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Ducati August 29, 2022 posted by

I Dream In Carbon Fiber: 1999 Ducati 996S

Ah, carbon fiber. Could there ever be anything so cool as carbon roving knitted into a bi-directional matrix and embedded in epoxy resin? Light weight and super strong, carbon fiber was the hot new “in” thing in the 1980s and 1990s. Originally developed in the late 60s and 1970s as aerospace and military grade material (although the concepts go as far back as the 1800s!), carbon fiber soon became more earth bound in the form of Formula 1 cars, and later as off the shelf components for the every day man. And while these used to be parts exclusively for performance, today one can purchase any number of items made from the stuff, including “carbon look” stickers that – I have on good authority – will automatically add 10 HP to whatever you stick them to. But to really get what is going on with today’s 1999 Ducati 996S, you have to cast your mind back to when carbon fiber was expensive and exclusive. Wrapping an expensive and exclusive bike with that stuff was just over the top and for show. Which, apparently, this bike was.

1999 Ducati 996S for sale on eBay

From the seller:
This is a rare bike indeed. One of 201 Ducati 996S 1999 model year. Coveted first year! This was the Ducati factory 996 Canadian launch bike in 1999 and they did it up with a full Ducati collaboration Carbon Dream factory race kit. If you don’t know Carbon Dream, they make carbon fibre for Bugatti Hyper cars amongst others. This was a crazy expensive option you could choose when ordering your 996S. Obviously Ducati launch bikes were all done up for the shows. The bike has never been down and has been fully and regularly serviced by the previous owner’s Ducati mechanic prior to my purchase. He was a collector and had several bikes in his stable.

More from the seller:
I am the second owner and I bought the bike as a show piece for Biker Down Canada. We have been offered a show bike by a manufacturer so this one reluctantly has to be sold and the money will be used to support the purchase of a mobile booth. Check our Biker Down ca. The first owner got it from Ducati and was an avid collector. It has a clean car fax. Located in Vancouver Canada. I can help the buyer with shipping anywhere in the world. It qualifies as a full collector bike and collector plates in Canada and likely the USA. Yes it has a clean VIN and registration in Canada and it can easily be imported into most countries under the vintage collector bike rules. One of a kind! Look at the pics and message with questions. This bike is cross posted so get in a bid fast to make sure it sells on EBay! 12500 kilometres on clock. She is a true Italian beauty.

Underneath all of the super cool window dressing lies the 996. The follow on act to the mighty 916, the 996 had all the great looks of the original, but with slightly softer lines. What was not softer was the power delivery, as Ducati bumped up the displacement to keep the bike on top of the WSBK rostrum. The S model of the lineup was primarily a suspension upgrade, courtesy of Swedish brand Ohlins. The seller claims this particular bike was an official Ducati show bike for the 996S launch in Canada. I cannot confirm this (perhaps some of the RSBFS Ducati tifosi might have some knowledge on that front) but by all accounts this looks like a show bike. The carbon bits are indeed gorgeous, and the color combo is an interesting mix of old and new. With a starting bid of just under $12k, this bit of flash will be auctioned off by the end of the week. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


I Dream In Carbon Fiber: 1999 Ducati 996S
Ducati August 24, 2021 posted by

Party Like It’s – 1999 Ducati 996S #027

After the success of the 916, Ducati presented the top of the batting order for the 996, with base, S, and SPS models for 1999.  Today’s -S is substantially stock with 12,475 miles – hard to argue with a first year home run.

1999 Ducati 996S for sale on eBay

As an incremental improvement, design engineers went for a number of big steps – more displacement, revised ECU with two fuel injectors for each cylinder, and of course a new airbox.  123 hp was the result, all helmet controlled with electronic nannies still a ways over the horizon.  Chassis changes were harder to see but the package became slightly more compact, with the S sporting Öhlins dampers all around.  Not much in the way of upgrades for the cooling and charging systems so a fan override switch ( and some running room ) were helpful in keeping temps in the green.

