current line-up.  For all their traditionality, many innovations have come out of Mandello del Lario – the first motorcycle wind tunnel, a 500cc V-8 racing engine, and more contemporary CARC shaft drive that reduces torque reaction, and cartridge fork innovations.  Just starting their second century, Guzzi’s continue to be unusual if not rare, with yearly production in the several thousand range.  The Rosso Mandello came here in just a few hundred though, and this example looks very collectible.


22 Year-Old Red Head – 2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello
Honda January 8, 2023 posted by

Buffed ‘Blade – 1994 Honda CBR900RR

No new FireBlades are coming off the assembly line, so maybe a restoration of a classic sportbike could push someone’s particular button.  This SoCal example looks reasonable all around – not too many miles, fairly clean, not overdone, and substantially original.

1994 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

Designer Tadao Baba slipped the Blade in between classes, shoe-horning the 893 cc’s into a middleweight’s chassis, and keeping it just a few pounds heavier than a contemporary 600.  The right side up forks were styled to look usd,  and while the 16-inch front wheel was a solution from the previous decade, it still worked to reduce mass and ease turn-in.  The shift drum was redesigned for 1994, and sometimes fox-eye headlights are seen, but this one has the dual sealed-beam lights and beaucoup “speed holes” in the fairing.

Though there aren’t all that many close-up pictures, this CBR900RR looks very good for its 27,392 miles.  Some bits have more patina than others, but the fairings look complete and correct.  The rear mudguard has been truncated, but some original turn signals were found and mounted.  Still waiting for the proper grips, a nice list of mechanical work is in the eBay auction –

  • 27k miles
  • D&D exhaust
  • new petcock
  • NEW alternator case cover gasket
  • replaced alternator case cover
  • choke cable and bracket replaced 
  • OE chain guard
  • carbs rebuilt and split replaced manifold o rings
  • carb synced
  • new plugs
  • oil & filter
  • air filter
  • coolant flush
  • brake fluid flush
  • seat  re-upholstered
  • detail /degreasing
  • OE windscreen
  • new grips
  • new rear sprocket 
  • fuel pump
  • fuel lines
  • OE blinker

Having stood the sportbike world on its ear, the FireBlade went on to five more generations, with three new engines.  The ask is up there, but if a pre-buy indicates everything here is for real, it might save the new owner a lot of the detective work expected in a new 30 year-old sportbike.

– donn

Buffed ‘Blade – 1994 Honda CBR900RR
Ducati December 19, 2022 posted by

Cherry Filling – 1996 Ducati 900SS

Without a numbered plaque or extra letters, this might just be a plain vanilla 900SS.  But it appears remarkably original and in excellent shape for 33K miles.

1996 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay

Special models such as the SuperLight and SS/SP get most of our attention, but the base 900SS is most of the way there.  The air cooled 904cc twin put out a respectable 84 hp, and 38mm Mikuni’s were tuneable if not inspired.  The dry clutch and inverted Showa forks added to the sports-oriented theme.  Exhausts on the two-seater were upswept, but not as sharply as the monoposto.

With all those miles it’s a safe bet there have been at least a few owners and plenty of maintenance, but history or no, at this stage of life most bikes are on the IRAN (inspect-and-repair-as-necessary) plan.  At least no apparent faux pas, and just as hard to find a mod – maybe the tail looks a bit tidy but that’s about all.

The SS were Ducati’s all-rounders until the Monster and then Multistrada arrived, and they took a little commuting and cross-country in stride.  The dry clutch and air cooling set a rider apart these days, and there’s probably a manual transmission car home in the garage.  Toward the end of the model run, this example is certainly worth a more in-depth look.


Cherry Filling – 1996 Ducati 900SS
Benelli November 19, 2022 posted by

Sei / 2 – 2007 Benelli TNT 1130 Sport

Even one of the oldest motorbike manufacturers could benefit from an infusion of new capital, and the late 2000’s brought new models with support from the Qianjiang group.  Today’s Tré has been thoughtfully updated and shows like a brand new machine.

