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Honda June 20, 2019 posted by

Sweet Little V4: 1988 Honda VFR400R for Sale

Sold in 1987 and 1988, the NC24 version of Honda’s VFR400R could easily be overlooked for the gem that it is. Styling is subdued, although the single-sided Pro Arm swingarm hints at something special underneath. This was a V4 sportbike for the masses, instead of an expensive, difficult-to-obtain homologation bike, like the RC30.

As you’d expect, the engine was just a shade under 400cc and the bike made a claimed 59hp, although that lines up with a sort of gentleman’s agreement the Japanese manufacturers had regarding the 400cc class, so I’ve no idea what they really made. A bit of tuning could definitely unleash more! The bike was under 400lbs dry and had a top speed of around 130mph, accompanied by the distinctive whine of the gear-driven cams.

Interestingly, the NC24 had a conventional 180° crank, with evenly-spaced firing intervals instead of the RC30’s 360° “big bang” configuration, although the later NC30 adopted a 360° setup. They also wisely moved the exhaust to the other side for the NC30, to better show off that cool swingarm. The 18” rear wheel, held in place by four nuts instead of the RC30’s sexy single mounting point, is matched to a 16” front that compounds the challenge of finding good tires to shoe this little beast.

It looks like the seller just copy/pasted the bike’s description from an online source that refers to the VFR400R as a “sport touring bike,” which it really isn’t. Later VFR’s certainly became that, but the early Honda V4s were built to go racing. See: Honda’s VFR750R RC30, homologation bike.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda VFR400R for Sale

The Honda VFR400 NC24 model is a sport touring bike manufactured by Honda. In this version sold from the year 1987, the dry weight is 165.0 kg (363.8 pounds) and it is equipped with a V4, four-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 59.00 HP (43.1 kW) @12800 RPM and a maximum torque of 39.00 Nm (4.0 kgf-m or 28.8 ft.lbs) @10000 RPM. With this drive-train, the Honda VFR400 NC24 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 210.0 km/h (130.5 mph). Regarding the chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride comfort, the Honda VFR 400 NC24 have a Aluminium Twin Spar frame frame with front suspension being 41mm Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped, rebound damping force air adjustable (8psi-11psi) and in the rear suspension it is equipped with Pro-Arm Mono shock, fully adjustable. Stock tire sizes are 100/90-H16 on the front and 130/70-H18 on the rear. As for stopping power, the Honda VFR400 NC24 braking system includes double disc. Nissin 2 pot caliper size 296 mm (11.7 inches) at the front and Single disc. Nissin 1 pot caliper size 220 mm (8.7 inches) at the rear.

This un-restored and stock condition VFR400R is in an excellent running condition with only minor bodywork/paint defects/scratches. (Very rare for this vintage Japanese motorcycle)

Mileage: 20,229 KM (12,600 miles)

Vermont registration.

Starts and run perfectly.

Good battery, chain, sprockets, and tires.

This motorcycle was imported from Japan and is offered with original Japanese title, sales brochure and original Honda Factory Parts Manual.

The early NC24 VFR400 is pretty rare here in the USA. They were never officially imported and lack the “baby RC30” twin-lamp styling of the later NC30s that make them so appealing. But that just means prices are much lower, and the $4,995.00 Buy It Now price seen here seems like a pretty good deal, and the bike looks much more aggressive with the Rothmans graphics. It’s always worth doing your homework when considering a Rothmans Replica, since it’s popular to fit more common models with aftermarket bodywork from China. But from what I can see, the bike is in pretty excellent condition otherwise, so it could be the real deal. Experts should feel free to chime in in the comments!


Sweet Little V4: 1988 Honda VFR400R for Sale
Honda August 16, 2017 posted by

Single-Sided Sportbike: 1987 Honda VFR400R NC24 for Sale

The later NC30 version of Honda’s VFR gets most of the attention, due to the fact that the style and specification so closely mimics the iconic RC30 at about half the cost, but this earlier VFR400R NC24 still makes for an appealing and attention-grabbing ride. The NC24 was sold in 1987 and 1988 and featured a 399cc V4 with gear-driven cams, although it had a more conventional 180° crank instead of the later bike’s 360° “big bang” firing order that helped give that later bike its distinctive character.

The 60hp produced by the V4 was modest but very flexible and the gear-driven cams added a characterful whine to go with the precise cam timing that prompted their inclusion. The VFR400R was light at around 350lbs dry and handling was predictably excellent. The bike’s endurance-racing design brief is clearly reflected in that ELF-designed Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm, here secured by four nuts [hidden by a plastic cover] instead of the later NC30’s genuine single nut.

