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Springtime Slabbie: 1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

NOTE:  I have been informed that this one was posted previously, here is the link


A lot of people will say that modern sportbikes began with the launch of the Suzuki’s GSX-R lineup and I really can’t argue with that sentiment.  Prior to the GSX-R most “sportbikes” were actually large displacement bikes that had some sporting bodywork/pieces. It wasn’t until the launch of the GSX-R lineup that regular riders were able to get their hands on true sportbikes.

Suzuki introduced the 750cc model in 1984 and the 1100cc edition followed in 1986. While the bikes were developed in tandem/were visually similar, virtually no parts were interchangeable.  The engines, frame, swing arms, and steering geometry were all different and the resulting experience was different for each model; the 750 was sharp but peaky, the 1100 was more to handle but had more power.  I suppose it’s not surprising that the two models developed different core constituencies, with the 750cc bike was the object of lust for those who wanted to go to the track while the 1100 was more “all around”oriented (although some people did take the 1100cc onto the track).

NOTE: The very flat side panels and tall narrow frames gave rise to a nickname for the bikes as the “slab side” GSX-R models while the 2nd generation GSX-R’s are often referred to as the “slingshot” models due to a different engine and carb configuration.  For anyone who is curious, a really good comparison of the slabside and slingshot models was just done in the Feb 2016 edition of Practical Sportbikes.

Regardless of the model, lots of the GSX-R’s got what we sometimes call the “80’s treatment” of anodized bits, aftermarket exhausts, flush mounted turn signals/indicators, chopped down tail assemblies, smoked windscreens, etc, etc. This makes finding one with the major OEM parts still in place and in good condition a challenge that will only continue to increase in difficulty over time.


1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 on ebay

This particular GSX-R1100 looks to be in mostly OEM shape save an aftermarket exhaust system.  There does seem to be an odd white patch at the base of the rear plastic on the both sides, possibly decal residue from the SACS decals? The seller indicates there are some paint chips/small gas tank dings and the exhaust is aftermarket but overall the bike looks to be in really good shape/mostly OEM.  Mileage is only 9,962 (yes you read that right) and there are lots of fresh items including tires, battery and oil.


Here is a summary of what the seller has to say



Now we ask the question, is this low mileage, recently freshened but not 100% OEM 1987 Suzuki GSX-R worth the $7,200 Buy-It-Now ebay price?  That price seems a bit high; the average price we seem to be seeing for one of these seems to be about $5,800 USD.  But factor in transport cost and the fresh items listed as being included and I think a bid of around $6400 might make this one move to a new owner.  And values of these do seem to be creeping up…I’m just saying..



Springtime Slabbie:  1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100
Suzuki February 15, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100

Update 6.12.2016: SOLD!

Update 2.15.2016: This seller has upgraded to a Featured Listing. Thanks for helping to support the site! Price is $7,500

Chosen by a collector and studiously preserved, this GSX-R1100 was plucked from the streets with 9,300 miles.  The K-model ( Suzuki VIN numbers use a letter code for the year ) had a new 1127cc engine and robust alloy frame.  Notoriously tricky to set up, the combination of power and handling on the 1989 was labeled “expert” by some, and just avoided by others.

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 right front

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 left rear

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 right grip

Cooling the cylinders and heads with fins and oil flow, the legendary Suzuki engine delivered 143 hp.  The torque figure of 86 ft-lbs. required only a 5-speed transmission.  The frame of aluminum extrusions welded to cast connectors was light and strong.  The Kayaba forks and Full Floater rear shock each were 3-way adjustable.  Nissin brakes were 310mm front and 240mm rear.  Not as slab-sided as some earlier models, the biposto seat fairing complements the full endurance-inspired fairing, giving the rider a place to hide from the potentially 170 mph wind.

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 windshield

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 right seat

The owner supplied a boatload of high-resolution photos, with every detail shown along with some patina, but no corrosion.  The bike has been ridden some, and the seat fairing has a broken mount underneath, but the fairing and paint condition is surprisingly good, and the cleanliness of the metals is astounding. 
Seller description:

Up for your consideration is a 1989 GSXR1100. This bike has had a very easy life considering. I feel the condition of this bike is way above average for the year and miles (9,295 miles). The originality speaks volumes as to who owned it and how it was treated. I won’t say anymore about that as I will let the pictures of the bike speak for themselves. The bike was bought by me as a collector bike and never put on the street. The tank is signed by Kevin Schwantz.  It can easily be removed if so desired.

