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Red, White and Green Pinstripes – 2007 Ducati 1098S Tricolore

Following the 999 of 2003-06, Ducati returned to a more horizontal look to the superbike with the 1098.  Cadging another 100cc from World SuperBike rulemakers, the 1098 claimed 160 hp, but more importantly a small car-like 90 ft-lbs. of torque.  Improvements were made to the valve train and cooling system, mostly ending overheating and making the 7500-mile valve clearance inspection less likely to result in a shim change.

20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore left

2007 Ducati 1098S Tricolore for sale on eBay

20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore right

The superbike that for some time claimed the best street-legal torque over weight ratio, the 1098S is capable of an 11-second quarter mile and 170 mph, leading some to say it’s too much for the street.  The gold trellis frame and Marchesini  forged alloys have the chops to keep up.  All-Ohlins suspension helps out, with 43mm upside-down forks and monoshock on the single-sided swingarm.  Front brakes are 330mm with 4-piston calipers, and the rear is 245mm.  The two-into-one-into-two exhaust begins with a catalyst and ends with twin Termignoni carbon silencers.

20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore right front  20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore binnacle

20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore clutch  20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore left muffler

Originally owned by Yankee outfielder Bernie Williams, this 1098 has been treated to some nice updates and is looking for its fourth owner.  The second owner put most of the 12,500 miles on, and the third appears to have kept up with the maintenance.  Along the way it’s acquired a few bumps but nothing major.  From the eBay auction:

Accessories from Ducati:

  • – Manuals, tool kit, 2nd key, code card
  • – Passenger seat
  • – USB Track software & ECU management software – dongle and disc (never used)
  • – Full Racing Termignoni Exhaust with Headers, Air Filter, Racing ECU and Carbon Fiber Exhaust Cans (Dealer Installed Option, all Ducati OEM)

Additional Accessories:

  • – Woodcraft Racing Rear-set Upgraded Peg Set with Woodcraft Brake & Shift Lever Option all in anodized black
  • – Integrated High Intensity LED Tail Light Kit with blinkers included custom made from CustomLED with Hazard’s included
  • – Fender Eliminator Kit by CompetitionWerks – original fender with signals included
  • – Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
  • – Ducati Performance Slipper Clutch with Red Ducati Performance pressure plate
  • – Ducati Performance Bar Ends
  • – Ducati Performance Open Clutch Cover
  • – PUIG Light Smoke Desmo Windscreen

Recent Maintenance & Parts/Consumables included:

  • – Lithium Battery with trickle charger connector – installed 2015
  • – Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Front & Rear Tires – now with 600 Miles – Installed April 2013
  • – New D.I.D Performance Racing Grade Chain 525 in gold – Installed April 2013, 600 miles
  • – Ohlins OEM Fork-seal Overhaul Kit – (not just fork seals, but entire overhaul kit – Installed April 2013
  • – Ducati clutch spring replacement kit – Installed April 2013
  • – Ducati Clutch Pack – Installed October 2012
  • – Timing Belt Replacement & Valve Adjustment Major Service at 10,980 miles in 2012 by Ducati

20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore left peg  20150928 2007 ducati 1098s tricolore rear

Tricolore editions number less than 1,000 and this distinctive paint will look super when the faux pas are taken care of.  The 1098 actually had a run even shorter than the 999, giving way to the 1198 after 2008.  With the factory upgrades to the model and the number of quality mods done, this 1098 should be a keeper, and more importantly a rider…


p.s. – the owner hints that his collection of 1974-2008 bikes may come to market, keep an eye on RSBFS