Soaked in the Florida sun, this 996S looks excellent with the mandated tail tidy and vented front fender.  FarkleBay awaits with more carbon goodies if the new owner wants.  Quality Arrow exhaust is paired with an ECU update.  Q&A style comments suggest a period of inactivity, no deal breaker but might inquire about the age of the cam belts before bidding.  Notes from the eBay auction:

1999 996S #27, one owner, only 12,500 miles, professionally maintained, responsibly ridden, never dropped, never raced.  Full Arrow exhaust, matching ECU, carbon fiber extras, Ohlins suspension, Marchesini wheels, Pirelli Corsa Diablo tires, etc.  Recent fuel tank liner and ethanol proof lines.

Robust as it was, the 996 had a relatively short run, with a more modern testastretta engine being readied for later 996R’s and the 2003 998.  Edition number 027 is quite low for an inaugural machine, with only around 200 S-variants ( all red ! ) made each year.  The starting bid doesn’t seem out of line but the seller’s tight schedule might be helped by a local buyer.



Party Like It’s – 1999 Ducati 996S #027
Ducati December 17, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 2000 Ducati 996S

The souped-up version of Ducati’s iconic 916, the 2000 Ducati 996S allowed Duc to keep the Massimo Tamburini styling that still did not look dated and make a raft of mechanical mods to keep up with the Joneses. The bores got embiggened, parts from the 916 SPS became standard, and horsepower climbed to the mid-120s, and the bike stayed in the spotlight attracted by its predecessor.

2000 Ducati 996S for sale on eBay

The 2000 models got five-spoke Marchesini wheels, which on the S were featherweight cast magnesium. The suspension was handled on both ends by Ohlins, which ratcheted up the exotica a notch or two.

This example is low mileage and comes out of the second owner’s collection, where it has been ridden mostly to shows. It has been given an aftermarket graphics package, which is removable, as well as some carbon fiber dress up bits. It also sports Akrapovic slip-on cans and Ducati Corse rearsets.

From the eBay listing:

Ducati 996S 2000.

Bike is located in Queen Creek, AZ. Clear title. Super clean bike with only 4123 miles. This is an S model which is limited from Ducati. #259 Upgraded components from Manufacturer such as Ohlins suspension equipment. Bike is well taken care of and comes out of a collection. I am the second owner. Services are up to date. Decals on fairings can be removed as they are not under a clear coat. Besides that everything else is pretty much OEM. Akropovic slip-on’s, Ducati Corse Rearsets, correct Marchesini magnesium upgraded lighter wheels recently checked and painted. I have the owners manual and original tool pouch. You can take it home and ride it. I do ride it to shows so mileage can and will change. I do run Rear slicks on all my street bikes. I can put a new rear DOT on if requested. ie: this was not a race bike because it has a slick on. Besides that, new front tire, 520 chain, sprockets, oil, belts. it does literally look new. Please don’t ask about other bikes in the pictures and if they are for sale. They will not be responded to. Thank your for your time. $7500 obo

Any and all other questions welcome.

Mike six zero two 909 855 five

For Sale Locally. I can end the listing at any time.

Please note 2 items are on the bike that will not be removed until sold. Rear Billet Brembo caliper, and WSB full floating rear rotor. I will leave the Brembo caliper on at an additional cost to listed price if negotiated. Rotor is not negotiable. I don’t need to sell the bike and so parts will stay on until Sale. OEM items will be reinstalled.

I can help with transportation arrangements if needed. Buyer is responsible for pick-up.

This bike is in excellent shape, has a very few reversible mods and is extremely low mileage. At $7,500, it’s almost a no-brainer.

Featured Listing: 2000 Ducati 996S
Ducati January 30, 2017 posted by

Low-Mileage L-Twin: 2000 Ducati 996S for Sale

In creating the 996, it might look like Ducati simply slapped a set of fresh decals onto their 916, with an extra “9” replacing the “1.” But the development of the 916 into the 996 and finally into the 998 saw a lot of gradual changes under that very pretty and iconic skin. Introduced in 1999 as an evolution of the 916, the 996 featured exactly what is says on the tin: a 996cc four-valve L-twin engine with many upgrades, including the displacement, from the earlier 916SPS, although it used different camshafts for softer power delivery and 112 peak hp. Proper fuel metering for big twins can be tricky, and the 996 used a pair of injectors per cylinder for improved power and response.

