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Legend: 1994 Honda NSR 250R SP MC28 Rothmans


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

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A perennial mainstay on the pages of RSBFS, the Honda NSR250R should require no major introduction. Often considered the darling of the quarter liter smoking set, the 90 degree vee twin is named similarly to – and looks quite a bit like – Honda’s race-only NSR250. However the similarities are only imagined, as the two bikes share no parts in common. That being said, the NSR250R road going machine is a typically Honda-engineering wonder, sought after by riders and collectors, and a blast to ride. Today’s example, a 1994 MC28 model wearing original Rothmans livery, is a prime specimen.

1994 Honda NSR 250R SP MC28 Rothmans for sale on eBay

The original NSR was released as the MC16 back in 1987. Over the next (nearly) ten years, the model evolved in form and function. From a variety of swing arms and different suspensions to various states of tune, dry clutches and the PGM-I through PGM-IV ignition systems, the NSR changed with the times and what Honda believed the needs of the riding community to be. Not all changes were popular, although offering the bike in a variety of race-worthy livery was always a favorite. The Rothmans colors, emulating the tobacco-sponsored racers, remains among the most striking of the options. Often copied by way of knock-off body panels or re-spraying existing plastic, it is not easy to come by an original bike in these colors in this condition. Here is more from the seller:

From the seller:
1994 Honda NSR 250R SP MC28 Rothmans !
Original stock 1994 MC 28 SP U.S.title, plate, reg. very low original Km’s.

This is a original un-molested all stock 1994 Honda NSR250R MC28 SP. This is an *original* low Km Rothmans SP, NOT one that has been put together from parts.

The bike has the correct VIN, it has the correct R3R subframe sticker and even has the original rear fender decal with R3R code and matching VIN to the frame.

1,500 were made and not many survive in low Km’s original condition. Prices for 28 SP’s in Japan are already over a million yen for less than perfect examples. Not much is left.

More from the seller:
This bike has 6695 km or about 4100 miles. This bike has both original key cards and the code sticker. It also has the original tool kit.

Bike has all the original and correct SP parts including Magtek’s, forks, dry clutch engine. All original OEM Honda bodywork. The bike had a small dent on the tank, various scratches and scuffs and I had everything touched up, saving the original decals and clearing over some of them. You can still see some rash on right clip on, exhaust can etc from a light tip over. I still have all the original pictures of how the bike looked when it was in Japan.

As you can see there is some corrosion on the fork legs as is common with most of the bikes from Japan, but otherwise it is very corrosion free. Still has a small sticker from Red Baron on lower right frame (easily removed). The inner small white plastic piece in the right side tail cowl is in poor shape, but that is easy to remedy. I am leaving the bike as near original as possible and will leave it to a new owner to restore/clean it up as they see fit.

The original rear fender is cracked, but repaired, you need to look under it or remove the tail cowl to see it. The right lower fairing stay that mounts inside the bodywork is cracked (where they all break) and could use a repair, but its all there and a minor nuisance.

The bikes starts, runs and rides as it should.

More from the seller:
100% stock, restricted, not modded in anyway. All electrical works, no error codes. Has a new battery installed and had a recent service, brake fluid, coolant, etc. Tires are quite older and should be changed if you plan to ride it.

Honda Fun Fact: The name “NSR” is based on the fact that these bikes utilized a then-new process known as nikasil-sulfur lining in the cylinder bores. This process provided a hardened cylinder for better longevity, without the weight of iron or steel liners. The technology was effective, but nikasil-sulfur makes for a terrible motorcycle name. Hence the “NS” part of the NSR was born.

This NSR is available now on eBay. It is a Buy It Now listing rather than an auction, and the seller is asking $17,500. That is big money for a NSR, although the low miles and original condition helps it along nicely. Check it out here for the details, including the opportunity to purchase a livery matching Honda Cub EZ90 to ride alongside! Good Luck!!



  • I have always thought the “key” card(credit card?) ignition was way trick!! :Price is kind of high-but probably worth it. I should use my credit card to buy it.

