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RSBFS CSI: 1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf

1987 Suzuki RG400 Walter Wolf Silver For Sale

Since I started blogging sport bikes for sale early in 2006, I don’t recall seeing a silver Walter Wolf RG400 for sale. Naturally this example caught my eye when I saw it on eBay. It smelled of the sweet 2 stroke oil but also had such a dapper appearance that I wasn’t sure what I was looking at was original. Thankfully the RSBFS archives revealed that silver models were produced and I bring you this RG400 today.

1987 Suzuki RG400 for sale on eBay


The CSI reference is because this bike is in Japan and while the written description is thorough, there are only 4 pictures as of this writing. The seller notes new pictures will be uploaded soon and will certainly assist in helping to ascertain what is available for sale in this auction. That said he seem very forthright about the condition it’s in so bid accordingly.




from the seller:

With only 1,400kms being done since new the engine is still in very good condition and should be treated as still needing to be ” broken in ”

Unfortunately, it’s previous owner didn’t take much care in storing it and over the years, it has received scratches, scrapes, dents (very small at front of tank ) and some cracks mainly around the mirror mounts . I also think it was kept either in a shop window or a lock up with large windows as some decals show signs of UV attack. The wheels also have surface corrosion in places – I have made no attempt to clean or cover this up as the next owner will likely have them powder coated to the same colour to keep them in standard trim. Inside of the tank is clean , all locks are one key.

Detailed photos to follow – as soon as I got the cover off the heavens opened up and now thunderstorms prevail , sods law !!

OK, the good stuff:

The bike has been serviced to be used , the carbs are as clean as the day they were made , fuel lines and delivery pipes have all been replaced as have the heat shield springs. In-line check valves fitted to stop the notorious two stroke drip , BT45 tyres front and back have done around 200kms so plenty life left in them , chain & sprockets all good , running on Suzuki CCIS two stroke oil , good pads and discs. Gearbox oil is Suzuki , airfilter is OEM and good condition. Some parts are brand new as I keep an OEM box of bits at hand for when I am working on my pack ( I have eight of these bikes ).

It starts with ease and gets up to running temperature as normal , I received the bike when under 1,200kms so have used it to check condition and just to have that experience of riding a bike with such a low KM engine. I have been running it on 100 octane gasoline.

I have removed all panels and checked over the bike thoroughly for any under laying faults, without fully stripping down the bike I can’t be 100% it doesn’t have any but nothing was evident to me. You may want to remove the swingarm and suspension linkage to check the condition of the grease in them as I haven’t done this. Same applies to the headstock bearings, under inspection and use none of these components have any issues.
With this in mind, I am happy to give the bike a cost price parts warranty for 6months after arrival. Should any non serviceable part fail within this time period and providing it is still available from factory I will supply at absolute cost ie: What it costs me to get is what it costs you.

Ask me for a link and I can show you it running.

When replacing the panels I have used stainless steel fixings , I will also include the originals I removed boxed ( it may or may not be complete ) , cowl screen has been replaced with an original used tinted screen with trim. I can see no problem with you using it on arrival after you have got registered for your country. It would however, benefit from a full strip down just to go over some of the things I have pointed out above. Having several of these bikes it really is surplus to needs and someone else should get the joy out of using it daily.

If you intend to strip it down for a full restoration I will be happy to help out sourcing genuine OEM parts – there is still a huge range of factory stock. Your list is going to be small though.

Included in the sale:

Port to port shipping by crate
New clock foam bracket with trip reset and cushion dampers.
New Fork stanchions and oil seals, there are some minor pits on the originals, but nothing that is currently causing an issue.
Rear Blue seat – original (used)
Original tool kit
Document holder

Shipping :
Shipping is from port to port only.
You are responsible to find out the import laws for your country , the bike will be shipped to closest port as possible to your location for you to then collect. It will be well crated ( You can ask for photos of previous bikes being sent out ) and covered. Although bike will be in full running order you will need a van or trailer.
You will be responsible for all import / port fees of your country and delivery costs from your port to home.
If you need to apply for permission to import this bike contact me as soon as possible.

