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BMW June 13, 2013 posted by

Unique Beemer: 2005 BMW K 1200 R Power Cup Racer

bmw rightbmw left

It won’t be the fastest BMW at the track but it sure is heck will be the most unique.  Before BMW got ultra serious with the S1000RR they ran a single brand race series in conjunction with MotoGP.  You are looking at the result. 

From the seller:

The exclusive bikes were only available to teams through BMW subsidiaries or official importers and were modified directly by BMW Motorrad Motorsport in Munich after assembly at the plant in Berlin.

bmw intake

What’s the saying that if you having nothing nice to say?  Actually, I like it.  In these days of cookie cutter sport bikes I like anything different.

The story:

WB10584076ZN10101 is one of those VIP factory bikes and still carries a scrutineering sticker from one of the 2005 rounds. Starting as the most powerful, road legal naked ever built, BMW honed the bike for circuit use with carbon fiber bodywork and an even more powerful engine, delivering a claimed 175 bhp.

  The 230kg monster was further lightened with a unique Laser racing exhaust helping to shed a few more unwanted lbs and delivering a much sportier exhaust note. F1 quality carbon adorned the headlight surround and series specific electronic dashboard with lap timing capability and gearshift indicator, hand guards, intake panels, pillion seat cover, and a series specific engine undertray was added to meet race regulations with essential crash bungs mounted in several key locations. K 1200 R Power Cup machines sported an electronic quick-shifter, later seen on the road-going HP2 sport, and bespoke adjustable rear-sets and foot pegs from the French manufacturer Gilles. Suspension was again, series specific from the well-known Dutch White Power concern.

  This bike was imported into the US directly by BMW Motorrad Motorsport and raced successfully by well-known US racers Brian Parriott of San Jose and Nate Kern out of Atlanta. Modifications have been limited to all black body panels (the carbon remains unpainted) and wheels, and aftermarket adjustable rear torque arm and Remus titanium silencer, which makes the bike sound like a Phantom jet. This vehicle is in great condition, but sold as seen, complete with used slick tires and rear paddock stand and is offered with a selection of extremely rare Power Cup accessories.


 bmw carbonbmw rear

No sir, no title for you.  If you have visions of riding on the street you better buy your friend with a street legal two stroke a couple beers and pick his brain.

bmw front

I imagine the BMW folk know a relevant price; I’m truly in the dark on this one.  Is it pricey because of the rarity?  Is it not because it was juat a production based series?  Tell me what you think. 

Click here for the auction.


BMW May 6, 2013 posted by

Tron called and he wants his bike back: 1990 BMW K1


This is one of those bikes that really deserves a place among the rare and collectable here on RSBFS. It has all of the elements of a future classic: Styling, performance, low production numbers and initially high price tag. The fact that it looks like it escaped from a sci-fi movie and was subsequently painted by Ronald McDonald does not help make my case, nor does the lack of BMW experience in the “limited edition” motorcycle set. I don’t care. And given the activity on this auction, I am clearly not alone.


Think of this K1 as BMW’s version of the Ducati Paso. Actually, given the public’s acceptance of the Paso, it’s better that you don’t think of it that way. The Germans have never really had the passionate expression of form like the Italians, but when it comes to technical functionality they are unsurpassed. This K1 exudes technical features and innovation you would expect from BWM: 1000cc four cylinder with fuel injection, ABS, aerodynamics to reduce rider fatigue and maximize top speed cruising, and integrated and lockable storage. This was a technically superior machine that simply fell down flat on the showroom floor.


From the seller:
The motorcycle that you see in this ad may be one of the most perfect K1s in existence. It is extremely low mileage of 4,261 as you can see from the picture of the odometer that is believed to be correct. The bike looks like it is almost brand new out of the box just after being put together by a dealer. The pictures will show you the high detail and the excellent condition of just about every part on the bike. The bike runs just as it should, stops as it should and sounds phenomenal, especially when accelerating rapidly. This bike has never been abused and has always been somewhat of a trailer queen. It has spent much of its life in the equivalent of somebody’s living room.

