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BMW January 7, 2011 posted by

On the touring side of sporty: 1993 BMW R100RS

For Sale: 1993 BMW R100RS

When it comes to selling a bike, presentation is everything. And this, my friends, is what makes this bike RSBFS worthy. Sure, the BMW R100RS models are reasonably rare – especially the final year made, like this one. And sure, this bike leans a little further over to the “tour” side of “sport touring” than most RSBFS posts. But look at the pictures and tell me when you have seen a cleaner motorcycle of this vintage. Original owner, less than 4k miles, and plenty of pictures to peruse – THIS is the way to advertise your bike.

I will readily admit that the 1000cc boxer motor is not the most powerful in the world. They are stone reliable, however, and are well-known to outlast most riders. This one looks clean enough to eat off of – only you might make it dirty!

From the seller:
Rare 1992 BMW R100 RS. 3,949 miles. Bike is all original, except for replaced battery and front tire. Original owner with all documents, manuals, toolkit and battery charger. Everything that came with the bike in 1992 is included. This bike has always been stored indoors in climate-controlled environments. All markings and assembly decals are still on the motorcycle. There are no dents, accidents or scratches on the paint. The few stone chips (maybe three?) were touched up using BMW touchup paint from the dealer. This bike is rare and is the last year for this model style with wind tunnel designed fairing from the mid seventies. The pinstripes are hand painted and in perfect condition. It runs excellently as one would expect from a bike with less than 4,000 miles. Last registered in California in 2004. Originally purchased in Maryland and shipped to California in 1999. It was once ridden in a sudden summer rain shower for about 30 minutes, otherwise never in any foul weather. The saddlebags are rather soft plastic and have a few marks on them. The bike was never dropped or in any accident (unless you consider the unfortunate owl that flew into the bike right in front of my left boot/cylinder head one evening – there are a few small marks where the talons made contact with the bike at the bottom of the fairing – these have been touched up). Bike is guaranteed to be just as I describe here and will not disappoint. It is excellent in every way for an original bike with less than 4,000 miles. E-mail with any questions. I collect and restore vehicles and this bike I have treasured for almost 20 years.

These oilhead BMWs will eat up miles all day long, and get you to your destination relaxed and comfortable. The RS fairing is designed to envelope the rider in a still pocket of air, and the riding position is neutral, with a slight forward cant. Fill up the detachable hardbags (long known as the best in the business), and journey off to points unknown – without ever seeing another rider on the same bike. Not a bad way to go.

To get in on the bidding for this beauty, or to just drool over some of the high-res pictures included by the seller,


Sport Bikes For Sale December 19, 2010 posted by

1982 BMW R65LS

For sale: 1982 BMW R65LS

BMW created the unusual R65LS by taking a stock R65 and turning designer Hans Muth (think BWM R100RS, Suzuki Katana, Suzuki XN85, etc…) lose. The result was a bike with a striking profile and performance, well, performance equal to that of the stock R65 that powered it. Still, the inclusion of dual front disks, a sportier riding position and stiffer suspension definitely helped the R65LS out handle its lowly R65 brethren. In the end, customers were not interested in spending a premium over a standard R65, and the R65LS slipped off into obscurity.

Most R65LS bikes that you may come across are well-used machines, to put it kindly. Today’s bike, while far from stock, appears to be in good shape. The paint is not stock, the valve covers have been replaced (the LS model had metal-finished valve covers versus the stock R65 black ones), bar-end mirrors have been added, and a two-into-one exhaust has been fitted. Between the weight and the relatively low output of the 650cc boxer, this bike is never really going to win any drag races, but the changes are tasteful (depending upon how you like the paint) and certainly don’t hurt.

From the seller:
This LS goes right along real well! There are no abnormal sounds or vibrations, it starts right up, accelerates, shifts, stops and handles as it should. I have looked it over and given it a good inspection with everything checking out great, it’s obvious that this bike has been well taken care of and well maintained. The service is up to date, the oil and filter were just changed and all fluids checked it’s ready to ride.

