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Ducati January 17, 2019 posted by

Featured Listing: 1997 Ducati 900SS CR in rare yellow!

Update 1.28.2019: This bike has sold to an RSBFS reader. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

The Ducati 900 SuperSport line can trace its lineage a long way back. If you overlook the change from bevel-driven valve actuation to rubber belt drive, you can trace the DNA well into the 1970s. If you are looking for bleeding edge technology and the latest fads, you are missing the point. This is a motorcycle that is more than a collection of parts, even though the parts are very, very good. The Ducati SuperSport is a raw, basic sport bike that talks to the rider and gives willingly. With tons of great noise, torque, stability and panache, the SuperSport offers up a unique experience that is very Ducati.

Featured Listing: 1997 Ducati 900SS CR!

The SuperSport of the 90s came in 3 models: The SS CR (cafe racer) you see here, the SS SP (sports production) with upgraded suspension & brakes, and the SS SL (SuperLight). Originally only the SuperLight was available in yellow, while the SSCR and SSSP shipped in red livery with either gold or white accents depending upon the year. All had the same engine and chassis. The yellow CR is definitely an anomaly in the SuperSport world, and in many ways is the best looking of the bunch. The lighter color shows off the curves of the “just enough but not too much” bodywork. Thumb the starter and the 2-valve, air cooled desmo twin barks to life, idling with a pleasing lump. There is not a lot of RPM to play with by Japanese specs, but with torque available from 2,500 on up to redline, all is extremely usable. The twin arrangement creates a narrow profile and a comfortable cockpit.

From the seller:
1997 Ducati 900SS CR in the rare yellow

34,915 miles. High compression pistons. Termignoni carbon fiber slip-ons in exceptional condition. Open airbox with K&N filter. Brembo full floating cast iron rotors (as found on the SP). STM clutch slave cylinder. Stock forks were rebuilt/resprung several years ago. There’s a very small ding in the tank but overall the bike is in outstanding condition.

Best of all…

The bike has been freshly serviced by TJ at MotoUnion in WI–ZERO miles since the valve adjustment and belts (OEM) were replaced (except what I may put on between now and when it sells). Carbs were just professionally cleaned and tuned—new jets and adjustable needles.

More from the seller:
Also replaced, with zero miles since:

· New Shorai battery

· New 520 sprockets (aluminum rear)

· New DID ERV3 520 chain

· New Dunlop Q3 tires

· New spark plugs

· New grips

· New EBC HH brake pads

· Fresh Motul RBF600 brake and clutch fluid

· Filter and full synthetic oil change

The modifications have been carefully selected and things like the windscreen and fenders are still OEM. The maintenance has thoroughly been done, so you’ll have nothing to do but ride for thousands of miles.

I may be able to help with delivery between Chicago and Deal’s Gap in early September.

The hot rod bible for the SS lineup is pretty standard. This owner has made some tasteful, effective mods without thrashing the basic concept or idea. Weight is reduced, performance increased, yet reliability is not affected. The Termis are de rigueur, and add to the already fantastic soundtrack. Ditto for the airbox mods. The brake upgrade is not often seen on a CR, and takes braking to a whole new level. And the proof here is in the pudding; 34k miles and going strong. These motors are amazingly reliable and resilient; keep up with basic maintenance, belt changes and valve adjustments and you have a bike worth keeping long after the current fad has passed. Sure, at lower speeds the steering can be a bit heavy, but the platform is so stable across the sporting speed regime that it is hard to find much to fault. Maybe it isn’t the fastest bike out there, but as a rock solid performer you would be hard pressed to find a bike that delivers the goods so consistently.