Styling is fairly conventional, apart from that swingarm and high-mount exhaust. The bike has a single trapezoidal headlamp instead of twin round units found [for most markets at least] on the later NC/RC30’s, making this earlier VFR a bit of a bargain, considering the engineering and heritage on display here. This one is a fairly recent import from Japan and comes with a Washington State title!

From the original eBay listing: 1987 Honda VFR400R NC24 for Sale

Directly import from Japan, BDS Auction.
Honda VFR400R
1987 year
First generation with: single rear Pro-Arm system.
Model NC24-10006460
9526km- approximately 6500 mile original!
Excellent condition , new battery, oil filter, spark plugs.
Has clear WA Title!!!
No Trade!
We are a licensed dealer and importer of Japanese vehicles.
Have been importing since 1996!

The seller also includes a video walk-around and startup of the bike. The little V4 seems to fire up pretty easily, once the cameraman remembers the choke, and the bike makes a nice, exotic whir. $5,900 seems reasonable for this bit of Honda history: everything works and, although there is some of the expected surface corrosion on a Japanese import, the bike looks very complete, with low miles and tons of cool engineering detail.


Single-Sided Sportbike: 1987 Honda VFR400R NC24 for Sale
Honda December 20, 2016 posted by

Grey Market Rarity: 1988 Honda VFR400 NC24 for Sale


Built for 1987 and 1988, the NC24 version of Honda’s VFR400 was powered by a 399cc V4 with a lofty 14k redline, although it used a more conventional 180° crank instead of the later bike’s 360° “big bang” unit, which should give the bike more of an inline-four sound but with the added bonus of a distinctive whine from the gear-driven cams. The engine was surprisingly flexible, and handling was considered excellent. It was the very first VFR400 to use Honda’s Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm, although the rear wheel on the NC24 was secured by four bolts, instead of the later bike’s single large nut: the part you see in the photos is actually a plastic cover designed to mimic a trick racing part.

The VFR400 was originally intended for the Japanese market, although the later NC30 was officially imported to the UK and others found their way abroad through various grey market and “parallel import” channels so they do show up for sale pretty regularly, even here in the USA. This is actually the first NC24 I can remember seeing for sale. Most of the attention goes to the NC30, with its “baby RC30” looks. But this is still a very cool and unusual motorcycle, and perhaps the dowdy looks will keep costs down for folks more interested in performance and heritage than sexy style. With somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 hp and around 350 lbs dry to push around, performance is respectable and these have always been popular bikes among

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda VFR400 for Sale

Here we have a Honda NC24 VFR400. It has just been imported into the States from the UK. I test rode this bike when I collected it in Lancaster, England. It started with some difficulty but after warming up it idled well. I suspect that the carbs are restricted by washers. This is a common practice in the UK to satisfy licensing requirements for novice riders. If I were going to ride it regularly, I’d have the carbs cleaned and the washers removed. The bike comes with the V5 document (English equivalent of a title) , copies of import papers, and a bill of sale. I offer competitively priced delivery in the lower 48 States with a right of refusal guarantee. Upon delivery if you are unsatisfied with the motorcycle you will only be responsible for the delivery fee.

Bidding is very active, but just up to about $1,600 so I imagine it will go a good bit higher before the auction ends. The bike certainly isn’t perfect, with some flaking paint on the clutch lever, slight discoloration of the plastic “nut” that covers the rear hub, and the surface corrosion you’d expect on a bike that made it to the USA via the UK, where bikes see far more time being ridden in harsh weather and exposed to the elements. I’m also guessing that those aren’t the original fairings: looking online, that red stripe on the tank should continue onto the side panels. Maybe just repaint the whole thing as a Rothmans replica? As the seller mentions, these smaller-displacement bikes were often modified to limit power and allow them to be used by new riders on restricted licenses. Instead of buying a little 125, you could buy a bigger bike with restrictions in place to limit power. Once you’d graduated to a full license, you could convert the bike to full power. The seller obviously isn’t 100% sure they’ve been installed, but I’d expect anyone planning to buy a nearly 30 year old motorcycle would be prepared to do a bit of carburetor work if they plan to regularly ride their funky new purchase.