Red, White and Green Pinstripes – 2007 Ducati 1098S Tricolore
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The Sum of Its Parts: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS R Side FrontThe water-cooled Monster S4RS was a great engine in search of a bike. It was spawned from the original Monster that was itself the proverbial Franken-bike: frame from an 888, suspension and wheels from the 900SS-CR, and a dash that looks like someone ripped the idiot light cluster straight out of a Fiat. They’ve got very poor steering lock, thanks to that superbike frame, they’re terrible for highway riding, and only seem to fit you if you’re  5’8″… But they were an affordable, almost practical way into Ducati ownership, and were originally powered by the classic air-cooled L-twin engine that had all the performance most riders would ever need.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS R Side RearSo when they sold like the proverbial hotcakes, Ducati of course had to up their game, adding carbon bits and adjustable suspension for the “S” model and number of limited editions. Eventually, they gave the fans what they’d been clamoring for by sticking the water-cooled four-valve engine into the bike to keep it competitive compared to more modern alternatives from Triumph and KTM.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS DashBut to me, that’s when the bike really jumped the shark. Obviously, a water-cooled engine needs a radiator, and then the RS version added a very trick, but still sort of tacked-on-looking oil cooler below the not-so-trick-looking radiator. And all those extra bits and associated plumbing looked like the afterthoughts they were, cluttering up what was originally a pretty clean design.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS L Side Front

And then there’s the handling. While other bikes got the sport naked package right, the Monster RS didn’t quite live up to the hype, in spite of top-flight Öhlins front and rear and superbike brakes. Basically, the 130hp 998cc Testastretta engine overwhelmed the chassis, making riding the bike less of a dance and more a back-alley street fight. And I mean, what’s really the point of a 150mph naked bike? Aside from bragging rights?

From the original eBay listing: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale

This is a 2008 Ducati, S4R Tricolore Testastretta.  This is a very rare bike, and to my knowledge is the only model in Utah or surrounding states. There were only 400 of these motorcycles produced in 2008.  This bike is number 52, as verified by the tag over the alternator cover.

This is a 999S, fully liquid cooled engine, Brembo brakes.  Mileage is a little over 18K.  Tires have approximately 85 miles on them.  They are Pirelli Diablo Rosso II’s.  Pipe for Termignoni black carbon fiber pipes.  Chain is new and tight zero rust.  

This bike has never seen rain.  Stored inside and covered during winter months.  No damage, never been in an accident, layed down or tipped over.  All scheduled maintenance performed on or before schedule date by authorized Ducati mechanic.  

Includes bike storage stand


The parts that went into the S4 didn’t quite gel into a complete motorcycle and, unless posing and wheelies are your game, the water-cooled Monsters might prove a bit of a disappointment. Fine, if that’s what you’re into, since the S4RS is very good at both activities. But there are better choices out there if you want a fast, naked twin.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Cans

That being said, the Tricolore S4RS is really the best-looking of the water-cooled Monsters, and this one looks like it’s in extremely nice condition. It comes with a pair of shotgun Termignoni pipes already on the bike which, to my ear, sound much better than the Arrows often fitted. It otherwise appears to be completely stock, and that factory rear fender has my right hand itching to grab a hacksaw… The miles aren’t the lowest, but Ducati engines can last a long time when well-maintained.

Unfortunately, there’s been zero interest in the bike so far, with just about a day left on the auction and no takers yet at a $7,850.00 starting bid. I think these will one day have some real value but right now, prices of the early Monsters have bottomed out, possibly dragging these down with them.


2008 Ducati Monster S4RS L Side Rear

The Sum of Its Parts: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale
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New ( Zealand ) 2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition

For some the ultimate Ducati sportbike, the 916 launched a million dreams ( and posters ).  After a 10-year run, the 998S Final Edition was the last 916-based model, and this one was tucked away right after delivery.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition left

2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition for sale on eBay

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition right

998’s were produced only in 2002-03, and by special order in 2004, the 998S FE was a transition from the 916 era to the 999.  The Testastretta deep-sump engine generates 130 hp and will carry the next Superbike generation, though the classic dual-headlight fairing recalls the 996.  Ohlins suspension at both ends are state of the art.  Brakes are 320mm with Brembo four-piston calipers in front, 220mm rear.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition left front wheel

Though not a numbered edition, the Final Edition has a plaque on the steering head.  The Italian Tri-colore emblazons the seat fairing.  Dual Termignoni mufflers exit  under the seat.  Steering is stabilized also by Ohlins.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition binnacle

Hidden away when new, this 998S shows only 2 miles and looks perfect.  Never electrified or fueled, as the owner says in the eBay auction:

A unique & rare opportunity to purchase, what is possibly the only brand new 2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition in the world, that’s right this bike has never been started, never had a battery or fuel in it.

