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Pint-Sized Sportbike: Aprilia RS125 for Sale

2009 Aprilia RS125 L Side

We’re on a roll here this week, with quasi-, barely, or not-even-remotely road-legal machinery. This Aprilia RS125 might, depending on your finesse with DMV chicanery, be made roadable: it does feature all the requisite equipment, including lights, and mounts for mirrors and signals, since it was originally intended to be a street-legal motorcycle.

The RS125 was built from 1992 until 2012, when production of the two-stroke, single-cylinder 125 was halted to make way for the new four-stroke RS4 125. This version of the bike features updated styling to match the RSV1000 that was all sharp angles, edges, and stealth-fighter shapes.

It’s a very muscular-looking bike for a 125, although they’re very small in person.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Screen

Overseas, bikes like this have long been the dream of 16-year-olds looking to impress their buddies: unlike here in the USA, where a 1300cc sportbike is just a credit application away from reality for anyone with a license, most European countries have a tiered licensing structure that prevents riders from buying larger-displacement bikes for the first couple years after obtaining their license, or before a certain age.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Cockpit

It also helps that motorcycle road racing is very popular across the pond, making 125 and 250 race-styled motorcycles somewhat aspirational machines for young riders looking to emulate their riding heroes. Here in the US, they occupy a sort of hazy area, since emissions laws basically killed off the breed years ago. They’re still beloved of petrol-heads and two-stroke junkies, largely forgotten by everyone else. But those fans are a rabid bunch, and two-strokes from the trackmaestros at Aprilia always generate interest when they come up for sale.

2009 Aprilia RS125 R Side Fairing

The bike appears to be for sale at a dealership in Portland, Oregon. The original eBay listing contains basically NO information about the bike, but does include a bunch of additional pictures that are well worth a look: 2009 Aprilia RS125 for Sale

2009 Aprilia RS125 Rear Wheel

Unfortunately, unlike the RS250 that came with top-shelf components all-around, the 125 really is more of a budget tool. Although you shouldn’t confuse it with something like a Ninja 300: de-restricted, these can make as much as 30hp, and with a weight under 300lbs, these are serious motorcycles.

2009 Aprilia RS125 Tail

The asking price is $5,000 which seems to be a very good deal, considering that it has 5 miles on the clock. It looks to be in great shape, although a history of modifications would be much appreciated: the tuning parts that have been fitted could conceivably have a significant effect on value.


2009 Aprilia RS125 R Side


  • This will make bike # 5 of these I have seen for sale locally in the PacNW in the past year!! 6 if I count the one that was for sale up in B.C. a couple months ago. I have only ever gotten to sit on one back when they first came out and physically it’s the same size as my 250’s but quite a bit lighter. Real BHP in stock choke up form is like 28 hp to unrestict it you need a pipe a reed block and the proper reed block manifold to accept the 34 mm carb vs the 28 mm stocker. Then once you do those mod’s you should see 30 hp to the rear wheel. Some of you may not know this but the frame and swing arm are all cast aluminum there is no tubes or frame spars it’s all cast.

  • These things are so damn easy to title, it’s sad that so many languish in an “unrideable” state.
    Mine has 150 miles, JollyMoto pipe, 34mm carb, reedblock, manifold, airbox mod… and such low miles because every time I try to take her out something else goes wrong. Meanwhile, mechanically ignorant european teenagers can rack up 12K miles a year with no problems…

  • The RS125 is still shown at the Aprilia Italian web site with a list price of €5900. Rather than being outright discontinued in 2012, I suspect it just disappeared from various markets. It definitely has Euro 3 homologation.

  • Wouldn’t recommend one for day to day riding, especially in traffic. I was told the same and then offered a ride around the block. Feels quick heavy in stock form and a little lacking in torque (to be expected). I got the impression that it was much more a track then a street bike. My RZ350 is a much nicer and easier bike to ride IMHO.

  • Total rip off price for not having a valid title. I got mine for way less and it was a snap to get the title transfered over.

  • I bought a 2002 Aprilia RSV1000R with 3500 miles for much much less. My bike is like new and never down or scratched etc. I like the 125 but its not worth the asking price.

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