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Yamaha March 3, 2013 posted by

Ride it like Russel Part 2: 2008 Yamama YZF-R1 Race Bike

2008 Yamaha R1 Scott Russell

This is the second 2008 ex-Scott Russel Yamaha R1 race bike we’ve seen up for grabs, and this one is reportedly the backup bike. The seller gives very little detail and Mike’s questions from the other post regarding the livery still stand. This one has a buy-it-now of $12,500 and a current bid of $7850 reserve not met.

2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 Scott Russel race bike for sale on eBay


quote from the seller:

ex Scott Russell R1 FOR SALE
Yamaha Yzf-R1 , only 1x time you can buy a semi factory buildt Yamaha, This Bike was special buildt for Scott Russel in 2008 as backup bike. Engine buildt by JAMIE JAMES PRODUCTIONS and Graves Yamaha, Everything you wish for is on this bike, Incredibly smooth power delivery and outrageous torque for a rush like you ve never experienced.. Be the new proud owner from the HALL OF FAME Mister Daytona Scott Russell back up bike Bike is New condition Turnkey to go to the track . Bike and engine is fully inspected by Roland Stuart former builder for Larry Mc Bride
Ocala FL



Sport Bikes For Sale February 27, 2013 posted by

1987 Yamaha FZR750R Genesis For Sale

Metuchen, NJ – 5,769mi – $5,200 Reserve not met

87FZR750R_14 We all know that the Yamaha FZR750R (OW-01) is highly collectible and low production homologated special that doesn’t come up for sale often. Because of this, that bike is pure unobtanium for 99% of people. The precursor to the OW01, the FZR750R Genesis, is however more attainable and not quite as rare. Granted, you don’t see these popping up for sale with as much frequency as the rest of the FZR line, but they do present an opportunity to ride something rare, cool, and a fraction of the price of the OW01.


The FZR750R Genesis featured a 106hp engine and Yamaha’s DeltaBox frame which was advanced for street use at the time. The FZR750R was homologated for AMA racing and only 200 examples were made, which actually means less available than the OW01. The last digits of the VIN on this one shows “266”, so I am not exactly sure what implications that has as to production numbers. The bike for sale here is very clean with less than 6k on the clock. The only modification is the Yoshimura pipe and the original is included with the sale.



From the seller:

This auction is for a 1987 Yamaha FZR 750 RT. This motorcycle has some historical significance as it was the precursor to the phenomenal FZR750RR (OW01). To homologate the FZR 750 RT for AMA racing, Yamaha had to import 200 street-spec 750’s This is one of those 200 made for the US market. This machine has less than 6K miles on it and it is in immaculate condition. There are no notable scratches, scuffs, dents, dings, etc… It is as perfect as it can be; and I don’t hesitate to say it is truly in museum quality condition. Many of these motorcycles ended up on the racetrack, but this one has never been raced, crashed or abused in anyway. This machine has spent the vast majority of its life being stored in a showroom. After I purchased this machine, I rode it about once every two months on a 20 mile loop to go through the gears. There were absolutely no mechanical issues and it operated perfectly. I had no problems with the engine, transmission, clutch, brakes, exhaust, electrical system, etc… The bike has always been stored in a climate controlled environment and I’ve never ridden it in inclement weather. Given the number of motorcycles I had, I took the motorcycle to the local dealer and prepped it for long term storage about 2 ½ years ago. It’s been sitting in my den since. With the exception of the exhaust, the machine is 100% stock. I do however have the original exhaust and it is included in this auction; as are various other miscellaneous parts and documents. I believe I possibly have several oil filters, sparkplugs, handlebar grips, owner’s manual, etc.. I’d have to go into my storage area to get a complete list. While I consider this machine as very special, I’ve enjoyed owning it and believe it’s time to let someone else include it in their collection.

Asking prices for these bikes were around $5k a couple of years ago, but given that the market for clean vintage sport bikes is always on the rise combined with the fact that these really don’t show up often and in this condition, I would say that $6k-$7k isn’t unreasonable. I would be all over this bike if it was closer and I had the cash on hand. I got a feeling this is going to be one of those future collectibles that will become increasingly harder to come by. If you feel the same way, then jump over to the auction here and have a look.


KTM June 1, 2012 posted by

Red Bull Gives KTM Wings: 3 KTM RC8R Red Bull Editions!

