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Race History: Ex-Anthony Gobert Bimota SB8K for Sale

Both a flamboyant racer and a cautionary tale, Anthony Gobert was a hugely talented rider who fell from grace after a failed drug test. Several times, actually. Racing today is obviously a far cry from the wild days of the 60s and 70s, where playboy racers partied with stewardesses well into the night before getting up the following morning to risk life and limb while nursing a hangover. Today’s riders generally treat racing as the serious profession it has become, instead of as a way for daredevils to travel and booze it up on someone else’s dime. I’m sure Gobert’s missteps would have been laughed off in another era, but a failed test for marijuana, of all things, ended his MotoGP dreams in 1997, although he continued to race in Superbikes events in a variety of classes. Somewhere along Gobert’s slow downward spiral, he got a ride on this Bimota SB8K and managed to make an underfunded machine from a tiny manufacturer briefly competitive, a testament to his talent.

Bimota’s SB8 was really the TL1000R that Suzuki wasn’t able to build, and one of their most successful models. There’s no doubting the liquid-cooled, 996 v-twin engine’s prowess: it’s been used in various iterations by Suzuki since 1997 to power both sports and touring models. More importantly, both Cagiva and Bimota saw the potential for the engine to power some serious sporting hardware, and just needed to work around the layout challenges posed by the v-twin. As can be seen by the Ducati Panigale’s side-mounted rear shock, a transverse 90° v-twin is very long, making it difficult to package efficiently in a compact sportbike while simultaneously maximizing swingarm length. Suzuki used an innovative rotary damper with roots in Formula 1 to support the rear of their TL1000S and TL1000R. Unfortunately, while the concept was sound in theory, it didn’t work so well in practice, as the undersized unit tended to overheat and cause handling to go from “stable” to “exciting” without much warning.

Bimota took that throbbing, 138hp lump of an engine and put it into a machine that could much more fully exploit its obvious possibility. As with all Bimotas, the SB8’s real party trick was a state-of-the-art frame. While I’m a sucker for Ducati’s classic trellis unit, the SB8 used a wild composite design based around stiff, lightweight aluminum spars with carbon fiber side plates and a self-supporting carbon fiber tail section. You can see Bimota’s solution to that rear suspension issue, peeking out on the right side of the bike from behind the main frame spar. Ultimately, the SB8 weighed in at nearly 50lbs less than the TL-R, although the bike is uncharacteristically broad and bulky for a v-twin, ironic considering the amazingly slim design of the Ducati 996. It’s exotic for sure, but not especially pretty, and the carbon air tubes on the original SB8R also meant you’d better know where those hand controls are without looking, or you’d be craning your neck awkwardly trying to find the high-beam switch or cancel the turn signals. Best not to use them.

Of course, the locations of headlight and turn signal switches matter little in this particular case, since this is the updated SB8K version that did away with the massive carbon tubes in favor of a more conventional intake system. And this bike doesn’t have signals or lights anyway, since it’s the very World Superbike machine that Gobert used to win at Philip Island in 2000, reminding everyone of his talent, if not his self-control. Many who worked with him feel he could have been one of the all-time greats, and flashes of his brilliance can be seen in results he achieved on the SB8K.

From the original eBay listing: Ex-Anthony Gobert Bimota SB8K for Sale

ex-Anthony Gobert, winning in Philip Island April 2000.

VIN: 00071

This is a legendary bike in a WSBK history for who remembers the victory in april 2000 in Philip Island when Fogarty ended his career… also it is an ICON for the Italian racing motorcyles enthusiasts and the Bimota collectors. 

Only 2 FACTORY bikes were built for the 2000 WSBK, frame #71 and frame #73. This is the only of the 2 fully preserved, complete (with telemetry) and owned by BIMOTA FACTORY from year 2000 to 2017. Full history know, fully untouched since the 2000 season ended.

The bike is fitted with SUZUKI FACTORY TL1000R magnesium/dry clutch engine but tuned then for Bimota by one of the TOP mechanics in the Italian motorcycling history, Franco Farne’… yes the Ducati legend! The bike comes with some spares: engine cases, 2 heads, spare rear wheel, box with bits and pieces.

