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Feeling Foggy are ya? – 1999 Ducati 996S

1999 Ducati 996S Foggy Rep on eBay


I’m going to level with you RSBFS readers… this one breaks my heart.  You see, it was for sale a mere 10 miles from me for just $4,500!  After 4 hours of text begging with the wife, I finally convinced her that this bike was a sound investment and we should take money out of savings so I could buy it.  I called and the guy said “Sorry, sold it 10 minutes ago.”  My dream was crushed.  I have a feeling that I’ll be crying myself to sleep when it finally sells.

OK, on to the bike itself!  The Ducati 996 was an evolutionary step forward from the legendary 916.  It retained all of the beautiful style of the original 916 but got a bump in power from an increase in displacement, two injectors per cylinder and a redesigned airbox.  This particular one has had some additional changes including the 5 spoke Marchesini wheels, Termi exhaust as well as an SPS carbon fiber airbox. 


The seller has some maintenance information and details about the modifications that you can read that in the eBay listing here: 1999 Ducati 996S on eBay

The engine was rebuilt in 2002 under factory warranty (I have receipts for proof) by Gold Coast motorsports in New York at a cost of $5900.
At the time the bike has 10k miles. I do not know the maintenance history after this point. I cannot say if the bike was serviced or not after that point.
I can say the bike is clean, drips no oil, doesn’t smoke and it runs fantastic. Obviously is sounds great with the Termi slip ons.

This one is badged #20 of around 200 996S’s imported in 1999 ( the tailcone has a 996SPS Fogarty decal ). No shortage of confusion about the Fogarty “Foggy” replicas unfortunately, most information indicates that the 996 Foggy replicas were a UK-only deal ( to homologate the 996 engine ). Readily available replica decal kits didn’t help matters. Perhaps a dealer-applied kit ? The U.S. received a Foggy tribute Monster in 2001.


Mike M. and Donn


  • “After 4 hours of text begging with the wife, I finally convinced her that this bike was a sound investment and we should take money out of savings so I could buy it. ”

    Really? LOL

    If it was that good of an investment the correct course of action would have been to send 1 text:: “I just bought a bike as an investment, You will thank me when I sell it at a profit. BTW, what’s for dinner?”


    • RC45….. I bought 9 bikes in 2014. I was well past the “easier to ask forgiveness” stage. Wife was at her breaking point with motorcycles

  • make sure to let the seller know you will match the price if the current buyer falls through,.,.thats how I ended up getting my modial piegga…the original buyer tried to renegotiate the price after winning the auction and the seller knew I would pay the price so he sold it me instead…


  • youre doing it wrong… easier to ask forgiveness later than permission now

    • See my reply above… 9 bikes in ’14…. you can only ask forgiveness so many times, LOL

  • Mike M. good stuff with communicating with the wifey.. too bad about not snatching up that wicked duc.

  • I’m at six so far this year with an SV Superbike build underway makes seven. I’m starting to get enough bikes now that my wife can’t tell when a new one shows up. He he he!

  • ^ I chuckled

  • This isn’t a real SPS. $4500 would have been a decent price, but this is a $6k bike, not a $10k+ one.

  • Good thing nobody said it was an SPS!

  • Mike, the original Craigslist post stated it was, which is pretty much why it got to RSBFS in the first place. A regular 996/996S with a sticker kit doesn’t really need to be on this site.

  • A fake foggy replica, what a shame. Considering the Foggy Rep was a real bike (as mentioned above), this seller is being very dishonest. I too replied to the original Craigslist ad about a month ago when it was listed as an SPS Foggy Rep.

    Remove the stickers, stop calling it a Foggy Rep, you filthy scammer. TY.

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