Please look real close at the up-to-the-minute photos as they show this bike really well. The custom flat black paint is deep, rich and the sides are smooth and shinny with no fading or swirl marks. The plastics and frame components look nice and are not faded or dull. It is obvious that this LS has been stored inside. This is a great looking bike that doesn’t show many miles. There are no dings, dents, rips, tears, rust, corrosion or major flaws.

Key Features:
Fork Brace
Braided Steel Front Brake Lines
Two into One Black Exhaust
Mikuni Carburetors
Koni Shocks
Bar End Mirrors
Custom Paint

The going rate for one of these BMW oddities is in the $2,000 – $3,000 range. This bike, with custom paintwork, might coax more out of a buyer – but it is really hard to defend such a non-standard color on a relatively rare bike. Here is a previous RSBFS post regarding another R65LS to help with your research and still more info on the R65LS FAQ page.

The R65 line-up has been a proven, reliable configuration for BMW, and owners can expect a long life with these understressed machines. If you are interested, you can


BMW October 30, 2010 posted by

2009 BMW HP2 Sport

For Sale: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport

Pity the BMW clientele: Up until 2008 BMW boxers were merely seen as gentlemanly transport. Sure, the bikes made long-distance touring easy, but performance was never on par with other Japanese or Italian hardware.

Enter the DOHC, carbon fiber clad, no excuses, 130 horses, image-changing HP2 Sport:

The HP2 Sport model, made in limited numbers and offered for sale at over $25k MSRP, is the holy grail of the boxer world. Which brings us to our seller’s bike:

This example is a 2009 BMW HP2 Sport with low miles on the odometer.

Note the digital dash, providing MotoGP-like functionality and style.

BMW really went all out in an attempt to make this boxer current and competitive against both the Japanese and the Italians. Check out this great single-sided swingarm:

From the seller:
Like New, Never laid down

Never Raced

Clear Title

Low Miles

Sharp looking

Rare Model

Carbon Fiber accessories make it light weight


130 HP


0-60 in 3.1 Seconds

There is no indication if this particular bike is optioned with the desirable ABS system, and scouring the pictures did not result in anything obvious. This model does come standard with a factory quick shifter, forged aluminum wheels, carbon fiber bodywork and Brembo radial-mount brakes. In all, it is a BMW tour-de-force


Bimota September 29, 2010 posted by

1995 Bimota BB1, One of 148, on eBay

This is an ultra rare Bimota BB1 on eBay!

Bike:  1995 Bimota BB1

Location:  San Diego, California

Mileage:  6,321km (3927mi)

The seller states that this bike is completely original and has always been stored inside.  The title is from Germany and will probably be a pain–or impossible–to register here in the U.S.  The pictures/video do show nicks, scratches, and oxidation on many surfaces, but the bike appears to be in generally good condition.  We’ve seen this seller before with some rare bikes and his videos are always easy to remember because the bikes are always in the same alley and he always makes sure to show that the charging system works.

The original idea sounds fantastic:  145kg (Dry), 650cc single, 46rwhp, BMW-Rotax sourced power-plant with tubular frame and clever insights such as repositioning the fuel tank to achieve optimum CG.  However, I’ve read, the actual finished product turned out to be crap.  Supposedly the bike has ridiculous vibration–Relative to singles!–terrible ergonomics, underpowered brakes and poor handling.  Here is a quote from a period test by Performance Bikes:

‘I expected the Bimota to be hot shit, but it’s turned out to be more of a luke-warm, fudgey stool. It’s nervous, skittish and sounds like the chain is about to leap off the sprockets’

Ah, OK then.  Performance Bikes isn’t the only unfavorable review, the internet only seems to have stories of poor experiences.  While the Ducati Supermono is extremely rare and held to a mythical status, the BB1 is also just as rare but regarded as something you never want to experience other than looking at.