Letter of verification by the FACTORY present.

Parade, race and collect!

Be sure to check out the photos in the gallery above. The shot of the injectors and one of the high-capacity radiator with the cutout for the front cylinder are especially cool. This is yet another ex-race machine being offered by the same seller as the YB4 racebike from a couple weeks back and, a bit of expected racing wear and tear and some significant discoloration on the swingarm, appears to be in very nice condition. There are several days left on the auction, and bidding is up to just under $9,000 with the Reserve Not Met.


Race History: Ex-Anthony Gobert Bimota SB8K for Sale
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Rebound – 2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica

As the 1990’s wound down Bimota ventured into powerplant development, and produced a race-derived 500cc two-stroke mill for their 1997 V-Due.  Not for the meek however, fuel injection difficulties forced a recall and Bimota re-fit the entire production with carburettors, leaving them mostly outside emissions regulations for street machines, and ultimately forcing the partners to seek investors.  Reincarnated in the early 2000’s, most of the models were Ducati-based, but the notable SB8 was built around the big Suzuki twin TL1000 motor.  Introduced as the SB8R, the bike gave Bimota two WSBK wins in 2000 before the team lost their sponsorship.  In 2005 the SB8K was launched as a commemorative edition for its rider Anthony Gobert, and the bike was revised for 2006-07, named for the Italian race course, and is a rare and great performer.

20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica right front

2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica for sale on eBay

20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica left front

Long revered for their aluminum machined parts, Bimota lavished lightweight materials on the SB8K, the frame an aluminum cradle with beefy carbon connectors, and fairings being carbon fiber.  Though road regulations here did not allow a carbon fuel tank, overall weight is still under 400 lbs, fine for a machine with 143 hp.  Bimota produced their own ECU  for the SB8K which reduces the number of electrical components, and innovative fuel injectors which capitalize on intake flow.

20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica binnacle  20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica front fender

Components are excellent also, with adjustable 46mm Ohlins forks and monoshock.  Brembo radial-mounted front brake disks are 320mm, with a 240mm rear disk.  Underseat exhausts have aluminum mufflers, and lightweight forged wheels are from O-Z.  The carbon-faired monoposto seat is in nice shape.

20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica right tank  20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica triple clamp detail

The Santamonica offered here is no hangar queen with almost 9,000 miles, but looks good and unmolested.  The original owner says this in the eBay auction –

Original owner of this awesome Bimota. This is the highest specification motorcycle Bimota ever produced. Bodywork is full carbon fiber with the exception of the tank which is steel due to USA requirements. OZ racing wheels, Brembo radial brakes, Ohlins adjustable suspension and steering damper, mixed carbon fiber/aircraft alloy frame structure and numerous Bimota machined alloy parts. Suzuki TL1000R engine rated at 142.6 HP and 77.8 lb-ft of torque. Total weight less than 400 lbs with a very low center of gravity makes handling light and precise.

20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica left footpeg detail  20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica right rear wheel

A booming 1000cc twin with a bespoke chassis, the exotic SB8K has the advantage of a proven and repairable engine.  Nice to see one that’s been away from the display stand without being abused.  Priced in the mid-40’s when new, the patina-ed SB8K is liable to be much more affordable…

20150825 2006 bimota sb8k santamonica left frame detail


Rebound – 2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica
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Brand New 2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica #8

Update 8.1.2014: Originally posted in late January, this Santa Monica is back on eBay. This time there are a handful of new pictures, though not high resolution. However there is a very lengthy description to accompany and a significant price drop from $36k to $27,500. Links updated, -dc


While Bimota is currently only using Ducati engines in their bikes, before their most recent rescue from bankruptcy Bimota was developing bikes powered by Suzuki and Yamaha too. One of the most astonishing bikes produced during the Japanese powered era was the SB8K Santa Monica.

