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Ducati August 11, 2016 posted by

Catalogue Shopper – 1998 Ducati 748L Neiman-Marcus Edition #075

Produced for the Gold Coast set as the dot-com bubble was about to pop, it’s rare to see one of the 100 Neiman-Marcus 748L’s.  The L was a base model 748 with rich Mercury Silver metallic paint and a few nice carbon appointments, and this one is rarer still as it appears to be a rider, with fresh maintenance and more miles than they generally acquire stuck at the back of the carriage house behind the Bentley convertible.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus left

1998 Ducati 748L Neiman-Marcus Edition for sale on eBay

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right rear

Little brother to the 916, the 748 might also be the wiser brother, the smaller engine revving a little higher, a little easier on the temperamental cooling system, and a nimble handler.  Weber electronic fuel injection helps the 748’s 96 hp take advantage of the close-ratio transmission.  Showa suspension is found front and rear, and Brembo brakes are 320mm front and 220mm rear.  The L came with a gold-tinted frame, a luxe contrast with the metallic paint, and biposto seat.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus left indoors

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right front wheel

Appearing excellent for its nearly 15,000 miles, this 748L has been treated to a Termignoni exhaust and little more carbon than the factory front and rear fenders.  Otherwise it is substantially stock, with a smoked windscreen, compulsory tail tidy, and nifty 3-2-1 turn signals integrated into the tail lights.  It’s offered by a fledgling Wisconsin dealer, who has this to say in the eBay auction:

Featured on this bike is the original dent-free tank with matching bodywork – all original to this machine. The seats are also the fantastic rip-free originals. Attention to the subtle details reveals the outstanding nature of this bike. This machine sports many carbon fiber pieces including; front fender, rear wheel hugger, chain guard, front sprocket cover, brake and clutch fluid caps, and the inner chin fairing.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus steering damper

Other tasteful touches on this machine are the carbon fiber full Termignoni exhaust system, rear fender elimination kit, sequential integrated LED rear turn signals, frosted front turn signal covers, billet open clutch cover, tank scratch guard, adjustable hand levers, dual-beam HID headlights, black windscreen, and a license plate relocation kit.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right seat

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus left rear wheel

Questions are limited to the wheels and tires – tires appear about ready for replacement, and the wheels look to be the right type but I was expecting the gold mist finish, maybe they fell victim to an earlier trade.  There a nice walk-around video – here – with some most nauseating helmet-cam toward the end.  It does at least demonstrate a running, driving and ultra-rare Ducati.  Several bids only one day into it, and I’ll be checking back to see what happens with this one.


20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus cockpit

Catalogue Shopper – 1998 Ducati 748L Neiman-Marcus Edition #075
Suzuki May 10, 2014 posted by

RSBFS CSI: 1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf

1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf Silver For Sale

Since I started blogging sport bikes for sale early in 2006, I don’t recall seeing a silver Walter Wolf RG400 for sale. Naturally this example caught my eye when I saw it on eBay. It smelled of the sweet 2 stroke oil but also had such a dapper appearance that I wasn’t sure what I was looking at was original. Thankfully the RSBFS archives revealed that silver models were produced and I bring you this RG400 today.

1987 Suzuki RG400 for sale on eBay


The CSI reference is because this bike is in Japan and while the written description is thorough, there are only 4 pictures as of this writing. The seller notes new pictures will be uploaded soon and will certainly assist in helping to ascertain what is available for sale in this auction. That said he seem very forthright about the condition it’s in so bid accordingly.




from the seller:

With only 1,400kms being done since new the engine is still in very good condition and should be treated as still needing to be ” broken in ”

Unfortunately, it’s previous owner didn’t take much care in storing it and over the years, it has received scratches, scrapes, dents (very small at front of tank ) and some cracks mainly around the mirror mounts . I also think it was kept either in a shop window or a lock up with large windows as some decals show signs of UV attack. The wheels also have surface corrosion in places – I have made no attempt to clean or cover this up as the next owner will likely have them powder coated to the same colour to keep them in standard trim. Inside of the tank is clean , all locks are one key.

Detailed photos to follow – as soon as I got the cover off the heavens opened up and now thunderstorms prevail , sods law !!