I still have the original ad from when I purchased the bike. It has been thoroughly cleaned twice while in my care. It is detailed and would be a great addition for any collector or anyone whom just wants to ride it.  Note that the pictures with the tank bra (which I have since thrown out) and several others were taken before I ever cleaned or detailed the bike.  This is a California bike so it has all the EGR equipment still intact and no rust or degradation of metals and or fasteners. It is this bikes originality that makes  it so special…

Problem areas:

  • Small crack in the left side rear cover at the very rear corner. This is a common area that was abused due to lack of knowledge on how to remove the panel properly.  It is easily missed if not pointed out as the picture is high res and at the perfect angle to show its ugliness. I promise it is easy to miss walking arround the bike. I have watched for another NOS part to come along and have not been successful.
  • There are some very minor stone chips here and there. This is a used bike that has almost ten thousand miles so some wear is expected.
  • Steering damper; they typically last 5-7 years and fail so this is a common issue with a bike of this age
  • Does not come with a battery

That is it. Other than those items the bike is all there. It does include all manuals, keys, NOS solo seat cover, dealer brochure, binder with all articles and such from over the years, copy of previous owners titles, etc.  Note it does not come with the tank bra shown in some of the pictures – that was removed and discarded.   You are buying this bike from a enthusiast collector so I think you will be happy. I am however missing the previous owner’s maintenance documentation which I do wish it came with. Sadly most people didn’t think of these things at that time. The bike has had an oil change and tank and cabs drained while in my care.

This bike is on the rise in value and will follow the slab sided bikes that have just been white hot. It is very easy to see the trends and while most average bikes will get average prices the really good ones always bring the really good money. I was told long ago by a well renowned collector always buy the best you can afford as the best condition always is the most sought after, and always originality trumps restored. They can be restored hundreds of times and original once. This bike is not an ordinary bike and is not for most as you will see with the pricing. This bike is for the buyer that wants low mile, original bike, in great condition and will pay a premium for it.

I have listed and sold lots of bikes over the years without a single complaint. All were pleasantly surprised and all expectations were met, most even became friends after the purchase.

I will be listing a few bikes so please take a look and see if any of them tempt you! It is time to thin the herd so to speak. Good luck!


20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 overhead

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 dash

20151118 1989 suzuki gsx-r1100 left rear wheel

The wear and tear of life on the street for this big horsepower bike ended when the current owner parked it, or rather put it on the lift for polishing.  Signed by Suzuki star Kevin Schwantz, most likely a high reserve will keep it on the display stand.  Might be for the best, since it reviewed as a wrist crushing ride.  Many were bored out and converted to drag bikes or just raced on the street, and survivors in this kind of shape are few and far between.  Maybe one of the current bidders will prevail and take it back out, possibly to the fan corral at an AMA Superbike race…


Featured Listing: 1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100
Suzuki April 29, 2015 posted by

Beautifully Restored 1986 Suzuki GSXR-1100

1986 Suzuki GSXR-1100 on eBay


Often overlooked by collectors focused on it’s 750cc little brother, the 1986 Suzuki GSXR-1100 is just as important in the evolution of superbikes.  Suzuki started the GSXR family on the other end of the spectrum, with their 400cc model while gradually working all the way up to the 1100cc masher that we see here.  Even by today’s standards, the performance numbers are impressive.  Powered by an air-cooled 1052cc mill producing a claimed 137hp and weighing just 434lbs, the competition was left in the dust.  The biggest problem was that the square tubed aluminum from was susceptible to distortion from the big power and the braking and handling of the era wasn’t really up to the task either…. but that’s half of the fun, right?


This example is probably the nicest one I have seen since my very early riding days and it’s almost impossible to believe that’s it’s showing 80,000km on the clocks.  Much of bike is original, but a few bits have had some well deserving love.  The seller’s eBay ad is very detailed and can be read here: 1986 Suzuki GSXR-1100 on eBay

1986 Suzuki GSXR 1100. First year original restored condition. Full service history from day 1. Full Yoshimira exhaust circa 1989. Original exhaust in perfect condition come with the bike as well. Fully tuned for pipes with dyno at 114hp at rear wheel. All new OEM switch gear purchased direct from Suzuki while they still carried it. New screen in original box. Never installed it because I used the bike and didn’t want to get it dirty! New rotors, chain, chain guard, tires almost new. Has period correct Corbin touring seat circa 1980s but original seat and passenger seat cowl in fantastic condition included with bike. Paint is original in near perfect condition. Don’t be fooled by mileage. Entire top end redone with recent valve adjustment.