2006 Bimota SB8K for sale on eBay


In 2006 the SB8K was delivered with a huge amount of top shelf components. It had carbon fiber for the fairing as well as for the construction of the fuel tank, a custom frame wrapped around a Suzuki TL1000R motor with the upper frame built with lightweight alloy and a lower footrest section consisting of carbon fibre plates in a box structure. It also came with Ohlins 43mm forks and Brembo brakes. Many pieces were machined from aluminum alloy and it was the only street production bike in the world that was delivered using Bimota’s very own radial injector fuel injection (Radial EFI).

This example is being listed as new. Unfortunately there is only one picture with the listing but the seller’s description with the ad is thorough. MSRP was about $45k so you get a $9k discount for waiting 8 years to purchase!


Brand New 2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica #8
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Santa Monica Spring: 2005 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica (No Reserve!)

Santa Monica Spring:  2005 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica (No Reserve!)

It has been a little slow in the rare sport bike market the past couple weeks with one exception:  Bimota’s.  I think you could have easily acquired a decent Bimota collection in the span of a month.  SB8K Santa Monica’s don’t come up for sale all that often but this will be the second one in just over a week.  I think this one fulfills the shortfalls the dedicated RSBFS readers pointed out on the first Santa Monica.

Lets start with the tank.  Looks like that is the correct carbon tank for the Euro spec model you guys pointed out was missing on the other bike.

On to the real good stuff: no reserve!  Starting bid is $16,500.  Hmm, that is not out of line considering the mileage on this bike.  Did I mention only 570 miles?  Come on, you know no one actually rides Bimota’s.

From the seller:

Offered at NO RESERVE! 2005 Bimota SB8K Santamonica. 2nd owner. Purchased in May 2011 with 250km on the clock. This is the REAL euro version with full carbon fiber gas tank.
When purchased, Ducati Austin performed the following:

Oil change
All fluids changed
New battery
New fork seals and fluids
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP Tires

At about 500km, the epoxy on the bottom of the gas tank started to deteriorate (common with carbon tanks) so it went back to Ducati Austin for:

2 coats of Caswell Plating
Fuel pump flange milled for better fit to the tank
Carbon around fuel pump reworked for a tighter seal

At 890km, Horsepower Farm performed the following:
Refitted all the bodywork for a more correct fit without filling or drilling any panels or brackets
Fitted for US license plate

Installed Rizoma grips

Bike currently has 912km. Never down, rained on, or ridden in anger (unfortunately). Completely stock with exception of Rizoma Grips in gold (not pictured, as I just put them on) and a custom fabricated adapter to fit a US plate to the stock carbon hanger, as it is drilled for an EU plate. Comes with both keys, manual and Bimota cover.

The only imperfections are a small (1 inch) boot scratch on the right side of the carbon subframe, and a small (nickel sized) dark spot on the radiator. The scratch is not really visible unless you are looking for it at the right angle in the sunlight. Like most hand made Bimotas, some of the carbon bodywork fits a bit less than snug, but hey, that’s the nature of these things.

So it’s basically a new Santamonica that has been fully sorted out from sitting in a living room for years.

There you go kids, a high end bike for sale with good pictures and with a nice accurate and insightful description from the seller.  Can anyone comment on the sellers remarks about the bodywork? I always consider the fit and finish on a Bimota second to none.

Who is going to have a great Spring on a new Bimota?

Here she is, carbon tank and all.

Here is a thread on the bike with more pictures on the ApriliaForum. Mmmm, carbon fiber.


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New, Old Stock: 2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica W/10 Miles


New, Old Stock:  2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica W/10 Miles

“Santamonica”;  it just conjures up good images in your head, doesn’t it?  The visuals definetely reinforce that feeling.  In my dream world of limitless cash the Santamonica would be at the top of my list (along with the SB8K Gobert Replica) to own.  Maybe I shouldn’t be dreaming though, I was shocked to see the prices these bikes have been selling for when looking back through the highly secured RSBFS archieves .  We have listed multiple SantaMonica’s that sold in the mid teens (original MSRP was $45,900).  Granted, they had miles on them but they weren’t high mileage by any means.

I guess you know you are buying a high end bike when the license plate holder is carbon fiber.  It is crying for some carbon muffler back there.

