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Let’s go Mini GP racing – Aprilia RS50 for sale in MA

2000 Aprilia RS50 with 1800 miles for sale in MA for $2000!

Here’s another Aprilia RS 2-stroker, but this time it’s the smallest (and cutest) of the 3 bears – the diminutive RS5o:

70cc Althena Kit

21mm Dellorto Carb

V force reeds

HD clutch springs

Arrow Carbon ExhaustSetup for Pre-Mix

Now I have no idea whether something like this could be made street legal or not, but with a top speed of  only 100km/h (de-restricted; 50 km/h in restricted form) you would have a hard time trying to outrun granny in her Oldsmobile anyway, so this mini GP rep would probably be best served as a pit bike or, better yet, as a mini GP race bike.

There not much additional info on the bike, but at this price you couldn’t really go wrong unless it’s an absolute lemon.  For pricing reference, check out previous RS50s that we have listed.

If you’re feeling lucky and need a pit bike or mini GP race for the upcoming race season, click HERE to check out the listing on Aprilia Forum.



  • I have a 2000 RS50 in WA and they are Street Legal and a blast to ride around town!

  • I had a 2001 here in WA also that was an 80 was a lot of fun for a little bike! Legally imported stateside from ’99 to 2005!

  • I was purchasing a bike in Vegas two years ago. The seller let me ride his 01 RS50. He had no two-stroke experience and wanted my opinion on the bike. It felt like it was extremely underpowered, but I wasn’t able to check the jetting. Or maybe it just seemed underpowered because he let me ride his Ducati 998 Final Edition as well …

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