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1975 Moto Guzzi 850T Custom Cafe Racer

Dan 7

Jon emailed me a few days ago about his Guzzi cafe racer and unfortunately I was swamped this weekend. So with 17 hours remaining, please document.write('');head straight to his eBay listing and check it out!

1975 Moto Guzzi 850T Custom Cafe Racer

More details from Jon’s listing:

And now we present a 1975 Moto Guzzi cafe racer designed and built by the legendary Steve Bolvari.

This spectacular cafe racer started life as a Moto Guzzi 850T, before it was hand built by Bolvari. A “cafe racer” is a motorcycle genre that had its start in London with the famous Ace Cafe “rockers” (the original name for bikers in the UK) of the early 1960s. It is very unusual to find early 1970s Moto Guzzis converted into a cafe racer.

The Moto Guzzi 850T has an 844 ccm V2 four-stroke engine. In unmodified form it made 55 HP at 6100 RPM. It has a 5 speed gearbox and shaft-drive. It originally weighed 562 lbs wet, yet could reach 112mph. Naturally, this cafe racer is much lighter and has had some performance modifications made that are befitting of the genre.


This cafe racer was built by Steve Bolvari of MOTO CUSTOMZ INC. Steve has built a number of show winning bikes. Perhaps, the most notorious is the Moto Guzzi chopper that took People’s Choice award two years in a row at the 2005 and 2006 IMOC Rally.

This bike was modified from a 1975 850T Moto Guzzi. Lots of custom made parts were installed. Straight intake manifolds matched to intake transfer with 38mm Mikuni carburetors. It has an increased diameter two into one exhaust that is characteristically wrapped with heat wrap. The frame has had some modifications with the front dropped 1 1/4 inches. A pair of 13 1/2″ Marzocchi air shocks have been installed. Wide clip on handlebars are used but retain the older controls for the authentic old school look. The paint is very fresh and includes the original Bolvari “Cafe” logo and his signatory checkered-flag motif. A custom seat has been built.

This is a nice reminder that we’d like to do more classic sport bike listings and here’s a great example that I think fits our niche. Sorry for the delay Jon,


[AffomaticEbay]Moto Guzzi Custom[/AffomaticEbay]

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Sharp As A Sword-1982 Katana 1000 On Ebay

Ian 2

Sharp As A Sword-1982 Katana 1000 on Ebay

Now most of us recognize a Katana instantly but how many remember the Katana 1000  was actually a bit of a homolgation special?  Yep, the Katana got the GS1100’s engine and Suzuki minused a few cc’s so the bike would be AMA legal.  How can a bike this old still look futuristic?  Love it or hate it, the bike still looks avaunt guard today.  I hope Suzuki paid Hans Muth well because they got their money’s worth out of him for the design.  Now one thing that shocked me was that according to,only 3000 Katana 1000’s were produced. 

The bike for sale looks like it is in nice shape.  The seller states the bike is original other than a 4 into 1 Yoshimura exhaust.  The bikes odometer is listed in KM’s, so I’m wondering if this was originally a Canadian bike.  Take a look at the pictures and send yourself back to 1982.

I can’t say I’ve priced one of these lately so I might be off on price here.  The bidding started at $2,500 and the bike has a buy it now price of $6,500.  That doesn’t seem outrageous if you consider the mileage, the shape and the fact that only 3,000 were produced (if that is correct).  I’m basing my opinion on the assumption that the limited production 1000 is more desirable than the 1100 of the same year.  On the other hand the  bigger bike was known to have a stronger motor than the sleeved down 1000.   Are there any Katana collectors out there that can set me straight?   Check out the Katanadocument.write('');here.  Be sure to check out Katana Central  as well, it has some great info on the Katana series.


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1986 Kawasaki Ninja GPZ900R Time Capsule For Sale

Dan 2

Today’s latest feature comes from Declan in Long Beach, California. Check out this very clean and very low mile GPZ900R for sale in Long Beach.

Update: This listing has just been adjusted to $4900 or best offer!

quote from seller:

1986 900 Ninja has 1804 miles on it with a Corbin seat, Kerker exhaust, and even has the original warranty card! This bike was never raced or been wrecked and the only thing not original as purchased are the Battlax tires.

The pictures really do speak for themselves; this thing is clean!

The GPZ900R is another classic sportbike that was king of the hill in her day. The first Kawasaki to wear the Ninja namesake featuring 115hp and a top speed of 150mph. And when Maverick rocked one in Top Gun, every 12 year old on the planet, including myself, knew they would have to own one someday. With less than 2000 miles, this is about as new as you’re going to get. At only $5500 $4900 or best offer, you can relive the dream today.

Please contact the seller by email if interested. Good luck with the sale Declan!


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Excelsior 250 Manx Racer

Dan 1

This is a guest post by my friend Brian who is a vintage bike enthusiast and is always on the prowl for the really old classics. Please leave a comment and let me know if you liked this post — maybe we can talk him into doing more!


The Excelsior 250 Manx Racer offered at British Only Austria might be a factor racer which was then sold to a privateer.

The little information gives claims to have 1936, 1937 and 1938 GP first places, but leaves it open to interpretation if that was the overall or just individual races. A quick Wikipedia search shows a Henry Tyrell-Smith won the 1936 Lightweight (250cc) Grand Prix title in 1936 for Excelsior. Shown below (via The Velobanjogent):

Likely this bike had been sold to a privateer as the 1947 Manx GP is the clubman race over the same course that the professionals raced for the Isle of Man TT.

With there first motorcycles manufactures in 1896, Excelsior like many British motorcycle companies had and up and down history with it stopping production in 1965.