This particular bike appears to be one of the cleanest and best preserved examples of the breed, and sports very low miles. Most of the K1 bikes we see have some tip over damage or minor rash (there is a LOT of bodywork on a K1), or have been ridden as they were intended and have very high mileage. Neither condition is good for a collectable – if, in fact, that is what this bike is. Some bidders think so, as the current bid is over $6,000 USD with moderate bidding. There is still a reserve in place, so the seller obviously thinks it is worth more. What does a pristine K1 go for in 2013 dollars? Click the link to jump over to the auction and let’s find out!


BMW January 1, 2013 posted by

Wanna race? Buy this Pegram BMW S1000RR

Location: Philadelphia, PA  Mileage: 700  Price: Auction



The BMW S1000RR blew up the sportbike scene when it was dropped on the world in 2010. BMW hadn’t really built anything like it before, and most of their sportbikes to that point were quirky and well built but not particularly devastating machines. The S1000RR changes all of that. It was the most powerful 1000cc bike available and set a new mark for all other builders to catch up. It also took its place in the racing world and hence you have this: A Pegram race built S1000RR. A stock 1000RR will crush, so this is even better.

The seller’s words-

2011 Larry Pegram S1000RR

This bike only has 700 miles on it.

full parts list:

-Full LARRY PEGRAM Armour Bodies Plastics

-Full Ohlins forks (tuned @MDM)

– Fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock (tuned @MDM)

-Ohlins steering damper

-Woodcraft Clip-ons

-Brembo brake master cylinder

-Sato case cover

-Woodcraft Frame sliders

-Full Akropovic Exhaust

-Front and rear Vortex Sproket set


-Vortex rear sets

-K&N air filter

This bike was purchased from Larry Himself. All work was done at the Pegram Factory in Ohio. 

Note this bike does not have the AMA spec ecu/engine. 

Full abs and traction control. The bike was used for 1 race in DAYTONA. Bid with confidence, this bike has never seen the floor, never dropped, ect. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BIKE. Race ready. 

This is a full turn key race bike for anybody that is looking to race in 2013.  The only reason this bike is remotely for sale is to help fund my sons race season in 2013. NO RESERVE ! 

Please if you have ANY questions, do not hesitate to email me.

I can deliver the bike if you are near my area. Please contact me for more info in shipping. 

And pics-

S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RR S1000RRS1000RR

For those who wanna know more about Larry Pegram, go to links here and here. Clearly, Larry has been a successful AMA racer and went to the S1000RR recently after having a career on Ducati.

This bike clearly is ready to race and the seller points out that it doesn’t have AMA spec engine and ECU and was raced once. It has a full compliment of killer parts including a fully adjustable Ohlins set up. With all of that goodness you should be able to get on the track and race your brains out. Hopefully you know what you’re doing, cause this bike is gonna move.

If racing is in your blood and you have some spare cash, this could be your ticket. To jump into racing, go place your bid!


BMW September 19, 2012 posted by

Rare Beemer: 1984 BMW R65 LS

For Sale: 1984 BMW R65 LS

The BMW R65LS was another attempt by BMW to enter into the “sporty” market without building an acutal sport bike (the likes of which would not appear until the revolutionary S1000RR). By restyling an otherwise stock R65 with unique fairing, handlebar, tail section, engine colored valve covers, snowflake wheels and dual rotors, legendary designer Hans Muth created a visually impacting boxer twin.

The R65LS is no more powerful than the standard R65 (which is to say, not at all), and while braking is enhanced with the dual Brembos up front, this model shares all the common BMW weaknesses when the pace quickens: long travel suspension pogos and wallows, the shaft drive jacking effect, moderate ground clearance, and very modest power. At a more relaxed pace the R65 is a gem to ride and has the kind of longevity that made BMW boxers famous.