With a whole range of S, R, SPS, and even RS versions of the 916/996/998, it can be a bit tricky to navigate all the differences between different Ducati superbikes. In general, the S bikes represent a step up from the base model in terms of looks and handling, with some carbon fiber bits and suspension upgrades, although performance is largely unchanged. So the 996S seen here was basically a regular 996 with the springy bits front and rear upgraded to shiny gold Öhlins bits from the stock Showa components.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Ducati 996S for Sale

Showroom condition Ducati 996S. This is not the regular 996, this is the S. This is number 298 made. Termignoni half system slip on pipes in carbon fiber and black. New tires fresh inspection. Block of plates for mirrors. 2,000 miles on bike. ALL RECORDS. I bought it from a collector 4 yrs ago. Comes with stand. I did take off the rear blinkers for a sleeker look.  I just use my hands to turn. NEVER TRACKED and to my knowledge never in the rain. Always stored inside in my living room. Tires are brand new. Custom black frame, triple tree, wheels  and front number plate professionally painted. I also have new air filter just put in. I think this is one of the best 996s in the country. To me it looks FLAWLESS. Firm on Price. Adult owned and ridden. No trades. Clear title.

From the photos, this appears to be a nice bike and, as we know, complete maintenance records are critical for any Ducati so the fact that the seller has ALL THE RECORDS is a bonus. Unfortunately, I think plenty of collectors will balk at that “custom black frame.” Even if it was done, as the seller indicates, to customize the bike and not to hide damage, it’s something that would require complete disassembly to put back to stock, and that’s probably going to hurt price. Luckily, the seller is asking a very reasonable $7,500 for this bike which, if the mileage is correct, could mean a very nice bike for someone who’s not worried about owning a perfectly original example of this classic Bolognese superbike.


Low-Mileage L-Twin: 2000 Ducati 996S for Sale
Ducati March 29, 2015 posted by

Feeling Foggy are ya? – 1999 Ducati 996S

1999 Ducati 996S Foggy Rep on eBay


I’m going to level with you RSBFS readers… this one breaks my heart.  You see, it was for sale a mere 10 miles from me for just $4,500!  After 4 hours of text begging with the wife, I finally convinced her that this bike was a sound investment and we should take money out of savings so I could buy it.  I called and the guy said “Sorry, sold it 10 minutes ago.”  My dream was crushed.  I have a feeling that I’ll be crying myself to sleep when it finally sells.

OK, on to the bike itself!  The Ducati 996 was an evolutionary step forward from the legendary 916.  It retained all of the beautiful style of the original 916 but got a bump in power from an increase in displacement, two injectors per cylinder and a redesigned airbox.  This particular one has had some additional changes including the 5 spoke Marchesini wheels, Termi exhaust as well as an SPS carbon fiber airbox. 


The seller has some maintenance information and details about the modifications that you can read that in the eBay listing here: 1999 Ducati 996S on eBay

The engine was rebuilt in 2002 under factory warranty (I have receipts for proof) by Gold Coast motorsports in New York at a cost of $5900.
At the time the bike has 10k miles. I do not know the maintenance history after this point. I cannot say if the bike was serviced or not after that point.
I can say the bike is clean, drips no oil, doesn’t smoke and it runs fantastic. Obviously is sounds great with the Termi slip ons.

This one is badged #20 of around 200 996S’s imported in 1999 ( the tailcone has a 996SPS Fogarty decal ). No shortage of confusion about the Fogarty “Foggy” replicas unfortunately, most information indicates that the 996 Foggy replicas were a UK-only deal ( to homologate the 996 engine ). Readily available replica decal kits didn’t help matters. Perhaps a dealer-applied kit ? The U.S. received a Foggy tribute Monster in 2001.


Mike M. and Donn

Feeling Foggy are ya? – 1999 Ducati 996S
Ducati March 9, 2015 posted by

Middle Child Duc: 2001 Ducati 996S

Here is an exceptionally clean Ducati 996s for sale in California.   Mileage is low at 1,600 and the bike has the correct 996 triple tree plate so this does appear to be 1 of the 180 produced S models.