Offered for 27,500 Euro’s ($36,250). Not a lot of information is given by the seller, including a year of manufacture. What you can see is that it is an over head cam engine, common place even in the 1920’s. Something that is advanced for its time is the fact that the valves, springs and rockers are covered, this could not be taken for granted.

It has no rear suspension and the front forks are girder type as hydraulics were not added to fork design until later in the decade. The combination of poor roads, and no suspension, you can see why the pad on the tank would have been added for racing.

The brakes in front look to be a single shoe, maybe and inch wide. This might give you similar braking power as two feet on the ground. Not sure what is going on with the rear brake, the cable enters the rear hub in an unconventional angle.


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1975 Kawasaki 500 H1F 2 Stroke Cafe Racer For Sale

Dan 4

Located in Newport Beach, California, Tony’s 1975 Kawasaki H1F 500 is our latest featured listing. With only 7700 miles and tasteful cafe racer upgrades, this is one sharp looking classic sportbike!

Update: Now Sold!

1975 Kawasaki H1F 500 For Sale

Here is what the owner tells us about the bike

Up for sale is the last and best year of Kawasaki two stroke era. A 1975 MACH 500 H1F with only 7700 miles. A true rare blast from the past!

The bike has been upgraded with alloy wheels from a KZ series bike with dual disc added upfront and lower handlebars for a café racer look. I have the orig handlebars, wheels and factory pipes to restore the bike to original condition if you like the stock look better.

The bike has a new $750 paint job which matches orig color scheme and new tires, seat, battery, grips, levers etc. The triple carbs have been rebuilt and synchro from pro mechanic shop Mach 1 in Costa Mesa, CA. Over $6k invested in this bike!

The bike has a nice set of custom “Bill Wirges” expansion chambers who was the premier pipe tuner back in the day.. These pipes are very hard to find and are worth $600-$1200 alone. They can be sold separately if someone really wants them.

The bike has a clear title with matching numbers. Starts first or second kick and idles smooth. Oil injection works and the bike runs great!

Contact Tony by email at or 949-351-6752 for more photos.

And here is a little video of Tony’s machine breathing through those Bill Wirges expansion chambers:

The Kawasaki 500 was truly the king of the pack in it’s day with 60hp and a 12.8 second quarter mile that left it’s competition in the dust. This looks like a great opportunity to get your hands on a really good looking and well upgraded example for only $4750.

Good luck with the sale Tony!


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1984 Yamaha RZ350

Doug 1

1984 Yamaha RZ 350 with only 7,887 miles.

Located in Indianapolis, IN is this fine example of a cult classic. We’ve documented RZ’s several times on RSBFS and this one is a sure fit and looks great. The description says is been stored for several years, but has been started from time to time. Although, this usually helps it is by no means a replacement for real maintenance. I’ve imported a few pictures, but there are more to be had over on ebay. You can view the rest by clicking document.write('');here

Quotes from the listing:

This motorcycle has been sitting in storage for more than 10 years. The bike had been started and run around the neighborhood a couple of times a year. The bike has the following performance mods: 32mm carbs, Booster bottle, Aftermarket “Factory Pipe Products” exhaust sytem. Other aftermarket items: K&N air filters, steering stabilizer, low bars, mirrors, modified turn signals and a solo rear seat fairing (not attached). Motorcycle has new battery, brake pads. Front Master Cyl. rebuilt along with front calipers. Braided brake lines front and rear. Carbs cleaned and new floats, float needle and main jets. Gas tank was resealed by RZ Unlimited. This bike is a full fairing. Rear tire has about 50% tread left but front tire is cracked and needs to be replaced. Can deliver up to 100 miles at .75 per mile R/T.

I’ve never had the opportunity to ride one of these little beast, but I hear that they were ill handling at best. Maybe that is why they had such a short life cycle in the states. Whatever the case may be this one looks like it could be brought back to life with a little time and effort.



Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!

[AffomaticEbay]Yamaha RZ[/AffomaticEbay]

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1981 Honda CBX with only 3 miles!

Doug 5

1981 Honda CBX Super Sport with only 3 miles!

Located in Watertown, SD is this amazing motorcycle with only 3 miles. To this day, after hundreds of posts about rare and exotic motorcycles it still amazes me that people have this much self control. 3 miles in 29 years! That’s crazy talk for a motorcycle enthusiats… no wait; I take that back because there is no way you can call yourself an ‘enthusiasts’ and have logged 3 miles in 29 years.

6 cylinders of Honda muscle power the CBX, but I believe there is a common error in believing that the CBX was the first motorcycle to shoe horn 6 cylinders into a motorcycle frame. FYI: Benelli has the honor of being the first one to use a 6 cylinder in a motorcycle.

Whenever I see or hear a CBX headed my way I always take a look and enjoy the unique sound; especially when you hear those 6 cylinders singing through an open set of old school Kerkers.

This is one amazing motorcycle in mint condition and deserves the attention of any serious collector. Take a look and then jump to ebay document.write('');here for more info and pictures.

After 25 years of collecting Honda motorcycles, I decided that it is time to sell some of my collection.




Simply amazing!



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New Features: RSBFS Facebook Page and Now Offering Classifieds!

Dan 0

Rare SportBikes For Sale Facebook PageFirst up is our brand new Facebook page. We’re going to use this area to connect with our friends on Facebook and talk about the listings, lifestyle, and fun the RSBFS site affords all of us. Stop by and friend us, share a picture of your bike (maybe even with a RSBFS decal on it), and tell us what we can do for you.

Rare SportBikes For Sale ClassifiedsNext is our new classifieds section of the website. This is still in Beta mode, which is programmer speak for 90% complete but close enough to use — just be patient with the process. You can use it to list your spare motorcycle parts, project bikes, or general motorcycle goodies for sale. For only $5 a listing per month, your ads will be available to over 40k sportbike fans a month!

As always, thanks for reading!