OK, the good stuff:

The bike has been serviced to be used , the carbs are as clean as the day they were made , fuel lines and delivery pipes have all been replaced as have the heat shield springs. In-line check valves fitted to stop the notorious two stroke drip , BT45 tyres front and back have done around 200kms so plenty life left in them , chain & sprockets all good , running on Suzuki CCIS two stroke oil , good pads and discs. Gearbox oil is Suzuki , airfilter is OEM and good condition. Some parts are brand new as I keep an OEM box of bits at hand for when I am working on my pack ( I have eight of these bikes ).

It starts with ease and gets up to running temperature as normal , I received the bike when under 1,200kms so have used it to check condition and just to have that experience of riding a bike with such a low KM engine. I have been running it on 100 octane gasoline.

I have removed all panels and checked over the bike thoroughly for any under laying faults, without fully stripping down the bike I can’t be 100% it doesn’t have any but nothing was evident to me. You may want to remove the swingarm and suspension linkage to check the condition of the grease in them as I haven’t done this. Same applies to the headstock bearings, under inspection and use none of these components have any issues.
With this in mind, I am happy to give the bike a cost price parts warranty for 6months after arrival. Should any non serviceable part fail within this time period and providing it is still available from factory I will supply at absolute cost ie: What it costs me to get is what it costs you.

Ask me for a link and I can show you it running.

When replacing the panels I have used stainless steel fixings , I will also include the originals I removed boxed ( it may or may not be complete ) , cowl screen has been replaced with an original used tinted screen with trim. I can see no problem with you using it on arrival after you have got registered for your country. It would however, benefit from a full strip down just to go over some of the things I have pointed out above. Having several of these bikes it really is surplus to needs and someone else should get the joy out of using it daily.

If you intend to strip it down for a full restoration I will be happy to help out sourcing genuine OEM parts – there is still a huge range of factory stock. Your list is going to be small though.

Included in the sale:

Port to port shipping by crate
New clock foam bracket with trip reset and cushion dampers.
New Fork stanchions and oil seals, there are some minor pits on the originals, but nothing that is currently causing an issue.
Rear Blue seat – original (used)
Original tool kit
Document holder

Shipping :
Shipping is from port to port only.
You are responsible to find out the import laws for your country , the bike will be shipped to closest port as possible to your location for you to then collect. It will be well crated ( You can ask for photos of previous bikes being sent out ) and covered. Although bike will be in full running order you will need a van or trailer.
You will be responsible for all import / port fees of your country and delivery costs from your port to home.
If you need to apply for permission to import this bike contact me as soon as possible.

Shipping time:
On completion of payment bike will be crated ready to go to port for customs clearance and to be loaded onto next available ship. This can take 1 to 4 weeks depending on how busy port/shippers are and is completely out of my hands, you will however be well informed on what’s happening each step of the process. Sail times vary between 4 to 12 weeks depending on your location.

RSBFS CSI:  1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf
Aprilia April 29, 2013 posted by

Stunning in Silver: 1997 Aprilia RS250

1997 Aprilia RS250 For Sale

What a beautiful way to wake up! A plated Aprilia RS250 dressed in the very handsome factory gray track suit. While I love the Chesterfield replicas, these manage to look all the business in an almost Germanic way without all the sponsor stickers screaming at you. This particular example is amazingly stock and complete with just 2500 miles on the clock. There are some light scratches on the one fairing but otherwise I don’t see much to get worked up about. The opening bid is $8k reserve not met or if you can’t wait, you can get it immediately for $9350.


1997 Aprilia RS250 For Sale on eBay


from the seller:

Bone stock 1997 Aprilia RS 250 race replica. This model was not imported to the US and is extremely rare, especially in this color scheme. I purchased this bike from GP Motorcycles in San Diego California this past winter. The original owner imported it new in the crate and it was assembled at GP Motorcycles. It changed hands a couple of times and was ridden very little. Prior to me purchasing it, GP Motorcycles performed over $500 of maintenance including: Over all inspection of all mechanicals, Bolt ReTorque, Chain Lube and adjustment, Full Carb clean, Airfilter replacement, Spark plugs replaced all of which I have receipts for and will be included in sale. It came with a California Title and now has a clear Minnesota title in my name. Those of you who follow these grey market bikes know how difficult it is to get these 2 strokes titled today, so the hard work has been done for you

It has never been raced and is still in stock condition. There are various paint nicks and chips from sitting and storage over the past 16 years. The left side fairing has some light scratches that are very thin and look due to something rubbing against it. The lower left hand part of the fairing also has some chips from what I was told was a pet dog chewing on it. Pictures tell the story. The tires appear to be the originals too. I always preferred this body style over the 1998 onward too. Also included in sale are the Max Biaggi soft bike cover, rear seat pad and 3 bottles of Castrol Power RS TTS Fully synthetic 2 stoke oil.