Did I mention that it’s clean?



Beautifully Restored 1986 Suzuki GSXR-1100
Sport Bikes For Sale September 15, 2011 posted by

A Vulgar Display of Power- ’86 GSX-R 1100

Location: Hollywood, California

Mileage: 9,400

Price: Auction, BIN $5,500

Well, here we have one of my favorites. I’ve written on various early models of the Suzuki GSX-R 1100 and I love them all. This bike was a serious machine when it was released and the air and oil cooled motor put out extreme power (as the seller highlights), so much so that the first year here risked having the chassis overwhelmed by the power. This bike along with the GSX-R 750 really set a new course for sportbikes. The engine in this bike lived on in later Suzuki machines and many a drag racer due to its bulletproof nature.

Here’s info from the seller-

1986 GSXR1100

Clear California Title



This model absolutely turns heads everywhere I go. 

Runs like a top- Just dialed in by Yoshi and crew at World famous ‘Garage Company’ in Los Angeles

I have done my best to take pics of the trouble spots…there are only a few…its just too fast for me. 131 horse power. This is the bike that started the revolution…

Bike is sold as is. I’d prefer you to pick-up locally. If I ship it, it will cost you out of your pocket for everything….everything.

Additionally, I have all the stock blinkers front/rear for this bike. 

Again this bike is being sold as is…it’s vintage now….25 years old. It will do nothing but go up in value.

I have 100% positive feedback

I will accept Paypal or cash-period.

Please ask any and all questions.

Good luck

And some more photos to get your attention-

As you can see by the pictures, this looks to be a pretty clean example of a first year GSX-R 1100. The seller highlights some small flaws in the pics and states that the original turn signals are included. Maybe not a major thing but important as these bikes in original condition are becoming more and more rare. Imagine the many that were wrecked and now are gone forever. The seller also highlights a recent service and claims the bike runs well. Mileage should not be issue given the reliability of the motor. And the blue and white paint. Lord help me.

So, take this home right now for $5,500? I think that’s a pretty good deal. I can’t imagine that this bike doesn’t become more appealing as the year’s go by. I don’t think they’ll ever lose their luster for me.

Give this one a good home. Go to the auction and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 15, 2011 posted by

Clean ’91 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Canton, Georgia
Mileage: 31,600
Price: Auction, no reserve

I have written up a few of these (I believe this exact bike here) and this remains one of my favorite bikes of all time. Something about the design. Or maybe it takes me back to when I first got into bikes and stared at that poster of it on my dorm room wall. Of course, there’s also the stir it caused and instant following it acquired when released. And the air and oil cooled engine that put serious power to the rear wheel.

There’s only a few photos-

The description from the seller-

This is a near perfect bike!  It has a couple small cracks on the top of upper from fairing other then that body work in excellent condition.  I purchased it about 3 months ago, and regrettably I have to sell it so I can purchase a Harley (getting old).  Recently had it serviced that included oil change, plugs and brand new Michelin Pilot’s.  you will be happly with this bike is about all I can say.

Again, I think this is the bike that was listed here a few months back, so the link may give you more detail (however, I can’t guarantee it’s the same bike). From the photos the bike looks clean with little modification with the exception of a smoked windscreen and what looks to be a Yoshimura exhaust. The seller highlights that there are a couple of small cracks in the fairing but unfortunately they aren’t shown in the photos. Mileage is getting up there but if it’s been serviced regularly the engine should go for many more miles. Those motors are notoriously bullet proof.

Also, there’s no reserve so maybe you can pick this bike up at a good price. I believe these bikes will only hold their values as the years go on. And, again for me, the GSX-R 1100 holds a special place in the sportbike world. To get in on this action, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale August 6, 2011 posted by

Rump Shaker Indeed- ’93 GSX-R 1100

Location: Dover, Florida
Mileage: 15,642
Price: Auction, currently $2,025

The history of the GSX-R 1100 has been documented here on RSBFS quite a bit through postings of clean, early versions. The legendary, bullet-proof 1100 cc air-cooled motor. The brute power that overwhelmed the early chassis (essentially the same as the GSXR 750 when first introduced). The engines that lived past the GSX-R 1100 line that ended in 1998 in many a drag racer at your local strip.