1997 Ducati SS CR

Asking price: $3950

The best part of these iconic Ducatis: they are downright affordable to own. This bike has more cost in hi-po parts than the asking price for the whole package. Maintenance is not the nightmare that some make it out to be (easily handled by a backyard mechanic, or by a local shop), and reliability is astounding for a bike that sounds so good. Performance is more than adequate for aggressive street riding, and longevity of the basic bits has been proved time and again by high mileage bikes. Heck, these things even get great gas mileage (stock: 50+ mpg, modified: in the 40 mpg range) – if that sort of thing appeals to you. And this is not a sell job; several RSBFS staffers swear by these things with their own cash as long-term owners. Adam – who is no stranger to sport bike collections, is looking to thin his herd a bit and this beautiful 900 SSCR needs a new home. Drool over the pictures and then ask yourself how you could afford NOT to add one to your stable. You’ll be glad you did!


Featured Listing: 1997 Ducati 900SS CR in rare yellow!
Sport Bikes For Sale March 25, 2018 posted by

Prototype Brawler: 2012 Confederate X132 Hellcat Serial #001 for Sale

All right, all right. I know it’s probably not technically a sportbike. But all Confederates are extremely rare by their nature, and the very definition of exotic. The X132 Hellcat is more musclebike in terms of looks and riding position, the components list looks like an exotic owner’s Christmas wish list: BST carbon-fiber wheels, Berringer brake and clutch master cylinders, huge Brembo calipers, WP suspension, and a classy, high-tech MotoGadget gauge to keep tabs on the revs and other parameters.

There’s an American v-twin powering the Hellcat, but you’re looking at much more than a warmed-over Harley engine. It’s been built by Harley specialists S&S, but is their own design and shares nothing but inspiration with Harley’s 45° twin. Cylinders are splayed at 56°, with square internal dimensions and huge pistons that displace 2163cc. The result? 121 horses and an insane 14o ft-lbs of twist that almost justifies the 240-section rear tire wrapped around the carbon-fiber wheel. The box has just five speeds but, given that torque, it’d probably work just fine with four. Or three…


Sure, the Hellcat sacrifices cornering a bit for style, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since most of us shouldn’t be pushing the limits of a bike this valuable. And even if you don’t like the overall looks, it’s hard not to get lost in the details: the clear window in side of the cases that show off the gears that drive the cams, the sight glass in the frame behind the steering head that shows the oil level, since it’s conveniently stored there, the machined-from-billet everything… Love it or hate it, this is a boutique motorcycle with the very best hand-crafted components.

From the original eBay listing: 2012 Confederate X132 Hellcat Prototype Serial # 001 for Sale

Up for auction OR TRADE FOR COLLECTOR/SPORT CARS (AND TRADES FOR 1986 HONDA Z50 CHROME CHRISTMAS SPECIAL MINI BIKES) is a rare opportunity to own a piece of motorcycle history. This bike was owned and operated by the land speed record holder, James Hoegh until I purchased it directly from him. I purchased this bike because I fell in love with the design, and the history. Its not a practical bike for me and it belongs in a collection or a museum. This is a unique bike that has lots of custom attributes listed below: It does have Dual high intensity xenon headlights. Clip on handle bars. 132 CI S&S Engine with a 1 piece forged crank. 132 HP and 145 ft’ of torque. 5 speed manual transmission with GP style shifting, 1 gear up and 4 gears down. Custom Marzocchi 50MM race forks that are adjustable. Race tech coil over shock in rear that is fully adjustable. Dual disc Brembo brakes up front with a single brembo disc in the rear with a 2 piston caliper. BST carbon fiber wheel, front and rear. 28″ seat height. Oil is circulated through the frame for cooling purposes. Large oil sight glass on on driver side where triple tree meets frame. There are a couple rock nicks in the forks which I have photo graphed. This bike is sold with a framed certificate of provenance & authenticity from Confederate motorcycle company.

