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Honda May 12, 2022 posted by

Instant Collection: Five 400cc sport bikes from the 1990s

The 400cc sport bike set has been a hot topic on the pages of RSBFS, and were in fact part of the early focus of the site when it was entirely dedicated to finding grey market listings for sport bikes not originally imported into the United States. From those humble beginnings RSBFS grew to encompass the best of the rare and exotic, while continuing to harbor a soft spot for imports. Today’s collection of five members the 400cc club – one from each of the Big Four (plus a bonus Honda)- is definitely worth a look, even if some of the details are sparse and the bikes are located far, far away from US shores. The lineup:

Five 400cc sport bikes from the 1990s for sale on eBay

Honda VFR400R

Honda CBR400RR

Kawasaki ZXR400

Yamaha FZR 400SP

Suzuki GSX-R400SP

From the seller:
Collection of all the 90s 400cc sportbikes. All bikes are registered Hungarian bikes, with clean history. Will be sold with all necessary papers to register elswhere!

It is a one time opportunity to buy a collection like this!

These bikes are listed in a package deal on eBay in a Buy It Now (or best offer) format for $19,500 USD. Details are sparse, but as RSBFS writer and collector William notes: “The bikes are appealing, the package is interesting at that price point and the pictures are solid…a deal is always worth exploring.” You must admit that this flock looks great together. And given that the US shores has seen scant appearances of 400cc serious bikes between the 1980s Fizzer 400 and the more recent Ninja/CBR/R3/KTM offerings in 300-400cc sizes, these are undeniably rare in the US of A. You can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Instant Collection: Five 400cc sport bikes from the 1990s
Kawasaki January 24, 2018 posted by

Tennessee Stud: 1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 H1

The hard-edged Kawasaki ZXR400 is something of a rarity among grey-market Japanese 400cc sportbikes, as importers drag far more Honda VFR 400s and Yamaha FZR400Rs to our shores. For whatever reason, the Hondas and Yamahas seem to command most of the demand.

1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 H1 for sale on eBay

It’s not for lack of trying on the Kawi’s part, though. The ZXRs are known to mimic their epic ZX7 big brothers, bringing racebike handling and revs to a street package aimed at tiered licensing laws. Never as comfortable as their competitors, the ZXRs made their mark at the apex.

This 1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 wears British registration plates in the pictures, though the seller shows photos of a Tennessee plate and title. The pictures don’t show a whole lot of detail, but the bike looks very clean and well cared for.

From the eBay listing:

Here we have an ultra rare and cool looking 1989 zxr400 H1. It is Tennessee registered and ready to be ridden. This team green Kawasaki has lots of power for a 400, and is perhaps the fastest example of any of the Japanese 400 I’ve ever sampled. It suits taller riders better than the 400cc VFRs or CBRs. Handling is spot on as well as the brakes. This would make a fine lightweight class racing machine were one so inclined. Please contact me with any questions by texting or calling 423 747 3265.
A $300 deposit is due via PayPal within 24 hours of the auction’s conclusion, and the balance within seven days. Please only bid on this item if you are serious and are willing and able to dispense with the transaction in a timely fashion. I will be posting several collector motorcycles for sale over the next couple of weeks, so please look for my other auctions. I can provide or arrange for shipping at a reasonable rate if needed. Thanks, and happy bidding!

If the video below fails to play, please visit my Youtube channel (Israel Gillette) and search for ZXR400 Test Ride

Bidding is low with the better part of a week to go in the auction, which means this could be a slick pickup to sort as riding season approaches the East Coast.

