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Retro Cool with a Turquoise Frame- 06′ Ducati Paul Smart GT1000 LE

Location: Fairfield, Iowa

Mileage: 2,338

Price: Auction

If I recall correctly, and I may have this wrong, Bike magazine out of the U.K. (great mag if you don’t know it) called this the best looking bike ever. Or maybe best color combo. I don’t remember exactly. I do remember that they thought it was one good looking bike. I have to agree. A turquoise blue frame on a Duc? Kind of like pink on a Ferrari. But it just works on this bike. I totally dig it.

Here’s the seller’s comments-

This 2006 Ducati Paul Smart GT1000  (one of 2000 ever made, one of 500 imported to North America) is in great condition. I have kept it in the garage since I bought it from the dealership. I have never ridden it hard or in bad weather. All seals are fresh and it has been kept on a battery tender. Always maintained by a dealer. 100% stock!

Title is clean and in hand ready to be transferred.  

This vehicle is being sold as-is, with no warranty, written or otherwise. 

The buyer will have 48 hours to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit payable through Paypal.  The remaining balance will be submitted via bank transfer, paypal, cashiers check, or cash in hand upon pickup. 

The buyer will have to make all arrangements for pick up and/or transportation of the vehicle, and is responsible for payment of those services if necessary.  Bike is currently located in Fairfield, IA.  

Bike is also being advertised locally.  Seller reserves the right to remove this ad at any time.

And photos for your pleasure-

This bike is represented as bone stocker that has been maintained and well taken care of. So there’s really not much else to say. A production number worldwide of 2000 means you won’t see one everyday.

So if you have had a desire for one of these, here’s a great opportunity for a stock, clean unit you can enjoy for years to come. If you want this bike, make the jump!



  • “like pink on a Ferrari”

    …if a pink Ferrari had been used in one of the most pivotal racing victories In ferrari’s history that statement might make sense.

    Might want to look up that Paul smart fellow.

  • It’s not a GT1000, that is a completely different bike in the Sport Classic line. This is a PS1000LE, production numbers are correct. The frame color is Sea Foam Green, not Turquoise…. and as Xcaptainxbloodx mentions, the bike that won Imola in ’72 was metal flake silver with a sea foam green frame. This is a tribute to that bike which again was ridden by Paul Smart, this was the race that made Ducati.
    How do I know for sure? I have one, I’ve seen the original bike on display at the Ducati factory as well – and that one was given to Paul Smart after the race, as years later the frame was repainted by him to Turquoise, then sent to the Factory Ducati Museum. which if you saw any of the prototypes, they had turquoise frames, and were changed to the sea foam after talking with Smart just before production. It’s a great story from the race to the tribute bike, and it is out there on the web.
    Too bad it’s been kind of sitting as it should be ridden and ridden fast as that is where it really comes alive… lot’s of fun in twisty roads and sounds great with the race setup installed…. Hopefully the next owner gets it out there where it can be enjoyed and seen!!

  • And what about the chronic issue of plastic fuel tank deforming/expansion? What’s the status of the class action lawsuit against Ducati, and their “solution” of offering owners replacement with the same problematic fuel tank?

  • Ducati is replacing the tanks under an extended warranty, but from all accounts it is simply going to replace them till they no longer have to. The coating that some people paid to have done to new tanks has a very poor success rate, and may just be a delay of the issues. Mine is going in for a second replacement Friday. Considering simply biting the bullet and setting aside the replacement and buying a tank through FuelCel – it’s a 1550.00 cost, needs to be painted as well, but is guaranteed for life.

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