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Bananagram – 2002 Ducati 998

Interspersed among the legion of red bikes, Ducati has always had an alternate or special paint available, sometimes black or grey, in limited editions tri-colore or green, and more recently white.  Variously called speed, Ferrari, or fly yellow, the paint on this nicely updated 998 jumps right out in the Arizona sun.

2002 Ducati 998 for sale on eBay

The 998 was the first production Ducati with the testastretta engine, and the last of the 916 folded-nose dynasty.  The narrow-head engine brought 40mm intake valves at less of an angle to the piston tops, helping the 998 make 123 hp, a 10 percent increase over the 996.  The iconic chassis design makes that power as usable as can be on the road.  As well as being top components, the gold anodized Brembo brake carriers, nitrided Showa fork sliders and Öhlins monoshock provide accents to the yellow scheme, as the gray Marchesini alloys do for the silver trellis frame.

With a little over 4,000 miles, this 998 has current maintenance, Termi’s and ECU, and new rubber.  That’s the way to start the riding season.  A couple of rubs are pictured, but not bad for 15 years.  The hidden rear signals clean things up so much that the fronts should be next.  From the eBay auction:

All maintenance is current and all work has been done by certified Ducati techs.  I am the second owner and purchased the bike with 1300 miles on the clock over 2 years ago.  Everything works as should on this bike.  It needs nothing.

The bike has a full Termignoni exhaust with the Ducati performance ECU.  I have had a Oberon clutch slave cylinder installed to smooth out and make gear changes easier.  There are a set of after market foot pegs with serious grip for your boots.  A tail tidy has been affixed that has the rear turn signals inside of the seat cowl.  When you signal they flash thru the mesh air vents in the rear.  Pretty cool.  All of the original parts (pegs, clutch slave cylinder, rubber air restrictors, etc.) are included in the sale so if you want you can take it back to as it left the factory.
Of the 916/996/998 bikes, this is the engine you want.  Most power and torque.  And most reliable.  Look on Ebay right now and you will see almost no other 998 for sale.  Especially a yellow one.  This bike turns heads everywhere I ride.  No disappointments.  I have a clean title and both sets of keys.  Brand new Pirelli tires.
The 998 reviewed as outstanding performance with better quality control, maybe the result of Monster money rolling in, or the new private-equity stockholder’s insistence.  15 years on, it’s nice that the build quality competed with the design in those years.  Combined with the previous owners’ care of this uncommon 998, it should reward the new owner.  The fairings, nicely smoothed out with less venting, have a tiny note “testastretta” under the Ducati name.  For the impact on the 998 and the succeeding testas, it should’ve been 8 inches tall…
Bananagram – 2002 Ducati 998
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Not Particularly – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS

With a boatload of compromises made to accommodate the 998 cc Superbike engine, the list of things that the Monster S4RS isn’t is longer than those it is.  All a matter of priorities, as the water-cooled testastretta with top of the line components has a way of re-aligning priorities toward the moment.  This example from Colorado has been comprehensively farkled and looks ready to try and stop time.

2007 Ducati Monster S4RS

Not easy to show everything a water-cooled engine needs and have it look good.  Things that are normally hidden are polished, dressed, aligned, and straightened, with an occasional carbon fiber guard.  The SR4S sports the deep-V sump and curved radiators required by the 130 ponies, and has twin cooling fans that even the superbike didn’t get. The red paint of the trellis frame captures the eye and is complemented by the red racing stripe, but the tubular single-sided swingarm was left black.  Forged Marchesini snowflakes in white beckon the microfiber towel and cleaner wax.

The previous owners have been all over this Monster, and customized or updated nearly everything.  Euro-3 emissions required a catalyzer, but that was binned in favor of the Termignoni system.  Rizoma and DucaBike upgrades are everywhere, with SpeedyMoto, Samco, ASV, and assorted carbon accents.   With the exception of holes left from the rear blinkers, it hangs together pretty well, and almost gets a red, white, and blue theme going here and there.  From the eBay auction:

Up for sale is a 2 owner Ducati Monster in perfect condition. It has over 20k in upgrades. New tires less than -100 miles.
Full Termignoni Exhaust 
Termignoni ECU
Open Airbox
Extra gas tank
Speedy Moto bar risers
Rizoma bars 
Rizoma grips
Speedymoto clutch slave cylinder
CRG lanespltter mirrors 
Smoked windshield
Rizoma front blinkers
Integrated rear tailight 
Carbon Fiber front fender
Carbon Fiber rear fender
Carbon Fiber tail fender
Carbon Fiber chain cover 
Carbon Fiber cam belt covers
Carbon Fiber heel guards
Ducabike oil plug
Ducabike front sprocket cover
Ducabike rear sprocket carrier
Ducabike timing cover
Quick change lightweight rear sprocket
Gold DID chain
Re-geared front sprocket
Samco coolant hoses
Rebuilt front forks less than 200 miles ago
Cox radiator guard
Cox oil cooler guard
Rizoma clutch cover
Rizoma clutch pressure plate
Rizoma clutch springs & retainers
Motovation Frame sliders
Clutch & brake reservoir caps 
ASV clutch and brake levers
Blue Anodized adjustable fork dampers

The S4RS isn’t a racking up the miles type of bike, and this one has some nice rides in store before the next major service.  Seems like a pro detail would be worth it, though this level of color and carbon will attract attention no matter what.  While other bikes better suited to long hauls and track days, the testastretta Monster is a pretty extreme choice for hacking around.  The quality components, factory and aftermarket, will be beneficial whether you’re going across town or for the whole afternoon…


Not Particularly – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS
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Good Copy – 2006 Ducati 999R Xerox #243

Not winding down during its last year of production, the 999R for 2006 was an update, if somewhat cosmetic, from the the previous years.  And the design that brought Ducati three World SuperBike  Championships would have to serve for the 2007 season while rulesmakers fiddled.  In the livery ridden by Troy Bayliss on the way to a WSBK championship, this example has just break-in miles and a polished Zard exhaust.

2006 Ducati 999R for sale on eBay


The -R is a radical leg up from the introductory model, with a 26 horsepower gain from new heads and increased compression.  Aluminum valve covers have become magnesium and plastic belt covers are now carbon fiber.  Gear ratios are the same but Öhlins replace the Showa forks and monoshock.  Radially mounted Brembo monoblock brakes are shared, but the wheels are forged instead of cast.  The seat/tank console are adjustable, as are the bars and pegs.


Residing and occasionally riding in central Texas, this 999R appears barely used but ready for duty.  The owner says this in the eBay auction:

The 999R Xerox is a special series motorcycle with a wide range of features that distinguish it from the standard 999R model, such as Öhlins forks with black sleeves, anodized black footpegs and top yoke, Öhlins ‘Racing’ rear suspension with double damping adjuster in compression, aluminum body, counter-spring and spring pre-load setting.  The motorcycle is also fitted with radial-mounted front brake calipers with the red Brembo Racing logo, is decorated with “Xerox Replica” graphics and comes with a racing kit and extra adhesives.

I’m the second owner of this bike and own it for few years and hardly ride on it.  I always keep this bike in the garage and never ride it in the rain.


Though Ducati also campaigned the 999 in AMA SuperBike and won some races, the factory ceased their effort after the 2006 season, concentrating on WSBK.  The base 999 got great reviews for riding position thanks to the taller fairing design and adjustable controls, and engine torque, which increased as the testastretta developed.  Few riders will appreciate the improvements that the -R brought to the power and suspension, but they are there, along with the carbon fairings and race-replica livery.  This one appears a fine example of the ultimate variant of the last year of 999 production…


Good Copy – 2006 Ducati 999R Xerox #243
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Green Party – 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition

Peculiar as only a green Ducati superbike can be, the 2004 Matrix Reloaded edition commemorated a 996 that was used in 2002 to film the movie which was released in 2003. Still the early testastretta engine had a great platform in the mature 916/996 chassis, and is a great collectible and rider.

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition for sale on eBay

Using a familiar desmodue crankcase but all new hardparts and valvetrain, the 998 had 123 hp available.  The Matrix is trimmed out in silver and occasional gold, the silver trellis frame having Showa forks with Ti-nitrided sliders and gold Öhlins monoshock.  Centers for the Brembo 320mm floating rotors are also gold anodized and 4-piston calipers of course painted gold.  With the last of the iconic side-by-side headlights, the green fairing requires a scrunch to really get under the 165 mph wind, but can do an 11-second 1/4 with the right rider.

