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Low Mileage, Original ’86 GSX-R 750

Location: San Jose, California

Mileage: 5,628

Price: Auction, currently $4,300

Quite a few of these early GSX-R’s have been featured recently here at RSBFS and they have all been cool rides. This one fits that bill too and it also has very low mileage and looks bone stock to boot. Finding sportbikes this age in this condition is hard enough. The fact that it’s a GSX-R 750 makes it even better considering the important history associated with the bike. I’m sure everyone here knows how the GSX-R 750 changed the game when it was released. In fact, you may be able to divide sportbike history by all things before the GSX-R 750, and all things after.

Here’s information from the seller-

Here’s a rare chance to purchase an unmolested 1st generation GSXR 750. This bike was purchased directly from the original owner. I did not register it in my name so technically the new owner would be considered second. It has 5,628 original miles. Never been modified in any way, original tires and every piece of documentation since day of purchase including sales receipt and warranty card. Original service manual also included. There are no service records because the owner didn’t put enough miles on the bike to require more than an oil change which were done according to schedule by himself. Bike even has the original tires ( Bridgestone Cyrox-04 Radial) although showing signs of dry cracking I felt it would be better for display purposes to leave them on. New owner will need to replace them if he plans to ride it often. Bike runs excellent, this is the most original GSXR I’ve ever owned since they were new. The only work it needed were cosmetic and changing of fluids. The upper fairing was tank were repainted due to damage suffered in the 1989 California Loma Prieta earthquake. Some boxes had fallen on top creating a small dent in the tank and left side of the upper where mirror mounts. paint was matched and looks excellent. See last pics to see the bike with the damage the day I pulled it out of the garage it had been sitting in since 1996. The owner confirmed that it had not been ridden since that time. All fluids where replaced and carbs disassembled and cleaned. Body panels all really nice, paint shines excellent, a few minor scratches but nothing too noticeable. Not a perfect bike but very nice original. I felt it better to leave paint as original as possible with the exception of the tank and upper fairing which would of detracted from the looks if not corrected. Not many ’86 GSXR’s with all the original paperwork anymore. Excellent investment bike as values are sure to go up in the coming years. Please email me with any questions you may have. I will ship bike anywhere, buyer responsible for shipping cost but I will be glad to assist with the logistics. Call with any specific concerns. Full Payment due within 72 hours of auction end. 

And check out the pics-

The seller describes the bike as 100 percent stock and also highlights that it hasn’t been ridden for years. Clearly this machine falls into the category of collector bike because of its originality and mileage. It appears the re-paint work was well done and that’s key because any change to the originality of this kind of bike has an impact on the value. It may not be a large impact but it still needs to be considered so you might want some closer photos of that area. The bike does include some cool extras with the manual and original paperwork. I always love that stuff.

Where this bike ends up selling is hard to say. I think if you could take this home in the $5k range, you’ll being doing just fine. Clean examples like this are hard to find. If you have been looking to start collecting go check this bike out!



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