The price on this NOS Santamonica is not in the teens.  The seller is asking $34,999.  Let me ask the buyers out there this:  would you not buy this bike if it was listed at $35,000?  The 999 prices always crack me up.  The seller is open to offers though so toss one out there and see if you get lucky.

The info please:

RARE! New 2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica, NEW (dealer’s stock) Bimota Santamonica SB8K, purchased and never used. European model (FULL CARBON TANK). Absolutely perfect and flawless. No stories. You will not find a better SB8K anywhere. This is the highest specification Bimota ever built. The factory sales brochure, bike cover, rear stand, 2 keys, User Manual, and leather key-fob is included. Ohlins, OZ, Brembo, Carbon FIber everything.

I’m assuming from the sellers comments about the full carbon tank that U.S. models did not have a full carbon tank?  Can anyone confirm or deny?


And now for some Bimota porn.

Who wouldn’t want one after looking at those pictures?  It doesn’t look dated a bit to me but reading up on some of the actual reviews of the Santamonica it was said that it felt a bit dated back in 2006 compared to the Ducati 999 of the time.  We all now though, buying a Bimota is about passion and not lap times.


Add the big “B” to your collection by clicking here.



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RSBFS Spring Updates 2011!

First of all, we hope you enjoyed our April Fools fun last week. We had a blast putting it together and I think everyone enjoyed it for the most part. Anyone pick up one of those beauts?

While here in the Pacific Northwest spring has yet to really make an appearance, I know proper riding weather is returning to most of the country as we speak. The guys have already posted some fantastic examples in the past couple of weeks to fill empty garage space and we look forward to seeing what else pops up in April and May — which are historically the most active months on our website. Here are some updates that haven’t made it to this site and we think you’ll enjoy.

Rare Sport Bikes

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the action over at our companion site Check out what you’ve been missing:

Mid America Motorcycle Auction Las Vegas 2011

Mike recaps the 2011 Mid America Auction in Las Vegas earlier this year

Airane2 Moto2 GP Motorcycle News

The latest with the Ariane2 Moto2 exclusive updates

OW-01 Restoration

An OW-01 build thread I spotted on PistonHeads

And numerous cool finds from around the web (click images above for details)

Classic Sport Bikes For Sale

Doug, Mike, Brian and myself have also started to revive Here are some of our first picks to kickstart the site back into action:

1973 Triumph/BSA X75: A Beginning and An End

Triumph/BSA X75: A Beginning and An End

What come around goes around: 1975 Suzuki RE5 Rotary

What come around goes around: 1975 Suzuki RE5 Rotary

1983 Kawasaki GPz305

1983 Kawasaki GPZ305 For Sale

We are eager to reach out to potential partners that would be interested in very attractive advertising rates on this site. Join the excitement as we really get this site cranking in the next few months. Email me for details.

Featured Listings

We currently have two featured listings that we’d like to point out. Please check out these beautiful bikes:

Ducati 748R For Sale

Ducati 748R with 587 miles for $10k

2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica #006

Bimota SB8K Santa Monica with 350 miles for $13k

Do you have a bike for sale that needs special attention on our site? Email me for details on how to get your motorcycle featured on

Meet-up at West Coast Moto Jam AMA Pro Races in Sonoma this May?

West Coast Moto Jam, Sears Point, SonomaIn May the AMA road racing series comes to Sonoma at the West Coast Moto Jam, and RSBFS is going to be in attendance! A group of us are actually riding down the west coast on our bikes and I’m hoping to organize a brief ride from the track to Lagunitas Brewing in Sonoma on Saturday afternoon. I’m buying the first round, so if you’re in the area please join us! RSVP ahead so I can estimate if we need a reserved area. If anyone would like one of our shirts hand delivered that day I’ll discount to just $10 at the event! S/L/XL still available.

We’d like to reintroduce two of our primary sponsors on Rare Sport Bikes For Sale, SpeedyMoto and Tyga USA. SpeedyMoto produces top shelf aftermarket parts for late model Ducati’s, and Tyga USA is a recent entry to our shores providing many brand new upgrade products for all modern sport bikes and many older two strokes as well. We thank our sponsors for their continued support and welcome new partnership opportunities. Please email me for our latest media guide and pricing if interested.