2007 Benelli TnT 1130 Sport for sale on eBay

Pesaro engineered a whopping triple, DOHC with each cylinder displacing over 375 cc’s and totaling 130 hp.  A chassis of oversized tubes mate to cast sideplates, with 50mm Marzocchi forks and an Öhlins remote reservoir shock on the fabricated swingarm.  The binnacle fairing reviewed as surprisingly effective, as did the “just right” compromise handlebars.  Pillion accommodation was purely theoretical, similar to the noise attenuation provided by the single underseat muffler.

Clearly the work of a super-fan, this TnT has had every factory foible corrected, exhaust customized, brakes renewed, controls Rizomized, fairings carbonated, and wheels overdone by Rotobox.  Pretty much show winning condition even with 7,000 and change miles.  Comments from the eBay auction –

I believe this to be the nicest, cleanest, most sorted TNT in the US.  SO many upgrades. First and foremost Z25 gear and related were replaced 2 years ago (about 1600 miles). New clutch seals, springs. Rebuilt water pump. Samco hoses. ND 12pt fuel injectors, new stepper motor. Spark Plugs. DNA air filter. Custom downpipe by Maniac Motors. MIVV exhaust. Exhaust ceramic coated. Bike was tuned on dyno by Reparto Veloce in Chandler AZ and has two custom maps installed (TNT button).

New Hydraulic clutch. New Brembo clutch and brake master cylinders. AEM titanium reservoirs. Matris steering stabilizer. New Ohlins rear shock. Rizoma grips. Oberon mirrors.

Brand new custom made Rotobox carbon fiber wheels with new Pirellis. DID chain, Rotobox sprockets. New Brembo rotors front and back with EBC brake pads.

Custom carbon as noted, including painted panels and clear coat by Danny Balley. Rizoma rear sequential turn signals. Includes original tires/wheels, additional body panels, seats. Four boxes of spare and original parts. All keys and service manual. More pics available.

Benelli continued development after the signature 900 Sei and has turned a corner from liter-plus muscle with the largest displacement in their current line-up being 800 cc.  But Qianjiang and now Geely Holdings have kept design and production capabilities in Pesaro, a bit of a boutique brand for the volume manufacturer of both bikes and cars.  This owner has prepared a one-of-a-kind TnT, and the bigger factory’s backing provides some extra security for the next owner.


Sei / 2 – 2007 Benelli TNT 1130 Sport
Suzuki November 12, 2022 posted by

The Fine Print – 1998 Suzuki TL1000R

Suzuki’s TL1000R wasn’t quite ready for bare-knuckle competition, but over-engineered for the road and it was the only Suzuki sportbike configured the big twin way.  This TLR looks quite original with low miles, a few notable upgrades and that Bo Diddley beat from the hybrid gear/chain cam drive.

1998 Suzuki TL1000R for sale on eBay

Based on the earlier TL-S engine, the TLR’s was hotted up for Superbike duty with dual injectors, forged pistons, and more aggressive cams.  With a little tilt and a massive twin-beam chassis wide enough to put the swingarm pivot very close to the final drive sprocket, engineers achieved a wheelbase under 55 inches.  The wind tunnel-designed nose almost gets ahead of the front fender, with stacked radiators making room for ram air intakes.

Presented by an Alabama race-prep and service shop, this TL1000R looks excellent, showing just over 8,100 miles.  Just one stress crack is pictured on the left fairing, and paint and decals are said to be all original.  Shown in various states of undress, the bike has been comprehensively serviced for the next owner.  Way too many details to be printed here, but a worthwhile read.  Just the opening comment from the eBay auction – 

Original – non butchered – well preserved – climate control stored entire life. 25 years has passed already and this thing is still as sexy looking as any bike being currently manufactured. 

Mileage is only 8,183. This bike needs absolutely nothing. Clear Alabama title in hand.

If you’re looking for a premium example of a non molested and non abused – FIRST YEAR version of Suzuki’s almighty V-Twin Ducati slayer – you have found it! Extremely low miles and well appointed. Ready for museum display or a good haul through some mountain twisties.

This stunning machine needs absolutely nothing. It is a collector’s masterpiece and a valuable part of motorcycling history. Bike fires on an instant and idles smooth and steady. Throttle is crisp and raspy – a definite monster to be unleashed. These beasts are becoming more and more rare and collectible as time passes. 