From the seller:








The R65LS was a limited edition model – one that did not sell particularly well. This particular example has travelled fewer than 1,000 miles since new. That makes this a true survivor in my book, and also highlights this as an extremely rare example of a relatively rare model. The colors all appear to be correct, and the bike looks to be in fantastic condition considering it is past its 28th birthday.

The R65LS might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I can tell you from experience that these bikes can take an amazing amount of abuse without so much as blinking. Economic, reliable and comfortable, this could be a great bike to collect and ride. The seller is asking a considerable amount for this nearly new LS model, with the latest bid over $4,600 and reserve still in place. For more info on the bike (the seller included a LOT of text) and more pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


BMW August 16, 2012 posted by

When a rare sport bike is more: 1991 BMW Krauser Domani

For Sale: 1991 Krauser Domani sidecar

When is a rare sport bike not a rare sport bike? How about when it is a trike? This very rare and extremely cool piece of hardware is not your average trike – VW, Harley, Goldwing, Can-Am or otherwise. This is an actual side-hack, purpose-built as an integrated unit rather than a tacked on sidecar rig. Released by BMW tuner and frame building specialist Krauser, the Domani contains some very interesting technology.

The Domani was a joint effort between Krauser and Swiss Engineering firm LCR. LCR has been building racing motorcycles and sidecar rigs – including Isle of Man TT winning entries – since the 1970s. Krauser is a well-known BMW tuner firm, perhaps best known for their work with BMW boxers in the 1980s. Together, LCR and Krauser released the Domani, a futuristic racing sidecar rig for the street, based on a BMW K-series bike and complete with an integrated tubular frame, unique hub-centered steering, and futuristic streamlined bodywork. It has been reported that only 100 were made.

From the seller:
This specific Domani is a one-owner rig, having traveled only 38.000km (app. 24.000 miles) since it was new and build by Krauser in 1990 and it is powered by the stock 1000cc inline four cylinder drive-train of the BMW K line. It was first registered in 1991. It has 90 h.p. and comes with the tonneau-cover as well as a tool-kit, jack-stand and other pertinent items.

It has the original german title as well as other original documentation such as the Krauser Domani sales-brochure, instruction manuals etc. Even the original bill of sale is included in the document folder. This Krauser Domani has been garaged it’s entire life and has been serviced regularly.

It was painted in dark blue metallic as a specific option/wish by it’s single owner and this owner opted not to have the Krauser decals installed as they would have (in his opinion) clashed with the dark-blue paint choice.

This Domani has the optional wing on the back of the trunk-lid and it comes with both versions of the wind-screen, the international wind-screen (head-light behind a large single-piece screen) installed and the european wind-screen version (head-light out front, ahead of the windscreen) included in a box.

This Domani runs, rides and handles excellent, the suspension is very tight, the entire rig is in a condition closer to a 5-6 year old vehicle than to one having been used for 22 years. There is no oxidation on the original frame-rails underneath, the entire frame-work still shows its excellent condition original paint.

The exhaust-system also looks very nice for its age. All bushings, joints and connectors are still tight and the fiberglass body-shell is in excellent condition without any stress-related noises that can show up on a Domani with high mileage.

There are some blemishes in the original paintwork, but overall these do not warrant a repaint unless someone would want to put it on a pedestal to display, rather than ride it.

Steering, brakes and drive-line perform as they should and this Domani passed the very stringent German Department of Motor Vehicle tests last year and has since travelled less than 500 miles.

This particular rig has had some miles put on it, which should be proof of the engineering and testing done by LCR and Krauser. This is certainly a very unique piece of mechanized artwork, and I really have no idea what the going rate for a quasi-racing side hack for the street should go for. Do any of the knowledgeable RSBFS readers have experience with the Domani? If so, we would all love to hear it!