For Sale:
KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #4

KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #5

KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #23

There are days when scouring the ‘net results in few – if any – rare bikes. And then there are days when there are so many rare bikes up for grabs that the entire staff of RSBFS cannot keep pace. Witness the multitudes of two strokes we have listed right now – lots of rare RZs and Gammas. Enjoy, because it may be a while before we see such a glut again.

While we were busy getting high on blue smoke and castor oil fumes, RSBFS superfan Marty spotted a trifecta of KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition bikes available at the same time – an unbelievable occurrance given that only 25 were made available. Guest contributor Marty writes:

When manufacturers make a limited edition of a bike, the odds of seeing two for sale at the same time tends to be pretty small

Of course the smaller the run (oh, lets say 25), the odds are certainly less.

And then there are the odds of seeing them on the same website at the same time….

So how should we react when 3 of the total production run of 25 Red Bull KTM RC8’s are listing for sale at the same time and all are listed on (USA)? All I can say is Im sharpening my ice skates and watching the weather forecast to see if they mention a guy named beelzebub.

Very well said, Marty. This is indeed a rare event. So let’s take a look at the bikes! The RC8R Red Bull Edition was produced in extremely limited volume (25), with each bike individually numbered. Here is a great flyaround video of the KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition bike:

Now lets check out the bikes that are for sale. Starting out, here is KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #4:

From the seller:
2010 KTM 1190 RC8-R Red Bull Limited Edition
Individually numbered #4 0f 25 imported into North America…. 20 in the USA

Limited Edition IDM Red Bull paint and graphics
Optional Club Race kit including Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, head gasket and new valve timing installed
Yoyodine Slipper clutch
Fender eliminator
1278 mile trade in
Clubman kit is designed for racing – closed course use only

The auction for this RC8R #4 is on right now and the starting bid is a hefty $16,001. No bids as of yet (and three to choose from!), so take a look and enjoy!

The second bike on today’s list is KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #5. That’s right, only ONE serial number up from the last bike posted!

From the seller:
Up for sale is my very own 2010 KTM RC8R RED BULL LIMITED EDITION in SHOWROOM NEW CONDITION with only 774 Miles on it. This is an extremely rare number plated motorcycle which is #5 of 25, and only 12 of the 25 were released to the U.S. The other 13 were sold in Europe. This bike was priced over $24,000 new. This bike has been equipped with the KTM Factory Club Race Kit ($4600 + $900 Installation) which was installed by the KTM Dealer where the bike was purchased. The Club Race Kit includes: -A FULL AKRAPOVIC EVO4 TITANIUM RACE EXAUST SYSTEM WITH TITANIUM HEADERS, -KTM HIGH COMPRESSION HEAD GASKET, -VALVE TIMING RETUNED, -KTM HIGH FLOW AIR FILTER, -IGNITION AND FUEL INJECTION REMAPPED, -DYNO TUNED. Standard features on the KTM 1190 RC8R Red Bull Limited Edition include: – WP REAR ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION, STEERING STABILIZER, AND 43mm INVERTED TiAlNi-COATED FORKS. – BREMBO 4-PISTON MONOBLOCK BRAKE CALIPERS WITH REINFORCED 320mm ROTORS. – MARCHESINI FORGED LIGHT WEIGHT ALUMINUM WHEELS. – LIGHT WEIGHT STEEL TRELLIS FRAME – PIRELLI DIABLO SUPERCOARSA SP TIRES THIS IS A MUST SEE BIKE AND IS GUARANTEED NOT TO DISAPPOINT!

This particular bike has only 774 miles on it (versus the 1,278 as reported on bike #4 above). The auction for KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #5 is also on right now, with a lower opening ask than the previous bike (the current bid is only up to $14,450 with reserve in place) and BIN set at $17,000. So pricing is close between these bikes. With all of these bikes avilable, this one might come down to which seller is willing to deal.

The final bike available today is KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #23. This particular bike appears to be the most utilized of the 3 listed, although the mileage is very close to the other two (1,210).

From the seller:
Please read everything in this auction listing.
Aprox 1200 Miles
Virginia Clean Title
Red Bull Edition #23 of 25
Club Racing Kit: Akro Titanium exhaust, head gaskets, removable kickstand, KTM air filter, etc……..
Race bodywork w/dzuz fasteners
Extra set of race tires brand new
All stock parts
Comes with original mirrors not the bar end mirror.