200150923 2004 ducati 998s final edition right shock detail

A unique chance to acquire what might be considered the ultimate 916, with forward looking engine and eclectic appearance.  A bit of a boat ride unless you hail from Oceania, and likely some work to replace some rubber bits, but a singular moment in Ducati history, and never ridden.  Possibly a collection starter…


New ( Zealand ) 2004 Ducati 998S Final Edition
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Absolute Power – 2008 Ducati 1098S

After the controversial 999, the 1098 of 2007-09 was an un-redesign, instantly recognizable as a Ducati, designed by Giandrea Fabbro, now a senior designer at the company.  Additionally, the Testastretta engine received some significant upgrades after a petition to FIM for an additional 100cc for Superbike World Championship twins.  The result was a quintessential Ducati which just happened to have the most favorable power-to-weight ratio of any v-twin ever, at least for a while.

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s right

2008 Ducati 1098S for sale on eBay

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s right front

Returning to a look more like the 916, the 1098 was available in red, black, and yellow, this one is the attractive black over the red trellis frame.  Brutally powerful with 160 hp and 90 ft-lbs. torque, many owners mounted a throttle tamer to make the response more progressive.  Though other models in the line for that year have a wet clutch, the 1098 keeps the all business dry clutch.  Putting many sportscars to shame, the 1098 has 330mm front disks with radial mounted calipers and 245mm rear.  In another tip of the hat to the 916, the 1098 has a 2-1-2 exhaust, with twin mufflers under the seat.

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s display  20150729 2008 ducati 1098s rear

The -S has a few high-euro upgrades from the base model, wheels, suspension, exhaust, and dashboard.  Forged Marchesini wheels save almost 4 lbs, reducing critical unsprung weight.  Three-way adjustable Ohlins dampers are on both ends of the bike, and carbon Termignoni silencers replace the aluminum canisters.  The all-LCD rider display includes a data-logging function for track days.

Changes to the 1098 engine involved adjusting the valve angles, smoothing flows and improving economy.  These updates also reduced stress on the valvetrain, extending the valve adjustment interval.

20150729 2008 ducati 1098s left  20150729 2008 ducati 1098s left rear

With a healthy 8,000 miles, the 1098S offered here appears very good at least.  The owner has made a few nice upgrades like a Puig double-bubble windshield, hideaway rear turn signals, and includes a Pitbull stand and adult-sized Alpinestars suit.  From the eBay auction:

The body is in excellent condition and the engine is as strong as the day it was purchased. New Tires, Bought new from Duc Pond Motorsports all service records are up to date and done professionally by Duc Pond themselves. It currently has 8K miles and a few after market parts including a single side stand, Corsa Diablo tires, set Ohlin’s suspension, a Puig double bubble window and hidden taillights in the upper louvers of the tail section. I also have a pit bull stand to go with the bike and an XL full Alpine Star leather, worn twice.

With current maintenance and great condition, this 1098S is more desirable than non-S and much less common than the 848 – worth a second look !


Absolute Power – 2008 Ducati 1098S
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Form and Function: 2008 Bimota DB7 Nera for Sale

2007 Bimota DB7 R Side

Introduced in 2008, the Bimota DB7 is yet another collaboration with Ducati and has been one of their most successful bikes in terms, not only of sales numbers, but in terms of function. While they’ve always offered on-paper advantages over the bikes from which they borrow their engines, many Bimotas, right out of the box, have actually needed quite a bit of fine-tuning before they’re ready to run with the brand-new top-shelf sportbikes. The DB7 actually offers up superior handling and comfort, compared to the 1098 with which it shares its running gear, although that’s not necessarily saying much, since it’d be difficult to create a bike less comfortable than a 1098…

Beneath the fairings seemingly designed by someone who really, really likes rulers and t-squares hides an exotic hybrid frame that combines an oval-tube trellis front section with billet aluminum side plates and a self-supporting carbon tail to provide a rigid foundation for high-spec suspension components.