  • Same price as the NSF 250 (brand new) um, I’ll have to think abou, never mind…

  • 7k too much it’s dirty and has corrosion on some of the parts and the fairing has damage. How much you get it for in Japan? 8 to 9 grand maybe.

  • Smokin Joe, take a look on Yahoo Japan for the SE with Rothmans Bodywork for $14000, or maybe the 500Km 96 Repsol SP for $32,000….you could have picked up a stock original one for $8-9k …..10 years ago. Any decent MC28 is over $9k in Japan now.

  • This dude might be about spot on with price. The only Rothmans Sp I can find in Japan with about 500 less miles is 22.5k USD.

  • This is my dream bike. The color scheme is perfect. The single sided arm is magnificent. All looks right, I could only yearn for it to be derestricted to complete the craving.

    Even at $10K it is still above my pain point. I’m only interested in riding on track so no street reg is fine with me. My anxiety come from my ignorance of the care and feeding requirements. Tires, brakes, suspension, chain and sprockets are cake. Engine and fuel are voodoo to me. These were not designed in 1994 to run on 10% alcohol. I think I would stick to straight gas in a reasonable octane from the local racetrack to be safe.

    I am the type that would ride it like a porn star. I am not a preservationist but want to avoid maintenance and repairs on something that for practical purposes has no spare parts availability. And I am not aware of any specialists (yet) in Houston.

    So I am still looking but this one for now is only eye candy. I’ll keep watching. I still crave a 250 trackbike that I could get away with 2000mi on the track before having to sell to avoid repairs I can’t perform…

  • I do watch Yahoo jp i have been for over a decade things changed a couple years ago. When people started buying them by the crate loads. The high priced bikes the locals don’t buy, those are western buyer prices. You can argue supplies are drying up but they keep showing up.

    Maybe I should be glad mine are gaining value but despite that they don’t seem to move fast above 10k.

  • Pretty sure this bike has been listed on Kijiji Canada for months now at about $10K less. Could be wrong but description looks the same. Think it was a bit over $10K in CDN dollars. Nice quick flip for someone…

  • different one!

    Here you go, buy the same bike for $10K less:


    Not personally related to this in any way…

  • From auction: “Prices for 28 SP’s in Japan are already over a million yen for less than perfect examples.”

    1M yen = $9,100 USD, this one is $17,500 and while it’s a beautiful bike, it’s definitely NOT perfect…

  • EZ: same bike for 10k less…lol a hacked up one with 21 bodywork, electrics and who knows what else…where are the Magteks? Used rear Magtek when you can find them now are a $1000, fronts at least $500. This bike could be parted out for more than the asking price!

  • The market has increased for sure. I think this mc28 is worth $15k easily, maybe more.

  • Non derestricted (and it’s a pain on the mc28 to derestrict) these are pretty gutless.

  • The common knowledge is that the MC28 is difficult to de-restrict. There is MUCH bad information out there. But I feel compelled to tell you guys the truth. Since I have been playing with them for years. It’s actually NOT difficult! The only real critical factor is that you should have the “Race” or 030 ignition card. For some reason many MC28’s are sold without this card. It can still be done without it, but MUCH tougher, and more expensive. And to dispel the biggest myth, you don’t even need to use chambers to get fantastic results (believe it or not,but I own the proof). Honda went to great lengths to hold the horse power down. For more than one reason. After all they wanted to go on selling the RS250 as their track bike. The MC28 is a street bike.

  • 10k is a lot less than 1500 for wheels. Your math is horrid. If the read the ad it comes with stock bodywork. Are you the seller of the bike in question?

  • As a few folks downplay the value of the bike listed, it sold for strong money. That’s a fact. Another fact is this is well maintained and rare sportbike that is highly desirable, collectible and a joy to ride. Never to be made again, values will continue to rise. If you can buy this bike for $10k, congrats…,you stole it. I predict this bike will be $25k or more in the next 5-7 years.

    • As a few folks downplay the value of the bike listed, it sold for strong money.


      It’s 2019. Not 2009, and not 1999. Couple that with the very high sale prices we saw at Mecum last weekend, and even on our own site, the times would suggest that these aren’t getting any cheaper.