Tennessee Stud: 1989 Kawasaki ZXR400 H1
Kawasaki February 7, 2017 posted by

More from Japan: 1989 Kawasaki ZXR250R

Looking like its bigger brothers of the ZX7 family, you would be forgiven to mistake the ZXR250 for a larger displacement motorcycle. But as we all know, small bikes rule in Japan, and when it comes to small sport bikes, Japan really does rule. Built to work around restrictive licensing rules in the home market – as well as conform to standards in other Asian markets such as Malaysia – the Big Four poured significant resources into the quarter-liter category. From two strokes to four, model lines for larger displacement bikes were often ported to the lower classes, resulting in families of models from 50cc up to 1100cc, depending upon the market. This ZXR250 was the result of that effort, and is available directly from Japan.

1989 Kawasaki ZXR250R for sale on eBay

The similarity of looks between the ZXR250 and its larger siblings is not just cosmetics – Kawasaki packed this bike with some significant go-fast tech as well. The liquid-cooled inline four banger offers 45 HP and will rev up to 19,000 RPM thanks to a brace of four Keihin carbs feeding the four valve per cylinder heads via forced air induction. Power is delivered via a 6-speed tranny, and the whole package is wrapped in an aluminum perimeter box frame. Triple disks all around provide braking duties, an upside down fork holds up the front, and a Uni-Track mono shock rear end completes the picture. All in all, your standard, screaming, hyper-sensitive small bike perfect for the hooligan in you.

From the seller:
Year: 1989
Mileage: 14,835km
Condition: Running very well. Very good condition. Body work has tiny scratches and repair mark for tiny crack. Front forks has No rusts on the chrome, No oil leaks. No rust inside of the gas tank.

Shipping : We’ll put it into the wooden crate and ship by surface. We’ll enclose Japanese original title, and also Sales Certificate and Bill of Sales issued by us in English. Shipping cost: The bid price includes shipping cost to overseas, and it’s charged from our office in Japan to the nearest port to your address. We expect you’d pick it up at the port and arrange the land transport to your address by yourself.
The other cost, such as the handling cost, duty fee, tax, etc. which will be charged in your country, they’re not included there.

We have seen a few other bikes being offered by this seller. They all suffer (to some degree) of life in the salty, ocean air of crowded Japan. Scuffs and minor cosmetic issues are par for the course when daily parking areas contain hundreds – if not thousands – of bikes at any given time. Some corrosion is to be expected due to the proximity of the sea. Still, for those outside of the home market, this 250 is a rare bird and a pretty neat piece of tech. Nothing in the pictures looks too terrible to me, but then the issue of registration for the road raises its ugly head. This bike will be sold with a bill of sale and importation paperwork, but it’s up to you to get it registered. That may not be a problem depending upon your locale, but realize that home market bikes do not carry 17-digit VIN numbers which are often required in the US.

This is your chance to own a rare (in the US, at least), home market bike from Japan. This 250 will beat the snot out of any of the similar era 250s that meekly putted up to our shores, and is likely still competitive against the newer crop of small bike madness that is going on. The uniqueness in the US is undeniable; there is no point in having fun if you can’t look cool doing it at the same time. This bike ticks a lot of boxes on the wish list, and deserves a good home in someone’s garage. Check it out here, and then let us know what you think. Are you down with a 250 sport bike, and if so which is your favorite?


More from Japan: 1989 Kawasaki ZXR250R
Kawasaki October 26, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing – 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R-K

Update 11.2.2016: Sold in just one week. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc


In the early 1990’s Kawasaki and Team Muzzy found the handle to AMA Superbike racing and won championships with Doug Chandler and Scott Russell.  And while the Sunday wins sold a lot of ZX-7R’s later in the week, Kawi also brought in a few hundred homolagation specials for AMA approval of “production” techniques with racier components.  The -K and -M variants are mostly hidden away, occasionally popping up tired and worn, but the 1992 -K presented here is very clean with low miles, and appears the real deal.