2007 Bimota DB7 R Side Rear

Power comes from Ducati’s 160hp “Testastretta” L-twin, an almost ideal sporting motorcycle powerplant that offers up arm-stretching torque, high-revving power, and a strong dose of character completely in keeping with Bimota’s exotic design brief.

From the original eBay listing: 2008 Bimota DB7 Nera for Sale

This is one of the last Bimotas imported into the USA – a special version of the DB7 – the Nera (Black).  It has full clear-coated carbon fiber bodywork on a black and aluminum frame. This motorcycle is practically new – 520 miles and never titled – still on the MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin). The motorcycle is stock except for the silencer removal and the addition of MotoGP-exit style exhaust tips and a rear fender eliminator (see last photo).  It comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

The DB7 is one of the best motorcycles that Bimota ever built – featuring the Ducati 1098 engine.  When Cycle World compared the DB7 to the Ducati 1098R Bayliss in an article entitled “Sex on Wheels” – they said “The DB7’s ergos fit me nicely, I felt like I was down in it, nestled behind the bars.” “As for me, I actually went faster on the Bimota…the Bimota is easier to ride fast and ultimately a little more enjoyable.” “The Bimota…is a beautiful work of art, handles like a dream and has awesome real-world V-Twin power that makes it more accessible to more riders.”

The same Cycle World article the seller references actually praises the power delivery of the DB7 compared to the Ducati, a nice change of pace for a Bimota!

2007 Bimota DB7 R Side Exhaust

Tragically, in this era of bikes that are pretty great, even right out of the box, the question becomes: where does Bimota fit in? It used to be that they had a wealth of floppy-handling, underbraked bikes with over-engineered drivetrains to choose from. But these days, most Bimotas aren’t appreciably better than the bikes from which they crib their running gear, they’re just more expensive, more exotic. Which is valuable for those with the cash, but they’ve become more toys for the uber-rich rather than hardcore, purist-oriented road and track tools.

The DB7 looks gorgeous, is beautifully detailed, and handles like a two-wheels scalpel, but for the additional cost over a 1098, it’s hard to justify the cost. And, with Ducati abandoning frames altogether, where does that leave Bimota?


2007 Bimota DB7 R Side Front

Form and Function: 2008 Bimota DB7 Nera for Sale
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2001 Ducati 996R For Sale in New York

Ducati 996R For Sale

Update 6.16.2013: Back on eBay after we first saw it in April. Price is down $3k with a buy-it-now of $22k. One bid of $15k but reserve is still in place. Just a few hours to go but could be a great Father’s Day gift 😉 Links updated. -dc

We don’t get the chance to post many 996R’s here in the U.S. This example has less than 2000 miles and wears a starting bid (not buy-it-now) of $25k and 0 bids. Adam pointed this auction out to us on Facebook and there is some discussion on how much this actually might be worth and how a lower opening bid might have helped the sale, especially with a potential overseas bidder. Being 1 of 500 and spread all over the world, when will the next opportunity come up?


2001 Ducati 996R For Sale on eBay


From the seller:

This motorcycle has been well cared for, maintained, never raced and in a collection since new. If you are reading this, you know what this bike is. For me, it is the ultimate 916 derived model and truly an incredible machine.

There are a few tiny scratches in the fairing from storage that cannot be photographed and I expect can be buffed out. The t1tle is in hand and in my name.



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2000 Ducati 996R With 953 Miles In California

This is a very nice looking 996R with less than 1k miles in California!

Bike:  2000 Ducati 996R

Price:  $14,500 USD

Location:  South Lake Tahoe, California

Mileage:  953 Miles

This 996R looks to be completely stock as a bike with under 1k miles should be!  500 of these were made for 2000 and, as the seller states, came equipped with Ohlins suspension front & rear, Marchesini wheels, carbon bits galore, Brembo’s, and a trick Testastretta motor among other things.

We’ve seen these 996R’s and SPS’s go for varying amounts but, this one seems reasonably priced with less than 1k miles and an asking price of $14,500–See our other 996 content here.  If you’d rather have a real homologation/race replica bike over a stickered up, brand-new, R1; have a look at this 996R on Craigslist here.