Grey Market Rarity: 1988 Honda VFR400 NC24 for Sale
Honda July 10, 2013 posted by

More Lightweight Fun: 1987 Honda VFR400R (NC24)

Moorhead, MN – 8,405mi – $4,000 w/Reserve


We have seen a little run of lower displacement sport bikes including a CBR400RR. VFR400R, and an uber-rare CBR250RR. I for one am perfectly okay with that, because not only are these rare here in the US, they are also awesome bikes. Truth be told, not many of us can ride a new SuperSport to its full potential, especially when not on a race track. But a 400 with 60hp on tap? That might be another story. The beauty of a VFR400R here has apparently been blessed with a 2 year restoration and a fresh paint job that mimics a different generation. I would be curious as to what the full restoration process consisted of.

From the seller:

1987 Honda NC24, VFR400 yes, it’s the real deal. Shipped from Japan to Florida and titled in Florida, I transferred the title to me (MN) licensed and insured it after a restoration that took 2 1/2 years. We’ve put about 40 miles on since the restoration, currently it has 14,028 km on it.

The bike is a Japan-only model but we settled on a European NC30 paint scheme (I think) because it just looked better. I have not bothered to add up the receipts and am scared to do so, the carb kit cost over $400 and single bolts cost as much as $30 and all parts came from Europe. EVERYTHING was gone through, repaired, restored, or replaced except we did not crack open the motor.

How rare is it? Well, try to find one. I saw one on Rare Sportbikes For Sale .Com, 5 years ago, it sold for $5K without a title. This is your chance to own an RC30, only smaller, at a fraction of the price, Honda’s first single-sided swingarm.


Clearly the seller is a fan of this website 😉 This looks like a tidy little bike an it’s probably a blast to ride. It sure looks the part with that awesome single-sided swing arm and white wheels. Mini RC30 anyone? You can check out the auction here and place your bid!


Honda June 29, 2012 posted by

Plated Honda VFR400 NC24 For Sale in Reno, NV

On our Facebook page, John M. forwarded us this listing on BARF for this sweetheart NC24. For just $3400 I’m not sure how you can go wrong here. The owner has posted before and after pictures, as well as a quick video. Check it out:

quote from seller’s listing:

I’ve had this bike for about a year. Semi-tore it apart and cleaned it up. Runs well, has fresh rubber, brake pads, etc. Needs a few things still, but is a turn key bike right now and i still ride it weekly. Cali titled before I registered in Nevada (current NV registration/title), so in the CA dmv computers i think. Thinning the herd – and although this one is seriously fun to ride, she gets left home often. $3400 obo. Possible trade for the right sport touring beast.


Details – odometer shows ~16K KM. No speedo healer – bike reads/rides in KM’s. Right now the left fork seal is weaping a bit on long storage cycles (aka if I don’t ride it often). I have a new set of seals here. The original tank has some wear and tear that the photo hides quite well – tank is original paint with some dings.

For a collector there would be several details to take care of. My feeling was ride it another 30KM’s and then take it apart and make it really clean. Truth is I shouldn’t sell this one – but I’m deadset on a more manageable bike fleet – starting with getting rid of what I don’t ride and getting my Hawk torn down and finished the way it was supposed to be.

When bike came to me it didn’t run – gummed up carbs and several other issues. Bike has stock carb settings and I’ve read that they were lean from the factory – explains the flat spot around 5-6K RPM. She sings though – really a unique engine sound while on board. The Honda techs did a good job on the exhaust/intake/cam train note. Slick shifting little bugger for sure, and more power than I expected. I frequently find myself speeding as the speedo is in KMH and I forget that 120 KMH isn’t 45 mph, hehe. She arrived to me pretty rough and had some beat plastics on it (before pic below). PO was kind enough to provide these as well, and they’re not OEM but not bad at all. I never finished mounting the windscreen, and I really dislike the mirrors I put on it (useless but I had them hanging around at the shop). But riding it is different than anything else I’ve ever ridden. Ultra-flickable and a seriously user-friendly engine and gearbox. Longest ride I’ve done is ~260 KM’s and I enjoyed every second of it. No soreness afterwards but these are smallish bikes – so the very tall be forewarned.

Have some spare bits that came with it too that will go to new owner.

Love the sound of these Honda V4’s. Sounds like my buddy’s old VFR750 in a much more sporting package.

While the seller is upfront about it not being all original, who really cares at this price and in this condition. As he states, ride it for another 30k KM’s and then restore it. Or keep riding it; it’s a Honda after all!

Thanks for the heads up John!


Aprilia April 30, 2011 posted by

Saturday Reader Ride Round-up!

