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From the Cape: 1998 Bimota SB6R

Bimota is known for taking the road less traveled – in order to travel that road faster and with more exclusivity. And while Bimota has had some brilliant successes and failures, it was the SB6R that promised mainstream potential. Housing a GSX-R1100 powerplant magically wrapped in aluminum and fiberglass, the SB6R weighed less than the Suzuki donor bike that gave up the engine and trans. Fast, powerful and looking like it was built to break speed limits everywhere, the SB6R is among the most approachable of the Bimota set, and always worth a closer look.

1998 Bimota SB6R for sale on eBay

While you would be forgiven to lust after a more exotic Bimota – say a VDue or Tesi – the SB6R is a work of art in its own right. Look closely at the details and let the fun begin. Where to start? How about that asymmetrical swing arm, complete with BIMOTA stamped out in raised lettering. Light, trick and very indicative of the level of workmanship. Check out the under tail exhaust poking out shotgun style over the rear wheel. Look at the solo saddle. No passengers on this ride, and there is no faux solo seat cover to confuse the issue. This is a rider’s bike. Check out the Bimota-logo instruments and spend some time on those lovely triple clamps. Yes, those started life out as billet blocks. Even the non-Bimota stuff is gorgeous: the rear Ohlins shock and placement, the right side up Paioli fork with carbon covering and quick release, and the Brembo binders all work together to create art.

From the seller:
On offer is this mint condition Bimota SB6R.
Corse exhausts.
Low mileage, well maintained and serviced recently.
I have also included an additional original rear wheel.
This prime example would make a great addition to any motorcycle collection.
Worldwide shipping is available at competitive rates.

In a sad twist of irony, it was the more exotic Bimota VDue that sealed the fate of the SB6R. With the recalls of the two-stroke machine pushing Bimota into bankruptcy, a mere 600 SB6Rs were produced – far fewer than anticipated. That makes this particular bike a bit rare. Unfortunately in this case rare does not immediately equate to expensive. While this was priced above $30,000 when new, these are laregely sub $10k machines today. And that makes them well worth the purchase. Where else can you find the exclusivity and panache that only a Bimota can give you – not to mention the handling and performance – for that kind of dosh? Sure, maintenance is a bit tough on many of these models due to the tight tolerances between the engine, frame and bodywork, but thankfully the Suzuki mill is well neigh bulletproof. Check it out here, as this one is looking for an opening ask of $9,900. That is more than many we have seen recently, but not out of the range of reason by any means. Good Luck!!



  • For the record I am a huge fan of the brand but at practically $10k for higher mileage (for Bimota), non-original exhaust bike (good luck find that) the seller seems to be quite lost. This is a $6-$7k tops bike. I’d be a player for $6500, just sayin’

  • This is an interesting listing, and very interesting write up.

    I bought the SB6R that was listed here a little bit ago. Had been on the hunt for one for a while.
    What was funny was that RSBFS had two listed close in time to each other at VERY different prices.
    The market is funny for them. Sure they are rare, but so is the person that knows what they are. And even rarer is the person that is willing to spend money on one.

    WAY too many of these live lives of storage. They just sit on display. Unsure why that is. Many in the market even value this lack of use. They refuse to see this as detrimental to the values. Do people really think these are the Ferrari of the bike world?
    Most of the time when people list these bikes they start at $12,500 for some reason. I dont think many have ever actually traded hands for that.

    I would not say that this bike has a non-original exhaust. That pipe was a factory option, and a sought after one at that. The sound and performance is amazing.
    Location kills the deal on this for most people.

    • Jealous, since this is one of my favorite bikes for some reason. I think because it’s beautiful and Italian, but also just weird and rare. When I’m finally able to pick one up, it most definitely will not sit in a garage collecting dust. And agreed on pricing: much as I love them, the people I’ve spoken with who actually buy and sell Bimotas surely aren’t seeing them trade hands for what people keep asking on eBay…

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