20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-front  20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-left-peg-unfaired

Kawasaki’s 749cc straight four used 39mm Keihin carburettors, and made 123 horsepower.  The stamped and welded aluminum frame weighs 9 lbs. less than the 1991 model, and lightness has been achieved in the 41mm front and Uni-Track rear suspensions as well.  The swingarm is fabricated similarly to the frame, and though the rear spring rate reviewed as too stiff, the adjustable remote-reservoir monoshock and slipper clutch almost made up for it.  The endurance fairing has fresh air intakes, and the rear seat frame is a light and easy to repair hybrid.


20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-right-engine-unfaired  20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-right-front

Recently returned to running condition, this ZX-7R looks great for its nearly 25 years, and has under 5,000 miles.  Modifications are very limited and tastefully done – no green windshields or Supertrapp exhausts here.  Paintwork is almost too good to be true, and has drawn comment on a ZX-7R owners site as missing an access hole, but there was some cross-compatibility between -J and -K models.  Here’s what the Arizona owner says in the eBay auction:

Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R 1992.  Rare in this condition.  Super clean with only 4890 miles on it.  Been in my collection, and thinning out some bikes.  This is a limited run for the ZX7 in 91 and 92 as this is a homologation R model for the U.S. market.  I believe we only received 1000 units for both years.

Plastics are OEM and as close to perfect as possible for a 25 year old bike. No rash. Stored correctly.  Just changed the oil and fluids.  Cleaned the Flat slides and new battery again.  Starts right up.  Some period correct modifications with a full Muzzy Exhaust system, steel braided brake lines, fender eliminator.  Airbox has a New UNI High Flow air-filter in it, pictured.  Plus I am including another new OEM Kawasaki Air-Filter.  Clean and clear AZ title.  I do have more pics than what I have on ebay so let me know if you need more.  


20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-left-rear-wheel  20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-left-seat

The 1990’s were some great years for superbikes that were maintainable and affordable, and Kawasaki achieved the right combination with the ZX-7R.  The -K’s were a significant upcharge from the base model and were largely spared the perils of multiple owners and boulevard racing.  Performance with the bigger carbs, alloy fuel tank, and fully adjustable suspension was not to be denied.  The owner gamely presents his bike unfaired, and it appears undamaged, maintained, and without shade-tree modifications.  Quite rare as while up to 1,000 units may have been required for homolagation, most sources indicate that just low hundreds actually made to a U.S. showroom.  Bidding is active but there are still a few days to go.  


20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-left-seat-unfaired  20161026-1992-kawasaki-zx7r-k-right-mirror


Featured Listing – 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R-K
Kawasaki January 28, 2016 posted by

Gazelle – 1994 Kawasaki ZX-R250

What might’ve happened if progressive licensing had been adopted world-wide ?  Maybe herds of 4-cylinder DOHC 250’s would be roaming North America.  Or could the wide open spaces and 5-day coast-to-coast rides have eventually nudged us toward 1300cc water buffalo ?  This gray-market ZX-R250 makes one wonder.

20160128 1994 kawasaki zxr250 right front

1994 Kawasaki ZXR-250 for sale on eBay

20160128 1994 kawasaki zxr250 left rear

The ZX-R250 was built primarily for the Japanese market and was also know as the ZX-2R and ZX-RR.  Many found their way to Oz but they are quite rare here.  Rather than a commodity bike, the ZX-R250’s were a showcase for Kawasaki engineering, way ahead of their time for 1988, and had competition from Honda and Suzuki.

20160128 1994 kawasaki zxr250 cockpit

Just under two inches across, the pistons in a 250cc four have little mass to keep them from their nearly 20,000 rpm redline and 39-45 horsepower depending variant.  Seeming like a tabletop project, the diminutive double overhead cams and 4 Keihin carburetors fit across the aluminum perimeter frame.  Suspension was also state of the art with upside-down forks and Uni-Track monoshock rear.  Brakes were oversized at 300mm dual fronts and single rear.  The fairing is easy to confuse with a mid-size ZX-7R, with ram air tubes and dual seat.

