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Race-Kitted: 1990 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 for Sale


“Homologation” refers to the process by which a manufacturer makes a particular machine eligible for production-based racing classes. In most cases, mass-produced motorcycles include significant compromises in terms of their materials, construction, components, and even geometry that seriously hinder their racetrack performance. You can’t sell every machine with radically oversquare bore and stroke, titanium engine internals, magnesium engine cases, and adjustable steering-heads, or the average GSX-R1000 would cost as much as a decent car, and Suzuki wouldn’t sell too many. So to get production bikes into a form more suitable for racing, manufacturers build a small run of tricked-out, “improved” versions that often include very exotic features or parts, and those “homologation specials” are produced in limited quantities and often sold at outrageous prices. The number required varies by racing series and year, but at the end of it all, you end up with something like this, the Yamaha FZR750R OW01.

Unlike Honda, who basically just created a whole new machine to meet the requirements with their trick RC30, the OW01 could easily be mistaken for a regular production FZR750 at a glance: the most important modifications are under the skin. The five-valve, 749cc engine included magnesium castings, titanium rods, twin-ring pistons, and flat-slide carburetors. The revised Genesis engine used much more radically oversquare dimensions, compared to the stock bike, and it’s naturally more rev-happy as a result, although the expected EXUP valve does keep things reasonably streetable.

The OW01 also used an aluminum fuel tank with an endurance filler cap and a removable aluminum subframe to reduce weight carried up high, quick-release axle clamps, Öhlins suspension, and a set of 17″ hoops at both ends, although the pièce de résistance was probably the hand-welded aluminum Deltabox frame, a bit of gorgeous industrial artistry. This example has been further sweetened with a raft of kit Yamaha Engineering Co racing parts, as listed in the seller’s description.

From the original eBay listing: 1990 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 for Sale

For sale is a gorgeous, race kitted 1990 Yamaha FZR750R OW-01.  Potential buyers will already understand and appreciate the scarcity of homologation race bikes, so I’ll spare you a long description of their rich history.

The story behind this particular OW-01 is that prior to taking delivery, the original owner instructed his dealership to order and install any additional factory race components that were available, which included:

  • Marchesini Wheels
  • Brembo Rotors
  • Brembo P34 Calipers
  • Ohlin Forks
  • YEC Racing Triple Clamp
  • YEC Racing Clipons
  • YEC Racing Rear Sprocket
  • YEC Racing Swingarm Kit
  • YEC Racing Caliper / Dogbone
  • YEC Racing Ram Air Tubes
  • Early YEC Racing Lower Radiator
  • Dry Clutch and Gearbox
  • Rare Magnesium Kit Alternator

This bike was ridden, but reportedly never raced.  Note: The Marchesini wheels do not drive the odometer, which currently reads 4/10ths.  The bike has a few minor scratches and nicks here and there, but is in wonderful condition overall.  It has been on display for a couple years, so a service will be in order if it is to be ridden.  Also, the original components that were replaced when the bike was kitted were not passed along.

While not as successful overall, compared to Honda’s RC30, or as well-known these days, the OW01 is certainly one of the most desirable sportbikes of the era. This example was up previously on eBay but failed to sell, although bidding got as high as $26,500. The current starting bid is set at $31,000 with no takers as yet, so the seller may be aiming just a little too high on this, in spite of the exotic racing components: the YEC parts are valuable for sure, but the bike’s lack of pure originality may keep the price lower than they’re expecting



  • Love it. To me, these are the best looking “modern” Yamaha sport bikes right up to the R1, and the R1 is too common and new to hit the nostalgia buttons anywhere close to an OW01. And I love the kit parts, they make a rare bike all that much more so, especially a kitted bike that hasn’t been thrashed by some club racer. We never saw these at club races, the Gixxers and ZX7s were the “every man’s” workhorses. These were for factories and the occasional rich guy who couldn’t do them justice back in the day.

    I agree though in general the kit parts hurt value unless it also has some racing provenance to go with them. Still, weirdo buyers like myself will lust after this one more than a zero mile bone stock bike.

  • Oh and I wonder what lurks inside that engine? Who would pop for an expensive dry clutch but not do other kit engine parts like cams yada yada? Seems like the seller doesn’t really know what they have here, the kit/aftermarket pipe isn’t mentioned either.

    I’d really want to hear this run prior to buying…

  • I was speaking to him for a while, a few times in fact. Really nice guy and basically selling the collection for a customer that he built a very cool vintage Harley for. The customer had a side business that was successful (obviously) and used the assets for years to nab up cool sh** and that’s why there’s planes and such in the background. Thing is, he didn’t haggle a lot when he bought these things and doesn’t sound like he used any of them much. That said, he’d rather keep then lose money and doubtful he kept them running… I don’t think there are any bargains to be had here but he does have some cool stuff and one thing that’s obvious lately, if you want to play…you gotta pay….unfortunately.

    • Just watched a perfect stock one sell at Mecums in Vegas for 17k all in with fees. Should have bought it, as it was the only deal of the weekend.

  • That was a crazy deal! I wanted to grab it but it would be a jerk move to bid on it for someone that really wanted it since I already have one. Just hope it wasn’t some flip guy…guess we’ll never know. That was the steal of the show. I picked up a zero mile CBR1000RR Renthal ( I know it’s not that rare but 2005 is the only year I like) for a pretty good price. Only reason I won is because no one could figure out how many miles…turns out it had ZERO. I thought so though as chain, tires, everything looked like it was built yesterday…found out when it was on the block and I don’t think anyone heard 🙂

  • I bought the Bonhams OW01, wasn’t concerned what it cost, as it had 74 miles and was perfect. Mechums would have been back up bike, but it had a lot of miles. Id rather pay more for lower milage for my collection. What do you guys think this bike is worth (unknown milage), or what are the parts worth?

    • The last time it sold, it was in the neighborhood of $30k.



    • I think its worth high 20s to right about $30k – the race kit parts are unobtainable now, but for a collector, well… only a certain kind of collector wants those parts over a stock bike (me being one of them). If I had a stock OW01 I’d gladly pay at least $5k for all the non-stock goodies on this one – that would be a steal – it was probably more like $10-$15k originally for the engine kit, Ohlins, wheels, swingarm… The bike sure looks clean and I’m sure its a lot more fun on a track than a stock OW. That old ad has a lot more info than this current ad and confirms that the motor has several goodies inside.

      Weird story on this though – why dump all that money into it when new and then never race it?

      I’d still insist on hearing it run prior to purchase.

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