Everything on this bike works as it should including all electronics and mechanicals. If you are reading this listing, you know what this bike is and how rare it is. If not just google Aprilia RS 250. It is as close to a true GP racer as you can get. Kick start 2 stroke screamer. I am selling due to a restoration project that has gone way over budget and this bike is just not practical enough for me. It is only at home on a track or the twisties, neither of which are readily available in Minneapolis.

I have put about 100 miles on this bike and it is hands down the lightest, fastest, best breaking bike I have ever ridden. Ripping through the gears is breathtaking. With that said, this is not a good first bike or a practical ride around town bike either. It needs to be ridden hard and is best at the top of the power band. The riding position is for racing and stopping and starting in traffic is not for this bike. It can be done, but not easily.

I have never seen another in this color scheme nor have I seen one for sale with this low of miles. I guess that is why I could not resist purchasing it. The pictures speak for themselves.

When this bike is not ridden, it is stored in a heated basement, with cover on and battery trickle charger. I am sure I have forgotten somethings and will do my best to update the listing if something else pops up.

 I am just trying to get my money back and cover my costs.



Ducati February 9, 2011 posted by

Get ready for summer – 1998 Ducati 900SS FE #212

1998 Ducati 900SS FE #212 with 5820 miles!

i bought this Ducati from a ducati nut in cambridge, MA in 2003.  I have kept the bike in my heated garage and it is in unbelievable original unmolested condition.  It has fancy carbon ferraci exhausts(the originals are included also).  Also included is a new right side fairing that i never put on(the bike fell over and put a scratch in the fairing…you can hardly see the scratch so i never put the spare on…the prev owner literally bought a new fairing from the dealer since he wanted his bike perfect)

It’s been a long, hard winter and I bet most of you are looking forward to riding again in some warm weather.  Well, what better way to kick start the new riding season with one of these older, classier Ducatis?  Sure, it’s a bit down on power @ 84 hp from the air-cooled 2V engine, but the way it delivers the power makes it a real fun ride – none of that silly traction control or power modes required!  You can crank it over and crack open the throttle without having to worry too much about it throwing you off.  And the 900SS FE’s are only made in limited numbers as well (this one being #212 of 300), so that makes them just a bit more special as well.

And maybe it’s just me, but I find the older Ducs more pleasing to look at.  The Tamburini designed 916 was iconic; Terblanche’s 999/749, while controversial, is starting to grow on me (the 2004 749R previously listed on RSBFS helped); but the 1098/1198, even though an excellent performing bike, seems to lack some of that unique Ducati-ism of old – if I saw it in my mirrors, I could’ve easily mistaken it for an R1 or CBR or ZXR or some GSXRCBZX thingee. And don’t even get me started on the Diavel monstrosity…

So, if you’re an old fogie like me looking to re-capture some of that Ducati charm of old, . Just for reference, here are the 900SS FEs that we have listed in the past, and here’s my own 900SS FE (#299) up for sale.


Ducati August 16, 2010 posted by

Phil’s ’98 Ducati 900SS FE (#299) for sale

Update 9.1.2011: SOLD!

OK folks, here’s my own personal ride up for sale – a very clean ’98 Ducati 900SS FE (serial #299 of 300) with 76xx miles.

As some of you may know, I am quite fond of the 2V air-cooled Ducati engine for its charm.  As a matter of fact, my first post for RSBFS was a Ducati 900SS FE, so with a bit of irony and a hint of sadness I am putting up my own FE up for sale.

The bike has very low miles and well looked after.  It’s pretty much stock except for carbon silencers (I think they are Ducati Performance items but not sure) and Corbin saddle.  The bike doesn’t need anything other than a quick going over the fluids and batteries.

Asking $5800 or best offer.  The bike can be viewed at at Supermoto Italia in New York.  Any questions just let me know!