      Congratulations to buyer and seller,


  • Supply and demand, hard to find any MC28s for sale in the states, especially a Rothmans edition. Time will tell.

  • Thanks Dan and Glen! We shall see in a few years if it was a good buy or a Great buy.

  • A Rothmans MC28 SP is pretty special. The fairings being original are a plus but the the blemishes and resto work detract a bit. In any case it’s a cool 23 year old machine that’s sure to keep the new owner on cloud 9 for a long while. Oh yeah, the California title adds another $1-2k for us desperate Californians. Grey bikes are rare and 2 stroke grey even harder to come by. The seller told me a year ago prior to having it running and restored he asked $14.5k. I considered it out of my range not knowing if it would even run. Instead, as luck would have it, come July 18 I acquired an original CA titled MC28 SE in excellent condition and about 7k miles on it. Fun and beautiful bikes that will hopefully go up in value.

  • Greyhaired greybiker, Congratulations on your MC28 SE find and especially a CA. legal one, Well Done!
    I understand it does add quite a bit to the value, if you live in CA. For “most” of us it’s not an issue to tag and title any Grey or 2 stroke street bike. Your going to have the same experience on your SE as the SP riders with the only exception being the wheels. As far as I know, the only difference in the SE and SP models is the R and SE were fitted with Enkei and the SP with Magtek’s.
    Now lets just go on the assumption that the Magtek’s each weigh around 498 grams less than the Enkei’s.
    (SP’s weigh 1kg less than SE’s)
    Here we go. Your at Laguna, Rainey Curve (turn 9) Turning in..You’ve missed your braking mark big time, your coming in way, way to hot and still hard braking at a level you’ve never experienced while turned in this far and thinking, Doohan wasn’t going this fast here when I saw him! Your brain starts flashing pictures of the NOS Honda “SE” panels, bars, levers and tail section you saw on Yahoo Japan the week before….. Are the Magtek’s going to make a difference? I don’t think so friend.
    What I find attractive about that Rothman is its still wearing its 24 years worth of original grunge on the engine, chain lube on the swingarm tail not to mention, the scratches on the right side can and bar end from a right side lay down when she was young. The condition as it sit’s in today, 24 years worth of international experience all adds up and to tell a story.
    Is it a 100% PERFECT, Zero km, museum example, no.
    Is it one of the 1500 Rothmans produced in ’94 with 6K km’s and Honda OE original…yep.
    Like they say, they’re only original once.
    Yes Sir, I believe you are correct in the value rising. Look back 5 years ago. Also, there are less and less nice original bikes becoming available in Japan. Also, the Japanese market price for what’s left has risen very Sharpley in the last year or so.
    The undeniable fact is, we are seeing the market change right in front of us! Look at Mecum last week. That is THE barometer for the market as of 1-23-2019. Happening today is a steep increase in prices here in the USA for our beloved “rare sportbikes” due to a dwindling supply and a high demand. Don’t forget, the Aussies, Brits and the rest of the world are after these bikes as well!
    If you don’t have your 2 strokes in the garage soon, you could get caught on the outside looking in.
    Enjoy the Ride….

  • One more data point in the “January 2019” NSR250R SE market, a friend of mine just sold his ’95 derestricted MC28. IMHO it was a solid 7/10 with aftermarket Rothmans. The bike went from Portland to New York (I think). Not original but a rider in good running condition. Tyga exhaust, too. Sold for $10.5k not including shipping. The bike had CA registration at one time but when it went to Portland the title had to be turned in. He brought it down during Thanksgiving to Silicon Valley to see if he could register it back in CA as I was considering buying it. It turns out it was too much of a hassle so he took it back to OR. In the end he found a buyer across the USA who really wanted it. Both parties happy. I might add during my friend’s visit we went riding to the local bike hotspot and drew a crowd at Alice’s in Woodside 🙂 Two Honda NSRs is a rare sight and sound in these parts. We also swapped bikes as I wanted to try a derestricted bike – readily noticeable power difference. On the interstate we did a few roll ons at 60mph and the derestricted bike walked away easily. The added grunt is appealing but I am going to stay bone stock….for now.

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