Looking substantially stock with only a boo-boo or two for its 12,500 miles, this 998 has been and could continue to be enjoyed.  Some maintenance history is offered, and the owner has updated the exhaust to Silmoto slip-ons as well as removed the rear turn signals in favor of the popular LED tailight / directionals.  He says this in the eBay auction:

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Edition. Very limited production (1 year only, about 250 made). Factory green paint. Adult ridden, and well cared for. About 12500 miles on it. Newer tires, oil changed recently. Upgrades include: SILMOTO carbon fiber exhaust, carbon fiber heel plates, heat shield, chain guard and sprocket cover, Pipercross air filter, integrated rear tail light/ turn signals and open clutch cover. Dyno tested at 114 HP at the rear wheel with a very good power band. Rear stand included with “buy it now” price. NEVER ON A TRACK!

Possibly the ultimate base model of its generation, the 1098 reviewed with stable if heavyweight handling and great usable powerband.  The distinctive Matrix colors are a bonus for the fan or collector with a stable of red and yellow Ducs.  The ask seems optimistic here but certainly bears watching.  The rideable condition of this 998 would be great to re-create Neo’s escape with the Keymaker or with its rarity, the basis for an easy restoration…


Green Party – 2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition
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Beginning of the End – 2002 Ducati 998

2002 saw Ducati introduce the testastretta engine into a production model, and work was wrapping up on the succeeding 999.  The 998 was the best of the 916/996 chassis, with the 123 hp EVO engine, and reviewed as the bike to own once in your life.


2002 Ducati 998 for sale on eBay


20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-fairing  20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-tank


With its revised valve train, the 998cc narrow head motor was heavily oversquare and delivered rated power at  10,000 rpm, with a wide torque band.  The now iconic trellis frame and underseat exhaust hid the details beautifully.  43mm Showa forks are complemented by the Ohlins monoshock and steering damper.  320mm Brembo brakes are up front, with 220mm single rear.  The classic superbike fairing was available with one or two seats, this one a monoposto with a white number area front and rear.


20161202-2002-ducati-998-left-fairing  20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-engine-unfaired


Evidently a two-owner bike, this 998 has a little over 7,000 miles and looks super clean.  Though the mind wanders to the dark side when a lower-mile bike has had a repaint, it looks like a nice upgrade from the factory paint.  And while we could quibble about the yellow accents, the unfaired photos allay most fears of damage history.  From the eBay auction:

Up for sale here is my beautiful, immaculate 2002 998 Monoposto. Previous owner added the following items: Termi slip-ons, adjustable levers, Ohlins steering damper, fender eliminator, Samco hoses, upgraded clutch slave, and a few carbon bits. He also had all bodywork painted by a highly-regarded painter in the northeast who made subtle changes to the “Ducati 998” font on the side fairings and pinstripes framing the white number plates. Aesthetics are obviously in the eye of the beholder but I find both to be much better looking than the stock look. OEM wheels are also powder-coated black.


20161202-2002-ducati-998-right-front-wheel  20161202-2002-ducati-998-left-rear-wheel


Thankfully this 998 has been cared for, with good attention to maintenance and nice farkles all over.  The lightweight battery and keyless gas cap are unmentioned but great mods.  Before the jump to overwhelming power that followed a few years later, the 998 was the ultimate machine of the game changing 916/996 family.  Factory jitters forced the 998 to share the showroom with the 999 in 2003, and was available by special order in 2004-5.  The 999 took over factory race efforts and but the 998 did well for privateers in the supersport classes.



Beginning of the End – 2002 Ducati 998
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Monster Mash: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale


This Monster S4RS was the ultimate incarnation of Ducati’s first-generation naked bike. The very first air-cooled Monsters were sporty and fun, but quickly outpaced by bikes like Triumph’s updated, bug-eyed Speed Triple, Aprilia’s Tuono, and the wild naked bikes from KTM. Luckily, Ducati already had the right engine for the job, and fitted their four-valve, liquid-cooled 998cc Testastretta engine into the bike for a huge jump in power that catapulted the bike back into class contention.


Unfortunately, although the bike had the parts and the pedigree, the resulting bike didn’t really gel. In terms of pure numbers, it put Ducati back in the hunt, but it worked better in theory than in practice: the engine is stunning, but overpowers the bike a bit, handling isn’t quite as good as it should be given the quality suspension components, and the uncomfortable riding position and limited tank range make this more of a toy than a daily rider. Basically, it was more hairy than fast, and was cursed with Ducati’s frequent servicing requirements.