Tyga USA

And no update would be complete without a heartfelt Thank You to our readers. All of us at RSBFS, RSB, and CSBFS sincerely appreciate you reading our sites, commenting on our picks, and submissions to our sites. We love what we do and without you our work would not be possible. Thank you!

Dan Crouch

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2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica

2006 Bimota SB8K Santamonica

Daytona Beach, Florida

B.I.N. $15,000.00 SOLD! for $14,000.00 B.I.N.

Rare, check, Exotic, check, SPORTbike, check – yeah I think this gem from Bimota has it covered. There’s not much I can offer technically that hasn’t been said before (see past SB8 listings here) about this bike, but let me try to offer the highlights. This Bimota has a Suzuki TL1000R motor for propulsion and the usual Rimini goodies adorn the rest of the bike; aluminum frame, lots of carbon fiber, ohlins fork, shock and damper, OZ wheels, Brembo brakes – you get the idea.

This bike has a reliable motor from Japan, exotic styling from Italy and today you can add relative affordability to its list of attributes. Check out the CNC ridges on the triple clamps – awesome stuff! This particular version served primarily as an interior ornament for the owner while his main steed is a SB8R. The full listing for your review:

For sale is nearly new Bimota SB8K “santamonica”. If you are reading this listing then I don’t need to tell you about the history of bimota as a marque or this model in particular. It is showroom quality with only 600 miles on it. It is my 27th bimota bike over the years. I purchased it for show and tell only and as evident by lack of mileage she has been in my living room as a beautiful work of art. She is trickle charged and periodically started and ridden but my daily driver is her older relative a bimota SB8R. The time has come to thin out the herd a bit and I need more room so this wonderful machine is being offered for sale. Bimota USA MSRP was over 40k. She is now being offered at a mere fraction of that cost. She is sure to appreciate in value over the years. Email if you have any questions. Thanks for the interest and Happy Holidays.

I feel like the bike is solid when my biggest complaint is the LED tach. The only exception I take with the listing is the seller’s assertion that this bike is “sure to appreciate over the years.” The B.I.N. seems totally reasonable, especially considering the low miles and top condition. and make sure he throws in the bike stand and cover for your 15 large!


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2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica With Less Than 1,000 Miles On eBay

Bimota SB8K Santa Monica available on eBay!

Bike:  2006 Bimtoa SB8K Santa Monica

Location:  North Palm Beach, Florida

Mileage:  1,000mi

This looks to be a very nice–as one would expect with a sub-1k mile bike–Santa Monica on eBay that looks to be 100% stock, excluding the tank protector, as the seller states.

As you may know, the SB8K uses a Suzuki TL1000R based 996cc V-Twin with Bimota’s own fuel-injection system that uses radial mount fuel injectors which ensures very good power distribution.  The SB8K also features a very smart ECU which can also be used to download up to an hour of historical data from the bike.  The bodywork, including the tank, is all made of carbon-fiber while the majority of the other items are from aluminum.

I have yet to ride a SB8K but, I do have some very good experience on a TL1000R and I can honestly say the engine is the best part of the equation.  The TLR is heavy at slow speeds and the suspension isn’t perfect, but everything is overall very good with the motor the standout piece.  As many of you Duc’ riders know, the low-end torque of a V-Twin is fantastic and this motor continues to shine as the rev’s climb to the red-line.  The shortcomings of the TLR are the same reasons Bimota originally opened it’s doors:  Because the Japanese could build fantastic motors but didn’t have the resources to build fantastic frames and suspension.  Don’t get me wrong, the TLR is a very good bike, but I don’t doubt that the SB8K is far superior to it.

As the seller states, this bike originally sold for $49,495.29 (The price list says 2007) and this auction has the reserve under the base price of a Ducati 1198 ($16,495).  Which means, this bike has depreciated $33k in just four years.  If this bike goes for just over $16.5k, I call it a deal because, like the seller states, that is 1198 base money and, in the long run, I’d rather have a SB8K over a 1198–especially as that 1198 still has all of it’s depreciation ahead of it.  See Phil’s review of the other SB8K currently on eBay .  See this SB8K on eBay .