20160128 1994 kawasaki zxr250 left front

Not very well documented, but not showing much in the way of damage or corrosion, looks like it’s been in storage for a while.  From the eBay auction:

This is not to be confused with the American spec zx250… these were serious little bikes. The motor is a 4 stroke, 4 cylinder that revs to nearly 20,000rpm. Power is listed as 45hp at 16,000rpm and wet weight is under 300lbs wet. These bikes are incredible. 

I also find it amazing that in the early 90’s this bike came stock with hollow-cast wheels, and inverted forks… we didn’t get that on most sport bikes till 10 years later(!) These 250c’s were built to be special, and the riding experience shows it.

Aftermarket mods are limited to the HID’s, carbon-can exhaust, and lithium-ion battery, all of which came on it. 

My bike was imported through a broker in Tampa and still carries the 12 digit Japanese VIN on a clean Florida title.

A neat full-featured sportbike, the ZX-R250 might take some getting used to, not many riders are ready to run 10,000 rpm or above regularly, and it’ll be a requirement for the little four.  Maintenance and repair parts, because these bike were never here, could require attention to some .au websites, unless you have a friend in green.  But as most manufacturers are going with twins and singles for their smaller displacement bikes, a 250-four will be an exotic and fun thing…



Gazelle – 1994 Kawasaki ZX-R250
Kawasaki October 5, 2013 posted by

Kawasaki’s Best Finds Continued: 1993 ZXR 750 (in Germany)

After the beautiful 1991 green ZXR found in Switzerland, we have here another amazing looking 1993 model year.  Characterized by a true RAM intake concentrated on one side of the fairing, this ZXR was a natural evolution of the 1991 model. In this black and purple color scheme, it was known in Italy as the “pipistrello” (= bat).

1993 MY Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Germany

$(KGrHqNHJ!8FIeHUWs7TBSLN34qVhQ~~60_12 $(KGrHqZHJDoFIpki(G6UBSLN2s!Mi!~~60_12

I will never have enough of beautifully kept and unmolested ZXRs. In my opinion, one of the best road going sport bikes with a natural racy look, and riding dynamics…God bless the ZXR series…and Kawasaki, if you are out there, please get back to the drawing board and create another iconic motorcycle like this. I mean, we know that the modern ZX10-R is doing fantastically in both the WSBK with Sykes and also in the BSB (British Superbike), so I guess it s a good bike, but those looks simply can’t match the sexiness of a ZXR 750…


Here is the description from the seller:


Sell ​​one ZXR 750

first hand with 7736 km

Like new condition, was standing covered in a garage 20 years and very little used (was 3 motorcycle)

As a motorcycle, it will no longer be in this state!!!

No difference to a new 20 years ago.

Absolutely unique and tinkering technically top.


The starting price for this one is 3300 EUR and a few days are left…and did I mention it has only 8000 km ?!



1993 MY Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Germany



Kawasaki September 29, 2013 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland

As the riding season comes to end this side of the equator, the first signs of what might be a great buying period, appear. Readers of RSBFS will love this one, hopefully, just as much as I do. This 1991 absolutely pristine ZXR 750 is a real gem. How often do you come across this model, in these conditions ?

1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland


This single owner bike, doesn’t only have less than 20.000 km, but is in full stock conditions, doesn’t have a scratch nor any damage to its beautiful colors. It looks absolutely new. ZXRs have been very popular in the 90s, but often were misused. The 1991 model in particular, was my absolute dream bike when I didn’t have enough money to afford a sport bike. For this basic reason, the ZXR will always turn me on, even more than other, more exotic and special models.


In 1992, I turned 18 and bought my first motorcycle, a very used (I think it had 8 previous owners) but yet brilliant, Yamaha TT 350. Yes, this was no sport bike, but I still loved it. At the same time, I dreamed about the Kawa 750. A local shop in Rome was selling a RR version, that the shop owner himself, previously raced for a few months. This race replica, had the red stripes instead of the blue ones (in addition to a single seat and a few mechanical differences :-)).