Styling too is a bit compromised, with Miguel Galluzi’s elemental design burdened by several bulky radiators stuck to the front of the engine, with hoses and tubes running this way and that. Modern liquid-cooled Monsters have more thoughtfully-routed coolant systems, but the earlier bikes look a bit like a lash-up if you look closely. If posing and wheelies are your thing and the standard Monster’s power just doesn’t cut it, these make very fun and very fast point-and-squirt motorcycles with tons of sex appeal.


From the original eBay listing: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale

This is my  2007 Ducati Monster S4Rs Testastretta. I bought this bike brand new in 2007. It currently has 7,400 miles, with brand new tires, a new Shorai lithium-ion battery, and is up to date on all services. Service work has all been performed at Hall’s Ducati in Springfield Illinois. It has well over $13,000 in extras and performance upgrades. I’m not sure I can list everything it has, but I’ll try.

  • Full Termignoni exhaust system
  • Ducati Performance ECU
  • Ducati Performance airbox and high flow air filter
  • Nichol’s light weight fly wheel
  • Ducati Performance silicone coolant hoses
  • Oberon clutch slave cylinder
  • Fast By Ferracci clutch pressure plate
  • Speedy Moto clutch springs/caps
  • PSR clutch cover
  • PSR inspection plate cover
  • MPL tuning billet frame plugs
  • Rizoma bar ends
  • Rizoma bar end mirrors
  • Rizoma Graffio LED front turn signals
  • LED taillight with integrated, sequential turn signals
  • Rear tail chop/license plate relocation
  • Oberon billet gas cap
  • Ducati Performance rear sprocket carrier
  • RK Racing gold X-ring chain
  • Rizoma clip-on handle bars and triple clamp
  • Custom Ducati fluid reservoir caps
  • ASV control clamps
  • Pazzo Racing adjustable levers
  • Zero Gravity smoke windscreen
  • Custom fairing stabilizers
  • Dunlop Q3 tires-less than 500 miles on them
  • Stainless steel oil filter housing w/reusable filter
  • Shorai lithium-ion battery

The starting bid is $8,900 with no takers as yet and plenty of time left on the auction. For some people, a “custom bike” involves an Indianapolis Colts paintjob and chrome spikes. Seriously, you guys have no idea what sort of horrors we have to wade through to bring you these bikes featured on the site… Luckily, for Ducati owners, “custom” means a veritable smorgasbord of lightweight carbon, titanium bits, and booming exhausts, expensive updates to their already expensive machines. Honestly, you can pretty much buy a decent early carbureted Monster for what that full Termignoni exhaust costs…



Monster Mash: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale
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Somebody’s Got to Do It – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS

Tough job keeping the top dog on top, having to finagle the latest edition superbike engine into a naked platform.  With the 998 cc Testastretta aboard, the S4RS is the supermodel that held the showroom door for thousands of Monster 696 shoppers.  The S4RS made room for most of the premium 999 components, some modified just for the mission.


2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for sale on eBay



With 130 narrowhead hp on tap, the S4RS goes well under 11 seconds in the 1/4 mile, with a theoretical 153 mph top speed, well above any kind of naked sensibility.  The generally red trellis frame allows the sub-systems easy access, the cooling system and oil radiator plumbing exposed but neatly done.  The engine cases and covers have been trimmed to allow for the Monster’s single-sided swingarm, and Öhlins provide the monoshock and 43mm forks.  Brakes are lifted from the 999, radially mounted fronts of 320mm, with 245mm rear.  17-inch forged Marchesini alloys are sized for 120 and 180mm width tires.  Seating for one, though the long reach over the wide racing stripe is like sitting back on a biposto.