The bike is based in Germany, and the auction is going on right now on the U.S. eBay site. If you’ve got $49,500 USD – or if the seller is willing to accept your offer – this rare bird could be all yours. I’m not sure what shipping charges will be to transport the rig overseas, nor do I know of how one registers such a vehicle – but all that will be minor compared to the attention you will recieve from adoring fans and drooling spectators. If your buddy on his Can-Am three wheeler thinks he’s hot stuff, image motoring by him on this! For more information and pictures, click the link and jump over to the auction!

Below are some photos found on the LCR Sidecar website and Krauser website, as well as a great sidecar racing video. Enjoy!


BMW August 9, 2012 posted by

Bavarian Stunner – 2009 BMW HP2 Sport

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mileage: 3,200

Price: Auction, $18k BIN

You may not be into BMW bikes, but if you don’t think the HP2 Sport is one of the most exquisitely built sportbikes on the planet? Well, my friend, to quote the late Freddie Mercury – you’re stone cold crazy. Whether you like the horizontally opposed twin, or the shaft drive, it really doesn’t matter, cause how can you argue with Ohlins suspension, unbelievable build quality (I think NASA went to BMW for tips on the new Mars rover) and carbon fiber everywhere. And just look at that rear wheel. The HP2 Sport is a stunner. You would be hard pressed to find a better built bike.

Here’s the info from the seller-

This is the most desirable version – a 2009 with ABS.  There are not many of these in the USA and prices are now edging up.  This bike is stock except it has a carbon rear fender and several hundred dollars in titanium and alloy fasteners.  It also has a Shorai Lithium battery which saves about 8lbs.  The tires have approximately 300 miles on them.  The bike is in excellent condition with two very minor cosmetic imperfections –  a chip/imperfection in the clear-coat on the tail-light bracket (could be very easily fixed with a shot of clear-coat) and a very tiny stone chip on the paint on the rear wheel which you probably would not notice in person if I didn’t mention it.  I have safety-wired critical fasters but the bike has never been raced or abused.  I am 51 years old and a retired multi-championship winning roadracer.  The point being – I am mature and treat my bikes very well.  I am only selling it because I have far too many bikes and I am now doing most of my riding with my wife. 

The reserve is very reasonable.

Good luck bidding,


And some of the many photos at the auction-

Based on the seller’s description, you would be getting a solid bike with this HP2 Sport. There are only minor modifications and the seller mentions in the auction that the stock fasteners come with the bike. There are two very minor cosmetic issues the seller points out. Mileage is low. Bike looks fantastic. Not sure there are any other issues to address.

I’m sure you all know that these bikes will run you a chunk of change brand new (around $25k). You can take this one home for $18k right now. If you have been looking, I think you may have found your ride. To place your bid or just buy this beauty, make the jump!


BMW July 25, 2012 posted by

Non Italian Twin: 2003 BMW BOXER CUP Replica!

For Sale: 2003 BMW BOXER CUP

So the word is that numbered and limited edition Ducatis are not rare. After all, they made some 700 of the 998R as posted here (Make sure to read the comments on the 998R to appreciate the rest of this post! -dc). So when I was trolling for something available in fewer numbers, I stumbled across this Boxer Cup bike – number 142 of only 200 produced. What is that – a 350% improvement in rarity? And to top it off, this baby is so NOT Italian that it prefers Wienerschnitzel to pizza!

What do you do when you are a manufacturer of sporty motorcycles and you want to make a name for yourself? You go racing. Better yet, you drop big bucks and start a one make class to ensure that no matter who wins, your brand is at the front. That is really what the Boxer Cup was all about – and while it was a good marketing exercise for BMW, the close racing was fantastic for the fans. It most certainly did not hurt when such names as Randy Mamola and Kevin Schwantz took part in the series!

From the seller:
Motor Co. Inc. is very proud to offer this very rare and collectible 2003 BMW R1100 Boxer Cup Replika to the public. #142 of only 200 produced this bike was a collector piece before it was assembled! We have serviced the bike and it is ready to go today. All of the documentation is included, the badges, certificate of authenticity, both keys, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity! Look at the pictures, come see it, this is the one you want! Bike has never been down and is exactly as it appears in the photos.