BAD: Bike was dropped at Summit Point T1 gravel pit, bike hit the gravel pit and it was dropped on the left side. The left mid section has gravel scratches/chips/whatever you will like to call it. You cannot tell the bike has been dropped until you are about 1-3 feet from the bike.

Upper left
Corner of inside tail


Well, it’s a pity about the gravel rash, but on the other hand it is GOOD to see these bikes ridden in locations deserving of the pedigree. The auction for this KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition #23 is also on right now, and the pricing is right in line with the condition: the current bid is $8,251 with reserve still in place, and the BIN is set at $13,500.

The KTM RC8R is a serious sportbike and a serious contender. I must say that I am encouraged by Chris Fillmore and Stefan Nebel’s AMA Superbike results on the KTM at both Infineon and Miller recently, and look forward to watching them progress. Meanwhile, if you want to get yourself onto a very collectable machine, take your pick. I’m not sure you can go wrong! And speaking of the AMA Superbike racer, check out the KTM team:

For his help with this post and his terrific commentary, we will be sending Marty a RSBFS sticker before they are available to the public. Watch for these goodies and more coming to the RSBFS Merchandise store soon. Thanks for the help, Marty!


Sport Bikes For Sale May 25, 2012 posted by

Ride it like Russell: 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 raced by Scott Russell

For sale: 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1

Up on the block today is a Jamie James prepped Yamaha R1 reportedly raced by AMA champ Scott Russell himself! If those claim prove to be true, this one will turn out to be a pretty sweet piece of historic hardware. Interestingly, this is the second ex-Scott Russell bike posted here on RSBFS – you can see the other Yamaha R1 in this post.

While the stock R1 was no slouch in the power or handling department, the seller notes a custom-built engine by Jamie James Productions and some interesting add ons including an Ohlins shock in the rear, updated rearsets with quickshifter and full Akropovic system.

From the seller:
2008 Yahama R1
Quick Shift
Ohlins TTX Rear Shock
25 mil. kit Front Forks
Brembro brake adjuster
Akrapovic full exhaust
Graves Rear Set
520 Vortec
Sharkskinz plastics
Vortec gas cap
Ohlins Steering Stabilizer
Engine built by Jamie James Productions
Raced by AMA Pro racer Scott Russell in 2008

Now I must admit that an ex-Scott Russell bike with a Jamie James built motor would probably bring in more than a garden variety track day R1. And that is where I could use some help from the knowledgeable readers of RSBFS. I know that Russell came out of retirement in 2008 to ride Daytona and a few other races – aboard a Yamaha. But nowhere can I find pics of Russell on a bike with this livery or number. It could be that the skins were changed out, and underneath the paint is the actual steed ridden by the AMA star – but it would sure help if the seller offered some additional historical data on that point.

Your chance to find out more is right now! This auction is on and the seller has set the BIN at $8,999.99 or best offer. That could be fair money if the bike has the documented race history as inferred. Click the link to jump over to the auction, and then let us know what you think about this one. Here’s your chance to ride it like Russell! Good Luck!


Ducati April 16, 2012 posted by

Italian Special- ’93 Ducati 888 SPO

Location: West Hampton, New Jersey

Mileage: 19,000

Price: Auction, with a reserve

I find most all sportbikes cool looking in their own way. I’ve made it no secret that even the 90’s super graphics on many a Japanese bike appeal to me. But for pure looks, Ducati is hard to beat. And in the world of sexy bikes, the 851/888 bikes are about as good as it gets. This SPO is simply stunning. Bike art in my book. A total living room piece.

However, this bike doesn’t just stop at looks. You like limited edition, homologated specials? Okay, here you go. Ducati brought this four valve liquid-cooled bike for AMA purposes. So you also got an Ohlins rear shock and awesome solo seat.

From the seller-

1993 Ducati 888 SPO

One of a kind – probably one of the nicest condition Ducati 888 out there… 

I am the original owner, and this bike has been babied since I got it new in 1993.

Runs Great, Sounds Superb and looks red hot!   I’ve posted a short YouTube video of the bike, so please check it out …  

Bike has/had …

  • New Timing Belts
  • New Barnett Clutch
  • New Front/Rear Tires
  • New battery just installed 4/2012
  • Custom Corbin Seat
  • Carbon Fiber Front/Rear Fenders
  • Carbon Finder – Instrument Panel
  • Tinted Windshield

 Bike will come with …

  • Rear Pit-Bull Stand; a must for sport bikes.
  • Original front/rear fenders
  • 2 sets of keys
  • All service paperwork and original manual

Bike is located in New Jersey. Local pickup preferred, but will ship and will run around $600-$700.