Shipping time:
On completion of payment bike will be crated ready to go to port for customs clearance and to be loaded onto next available ship. This can take 1 to 4 weeks depending on how busy port/shippers are and is completely out of my hands, you will however be well informed on what’s happening each step of the process. Sail times vary between 4 to 12 weeks depending on your location.


  • The seller needs more pictures for an international deal. Thats too far away for me anyways. It would be a deal if it was in front of me! I want it anyways!

  • The seller has posted some new pictures. I do not believe the miles now. This gamma has more fatigue stress cracking on the bodywork than any other gamma I have seen. In many spots, at least the seller took pics of them. There is no way you get that cracking from improper storage. Only get that from extended vibration from high miles. My daily rider RG500 has the original stock fairings and 50K km and no where near the crack damage as this bike. I was going to bid, but now I think its a parts/project bike and its too far away for that!

  • Like many bikes in japan garages are a luxury so they often are stored outside just under a bike cover these old plastics disagree with that and become brittle quite common with used bikes from this era I have seen for sale in japan.

    • I Agree with SmokinJoe439, having owned many bikes from Japan Smokin is correct , these bikesw sit outside, if you look at th photos it clearly looks low miles to me with the usual domestic pitting & rust just from sitting, If you look at the coolant tank in the photograph under the seat, I havent seen a white one in decades,they all tarnish to a yellow color with use and the heat from the engine, also the mounting points are always craked, Ive purchase low miles bikes from japan, you can have a 3k miles on it but due to the daily weather there the plastic isnt like todays and becomes brittal, just my observation

  • Hey guys the guy selling this RG400 Gamma is called Drew Jonson, Mori Man or Moriwaki Man and maybe some other names? I’m guessing Facebag too? He’s an English guy living in Japan and has a Facebook page and is on a few forums. From what I’ve seen on other forums he likes to use his mouth through the keyboard and is pretty nasty to some folks that don’t ask for it like Jimbo.

  • I have had dealings with Drew before and he can be a little prickly at times. He is a guy that says what he means and means what he says – he does not suffer fools. That said I have always found him to be easy to do business with and have never had reason to question his honesty or integrity. I do believe the kms to be realistically correct. Japan has very harsh weather and a shortage of good storage space. I have seen 10y/o bikes look like they are 30 – cold harsh conditions, salted roads and weather extremes will do that to a bikes alloys and plastics. Remember this bike is getting on for 30 and the ABS plastics back then weren`t half as good as they are today. Yakuza ??? I think you have been watching too many Jackie Chan movies 🙂

    BTW Max I think you will find Drew is Scottish. Being called a pom is something they don`t take kindly to 😉

  • Yup it’s my bike , yes the KMs are correct ,Yes -if your a twat your told so , I will also use my mouth in person ,
    In 7yrs of trading I have managed to piss off three people who equally pissed me off – anyone else claiming to be so haven’t said it to me so you can assume BS on that.
    You can’t please everyone all the time and I don’t pander to fools.
    I don’t think the plastics were broken from use I think it was from them being badly handled – the cowls do fracture at the mirror mounts very easily – having about 20+ cowls pass through my hands and watch the one on my Blue WW bike and Yosh coloured bike crack before my eyes in disbelief !
    In places the bike still has the factory paint blobs and appears to have never or very infrequently washed , the shaken label on the headstock falls off almost imediatley onb first wash or a few uses in rain – this is the first frame I have seen with it on apart from the display model Suzuki use at shows. caliper hose unions are very good with the factory paint on them – the anti-rust coating is still on them , the ones on my bike rust within three days as that has been washed off a long time ago. The foam fascia is still in very good condition on the clocks – these distort from use , I am only including a new one should someone want to do a full restore on the bike. There is too much good stuff on the bike for it to have been used above the KM reading – they just don’t last – the rubbers on the brake and gear change are like new and original – renew them now and they are a superceded part and slightly different shaped. I have seen plenty RG’s to know a genuine one .Because I do keep getting asked continuely – that opening price also includes shipping to port so cover transport internall here and it being crated , the crate is also covered not pallete wrapped so while it sits in storage no one can see what’s inside.
    Believe what you want for I have nothing to hide

  • PS: There are now plenty photos and a video if it running , I do not control the weather 😉

  • Comments have been cleaned up and now closed since it seems the constructive part of the conversation has run it’s course.


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