This version is more evolved from the bike that Suzuki unleashed on the world in 1986. Power and chassis had been sorted out by this point. And what you do get with this version is the beginning of awesome 90’s graphics. This bike’s paint certainly dates it from the time of car phones (not cell phones) and when Rump Shaker and Whoomp! There it is! ruled the airwaves. Say what you will about the graphics, but they have their time and place.

Here’s what the seller has to say-


And here’s some more pics of the 90’s goodness-

The bike looks original with the exception of the exhaust, which the seller says is a Yoshimura (I can’t tell with the short can). The seller also highlights some of the light cosmetic issues in the photos in the auction (watch out for the shot of one of the mirror’s, might not be what you’re expecting). Mileage is not bad for the bike’s age and as mentioned before, those motors are strong. But you would still want to make sure it’s been maintained well.

And then there’s the paint. I like the 90’s bright graphics and boy did Suzuki embrace the trend as much as anyone from the era. But like I said above, this bike reflects a specific time and I, for one, like that. You’ll have to decide for yourself. But if you dig it too, check out this auction.


Reader Rides For Sale June 15, 2011 posted by

’86 Suzuki GSXR 1100-First Year of a Classic!

Mileage: 13,292
Price: $6,000 SOLD!

I have had the privilege, and I do considerate it a privilege, to write up some very clean, early GSXR’s lately. This bike is no exception, and to make it even better, this is a first year GSXR 1100. That fact alone makes this a little more special than others.

Indulge me while I recap what makes this bike special. Legendary air and oil cooled motor, cranking out 137 bhp that was unheard of in 1986. That fact alone gave the bike an instant following. It was essentially a bored-out GSXR 750 motor and is considered bulletproof, being used for years on drag bikes.

Some more photo goodness-

This bike appears very clean, original and well cared for with reasonable mileage for its age. It also includes the original parts and owners and service manuals. From the seller:

Up for sale is my 1986 GSXR1100 in excellent condition. 13,292 miles first year GSXR1100, runs great, pampered and adult owned. Shown here with a Yoshimura exhaust, Mikuni radial flat slide carburetors, new chain and sprockets, oval pod filters and new Bridgestone tires.

Included in the asking price are the following:

Original Exhaust System (in excellent condition)
Original Carburetors
Original Airbox
Original Tool Kit
Original Owner’s Manual and Service Manual
Original Turn Signals
Original Sprockets
Original Windscreen
Custom Corbin Seat (not shown)
Rear Wheel Stand

Asking $6000.

The bike also includes the many acronyms that make up many GSXR’s over the years and for a Suzuki person are part of the package. On this bike you will see the SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) and the NEAS (New Electrically Activated Suspension-anti dive). This stuff is pure gold for detail people like myself.

I have said before and will say again until I leave this planet, I think all current liter bikes owe something to the GSXR 1100. This is clean example of sportbike history for anyone who wants it (and if you don’t, it’s time for therapy).


[AffomaticEbay]Suzuki 1100[/AffomaticEbay]

Sport Bikes For Sale June 12, 2011 posted by

1987 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Up for Grabs!

Location: Ridgefield, Washington
Mileage: 11,327
Price: $6,000 BIN (auction ending soon!)

So here we go again. Another early model GSXR 1100. This one is actually the second year of production and the engine was basically a big bore version of the legendary GSXR 750. It’s an and and oil cooled monster that cranked out a claimed 137 bhp at 9,500 rpm. And in these early models that kind of power (unreal in 1987) gave the aluminum frame all it could handle. It also had SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System-seen on the fairing), one of a multitude of acronyms that would grace many a GSXR model.

A few more pics-

This one-owner bike appears clean and fairly low mileage for its age. More detail from the seller:

I bought this bike new in 1986, it’s never had any abuse and has never been down. The bike did however suffer a tip over a week after I purchased it. I replaced all the damaged parts ie: brake handle, turn signal but I did not repair the paint on the lower right panel (see picture). The discolored paint is the only damage to the bike and is a little larger than a half dollar. I replaced the original tires last year, they were still in great shape except they developed a flat spot due to sitting. The bike is in very nice condition and has never been in the rain. I have all the original paper from new as well as a brochure, it still retains the “break-in” sticker on the speedo…

The bike looks clean and stock and the seller shows a photo of the paint damaged area as described above. To see this early of an example of a GSXR 1100 in this kind of condition is rare. And as I said in a previous post on a ’91 GSXR 1100, I think all current liter bikes owe something to the early model GSXR 1100’s.

So if early model game-changers are your thing in the sportbike world, take action and .