And the pics-

This bike certainly looks clean and the seller includes the original fenders for those who like all stock. These are collectible bikes, so stock parts are important. At 19,000 miles, the bike has been ridden. But if maintenance has been done that shouldn’t be a huge issue. The seller also includes a Pitbull stand, which is a nice addition.

These are beautiful bikes. Who knows where the reserve is, but I would guess a bike like this would likely approach the $10k mark. I  would also guess that these bikes will hold their value over time. So if you have the means, here’s a investment you can ride (well, occasionally). Anyway, if you’re interested, go check this auction out.


BMW November 17, 2011 posted by

Cream of the crop: 1975 BMW R90S in Daytona Orange

For Sale: 1975 BMW R90S in Daytona Orange

RSBFS Homologation sportbike enthusiasts might be wondering what a lowly Bay Um Vey is doing on this site. After all, these teutonic tourers from Der Vaterland are not exactly known for Superbike performance. But in the mid-1970s with the R90S model, BMW took the performance fight to the Japanese and became the FIRST manufacturer to win a Superbike championship. That’s right: Reg Pridemore, riding a BWM R90S, won the inaugural AMA Superbike championship in 1976. Not bad performance credentials for the “gentleman’s express” brand of bikes.

If you can get past the Creamsicle appearence of the orange sunburst paintwork (known as Daytona Orange), this is one sharp looking bike. The bikini fairing gives the bike an aggressive stance and provides a surprising amount of wind protection. The instrument cluster features a speedo and a tach (although the 7,500 redline is a bit low by today’s standards), a volt meter and a clock. Top speed in stock form was reported to be approximately 125 MPH.

The classic airhead boxer twin pumps out a moderate 67 HP as delivered from the factory. Those are not big numbers today – nor were they in 1975, amid the era of the Japanese 750cc and 1000cc fours; certainly some creative tuning was utilized during the AMA era. This particular bike, while clean, sports non-standard plug wires. Sharp-eyed readers might spot the Brown Motor Works aftermarket sidestand – a huge improvement on the willowy stick BMW originally included on the bike.

From the seller:
Up for auction is a 1975 BMW R90S in Daytona Orange. This legendary and ground breaking motorcycle was only produced for three years. It is THE collectable BMW from the ’70s. It debuted in 1974 as BMW’s first sport bike and the first production bike to be sold with a fairing. It utilizes higher compression and BIG Del’Orto carburetors to produce a lot more power than the standard R90/6, making it a lot of fun to ride. This one is in excellent original cosmetic shape and has only covered 10,630 miles in its 36 years on the road. It got new tires two years/2,000 miles ago. It runs and rides beautifully. It has Lester mags, which were the hot aftermarket alternative to the original spoke wheels. It also has a Brown side stand and ride-off center stand. The front fender has a nice looking repaint, and the rest of the paint on the bike is original. It shows its age here and there but looks great overall. This is a bike that will only go up in value.

This particular bike looks to be pretty well cared for considering it is pushing 36 years of age. With the clock only showing 10,630 miles, there does not seem to be a lot of chance for abuse. The bike is quite presentable, and as the seller notes, this is one of THE collectable models in the historic BMW line. Located in the Windy City of Chicago, IL, this looks to be an interesting opportunity for prospective collectors.

This auction is on now, and bidding has been moderate. The current bid is up to $9,100 and there does not appear to be a reserve. This orange sportbike is going home with somebody in a few days! For your chance at this iconic boxer – or to check out the 58 pictures provided by the seller – click on the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Ducati November 3, 2011 posted by

Full-On AMA Superbike Anyone? Larry Pegram’s 2008 Ducati 1098R

Location: Hebron, Ohio

Mileage: Uh, racebike

Price: Auction, $55,000 BIN

So here’s an opportunity you don’t see everyday, even on RSBFS. For sale is Larry Pegram’s American Superbike Ducati 1098R race bike. Yep, the real deal apparently. We have seen a few factory race bikes here on the sight, and like this bike, they represent an opportunity to own something that is truly rare and special.

