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Duck on a Diet: 1992 Ducati Superlight

For Sale: 1992 Ducati Superlight

In 1992, Ducati took a base 900 Supersport and detracted some needless things. Out went the 2 passenger seat and the passenger pegs. In their place was fitted a solo seat tail section reminiscent of the racers. Upswept exhaust pipes filled the space left by the pegs, and upgraded brakes, forks and wheels (Marvic composite magnesium) were added. The bike was topped off by a carbon front fender and a limited edition plate rivited to the triple clamps. All told, the SL tipped the scales at a reported 3kg weight savings over the standard 900SS. For those precious pounds buyers paid a dear premium.

Nice picture highlighting the upswept exhaust, tires complete with little nubs, and the magnesium wheels. All told, this was a very tidy package by Ducati – and later made redundant by the improvements to the 900SS line. In the end, what the Superlight really offered was numbered exclusivity.

From the seller:
Ducati 900 SL Superlight
year of construction 1992
*** NEW ***
the latter in the world
0 miles
tank no rust
engine never run.
rare magnesium wheels

Located in Dusseldorf, Germany, this particular bike leaves many questions unanswered. Right off the top: Why own a beatiful bike like this and not ride it? Next, if you are going to sell such a valuable museum piece, why can’t you take a few good pictures of it?

Now that I got my rant on, let’s keep it going: Why list the bike as a zero mile example when the odo and trip clearly shows mileage? And since the mileage is significant (have you ever tried to push a motorcycle four miles?), do we really believe that the motor was never started? It would have had to have been to go through the dealer prep process, right?

Maybe I’m just jealous and quick to find nits because I have always lusted after a SL. But when you are asking $28 large (which is a flat absurd sum for the average SL), I would expect a little more scrutiny from the buying community.

OK RSBFS experts: you tell me. and tell me what you think.



  • Agree that this guy is looking for about 2xAll the Money. However there’s some significant cachet to the first SL’s that wasn’t replicated later in the run – primarily the mag wheels that even later SL’s didn’t have. Would be a fantastic bike at about $10-12K.

  • Not sure why this would even be exposed on your site, its clearly way over priced and unless something was lost in translation the ad is clearly misleading stating the bike was never started.

  • Hi Dallas: +1 on the wheels comment. Those are just gorgeous pieces to find on a bike!

    Ciaran: We don’t set the prices, we only find the ads and share. True, it seems like crazy-money – but we have seen there are those who are willing to spend it to find a bike like this. Thanks for the comments!

  • A good write up Mike; I reckon you’ve covered the bike and the sales pretty thoroughly and accurately. If you include the 300 yellow 1992 SL for the USA, there were close to 1000 bikes made for 1992 so it’s hardly a limited model. If the engine was as special as the wheels then maybe…but that BIN price could buy a 916SPS or a 996R or a…Sure, the SL is a nice bike but the price asked is laughable. One of those yellow SL is also available on eBayUSA for a BIN of $10500.

  • Thanks for the great information, Djani. While not exceedingly rare in numbers (or performance), the SL still somehow carries a special cachet as being a “special” bike.

    Thanks for the comments!

  • This type of thing really bothers me> Speculators. And dis honest people that claim 0 mileage or low mileage, (as with another ducati currently on ebay) when there is clearly not the case. This bike obviously looks brand new. But other people claiming low mileage and then getting upset when questioned about the bikes history….really pisses me off. Ebay is like a cesspool for some of these thief’s .

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