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1995 Ducati Supermono #12 of 27

1995 Ducati Supermono For Sale on eBay!

I said it 11 years ago and I’ll say it again- The Supermono is the ultimate collectable sport bike. There’s not a zero mile RC30, RC45, Superleggra, D16, Bimota, GSX-RR, Honda DB5 or YSR more valuable or sought after. The Supermono is at THE top of the heap- Change my mind.

I know some of you have already started arm chair quarter backing me, hammering your keyboards and screaming “THERE WERE 67 BUILT YOU BAFOON!” Yes, 67 total, but only 27 built from 1995-97 with the larger 572cc motors and shotgun style Termi canister. Ducati started the serial numbers over when they increased from the smaller 550cc motor. That makes 1995 #12 more rare than 1993 #12! Wouldn’t you agree?

Weighing in right at 300#’s wet- these are tiny machines. The wheel base and seat height are about the same as the Honda NSR250’s. Ducati achieved the 300# figure by liberally using magnesium and carbon fiber where they could and a dry clutch. I am in love with the green cast magnesium triple clamps and engine case covers.

Here’s what Rust900ss has to say about their beloved Supermono:

Ducati Supermono 572, 1995, #12. These bikes don’t come up for sale very often. Time to sell this one to let someone else enjoy the beauty of this bike. Bike fully restored. Full engine overhaul at ams ducati dallas. This bike has been maintained by ams Alvarado and dallas for the past 25 years. Sale includes front and rear stands, 24v portable starter, spares include new oem crankcases, exhaust silencer and collector, spare piston, cylinder, water pump, rear sprockets, carbon fenders, various gaskets, seals ect. Take off parts include swingarm, clutch, wiring loom ect. A lot has been written about these bikes over the years, its true they are fabulous, rare and hard to find. One of only 67 bikes built by ducati. Crating available. These bike never had titles but I have a Texas bonded title to prove ownership.

Okay, so from that description I have to assume this one’s been around the track a few times. Obviously, if the motor’s been rebuilt, #12 wasn’t a garage queen and has some hours on it. Is it an ex Jeff Nash race bike and spares or did the previous owners enjoy their little slice of heaven?
I can also safely assume if you’re actively bidding on it you have already contacted the seller and got the skinny on it.

At the time of writing this one is up to $55,300 with 43 bids by 18 bidders and 6 days to go. It has also garnered the attention of 218 dreamers watching it.

I fully expect this one will have to creep well into the 100’s to shake the reserve loose.

What say you? What’s it going to take to release the reserve? What’s it going to take to park this one in your collection?

I attached some links to appease a few of your senses. Enjoy!

AMS Ducati start up video

Fay Myers info video

Below are links to a few of my older RSBFS Supermono posts from back in the day. You know, back when they sold for a paltry $75,000.

#34 from 12.11.2010

#14 from 1.15.2010

If you’re the winning bidder and need company while driving to pick it up just give me a shout 🙂

Check out #12 Supermono here

Let us know if you pick this one up.




  • Safe to say you could keep throwing out bids well in to the 80’s just to get your pulse racing without ever having to worry about making good on it. Also, for the serious buyer who just misses out on this one, perhaps you might prefer 550cc and the number 16:
    For reference, this sold for $115K in a much more traditional venue for 6 figure bikes back in 2019:

  • yeah I expect this to go for about 125k. AMS Ducati in DFW had multiples of these at one time, good shop and good people

    I would however say that its not top of the the heap of RSBFS – that honor belongs to the Britten V1000…

  • I bleed Ducati, but I have to agree, the Britten is the top of the heap.

  • Zzzzzz sorry at that kind of money it’s not a bike to be ridden in anger or ridden period. What exactly is the point then? it’s not even interesting to me…

    • What does the price point have to do with the use case of the bike? What does it cost to go MotoAmerica racing? People are taking new V4SL to the track and they have a six figure MSRP.

      It is a shame that motorcycles still play second fiddle to the car world. If going racing in the car world with an interesting, low production car from a known manufacture…..100k is nothing. Just look at what people are whipping around track at Lime Rock this weekend. More then one 7 and even 8 figure cars on track. Are they banging doors? Nope, but they seem to be pushing them rather hard….

  • Love the little details like the magnesium chain adjusters. Delicious. If it were mine it would go to the track. Tempered by the understanding that any mishaps would be unrepairable and a complete write off on the purchase price of the bike. I could be wrong but I think Airtech made bodiwork at one point. I think I would absolutely get a set before any excursions on the track.

  • Supermonos aren’t interesting? Surely you jest.

  • Sweet!!! Another Italian heap with a numbered plaque to warrant the astronomical price. Yawn.

    Luke, you are correct.

  • that cuts deep man . . . deep.

  • These are the shizznit of unicorns next to R7’s and such. The sum of its parts they say… But I can think of some strippers and coke I’d rather spend a hundred grand on, but that’s just me…

    • Unicorns or strippers and blow? LMAO!

  • These were built to be raced, sadly the moment passed and now they are merely baubles for rich lads to store and throw sugar at.
    Kinda sad, could have been the basis for a serious lightweight road bike -Aprilia have just done such a thing.
    Would love one on the mantelpiece , but prices now mean they are all going into glass cases

  • Sorry bud, I like strippers and blow…Just me, and just sayin’. Nothin’ wrong with the Duc single, mind you but …

  • Auction concluded at $127,100, reserve not met.


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