Its colors, the double headlights, the air ducts through the fairing and airbox, the high revving engine characteristics and obviously, its dynamic performance, made this bike the best sport bike I had ever seen. And so, about 20 years later, every time I come across a ZXR, my heart speeds up. About a year ago I even bought one on an impulse without having even seen it live. It turned out not to be a good sample and so a few months later I sold it. The ZXR is a bike that wants to be ridden hard, and when you do so, it is a pretty fast, even at today’s standards. Very stable and precise, it has a beautiful gearbox featuring pretty close ratios even in its single R form, a srt of slipper clutch (at a time shen most us didn’t have a clue of what that meant), a great sound, especially when you keep it above 9000 rpm where the engine smiles at you, and again, some of the best looks ever seen on a sport bike. Has there ever been a more beautiful, aggressive and exciting Kawasaki after the ’91 ZXR ?


This sample is such a special find. I mean, it even has its original rear solo fairing, a true rarity in its own. The seller will also give you the rear passenger seat, a tinted windscreen and a brand new exhaust. The bike just had a technical inspection in August 2013, it has new tyres and brake pads. At a price of about 4400 $, this true rare sport bike for the conditions, is one of the best buy that readers of this site might come across, and one  that truly embarks the spirit of us who write here and you, who like to read us.


Looking at the cars in the background of the garage, the sense of quality that the pictures of the ZXR already portrait is confirmed even further. Again, when is the last time you have seen a ZXR like this ? Also the price is in  my opinion spot -on and absolutely fair. This gem, deserves a true enthusiast new owner and I truly hope, that whoever will buy this, desires it as much as I do, and will treasure every moment of owning such a great sample today.


1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland


1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750 in Switzerland
Kawasaki April 4, 2013 posted by

Why less, can be more – Kawasaki ZXR 400 (Germany)

These days you can enter a BMW or Ducati dealership and without pledging your house against your new sport bike, ride out with a close to 200 hp missile. If you entered a Japanese OEM dealership you will be near these figures as well. But in the real world, made of commuting on public roads and at best, a weekend blast along your favorite canyon, will you ever get close to, let’s say, 80% of your new sport bike potential ? If you’re not called Hayden or Lorenzo, probably not.  In addition, is it more fun to ride a high tech bike knowing that you are actually just scrapping the surface, or take a less evolved machine close to its edge ? I personally had more fun riding a Ducati 748 R than my last attempt on modern bikes like the BMW S1000RR. Don’t get me wrong, the Beemer is a fantastic machine but too often I found myself looking up the sky when gearing in 3rd at 100mph. Do that on your way home from work and you’ll end up without a license for a few months (any reference to actual persons or myself is purely accidental). What you want, is something that involves your senses and won’t kill you or, get you in jail. A small capacity two stroker (RGV 250 or RS250) is a good example of a pure sport bike that you can, or better must, ride “like you stole it”. In the four strokes world, you’d be looking to a 400cc 4 cylinder, like this classic and affordable Kawasaki ZXR currently available on eBay in Germany.


Try it on a twisty road, don’t change gear before you hit 13000 rpm, brake hard, shift down and accelerate again…now was that involving enough ?


With only a day left and a current bid of 1500 EUR, you might be able to get the deal of 2013.


he bike had only one owner, registered for the first time in 2001, it has an after market exhaust and a couple of “normal usage” marks on its body.  Let’s read what the seller says (translated with Google):


Hello ebay friends

Offered with 65 HP Kawasaki ZXR400 firsthand.
Remus Viper exhaust (with Approval) + pillion seat cover.
The machine had little fall –
Scratches on the frame slider, pulpit and the exhaust plus a small crack under the lights.
The machine is clean and reliable.
At the moment the machine off the road.

New TÜV (German official vehicle revision test) !


If interested click on the link below to find more about it:

Kawasaki ZXR 400 in Germany