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Last of the First: 1999 Honda CBR900RR

In the year 2000, Honda improved the CBR900RR, by then an aging living legend, to keep up with literbikes from the competition. The Yamaha had swept past Honda with the R1, and it was time for the CBR’s next evolution. But this 1999 Honda CBR900RR represents the last and most up-to-date version of the original CBR900RR, which lit path for late-century Japanese sportbikes.

1999 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

By 1999, Honda had bored the engine out to 919cc, and re-thought the suspension, chassis and riding position to be slightly more relaxed than the cramped early bikes. Not only was the engine bigger, but it was blessed with lightened internals and Honda took measures to reduce friction in the rotating assembly. The bike clung to right-side-up forks and the funny 16-inch front wheel that helped make it a renowned handler.

This 1999 Honda CBR900RR appears to be in really good shape, save a couple marks on the chassis and some very light surface rust and dirt. It has a fair-enough 14,000 miles and wears stainless steel brake lines and a Yoshimura exhaust. The seller doesn’t say whether the stock set up is available, but then again, the ad is thin on the ground with detail.

From the eBay listing:

Ok…this is as clean as they come, all serviced including valves…runs beautiful…all stock but braided steel lines for braking, tires, and Yoshimura bolt on exhaust wich souds beautiful…not loud, at all, yet it has 2 inch baffle…well made.Has 14k miles and I am not using it so mileage will not go up , titled in my name…please note pics DO NOT serve this bike well it looks better in person.

This bike is as clean as can be…what a survivor…all serviced and all stock VIN and warning stickers even the very tiny fuel on and off …are intact….needs a good home…more info call 407-791-3584
If bike is paid for I could possibly deliver in the surrounding states for additional fee

The buy-it-now of $7,500 is a little optimistic for a bike that was built in its millions, though very clean examples that haven’t been crashed, stretched, had their wheels chromed or otherwise been stepped on are getting harder to find.


  • Stateside these bikes have sure gotten a lot more expensive or seller is very optimistic. The late ones are still only $1500US for a nice example in Canada. Have the more iconic white/red with similar miles and more stock for that price.

    Early ones are much harder to come by.

  • Seller is very very optimistic.

  • Glad that I am not the only one that has noticed some major optimism lately in this market. It always will come down to what will people actually pay vs. what the seller is asking. But recently there seems to have been a major jump in asking prices.

    I am seeing RC30s up towards $50k up from just mid $20s to $30k not that long ago.

    ZX7s without all of the OE bodywork and parts, and not even that clean, jump in asking price from $5k to almost $10k. I saw a ’96 model ZX7RR with an asking price of almost $30k. Wow.

    And now this CBR 900rr, which many would probably consider one of the least desireable in terms of year/ color etc at $7500 when it really should probably be half that.

    I am wondering if people are really getting these asking prices and the market really has jumped? Interesting.

  • That asking price? Maybe for a pristine 94-down model. 95 and up? No way.

  • The whole ‘worth what someone is willing to pay’ statement really is one of the dumbest out there when it comes to selling things. This is just a horrible lazy statement instead trying to understand market dynamics. There are prices where the majority of the bikes will sell and marketplace will clear. As we are not dealing with totally fungible assets here so there will certainly be outliers on both extremes.

    ZX7s without OEM bodywork are NOT going for $10K. This is totally fake. You have one K model ZX7R with an asking price of $9K on this site. K models were not selling at $5K for a comparable bike to that one as far as I have seen. We were seeing clean examples of those going for $15K a couple years ago. That is NOT a regular ZX7. It is the limited edition R. Limited Edition as in same numbers of availability as RC30’s.

    We have much less visibility on actual sales prices of bikes. After all, it is essentially free to list a bike at any price oyu choose through eBay.

  • Thanks for stating the obvious EZZ.

    But you said it “as far as you have seen”.

  • obviously not the obvious to most of the people here. I qualify the statement since its not a certainty they are not out there. Quite in tune with the market and I don’t see them. I’ve been here a heck of a lot longer than most and sold a number of bikes through this site.

  • If you have been on here for some time you would know that they like to keep the comments to facts, not opinions. This is a friendly forum and we really don’t need the “i have been here longer and look what I have done crap”. I work in the powersports industry, been the national sales manager of a major OEM, I have owned and still own many collectible bikes, currently have 10 in my garage, been riding for 30 plus years blah blah blah. So what. I like rare collectible sportbikes and enjoy discussing them. My post was simply to state that the asking prices have really been skyrocketing in the last couple of years.

    Here is another statement- Now that the housing market is tanking again, and people are pulling back on auto spending as well, it will be interesting to see what happens with this market.

  • If a seller isn’t in a hurry to sell, and the bike isn’t common enough to be a ‘commodity’ (e.g. Gixxer 600), with it being basically free to list on ebay, what’s the harm in throwing it on there at a high price initially and seeing if anyone bites? You only need that one guy who says “That’s my favorite color in a bike I always wanted and they sure are getting hard to find in decent shape…” I don’t blame these sellers for starting with optimistic prices, its the buyers you gotta wonder about.

    Or maybe his wife told him to sell it and he doesn’t want to – “Gee honey, people just aren’t buying right now, I’ll try again in the spring.”

  • I use that last suggestion all the time Billy when the wife says to sell a bike. You might be right on that…”yea honey, Sorry, no one wanted it!”

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