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Catalogue Shopper – 1998 Ducati 748L Neiman-Marcus Edition #075

Produced for the Gold Coast set as the dot-com bubble was about to pop, it’s rare to see one of the 100 Neiman-Marcus 748L’s.  The L was a base model 748 with rich Mercury Silver metallic paint and a few nice carbon appointments, and this one is rarer still as it appears to be a rider, with fresh maintenance and more miles than they generally acquire stuck at the back of the carriage house behind the Bentley convertible.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus left

1998 Ducati 748L Neiman-Marcus Edition for sale on eBay

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right rear

Little brother to the 916, the 748 might also be the wiser brother, the smaller engine revving a little higher, a little easier on the temperamental cooling system, and a nimble handler.  Weber electronic fuel injection helps the 748’s 96 hp take advantage of the close-ratio transmission.  Showa suspension is found front and rear, and Brembo brakes are 320mm front and 220mm rear.  The L came with a gold-tinted frame, a luxe contrast with the metallic paint, and biposto seat.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus left indoors

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right front wheel

Appearing excellent for its nearly 15,000 miles, this 748L has been treated to a Termignoni exhaust and little more carbon than the factory front and rear fenders.  Otherwise it is substantially stock, with a smoked windscreen, compulsory tail tidy, and nifty 3-2-1 turn signals integrated into the tail lights.  It’s offered by a fledgling Wisconsin dealer, who has this to say in the eBay auction:

Featured on this bike is the original dent-free tank with matching bodywork – all original to this machine. The seats are also the fantastic rip-free originals. Attention to the subtle details reveals the outstanding nature of this bike. This machine sports many carbon fiber pieces including; front fender, rear wheel hugger, chain guard, front sprocket cover, brake and clutch fluid caps, and the inner chin fairing.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus steering damper

Other tasteful touches on this machine are the carbon fiber full Termignoni exhaust system, rear fender elimination kit, sequential integrated LED rear turn signals, frosted front turn signal covers, billet open clutch cover, tank scratch guard, adjustable hand levers, dual-beam HID headlights, black windscreen, and a license plate relocation kit.

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus right seat

20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus left rear wheel

Questions are limited to the wheels and tires – tires appear about ready for replacement, and the wheels look to be the right type but I was expecting the gold mist finish, maybe they fell victim to an earlier trade.  There a nice walk-around video – here – with some most nauseating helmet-cam toward the end.  It does at least demonstrate a running, driving and ultra-rare Ducati.  Several bids only one day into it, and I’ll be checking back to see what happens with this one.


20160810 1998 ducati 748l neiman-marcus cockpit


  • These L models were a completely ordinary 748 with a different paint job, a plaque on the triple, and an “L” added to the tail decal. The wheels on this example have been repainted or polished. The original windscreen is gone (probably the rear fender/signals/tail light as well). The seller claims the exhaust is a “full system” but those are just regular slipons. And the tank stickers, “075/100” frame sticker, and the FAKE carbon reservoir caps are in a 3-way competition for “Most Douch-ey Accessory”. 748s are lovely to ride, but this is a $3,500-$4,000 bike.

  • I was dating a girl who worked at Neiman’s when this came out and it was in their catalogue along with all the other crap they were selling. It really kinda bummed me out thinking about the types of, “riders,” that would buy a Ducati out of a Neiman Marcus catalogue. I’m sure they were pretty gnarly dudes.

    Anyways, collectible? To who?

  • Is this the same paint color as found on the 1998 900 SS/FE?


  • @JeffM Certainly looks like it – silver bodywork with a gold frame and carbon mudguards. 1998 was a good year for silver Ducs.

  • ’98 was the transition year from Cagiva to Texas Pacific Group ownership. The Ducati font and logos all changed, with lots of little quirks just for that year. The graphics morphed again for ’99.

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