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Less Being More – 1993 Honda CBR900RR

Honda set the superbike class on its ear in 1992 with the CBR900RR FireBlade, for all intents dropping liter performance into a mid-weight machine.  No longer would a 1000 cc bike have to be a GT weighing 500+ lbs., the CBR900RR was a sharp-handling supersport with a trim endurance fairing.  The low-mile RR on offer has been fawned over and looks museum-ready.

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr right front

1993 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr left front

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr right peg

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr left grip  20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr right fairing

Based on a stroked 750 engine, the 893 cc engine claims 122 hp, fed by 90’s state of the art – four 38mm carburetors.  Developed by a special projects division, the aluminum-beam frame holds 45mm conventional forks and Pro-Link rear suspension.  Handling is helped by the choice of 16-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels.  Honda addressed the issue of weight divided by horsepower in the CBR900RR, and made few compromises.  Brackets that could have been steel are aluminum, and castings that were aluminum became magnesium.  All said and done the RR weighed just a few pounds more than Honda’s own 600, but ran the 1/4 in well under 11 seconds.

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr binnacle

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr left front detail  20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr right clutch

Exhaustively pictured with and without bodywork, it’s hard to even see where a wrench has touched this CBR.  Seems like the 4,300-odd miles might be an overstatement.  Battery out and fuel system drained, it’s a display bike as the owner states in the eBay auction:

It does have low miles and the bike should tell that story and it did. The tank was clean, no rust or paintwork had been done and it started right up and ran and idled very well. Once home the bike was stripped down to frame and motor. The bike was in great shape underneath as well and was cleaned up, oil and filter changed, fuel and air filters changed, tank and carbs drained, battery removed and discarded then put into climate controlled storage. I have all the receipts of parts that were ordered and installed. All put into a binder for the new owner.

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr right

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr left peg  20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr tank

Can’t say what the reserve might be on a pristine classic like this, but the auction has a lot of bids and a few days yet to run.  Maybe you are starting or looking for the capstone to a collection, this CBR900RR appears to be able to meet any requirements…


20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr left front without

20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr rear  20160619 1993 honda cbr900rr left front wheel


  • Wow, 46 bids, up to $7,000 and reserve still not met yet. This is the one I would buy if I were going to buy one. I wonder what it’s going to go for…

  • About as nice a 900RR as you’ll find, I think. What a shame that the original owner chose to drill the frame to install a steering damper mounting tab.

  • Had the black/red model of this year, it was the shizznitenest bike on the road/track for the year, and a hooligan’s dream. But, the 16″ front hoop was a mind fuck, but it was really all just in my head… Put it in 2nd or 3rd, break off the shift lever and throw it in the recycle bin and drag knee, or drag race ANY other current (at the time) model and…WINNING! Great bike.

  • I was a bidder on the owners 98 R1. It went for just a little too much for me. I love the 93 rr blue/white, as most of us do. I agree with above: the frame drilled and riveted. It ruins it for me.
    Anyone can replace the cracked fairing if it bugs you, but the frame is too much for a purist/collector. Obviously I don’t know the market, as it is already higher than what I would pay.
    Best of luck to buyer and seller.

  • That is an impressive total thus far. No doubt being the first year and the preferred color really adds to the cache. And with a cracked fairing that is no longer available, none the less. He’s done an outstanding job of detailing. I need to ship him my bike!

    I have a mint 96 Erion with 2,900 miles. If this thing goes much higher…I may have to consider selling it.

  • No doubt clean bike. I did a vin check on it and in 1995 this bike was registered in NY with exactly 10,004 miles.

    • I just tried to run a CARFAX on this VIN and it says no data available. What service did you use?


  • @dc


    Only a buck fifty for a vin check.

  • Wow, sold for $15k! Congratulations to buyer and seller!


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