The Ducati 996 is a bit of a middle child bike; based on the legendary 916, the 996 was produced from 1999 to 2002 and was replaced by the 998 which had a new engine.  While the 998 testastretta motor is considered by some to be a better design, the 2001 996 desmoquattro motor is no slouch.  Also, the 996 was often considered to be a better bike for street use due to the narrower engine and cooling;  the 996 vented heat through the the side vents but the 998 had venting for the radiator that came out in front of a riders legs.


2001 Ducati 996s for sale on ebay

This appears to be an exceptionally clean 996S and all of the standard equipment seems to be in place.  This includes the correct Marchesini 5-spoke wheels, Öhlins front and Öhlins rear progressive cantilever linkage with adjustable monoshock and carbon fiber front fender.  The seller indicates some nice upgrades as well, including the following:

  • Full Termongoni race exhaust and reflashed computer
  • carbon fiber air tubes
  • Upgraded aluminum fan and quick disconnect fuel connectors
  • STM clutch slave, bar ends and front fork adjusters
  • Billet aluminum frame plugs, timing cover, brake/clutch reservoir caps and rear sprocket holder
  • AFAM rear sprocket
  • Acculine rear sets
  • Speedymoto water pump housing and Samco coolant hoses
  • Ducabike steering shock holder


The seller also indicates that major maintenance has been done, including the infamous timing belts as well as all new fluids, fuel filter and fuel lines.  No mention is made of tires however.


Is this 996S worth the 9,500 USD asking price?  Well the price appears to be right in line with other 996 models currently available for sale on ebay. And with only 180 of the 996S models being produced and the tasteful upgrades and recent service done by the seller, the price certainly appears to be more than fair.  However “middle child” bikes like the 996 never seem to be as popular as either first edition bikes (such as the 916) or the final generation (such as the 998) so I don’t think one is going to go through a major price appreciation by collectors any time soon.  Perhaps this means the next owner will take it out on the street a bit a more, which would be a treat for the rest of us cause they sound really good.


Middle Child Duc:  2001 Ducati 996S
Ducati December 8, 2014 posted by

8 Mile 2001 Ducati 996


Nope it’s not in Detroit — it’s in Florida and has just 8 miles showing on the odometer. The description is very thin but the pictures definitely show a spotless Ducati superbike. One interesting thing in the description is that the seller states it could be an S model. Though there isn’t any markings on the outside the bike to confirm this as I’ve seen on other S models, some internet research bears out that not every market had S models with the triple clamp badge and other decals like the U.S. got. And because I believe at this point there was little difference between the standard and the S specification, it could be. Either way, bidders are active with the current bid at $8,200 and the reserve is met. Yes it’s 14 years old now, but a new Ducati superbike for less than $10k sounds very attractive.


2001 Ducati 996 for sale on eBay


from the seller:

this is one of my favorites bike on my collection i love this bike but is time to let it go this is a one owner bike the bike has never been use since the day i bouth it same millage that apears on the day of sale!! the bike is NEW the bike starts perfectly we started all my bikes ones a month everything works i also took all my 8 ducatis to the dealer to have them inspected everything is perfect the only thing that i would change are the tires they have never been use so i recomend changeing them. according to the vin # at the dealer they told me it is a 996S but the new owner will figure it out thank you! i have to say YOU WILL NEVER NEVER FIND ANOTHER LIKE THIS!!


8 Mile 2001 Ducati 996
Ducati August 31, 2013 posted by

Immaculate 2000 Ducati 996S #243 with just 2300 Miles!

Ducati 996S For Sale

Today’s Feature Listing is this stunning Ducati 996S, one of just 200 originally available for sale in the U.S., and #243 of 356 in worldwide production. The S model has a lighter frame, 5 spoke Marchesini rims, and lots of extra carbon fiber. This example also received a generous serving of improvement parts, but all the stock parts are included as well. Scroll past the pictures below for a thorough description from the seller and a link over a hundred additional photos.


