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Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh No! Moriwaki Zero VX-7 VFR750R (RC30) Frame

Yes! Some Suzuka 8 Hour tech (circa 1990) to make your RC30 that much cooler.

Yes, it is the real deal.  I wonder how many were made.

Yes, I’m still excited about it.  Too my amateur eye it looks more robust.   RC30/Moriwaki experts;  point out the differences from OEM for me.

Oh no!!!!  Yeah, she has a slight imperfection.  Mr. Welder; is that even salvageable?  Worth buying or not, I thought it was a cool item to see and I have to thank Dan RC for sharing the link with us on our Facebook page.

Click for the auction.


  • I would still take a Harris kz1000 frame over this.

  • What are you going to do with this? Do you have RC30 engine and everything else. I would think a RC30 owner would buy this as a spare? Or a owner has one with a bent frame? Its hard/expensive to build a rare bike from parts

  • Crash/repaired? Silly to assume you could use it. Hard to impress friends with a little stamp. This is interesting history among us on this website, but laying out the cash for it would be the result of some mental illness.

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