20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-front  20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-rear

Apparently the hack around bike at a Honda CBX specialty shop, this S4RS has low miles, just a few upgrades and looks good.  An Arrow system has replaced the factory dual exhaust and catalyst.  ASV levers and some space-age Rizoma reservoirs update the controls.  The fuel tank was replaced under a factory  recall.  The previous owner’s scrape on the water pump cover and radiator guard could be easily remedied.  From the eBay auction:

as you ducati monster gurus are aware this is the fastest most powerful monster ever built–it is a 998 cc watercooled 4 valve beast–it is in excellent condition and runs great–we recently did a full service on it less than 500 miles ago with new timing belts and complete valve adjustment–it has a complete arrow exhaust system with a reflashed ecu from rexxer for the arrow system , the renowned ecu tuners in the us –it has like new bridgestone bt 016 tires on it and a new chain as also–lots of carbon fiber , rizoma clutch and brake reservoirs and handlebars, battery tender lead,it has ohlins rear shock and front forks and brembo radial calipers on marchesini wheels,cox radiator and oil cooler custom grill covers,ducati gear bag,carbon ducati tank protector,asv adjustable levers and included is the code card,red key, extra black key and both the owners and service manual–we have owned this bike for several years and have always taken immaculate care of it as we do all our bikes–the only flaw on the bike is the radiator line  return cover on the motor has a  scuff on it( see picture) but this happened b/4 we bought it and doesn’t  interfere with performance, just a cosmetic boo boo–also the tank was replaced by ducati a few years back due to the ethanol issue that all plastic duc tanks had during this time period.


20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-left-front-wheel  20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-left-rear-wheel

With journalists still reeling from the S4R, tests of  the -S showed the naked bike to have too much of a lot of good things – handling, power, braking, and of course MSRP.   The reserve seems sensible and bidding has opened.  And while not a garage queen, this S4RS appears an easy return to super-nice shape.  Too much fun for touring or actual sport riding, the S4RS is pretty much the pinnacle of Monster development in the bikina-faired / pre-traction control era, and as Motorcyclist magazine reviewed, a Monster that lives up to the name.



20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-right-front-wheel  20161004-2007-ducati-monster-s4rs-right-rear-wheel

Somebody’s Got to Do It – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS
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Quite – 2004 Ducati 749R

Produced to homologate the 749 for World SuperSport racing, the 749R borrowed a great deal from the 999, but there was a lot particular to the introductory 2004 749R.  The example presented here is quite original and very well kept, ready to ride with new tires and recent maintenance.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right

2004 Ducati 749R for sale on eBay

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right rear

The 749R has a very different testastretta engine than the base model, the wider bore and shorter stroke making higher rpms possible.  Internals like valves and connecting rods are titanium, and help make the 118 hp, and much more with a less restrictive exhaust.  The classic trellis frame has an adjustable steering head, and supports Öhlins suspension front and rear.  The rear has progressive linkage to a box-section swingarm different than the sculpted swingarm on the non-R machines.  Brakes are radially mounted Brembos, 320mm fronts and 245mm rear.  Marchesini forged wheels are a very light Y design.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right front

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left rear

Only the 2004 version of the 749R has carbon fiber fairings.  For 2005 a new plastic fairing was produced, one way to know the difference is the number of intakes in the nose, four for 2004, but just two for ’05 and ’06.  Interestingly, the 749R has a somewhat larger fuel tank, 18 liters over the usual 15.  For the 2006 model year, a standard 749 tank was fitted.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left grip

20160829 2004 ducati 749r binnacle

Not often seen in such cherry shape, many 749R’s went directly to the race-preparer and then the track.  Not that there very many – Ducati was required to build just 500, and though numbers are hard to come by, less than 200 made it to our shores.  This particular bike shows very well, with just over 3,000 miles.  From the eBay auction:

Completely original, collectable 2004 Ducati 749R – Number 185.  New tires (less than 10 miles), new battery, and recent service (changed fluids and belts).  No modifications. Bike is in very good condition.  Minimal scuffs and scratches to the paint or carbon fiber (see photos).  Owner has all keys.  Bike was never on a track/crashed.  All service performed by Fast by Ferracci in Philadelphia and Ducati of Santa Barbara.  One owner bike. Bike located in Southern California.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left front wheel

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right rear wheel

Reviewers found great power and handling, though Ducati legacies as weak cooling and starting systems weren’t revised until the next generation.  Unfortunately the marketplace frowned on the departure from the 916/996 styling, and the 999/749 were built for only a few years.  On this 749R the immaculate cosmetics, recent tires and heavy maintenance indicate overall good care.  If beautifully shaped carbon fairings have an effect on you, 2004 is likely the best year for this significant model.


20160829 2004 ducati 749r right tank

Quite – 2004 Ducati 749R