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Pint-Sized Racer: 1992 Moriwaki MH80R

1992 Moriwaki MH80R L Side

If you watch Moto GP, particularly the Moto2 and Moto3 races that are an exercise in mayhem for the first couple laps, you may be familiar with the Name “Moriwaki.” With frames competitive at the highest levels of racing, you’d be hard-pressed to find something with this kind of heritage and performance at anywhere near an affordable price… Unless you’re okay starting small.

This Moriwaki MH80R is powered by Honda’s CR80 two-stroke dirt bike engine and was designed to provide an affordable, entry-level racing machine. It used as many Honda parts as possible to keep initial and running costs as low as possible. This particular example has been bored-out to 100cc’s and a dyno sheet included in the listing shows 24hp. In a bike that weighs less than many riders, that’s no joke, and should provide plenty of performance for anyone wanting to learn to race: outright power can cover up for a lot of sins and teach lazy habits as you’re learning the fast way around a racetrack.

You won’t have that problem with this little MH80R.

1992 Moriwaki MH80R R Side Rear

At this level, you need to carefully shepherd every horse, slipstreaming bikes in front to build up speed for a pass, willing yourself to be smaller to fit in behind the windscreen as you cling to the tank like a motorized lamprey, using the brakes as little as possible, and hanging on to every mph for dear life.

1992 Moriwaki MH80R Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1992 Moriwaki MH80R for Sale.

Selling my Moriwaki MH80R GP bike, setup for CMRA F4 Sprint competition. This bike is a gray market import from Japan, and I bought it from another racer at the end of 2012. The motor is from a Honda CR85, and has been built to 100cc displacement by local guru Billy Wiese using a stroker crank and the Wiseco 5050 piston kit. Brand new topend (zero hours) installed by AF1 Racing, where it was dyno tested and made within 1hp of a Aprilia RS125. The bike has magnesium wheels from a Honda RS125 and a front brake from a Honda CBR600 F3. The suspension consists of RaceTech emulators in the front and a custom RaceTech 3-way shock in the back, all built and tuned by Roger Albert of OnRoad OffRoad Cycles.

The bike easily outruns Ninja 250s, given that it weighs well under 200lbs and can top 100mph. Selling because I’ve moved up to larger bikes for sprinting, and am only doing endurance races on lightweights. The bike is untitled, and I will include a bill of sale.

Many spares are included: Second CR85 engine (needs new bottom end); full exhaust system; clutch plates; original Moriwaki wheels and brake system (good for a rain setup); a full complement of front and rear sprockets; a box full of various gaskets, rings, spare parts, etc.

1992 Moriwaki MH80R Spares

The seller helpfully includes a pair of videos of the bike in action here and here to whet your appetite. With just about 24 hours left and a $3,000 Buy It Now price, this could be your chance to get a little track day toy that will teach you the Art of Momentum Conservation that will hold you in good stead as you move up to 600’s and 1000’s.


1992 Moriwaki MH80R R Side Front


  • It looks like a modified Honda NS-1 50 to me it was also avil as an 80 in some euro countries it’s not a CR80 motor stock it uses a NSR50/80 motor. All the NS-1 is a larger wheel version of the nsr50/80 has those skinny 17 inche wheels like the bike in the pic sometimes called the NSR 75 instead of 80. Lack of pics of the motor suck and from the one pic that’s showing the clutch cover it doesn’t look like CR80 looks like the NSR50/80 motor style to me.

    • I believe the Moriwaki was based on the NS-1. Not sure exactly how much of it was Honda, but I’d imagine a bunch, since it was designed to be as low-cost as possible.

  • I am out of my Element here ( a much intended Honda pun !) but I do like the hommage it pays to the RC30 as well as it looks like a nice tool for the young or smaller riders to cut their teeth on as they graduate to larger track tools . I wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of fitting on it myself ! I am sure someone will have fun with it .

    • Yeah, I’m about 6’2″ and 190 so these little things aren’t ideal for me, much as I might want one. I love the idea of that new KTM 390RC but it might be best if I was a bit smaller…

  • Watching the video’s, the seller is pretty good at breaking into corners. He made alot of passes there. I don’t imagine there is much passing on the straights with these little buzzers. 12K to 14K RPM’s power band, no engine braking, momentum is your best friend, gotta luv it!

  • Hey Tad , I have an inch on you and another 35 lbs of pork rind on me so I am definitely out of contention ! I just saw the video for the bike in action . It really is a pint sized GP bike . As long as you have the revvs up there that little thing goes ! I would like to try and stuff myself onto a 250 GP bike for a lap or two if possible . After that I will have to be pried off with the “jaws of life ” ! LOL ! 🙂

  • Every one I know whos into sport bikes is excited about the ktm 390 why is it taking so damn long to get to dealers? Also lame as hell its only 44 HP screw global one spec bikes for all countries…

  • Yeah that KTM …I checked it out on YouTube…..looks pretty cool ! I must have slept through its introduction as I didn’t even know of its existence till yesterday ! I guess you learn something new every day !

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