Ducati February 7, 2010 posted by

1998 Ducati 900SS FE for sale in San Francisco

Bargain 1998 Ducati 900SS FE (Final Edition)!

My first post on RSBFS was a 900SS FE and I have always liked the classic lines of the old air-cooled Supersports.  For most people and for most street riding, these bikes are more than enough to get that stupid grin on your face without getting into too much trouble.  And $4500 will get you this very nice 1998 Ducati 900SS FE Final Edition (#30 of 300) for sale in San Francisco:

Final Edition #30
10670 Miles
All Stock except for AFAM front & 39tooth Rear Sproket (1k miles)
1k miles on brakes and tires
Magnetic Tank Bag
Battery Tender
2nd Owner
Minor Cosmetic scratches and rear light lense cracked

So there are some cosmetic scratches and the rear lense is cracked, but what do you expect for a 12 year old bike?  And for the bargain asking price, I can easily over look the minor details.  FEs have been hovering around the $5500 – $6000 range, so this one’s a steal.

Also check out Ed’s 900SS/FE website – chock full of good info.  If you end up getting this or any other 900SS FE, don’t forget to get your bike in the 900SS FE registry as well!

Finally, just to show that Supersports can be Supersexy as well, see this tricked out 900SS FE special done up by performance parts dealer Motowheels complete with BST carbon fiber wheels, carbon fiber tank, Rizoma goodies… hmm….


[AffomaticEbay]Ducati 900SS[/AffomaticEbay]

puch January 22, 2010 posted by

First of three very rare vintage race bikes for sale on ebay

Been dragging my feet on these postings, so I apologize for getting these up so late, but there’s still time until the auctions end.  Besides, I would have posted these up even if the auction ended (you’ll see why).

I will list them according to vintage.  Up first is a :

Very rare Steyr-Daimler-Puch race bike…

A beautiful museum quality restoration by Kent Riches.

Any motorcycle collector worth his weight in salt will know that a Puch racer is a desirable and sought after machine… When was the last time you saw a Puch racer?

Puch racers rarely makes it to the open market, They are usually passed around between collectors, friends and museums… Now is your opportunity to add a highly desirable bike to your collection…

This classic racer has had a no-expense spared restoration to make this piece a true museum quality motorcycle.

Flawless paint, accurate decals and badging are just some of the fine detailed work.  Other features are…

Huge front brake with air duct

Beautiful sexy period race fairing, tank, and tail

Zinc replated spokes, nipples, and all hardware

Flawless chrome work

This bike has a fresh motor and runs great…. This restoration is the best of the best and almost to nice to race. If you have ever thought about vintage road racing this would be an excellent bike. This is a rare opportunity to get a beautiful motorcycle… don’t let it slip by…

I can’t say I know much about vintage race bikes, but I fully agree with the seller: “When was the last time you saw a Puch racer?

The brunette bike is absolutely gorgeous and I can only guess that this is a very very collectible bike (just like the other two coming up).


Sport Bikes For Sale January 22, 2010 posted by

Second of three very rare vintage race bikes for sale on ebay

The second bike is also from the seller of the Steyr – Daimler – Puch road racer posted earlier (actually, all three of these rare vintage race bikes that I am posting are from the same seller!) is a :

A beautiful museum quality restoration by Kent Riches

Any Italian motorcycle collector worth his weight in salt will know that a Motobi racer is one of the most desirable and sought after machines… A Motobi racer rarely makes it to the open market… They are usually passed around between collectors, friends and museums… Now is your opportunity to add a highly desirable brand to your Italian collection…

This classic racer has had a no-expense spared restoration to make this piece a true museum quality motorcycle.

Flawless paint, accurate decals and badging are just some of the fine detailed work.  Other features are…

Zanzani frame modifications for road racing

C2 camshaft

Ceriani forks

Grimica brakes

Radelli rims

Rob North megaphone exhaust

Dellorto carb

Fiberglass fairing tank and tail

The motor is fresh and ready to run

This restoration is the best of the best and almost to nice to race. If you have ever thought about vintage road racing this would be an excellent bike

Again, I don’t know much about Motobi except that it was founded by the eldest of the Benelli brothers – Giuseppe Benelli – because of a family feud. Motobi racers were also quite successful in their time, winning quite a few Italian championships in 125cc, 175cc, and 250cc classes. You can read up on some of that interesting Motobi history here.