The Boxer Cup replica bikes were really just paint and styling excercises intended to cash in on the marketing offered by the Boxer Cup race series. There are the obvious Boxer Cup graphics, including Randy Mamola’s signature across the fairing. There are some nice touches such as the carbon valve covers, complete with sliders – but nothing really significant over and above the already strong R1100 Sport it was based upon.

If being more rare than the next guy is your thing, here is your way to get back at the Ducati snob-set. With 350% more rare-ness than a 998R and a bigger signature on the fairing than those puny RZ350s, this Boxer Cup replica is your ticket to the rare leagues! The best part is it probably won’t break the bank. For more information and pictures, click the link and check out the auction. Good Luck!


BMW July 11, 2012 posted by

Rare Beemer: 1989 Martin Brune BMW K1

For Sale: 1989 Martin Brune BMW K1

I’ve know I’ve said it before: I’ve got a thing for frame welds (like these). Actually, for most custom frames in general (reference this post). And this particular find meets both merits quite nicely. Given the rarity of a BMW powered Martin frame, it is hard to believe we see these bikes at all. First, let’s check out the eye candy.

Georges Martin (Noted French frame builder, not legendary English musical producer) built motorcycle frames throughout the 1970s and 1980s. This particular bike is associated with Brune, a German motorcycle performance company. The kit was purchased from US BMW gurus Luftmeister (think turbo kits for Beemers), and hand assembled like any early spec Bimota.

From the seller:
This is an extremely rare BMW K1 powered, Martin Brune kit bike originally purchased from Matt Capri at Luftmeister. The frame and bodywork were delivered in 1989 to Henry Louie of Del Amo Motorsports for $10,500.00.

The bike was assembled, dialed in and shown at the Los Angeles Roadster Show the following year. The bike was ridden a few times over the next year and was then placed in the showroom at Big Twin BMW in Boise in 1992 where it had been on display for twenty years.

I purchased the bike from the original owner and brought it back to life in Janurary 2012. After replacing the fuel pump (using a new Triumph fuel pump), new battery, cleaned the injectors, fresh fluids, and the bike runs fantastic. $400.00 in fresh Avon Tires completed the refurbishing.

And now to the paint. As you can see in the photos, the paint and body work are superior in fit and finish. When the bike was dropped off in 1990 for paint, the original owner had laid out the color blocking and told the painter to source “BMW Motorsport colors”. And that he did, but not the motorrad colors as expected but the car colors were used creating the combination seen here! The body work is flawless lending itself to an easy repaint.

– Full chromemoly, polished nickle frame
– Hand formed aluminum fuel tank
– Removable tail section exposing full two up seat
– Force Italia quick change front fork
– White Power rear shock
– PVM racewheels
– RB Racing Exhaust
– K and N Filters
– Full Brembo Brakes

This rare Martin Brune (Manfred Brown, builder, feels there may only be 10 left of the 50 he built) is worthy of a conversation via phone in hopes I may answer any questions and can provide the prospective bidder with a folder of information I have assembled for this bike.

As the seller states, the colors are classic BMW “M” motorsport colors – for the car division. These appear to be from a color palette not normally found in nature. The bodywork looks sharp, and I love the dual headlight design, but have to think it would be more attractive when sprayed in a more sedate color scheme.

The BIN for this particular rare K-powered bike is a very reasonable $9,500 OBO. That is not a lot of money for a pretty rare ride that rivals a kit-built Bimota, Harris or Spondon frame in terms of exclusivity and panache. This is the first bike I’ve seen of this custom class that has this kind of mileage (25k +), but that is right in line with the BMW heritage. For your chance to check out this custom framed Beemer, click the link and jump over to the auction. You won’t see this one every day!

And just in case you don’t believe that livery can make all the difference, here is a Brune BMW in more tasteful colors: