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1986 Honda NS250R For Sale-

1986 Honda NS250R for sale in super rare silver??

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
Mileage: 5,321
Price: $3,000.00 will put it in your garage

Soooooo, I’m guessing this isn’t the most desirable color combo for the NS250r? But it still makes for a fine bird chaser and it comes complete with enduro style rubber for those back yard excursions….er….were those considered ‘sticky’ back in the day?

What the hell because either way it’s a perfect fit on RSBFS.com and here’s why.
-Grey market import
-No title
-Low miles
-it’s a smoker!

What more could you ask for from us here at RSBFS.com? That’s what I thought!

Now, on to my blabber 😉

45hp was standard issue for the NS250r and that was put to the pavement via an 18″ rear and 17″ front Comstar 5 spokes. I know you liter bike die hards are laughing at 45hp, but these tip the scale at a mere 317#’s and 45 ponies is plenty to put a smile on your face.

How many of you noticed the ‘kickstand coolness’? Check it out again if you missed it. It has it’s own little aerodynamic fairing attached to so when it is up it’s clean and tucked away. Those crazy Honda engineers thought of everything-

From the seller:

The bike starts, runs, and stops.

This bike is in original unrestored condition. As you can see in the pictures, the bike does have some scratches and scrapes (nothing bad), the aluminum is a little oxidized in spots and I noticed some light surface rust in spots (again, nothing to bad).

If your a 2-stroke fan and looking for a project vintage street bike to restore or just want to own one of these hard to find Honda’s to ride this bike would make a great addition to your garage.

Okay, so we have a few bumps and a little oxidation- Not too bad all in all.

Check it out here if you’re interested in having the only NS250R on the block.



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