Some of Suzuki’s chassis work went toward keeping handling sharp in an admittedly heavy package, and the bike gained a bit of a reputation.  The factory had GSX-R and TLR race teams going for a short time, and when the decision had to be made the twin got the back burner.  But a close study of the un-faired pictures show how serious Suzuki was about their effort, and what a great example the next owner will have.


The Fine Print – 1998 Suzuki TL1000R
Suzuki October 24, 2022 posted by

Shocking – 2002 Suzuki TL1000R

Suzuki made their own stab at L-twin Superbike glory, and while a championship wasn’t in the cards, the memorable powerplant made for a great street ride.  Today’s TLR looks excellent, with some nice mods and moderate miles.

2002 Suzuki TL1000R

With many changes from the TLS engine, the 996 cc’s aboard the TL1000R claimed 135 hp, an excellent 78 ft.-lbs. torque – plus an interesting sound from the hybrid gear / chain cam drive.  Suzuki kept the engine upright to ease intake and exhaust issues, and since the rear cylinder occupied the monoshock’s usual spot, a rotary damper was used on the side of the alloy swingarm.  Difficulties with this shock provided most of the criticism when the bikes were new, though weight and lumpy styling were co-conspirators.

For 11,448 miles this TLR presents extra well, with just an isolated rub and certainly clean as can be.  The carbon rear mudguard is all but hidden by the Yoshimura mufflers, and the rear signals are likely now built into the tail light.  Looks like a Hagon shock kit has replaced the factory deal, a gear indicator has been installed, and though the running light front signals might cause a wince at least they didn’t need another hole in the fairing.  Not sure what our nationwide audience will do with the warranty or suspension set-up, but might help a northwest buyer.  Notes from the eBay auction –


As if out-doing Ducati in the L-twin department weren’t enough, Suzuki and Honda were trying to beat each other to the showroom as well as the racetrack.  Suzuki may have rushed their homework a bit, and when the TL1000R wasn’t competitive out of the box, they returned to their 25 years of GSX-R development and surprisingly binned the TLR race team.  But in just a few years the bike acquired a healthy fan base, and one comment on the drivetrain is that Bimota chose it for the SB8R.  As presented here, this TLR is about as different and nice as a Suzuki can be.


Shocking – 2002 Suzuki TL1000R
Ducati October 21, 2022 posted by

Weather-Wise – 1993 Ducati 750SS Supersport

A boatload of RSBFS ink has been spilled on Ducati’s 900SS, but the 750 version might be the rarer bird.  The seller of this 750SS opted for the half fairing, perhaps due to the sunny Fla. location, and though the auction could be described as skewed with every picture on edge, the SuperSport itself looks excellent.

1993 Ducati 750SS Supersport for sale on eBay

Some have said the early 750SS saved Ducati from extinction, and the 90’s Supersports were the company’s best sellers.  The 750SS from this era used the same engine block as the 900, with both bore and stroke a bit less.  66 hp and 53 ft.-lbs are claimed, not class-leading numbers but not bad for a two-valver.  Better Showa inverted forks are up front, with an alloy monoshock swingarm at the rear.  Five forward speeds, a low maintenance wet clutch and single front disk keep the bottom line under control, and though the rider’s perch is roomy, the dry weight is well under 400 lbs.

Not seeming like the most motivated seller, allowing the eBay app to get sideways and nary a helpful tidbit about the bike.  But what can be seen is nice, with 10.5K miles, no apparent damage or mods except the 2-into-1 Staintune exhaust.  Tires look recent if not fresh, and that faded carbon key guard should be easy to replace.  Some isolated corrosion is noted, almost to be expected on the Atlantic coast.

The 750SS had a small price advantage over most 750 sportbikes, but wasn’t exactly comparable to say a GSX-R750.  The torque, handling and low mass made it competitive with other middleweights, and looked great – especially with the half-fairing that would become the CR.  Its nemesis was right across the showroom, with most buyers finding the extra motivation to select the 900SS.  This one looks like it will go reasonably, maybe to a collector with room for an interesting Supersport.



Weather-Wise – 1993 Ducati 750SS Supersport