That being said, this is still a very, very, rare Bimota with only 148 ever being produced.  This example isn’t perfect, but it’s not too far off either and you’ll be one of the few to own one.  There are a bunch of little cosmetic issues that will add up but once completed this should be a very nice show piece and, based on reviews, the German title shouldn’t be an issue because you wouldn’t want to ride the thing even if you could.  Anyone have first hand experience they’d like to share?

Bid, or see what this bike goes for, on eBay .


Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 10, 2010 posted by At The Portland AHRMA Classic!

This past May 1st and 2nd, some of the authors for RSBFS attended the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association national meet at Portland International Raceway.  This was the first time AHRMA held a national event in our part of the country and from the looks of things it was a resounding success!  Being at PIR, the focus of the event was on road racing, but MX had a very strong presence along with scooter races, stunt riders, vendor booths and a small swap meet.


The pro-pit’s were awash with things to drool over and fantasize about;  Everything from angry two-strokes to Harley’s were present and racing!  A large number of racers made it out to thrash their vintage machinery with the CB160 race group making up the largest group with twenty plus riders.  Their Le Mans style start and large group made for, easily, the most entertaining group of the weekend.  Two-stroke fours, triples, twins and singles were  present and abundant with the usual dominating presence of the four-strokes.  Doug Polen (WSB, AMA, & Endurance World Champion) was also present and instructing students through his 1ON1 riding school.


The MX track featured pre-’80 bikes, a license plate and lights group, minibikes, a 40+ group, and large displacement thumpers.  The groups were large and dirty with no one seeming to hold back.  The scooter races consisted of somewhat normal looking scooters that sounded like highly strung road-racers and went nearly as quick.  Then vendors booths were nice and featured some quality items but, the swap meet I found severely lacking in attendance however, that can probably be attributed to this being the first time AHRMA has held an event like this so the knowledge base was too small to generate a large swap meet.


The crowds were decently sized which was very surprising based on the, usual, lack of turn-out for motor sports in the Pacific Northwest.  Competitors and fans were also from all reaches of Canada and the U.S. with visitors from both countries East Coast.  Canada had a very strong presence because of it’s close proximity and this fact probably contributed to the strong two stroke numbers.

The weather was adequate but, not the best.  It never rained, while I was there, but it threatened to and you could see it struck some fear into the competitors as the rims shod in wet’s were out on display and not hidden away.  The temperature was cool throughout the day but it was nice not having a large fluctuation from morning to afternoon as it consistently held in the mid 60’s throughout the weekend.

We did get to catch up with a fellow RSBFS reader and old friend, Brian who brought out his classic 1953 BMW R51/3 from Seattle. Here’s a couple of pictures and a bit about his bike:




It’s a 1953 R51/3 the high points are the Hoske tank that people asked about, but it also has Hoske muffler, the carbs are 30mm Dellorto SS1, standard carbs for this bike are 22 or 24mm. the rear seat is called a swinging pillion, an accessory they offered for their sports models R68 and R69S.

1952 bikes started with a pre-war half width hub, mine has the full width hub. When I took the heads off there were oversized pistons as well so I sometimes say its a 550cc bike the headlight bucket is by Rauch, mine has two holes and the 3 hole one is the one that went for $10k ebay listing. (!)

Great catching up Brian!

The parking lot was of course another great spot to check out enthusiast rides, like this NC30 and GSX-R, which seem especially fitting on our site:



More along the lines of what you expect to see at a vintage event, this excellent Vincent was also on hand:



The bathrooms didn’t smell too great and the beer was expensive but, the racing was good and there was plenty to enjoy on, and off, the track.  If you ever see the AHRMA banner at your local track, make sure and have a visit–and always remember to support local motor sport!  A big thank you goes out to AHRMA, all the sponsors, organizers, and especially the volunteers for a great weekend and a great show!

AG & dc


BMW May 10, 2010 posted by

BWM 1100R Boxercup W/1500 Miles #244

BWM 1100R Boxercup  W/1500 Miles

Waiting to be picked up in Oklahoma City is what appears to be a very clean/low mileage BMW 11ooR.