For information on Pegram, check out his site here. In short, you’ll see he’s been racing successfully since 1993 and is now campaigning a BMW S1000RR. His highest finish at the end of a season is 4th, certainly very respectable by any standard.

Let’s see what the seller has to say-

Up for auction is a superbike raced by Larry Pegram in American Superbike in 2010. It is fresh and ready to race or collect. 

Full factory electronics including , Marvel 4 ECU

Ducati Corse software with Traction control and engine brake control

Engines are full spec , Corse cams, pistons, flywheel, slipper clutch, and head flowed, etc.

Aluminum 24 liter Corse tank

Adjustable angle and offset Corse clamps

Brembo monoblock billet calipers and masters.

Pressurized cooling system with Corse radiator

Marcesini magnesium wheels

Rapid design titanium rear stand

Corse link and adjustable ride height

Brembo 6mm rotors

Corse swingarm

Corse bars ,rear sets, levers, shifter, everything is Ducati Corse

Ohlins ttx billet one piece shock (FACTORY ONLY)

Ohlins fork kits 

Map, gear, and TC switchs

Everything you can imagine true factory bikes plus extra set of wheels with rotors

And the pics-

It’s difficult to measure a bike like this. Certainly looks clean, but it’s a race bike, not a street bike. So really, like the seller stays, you’ll either be racing it or setting up in the living room as art. Either choice sounds pretty bitchin’ to me. Value is also difficult, although a stock 1098R would have run you $40k in 2008. If you figure in all the extra parts on this bike and performance upgrade work, I’m guessing you’re tacking quite a bit of value. Not to mention more power and less weight to an already impressive platform. Then add in the whole AMA factory race bike part, well there you go. I guess we’ll see where this goes.

All in all, here’s an opportunity to pick up something unique that not everyone, or really anyone, is gonna have in their garage. If you have the resources and the desire, by all means, place your bid!


Honda July 11, 2011 posted by

’91 Two Brothers AMA RC30 Race Bike – Seriously.

Location: Somers, Connecticut
Mileage: NA (dude, it’s a race bike)
Price: Auction, currently $3,500

Okay, so here is something I’m guessing we don’t see everyday here at RSBFS. I have seen a few RC30’s and I’ve seen some legit race bikes. But I haven’t seen both in one bike. Represented here is a Two Brothers Racing AMA RC30 superbike. That’s a string of words I like to see together. The RC30 is a legendary bike. Two Brothers is a very well known name in racing (love their exhausts) and if this bike is actually at all connected with “Fast” Freddie Spencer (two-time world champion), then I think we all know what that could mean.

Here’s some more photos-

Here’s the information from the seller-

1991-1992 Two Brothers Racing RC30 AMA Superbike, this may have been Spencers backup bike/ tire testing but I have no documentation to back this up so Im just going to say it is definately a TBR Superbike.

Kevin Erion sold this 1/94 to one of his riders Chuck Burnnett who owned it for several years and had Mike Velasco rebuild the engine, it was dynoed on Elf fuel showing 132hp @ the wheel. The engine is full of HRC NL0 kit parts and 39mm Keihin flatslides.Runs very strong, I ran it at one Wera event a few years ago so the engine still has very low time. I’ve owned this since 2001 and just slapped on some new Michelins.

Frame is a braced HRC unit with an odd 15 digit vin #, 6.25 & 3.75 HRC mags, vented Nissin rotors, HRC fork internals.

I have NO SPARES to sell and please dont ask me my reserve. Thanks

I will help with shipping if needed, I will build a crate and ship to a port, you will pay all shipping costs, please dont ask me how much to ship here or there, I have no idea off hand.

So this is one of those deals that needs some careful consideration. A legit AMA RC30 superbike? Well that’s about as cool as it gets. A piece of racing history for sure. But, as with anything in this world, it’s worth the time to do your homework. And I would be particularly cautious about any real link to Freddie Spencer without solid documentation or specific proof. The seller is right to acknowledge lack of documentation, which is commendable. I also don’t even know how to begin to evaluate the value on this bike, so the auction will be interesting.

However, link to Freddie or not, this bike could be truly special. Not a factory homologated limited run for the street, but the real deal. It will never see the street, and maybe not even the track again.

And it does not represent racing. It is racing.

If you have the means, do yourself (and all of us living vicariously through you) a favor and check this auction out!