2000 Ducati 996S for sale on eBay




from the seller:

Offered for sale is a pristine condition 2000 Ducati 996S #243 of 356 produced worldwide for 2000 with only 2330 original miles. The original purchase price of the 2000 996S was $20,995.00. The Ducati is in immaculate condition, both visually and mechanically. It requires nothing, no restore, rehab or work to bring it up to a concourse standard, except to keep it clean and serviced. It comes with many Ducati Performance (DP) & Corsa accessories, not all installed but new in the box. I’m very particular about my motorcycles and keep them in top notch condition. I don’t believe you’ll find better. These options include;

Ducati Performance & Corsa accessories;

Corsa Carbon Fiber Disc Covers

Corsa C F Rear Sets

Corsa C F Racing under tail with vent (will work with stock tail section & ECU)

DP Allen Head Bolt Kits (2 ea.)

DP Billet Brake and Clutch Levers (2 sets ea.)

DP Billet Mirrors

DP Body Protection 3m Kit

DP C F Chain Guard

DP Corsa Vented Front Fender

DP C F Headlight Shell

DP C F Heel and Exhaust Guards

DP C F Hugger

DP C F License Frame Plate Frame

DP C F Lower Swing Arm Faring

DP C F Swing arm Cover

DP Crank Case Vent

DP Dust Covers (2 ea.)

DP Front Wheel Lock

DP Magnesium Sprocket Cover

DP Nose Faring w/Number Board

DP Billet Oil Fill Plug

DP QSG Quick Shifter

DP Radiator and Oil Cooler Mesh Protector

DP Raised Clip-ons

DP Reservoir Socks

DP Seat Upgrade with Logo

DP Smoked Windshield

DP Track Headlight Cover

DP Termignoni 45mm Stainless Steel Silencers

DP Titanium Sprocket Cover

DP Tool Kit and Box

DP European Third Brake Light Kit

DP High Performance Air Filter Kit

Ducati ECU’s (3 ea.) w/Ultimap UM 222 & 322 Eproms (Stock EPROM Included)

Other Accessories;

Arrow Carbon Fiber 45mm Silencers

Cee Baileys Head Light Armor Kit

Corsa Dynamics Billet Magnetic Oil Sump Plug

Desmo Times Aluminum Radiator Fan Kit w/switch

Evolutionized Fender Relocation Kit (2 ea.)

Evolutionized Taillight and Signal Conversion Kit

European Cycle Specialist C F Seat Lock Theft Protection

European Cycle Specialist CF Shock Guard (2 ea.)

Fast by Ferracci Billet Frame Plug Kit (2ea)

Kyle Racing Brake & Clutch Reservoir Kit

Lockhart Black Vinyl Half Tank Bra (2 ea.)

Magnacore Spark Plug Cable Kit

Mag Knight Magnetic Color Matched Tank Guard

Motoletric Starter & Solenoid Wiring Upgrade

Moto Wheels Aluminum Battery Boxes (2 ea.)

Moto Wheels CNC FABRICATION Upper Coolant Tank

Moto Wheels Billet/Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Moto Wheels Metal Q/R Connectors

Moto Wheels Temp Switch

Pit Bull Front Forklift and Rear Reversible Stands

R & G Traxion Shock Sock

Shoria Lithium Battery and Charger

Speedy Moto (Front Fork, Rear Wheel and Under Body Sliders)

TPO Tail Insulation Kit, TPO Oil Filter Security Clamp

All OEM Ducati take off parts.

Additional Photos;

All required maintenance has been performed by PJ’s Ducati/ Triumph in Albuquerque. Everything pictured in photo bucket album, plus a bit more is included in the sale. To sum it up, this is a; “turnkey collectors dream.” The Ducati is beyond explanation and my poor photo skills can’t bring out the true quality of the motorcycle. You’re buying a virtually new 2000 Ducati 996S with factory options. I’m the second owner and I have a clear title for the Ducati.

The Ducati has never seen a rainy day, never been abused, tracked, wrecked or dropped. Always stored in my garage on stands and covered. Started weekly and run up to temp, to maintain seal integrity. Oil has been changed every 6 months and coolant flushed every year. It’s as you see it from the factory. All maintenance is up-to-date. It’s a definite garage king.;-)

Immaculate 2000 Ducati 996S #243 with just 2300 Miles!