From the ad:

Only 300 of these units were produced worldwide. This numbered 244 bike only has 1500 miles. It’s in showroom condition. Serious inquires only

No model year is stated in the ad.  The bike is listed for $10,500.  Check it out here.

BMW April 13, 2010 posted by

2004 BMW-R Series Boxer Cup replica #209 of 300

2004 BMW-R Boxer Cup Replica for sale and is #209 of 300

A quick search of tells me that we’ve only posted 1 BMW on our site. So what better way to kick off a Tuesday morning other than posting this fine BMW BCR. Forwarded to us by viewer Dave (twice now, sorry!) is this low mileage BMW LE complete with Randy Mamola’s signature… well, not his real one. Once, again I’ll have to admit that I don’t know squat about a bike, which is very humbling, but anyone in the know can help me out by making comments 🙂

The first thing that jumped out at me was how clean the bike appears to be. And it also appears that this bike has never had it’s cases rubbed on asphalt which is a good thing when street riding a collectible cycle with carbon case covers.

The next thing I noticed was how simplistic BMW made adjusting the pre-load on the rear shock. No more clumsy wrenches eh?

Here’s some quotes from the listing:

2004 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica. Only 4k Miles, #209 of 300 Produced, And This Bike Is Flawless!!!! The only reason I am selling the bike is because I lost my job. Any questions about the bike, shipping, etc… please email me, I will respond right away.

Bike has been garaged is whole life, and you won’t fine a nicer more well maintained low mile example of a Boxer Cup Replica anywhere. Recently serviced at the BMW dealership….New battery, new Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier high performance rear tire, also comes with a new BMW power socket (for Battery Tender or heated clothing). Very smooth BMW shaft drive, 6 speed transmission, lots of carbon fiber parts including the valve covers, forged magnesium wheels, adjustable suspension, and very fun to ride, never abused or down, always adult owned.

Prefer German over Italian or Japanese products? This one is ready to roll with new tires, recent service and it looks like a million bucks or maybe $8,500 because that is the . Jump on over and check it out should you be interested. Since it is shaft driven it would make for a great sport tourer or Sunday sport rider. Whichever tickles your fancy, this one is worth a look.



BMW March 19, 2010 posted by

1990 BMW K1 With 4,496 Original Miles

This bike was BMW’s original attempt to fight Japan for a share of the large displacement sportbike market.  Located in Willoughby, Ohio is a 1990 BMW K1 with 4,496 original miles.  Believe it or not but, when this bike was released BMW fans found it outrageous and not inline with the traditionalist look of prior BMWs.  Whatever your feelings about the color and bodywork, this bike was a piece of aerodynamic work with the coefficient of drag coming out at 0.38.  BMW chose to make the K1 super-slippery because of the German requirement for all motorcycles to have a cap of 100bph.  BMW got their high speed with the fairing but still lagged behind in acceleration tests due to the lack of horsepower.  Don’t be fooled, this is still a BMW at heart; It features an articulated Paralever single sided swingarm with shaft drive, Marzocchi conventional front forks, four piston Brembo calipers in the front, 16-valve inline four, and optional ABS–fitted as standard to U.S. bound models.  This bike weighs in at 569lbs wet and the U.S. spec. bikes are actually reported to only have 95bhp due to emissions equipment.  While the ’80’s were full-fairing street bikes got their mass introduction, this bike seems to be the super sports bike epitome of ’80’s excess and flash.  BMW wanted a bike with all the bells and whistles and unfortunately, that came with a weight penalty; combine that with low hp numbers and you have something that is less than spectacular in motion.  However, this bike will appeal to you if you think of it more as a modern VFR: Not the most mundane tourer or best handler but, a civilized sports bike.  The seller only states that this bike is from BMW collection, has been meticulously maintained, and only has 4,496mi.  The asking price is $11,000 with the original MSRP being $13,000.  The only other example I can remember seeing recently was one with ~20k miles and an asking price of $8k; reinforcing that this bike isn’t outrageously priced.  If you’d like to have a BMW super sports bike that isn’t a S1000RR, see this bike on Craigslist here.