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Collector Alert – 1998 Aprilia RS250 with Zero Miles!

Twenty-plus years down the line, an unused RS250 has surfaced courtesy of EuroCycles Las Vegas.  What some collector or racer might give for a “new” RS250 might be challenged by this time machine.

1998 Aprilia RS250 for sale on eBay

Aprilia introduced their road-going 250 a year after Max Biaggi won his first championship on their racer, though the street bike used a Suzuki V-twin engine.  For 1998 73 ponies were on tap, though a big twist of the wrist and active left foot were required to keep the engine at peak power.  Twin 34mm Mikuni carbs contribute smooth running and Aprilia’s own exhaust releases pent-up power.  The twin-spar chassis and swingarm are made of aluminum/magnesium alloy stampings, with cast connectors and a fairly conventional seat sub-frame.  The livery echoes Rossi’s rides from the era, though the similarity isn’t much thicker than the decal set.

Not much history in a never-ridden example sold on a bill of sale.  Plate and key fob are from a Parisian moto boutique.  Equipped for the road, some paperwork would await a new owner intending to ride.  EuroCycle’s comments from the eBay auction:

This is the grey-market RS250 that was street-legal, never sold in the US. Showroom Condition, sold on bill-of-sale. Serious Collectors only please.

The fairing decal states “Racing Department Technology” – which is true, though it might be a year or so before the Departo Corse’s ideas make it through production engineering.  Though this one doesn’t have livery commemorative of a championship or rider, it’s hard to stop looking at what the factory intended, especially a factory so close to the race circuit.



  • Love this thing, people may argue but I think the price is fair for this bike. Considering the time and money I’ve invested into my chesterfield I was pleasantly surprised at the ask. These bikes cost what several other bikes cost to maintain. I’ve had others disagree but perhaps they were more lucky than I am. In all reality, this bike will more than likely be a showpiece rather than a weekend rider.

  • Lovely, I had a chesterfield mk 1 back in the day, wish I had kept it now, they are quite reliable if cared for properly, I think about 55 bhp at the back wheel if memory serves me right.
    Agree with 2tluv on the price.
    If I had the funds And it was this side of the pond I’d be all over it.

  • Man if I had the cash, I would buy this and ride the pi$$ out of it. This bike is meant to be ridden in anger, like you stole it. Awesome to see it here for sale, sad that it sat for 22 years with no one riding it. Price seems reasonable.

    I hope whoever ends up with it at least services it and rides it, even if only on nice Sundays

  • Isn’t this the same bike on you tube from a year ago but then it has 1,800 kilometers NOT zero? We all know it’s very easy to reset a digital odometer, please you decide, has the same yellow number plate


    • looks like, thanks for the link Mathew. Well it can no longer be said to be unused, but the math might still work for the right buyer. Doesn’t say much for the seller though…

  • Looks like their is another RS250 ,same year ,on eBay .
    Do you go with one with questionable miles or one with a history but has been ridden ?

  • I tried to buy this bike, in person, last week. I was told it was $17k by a random salesperson that admittedly didn’t know anything about the bike.
    Then, before I left, I talked with the main sales guy. He called the owner, and was offered $12k, but remember with no title. Plus, you get to pay sales tax, as it’s sold through the owners dealership.
    Needless to say, I left. BTW, I was told they don’t know the miles, as the battery is dead. (At a motorcycle dealership?). Best of luck to whoever wants this bike.

  • I emailed them for clarification. Funny thing is now the listing now says 1118 miles, nothing about zero miles. Sounds like a bunch of shysters.

  • Well, they are in Las Vegas

  • I tried to buy the one in Burlington also. Gave my number, and asked the guy to call me. Never did. Wanted to email through EBay only (not the easiest way to communicate). I even watched his videos.
    The bike has been on eBay 3-4 times, with fluctuating prices. I bid the first time, but reserve wasn’t met.
    I get the feeling both guys want WAY too much and think they have a Unicorn here. If guys want to buy their bikes more than they want to sell them, they won’t ever sell.

  • One just sold at auction for $9200 (not eBay ), out of Montana.
    Offer the dealership $9k maybe they will bite , if they see the other only got $9200 with fees .

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