The price for muscle-bike perfection and visibly, spin-y gears? A Buy-It-Now price of $40,000 which seems almost reasonable, considering the prices of new Confederates. Certainly, if you’re looking to add something rare and unusual to your collection, you can’t go wrong with #001, although it’s a shame you’d damage the value by putting miles on it. Maybe if you just live your life a quarter mile at a time and blast from stoplight-to-stoplight, it’ll take a long time to add up any meaningful mileage…


Prototype Brawler: 2012 Confederate X132 Hellcat Serial #001 for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale May 8, 2015 posted by

Devil in the Details: 2014 Confederate Hellcat XR132 for Sale

2014 Confederate Hellcat R Side

One of the things I love about old bikes is the detailing. Even simple oil lines and brackets are often beautifully crafted, even if they leak or quickly corrode… But with modern bikes, so much is molded from cheap plastic, or hidden behind overstyled panels. Sure, it all works, but where’s the art? Well, apparently, Confederate has been collecting all the art and putting it into their range of handmade, boutique motorcycles, like the XR132 Hellcat.

2014 Confederate Hellcat L Rear

Even if you’re not particularly into the whole drag-bike aesthetic, standing ten feet away, it’s hard not to be blown away by the close-in details, like the machined-from-aluminum engine case and the little window that lets you see the cam belt spinning away, like some enormous, thundering Swiss watch.

2014 Confederate Hellcat R Rear

That engine isn’t simply a warmed-over Harley Twin-Cam and, at $65,000 new, it’d better not be. It’s a 56°, 2163cc, perfectly-square unit by S&S, mated to a rugged 5-speed gearbox that puts 121hp and 140 ft/lbs to a balloon-like 240-section rear tire. The rest of the specifications are pure bike-porn with Berringer brakes, BST wheels, WP suspension, all topped off with a MotoGadget gauge to keep an eye on things.

2014 Confederate Hellcat L Case Detail

From the original eBay listing: 2014 Confederate Hellcat XR132 for Sale

The Hellcat 3 is a turning point in the history of the world’s most exotic bespoke manufacturer… because this is a bike that has been transformed from raw iconic hand made custom to sophisticated, drivable, maintainable, hand made custom by the genius and perfectionism of ex Ducati legend of the 90s, Pierre Terblanche who took over the role of head designer at Confederate between and 2012-2014 and who personally oversaw the build of this particular machine to make sure it was within the best of the company tolerances.

Boasting the legendary 2.2 S&S vee twin mill, the Hellcat now features useable geometry and an adjustable swing arm, plus a thousand other improvements and innovations over its predecessor which now take the pain out of ownership.

2014 Confederate Hellcat L Seat Detail

It’s interesting to note that the original listing shows the price in pounds sterling, so it makes one wonder: is the bike in Birmingham, Alabama, or Birmingham, England? It doesn’t really matter, since we’re all likely just looky-loos, here to talk about how we’d never spend our money on such an overpriced toy. But honestly, if I had all the money in the world, I probably would own something like this, because why the hell not. Although it’d more likely be the Hellcat’s stablemate, the Wraith, since it’s even weirder-looking…

2014 Confederate Hellcat R Front Detail

With a Buy It Now Price of $49,500 this is a seriously top-shelf machine for riders with a whole lot of disposable income, but also know a good bargain when they see it… It’s the kind of luxury motorcycle that is basically pointless, festooned with impossibly trick, high-performance bits that are basically unnecessary, given the bike’s likely uses: it’d never be your day-to-day bike, it’s lousy for track days, you can’t take a passenger, and you certainly can’t tour on it. Although anyone with enough cash to splash on a Hellcat could probably also afford to hire a chase van to follow along with your camping gear, espresso-maker, portable hot tub, and masseuse.

2014 Confederate Hellcat L Seat Detail

It’s a bike to own for no other reason than “because you can.” To paraphrase Mad Max’s Night Rider, the Hellcat is a “fuel-injected suicide machine, it’s a rocker, it’s a roller, it’s an out-of-controller…”


2014 Confederate Hellcat L Front

Ducati May 27, 2013 posted by

How Far Will This Go ? 1974 Ducati 750 SS (Germany/Switzerland)


The SS models of the 70s are the among the highest reaching Ducati. Very rare to come across one, here we have a 750 cc. The bike was regularly driven. The seller explicitly mentions that it isn’t a museum bike, but it looks pretty good to me.


he starting price is a whopping 47.850 EUR and who knows where the reserve is. This Ducati is a real race replica and was apparently built in roughly 400 samples. Considered one, if not the most significant model of Ducati’s history, the SS 750cc was built following the Imola 200 race of 1972, which Ducati won. This model features the colors of Paul Smart  , also recently used for the recent modern replica. If you wonder what that vertical stripe on the tanks is for, well that was to check the fuel level on the racing version.