We got some great submissions this week from our readers. Take a look:

These two are from Dan in Canada:

1998 Aprilia RS250

1998 Aprilia RS250 For Sale in Canada

quote from his listing:

1998 Aprilia RS250, RS 250. 20615KM.
2 stroke V-twin engine, 140 KG, inverted fork, plastic tank. 100% original and unmolested condition. Never dropped, just like new. Registered in Quebec, legal for road use. 17 digit serial number. This is not a race bike converted for the road. This is the real deal.

and his 1990 Yamaha TZR250

Yamaha TZR250 For Sale in Canada

quote from his listing:

1990 Yamaha TZR250 3MA. 13400 KM. 136 KG
Bike is in excellent mechanical condition, plastics are 8/10. 2 stroke parallel twin. All original. Licence in Quebec and passed mechanical inspection. 100% original condition.

Good luck with these Dan!


1987 Honda VFR400R For Sale in Jacksonville on Craigslist

1987 Honda VFR400R For Sale

quote from the listing:

It features a V-4 engine that’s 400cc producing 60 hp @ 14,000 rpm. A one sided swing arm (Hondas Pro-arm) that has a Cam Gear Train which produces a distinct high pitched whine that sets this bike apart from others. I have all the paper work on the bike since it was shipped here to the United States. Everything from the original shipping invoices to oil changes and tire purchases. The bike has been meticulous maintained and is in 100% original collectors condition. The odometer reads 18100 KM which is approximately 11,246 miles. The bike has just been freshly serviced for the warm weather but misfortune has forced me to place the NC24 for sale. Recent service includes; All fluids changed, oil filter changed, front forks rebuilt, carburetors cleaned out and re synchronized, radiator fan replaced and front brake pads replaced. The bike runs great, starts right up and idles well. Tires still have nipples and are like new.

Great looking bike and well priced at only $3k with plates. Thanks for the email Jon and good luck with the sale!


I’m considering making this a weekly feature. If you have a bike for sale that we should consider, check out your options and email me!


Honda March 6, 2011 posted by

Honda VFR 400 NC24 For Sale!

1987 Honda VFR 400 NC24 For Sale-

Location: Butler, PA
Mileage: 14,300
Price: $2,500.00- reserve not met at time of writing
Titled: YES!


And there you have it straight from the owner- If you’re interested, the seller has his phone number listed on the auction.



Honda January 3, 2011 posted by

New Year’s Resolution: 1987 HONDA VFR 400R NC24

For Sale: 1987 HONDA VFR 400R NC24

Face it: With the New Year came a resolution to lose weight, to do more, and to be quicker on your feet. Well folks, here is your chance – drop that liter bike for a natty 400cc sports rocket and learn to do more with less!

Today’s bike comes to us courtesy of the Japanese market, where the key sportbike segment is dominated by 400cc machines. This is partially due to the fact that licensing is graduated based on displacement, making liter-class machines prohibitively expensive. The 400cc class never really caught on in the US, making most of these small middle-weights grey-market imports.

From the seller:
THIS BIKE IS IN GOOD RUNNING CONDITION SOLD AS IS $400 DEPOSIT PAYPAL BALANCE PAY MONEY ORDER , CHECK PIC LOW KILOMETER he Honda VFR400 series of motorcycles were a related series of 399 cc V4-engined motorcycles, which were essentially scaled-down versions of the larger VFR models of the day[1]. They were mainly developed for, and sold in, the Japanese domestic market, in part due to the tougher motorcycle drivers’ license restrictions in Japan at the time.

Outside of Japan, the VFR400R (NC30) was officially imported to the United Kingdom for four years, but with a price tag of £5899[2] (similar to that of the 1000 cc bikes of the time and actually more than Honda’s own VFR750F), failed to sell well. This model was also officially imported (in very limited numbers) and sold in Austria, France and Germany for a few years.

Although mainly produced for the Japanese domestic market, VFR400s have been popular as grey imports in other markets (especially so for the NC30 in the United Kingdom[3], and also for racing purposes in the United States) in the “mini” superbike segment.

VFR400 engines produce a noticeable whine when the engine is running, due to the cams being driven by straight cut gears, rather than chains or belts

While the 400cc class never really thrived in the US, these bikes are deserving of a second look. They certainly do not have the power of a larger bike, but nor are they weighed down like a larger machine. For either street or track day work, a 400cc bike can be a real joy in the right hands.

When it comes down to price, the RSBFS staff have seen these wonders cross the line around $3,500 or so on average, and I would expect something similar for this one. Given, there is some damage to the plastics and new rubber would be a must – both factors which may pull the price down somewhat. With a starting bid at $2,300, however, you really can’t go wrong at this stage. To find out more or to get in on the action, click this link and . Good luck!