This SS also featured the bevel actuated desmodromic camshaft. I guess you could see this as the equivalent of the gear driven system of the racing Aprilia RSV4 as opposed to the stock chain driven technology. Highly sophisticated, the 750cc SS of 1974 was a demonstration of how a serial motorbike could be as close to a race bike as possible.





The Ducati 750 is posted on eBay in Germany but the bike is located in Switzerland. Let’s hear it from the seller:

750SS 1974, the duc is now even washed, and is spotless. FIVA registered, and now also in the global SS register registered under under headings 190 to the constant discussions whether original or not definitively bury the … annoying website is operated by roger miller and ian fallon. Since revision 12096 km, still dry as it is still snowing. this is not a museumsduc but is driven regularly and it shows too …. so it must be. No warranty, Collection only.

Good luck to the bidders on this one.

1974 Ducati 750 SS on ebay (Germany/Switzerland)


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Ducati Oddity: 1991 Ducati 400 Super Sport Junior

Ducati Oddity:  1991 Ducati 400 Super Sport Junior

All I could say when I saw this Ducati 400SS Junior l was, “Wow, that is odd”.  I had forgotten Ducati had jumped into the 400cc Japanese market.  Unfortunately they took the accountants idea and just sleeved down an existing model instead of building a 400 from the the ground up.  Actually, it was a sleeved down version of an already sleeved down version.  The 400SS Junior  is based off the 750SS which was based on the 900SS.  Max power is 42HP (18 down from the 750SS) and there are other money saving short cuts such as cheaper suspension components.  It looks like the Junior was produced from 1989-1990, double front discs is an identifier, and then restyled a bit  for the 1991-1997 production run with a single front disc.  Who can fill in the blanks on any other difference?  Even though this is listed as a 1991 I believe it is actually a 1990 model with the double front discs giving it away.

Who would want an old, slow 400 called a Junior?  Me, for one!  If you look hard enough, you can always find a Bayliss Replica or Desmosedici for sale,  but a 400 Junior?  That is a rare Ducati.  I love anything unique that the next guy doesn’t have and this fits the bill the perfectly.  I would imagine a Ducati collector or two would like one to fill out at a collection.


It sounds like it was a decent handling bike with an engine that just wasn’t comfortable in 400cc form.  It looks like from 1991 it was available with a half fairing.

The auction details:

Mileage: 10,088 KM’S









Starting bid is $5,800 and the auction is up and running.


Click it to see it.


A short clip of 400SS Junior.  Not the bike for sale.





Ducati March 27, 2010 posted by

1992 Ducati 900SS With 3,782 Miles In Charcoal/Metallic Black

This is an early Supersport in Metallic black which was only available in 1992.  Located in Stockton, California is a 1992 Ducati 900SS with 3,782 original miles.  We’ve seen one other example of this color scheme before which caused quite the discussion and can be seen here.  This color was only available in 1992 and only 13 of the half-fairing bikes made it to the U.S. but, I’m not sure on how many full fairing examples made it in.  Anyone know Ian Fallon?  Regardless of how this color is viewed, this is a low mile example of the early white frame Supersports.  This bike isn’t entirely original as it has been fitted with Fast By Ferracci exhaust in carbon and a Dynojet stage two kit to match.  The stock exhaust is included with the bike.  The bike is also fitted with Dunlop D208’s.  The seller also mentions that a full set of gear comes with the bike–useful if you’re the same size and share the same taste as the seller.  This bike looks to be fitted with the correct seat and decals which one would expect from a bike with this low mileage.  The asking price is $6,500 which is $2,000 less than the other black ’92 we saw that had 4,000 more miles.  If you like your Ducati’s black but like something a bit more vintage, see this bike on Craigslist here.