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It’s only new once: Brand New 2006 Yamaha YZF-R Limited Edition R1!


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

For Sale: 2006 Yamaha YZF-R Limited Edition R1

Update 3.21.2012: Originally listed in January this R1 LE is back. Links updated. -dc

For those collectors out there, here is a rare, numbered Limited Edition R1 with ZERO miles! There is not a great amount of picture detail, but the seller has offered the following information below:

From the seller:
NEW 2006 Yamaha Limited Edition R1

This bike has a true 0.0 Miles on it and is in pristine condition. It is ready to go into a collection or be ridden as it sits. Clean CA Title in hand and currently registered on non-op.

#385 our of 500 produced worldwide.

Updated with many factory modifications including full Ohlins Suspension, Marchesini Forged Wheels, slipper clutch, +3 HP, etc.

This bike cost almost $20K new and is in factory showroom condition.

All manuals, keys, riding and collector tool kits are included.

Key Features:
The R1 LE is a special, limited-edition version of our awe-inspiring liter-bike—packed with premium components in addition to the standard tremendous firepower of the R1.

Öhlins suspension units front and rear, custom-developed for the R1 LE by the same people who work on the YZR-M1 MotoGP bike, provide the ultimate ride and handling.

Custom, YZR-M1-style forged aluminum Marchesini wheels designed specifically for the LE add style while removing nearly a pound of unsprung weight.

Back torque-limiting slipper clutch greatly aids downshifting from speed, helping the rider exploit all the R1 LE’s tremendous braking power.

New for 2006:
Special 50th Anniversary Yellow/Black paint with a numbered serial plate and gold Marchesini wheels; only 500 of these machines will be produced.

GP tech trickles down: Revised rigidity of the main frame between the engine mounts and steering head, a new, more rigid lower triple clamp and a 20mm longer swingarm produce the best-handling R1 ever.

Öhlins 43mm front fork and rear shock, fully adjustable, with hydraulic preload adjuster at the rear, provide ultimate handling on the track and the street.

Slipper clutch for smooth downshifts; revised clutch boss for increased oil flow.
Shorter valve guides increase intake flow and reduce friction, for more power.

Adjustable rear-shock linkage allows 10mm of ride height adjustability; the longer swingarm accepts a greater range of rear tire sizes.

Integrated lap timer switch on the right handlebar for track days.

Gold drive chain, gold M1-style tuning fork fuel tank badge, define this special R1 as a production racer.

Short-stroke 998cc, DOHC, 20-valve, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine.

Dual-valve fuel injection system uses motor-driven secondary throttle valves and 32-bit ECU for super-responsive, instantaneous power delivery.

Two-piece ergonomically designed fuel tank carries fuel in the rear section, for good centralization of mass, while the front half contains a Ram-Air-fed airbox for increased power.

Lay-down design cylinder head – 40° forward – optimizes weight distribution, straightens intake tracts for improved cylinder filling, and allows frame to pass over instead of around the engine for great strength and a narrow chassis.

Closed-deck cylinder block provides great strength while allowing a narrow engine in spite of big, 77mm bores.

Narrow-angle five-valve combustion chambers produce a highly efficient 12.4:1 compression ratio. Big valves and high-lift cams flow plenty of air.

Carburized connecting rods with fractured big ends produce a quick-revving engine with excellent high-rpm durability.

High silicon-content ceramic-composite cylinder sleeves ensure great heat dissipation for consistent power delivery and reduced friction.

Titanium underseat exhaust system (except for stainless steel midpipe with catalyst) contains a titanium EXUP valve for a broad, seamless powerband.

High-efficiency curved radiator and an aluminum liquid cooled oil cooler maintain stable operating temperature.

Direct ignition coils, dual-electrode spark plugs and highoutput magneto deliver extremely accurate, reliable firing.

AC generator behind cylinder block produces a narrow engine with excellent cornering clearance.

Overall frame width of only 15.6 inches produces comfortable ergonomics as well as efficient aerodynamic penetration.

Controlled Fill die cast, truss-type swingarm is very strong and long, for optimal traction and feedback.

Controlled Fill die cast, detachable aluminum subframe is light, strong and allows easy rear shock access.

Dual 320mm front disc brakes; light/strong, forged one-piece radial-mount calipers and Brembo radial-pump front master cylinder with adjustable lever delivers amazing braking power and controllability.

Fully adjustable Öhlins inverted telescopic front fork settings were carefully developed by MotoGP Championship-winning technicians to provide track-tuned handling.

Fully adjustable Öhlins rear shock was also developed by MotoGP technicians, and includes a super-convenient hydraulic preload adjuster.

Additional Features:
Two multi-reflector and two projector beam headlights provide great illumination and distinctive style.

Adjustable LCD illumination and multi-function digital gauges: adjustable shift light, odometer, dual tripmeters, water temperature, air temperature, full-time clock, lap timer and large 15,000 rpm analog tachometer.

Aggressive bodywork with twin Ram-Air intakes for increased engine performance.

LED taillight is light, bright and highly efficient.

Sticky 120/70-ZR17 and 190/50-ZR17 Pirelli tires for incredible grip and precise handling.

Forged footpegs are extra durable and light.

Extensive use of hollow bolts and lightweight fasteners helps trim overall weight.

8.2 AH battery is compact and light.

Durable #530 O-ring–sealed drive chain.

Standard toolkit located in convenient storage compartment under passenger seat.

Since there were no additional pictures of this bike, I did a quick search on YouTube and found this great walkaround with commentary on bike #411:

The seller is looking for $13,750 OBO for this bike (#385). It is rare to find a zero mile bike this many years in, and the limited edition nature of this commemorative R1 helps ensure exclusivity. The price is right in line with others that we have posted, and the general concensus is that the value of these bikes will rise over time.

If you are wondering how many of the 500 bikes produced were kept in zero mile condition, you can bet it is not many. RSBFS has posted quite a few of these LE bikes, and the only one that compares to this one is the LE that was offered still new in the crate!

For information on contacting the seller and making an offer, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!



  • I almost feel bad seeing a bike like this not being used. I dought Yamaha put that suspension and wheels on there because it looks pretty….but it is a great looking bike and i do miss my 2005 R1

  • I’ve been riding over 40 years and I own one of these. It’s absolutely one of the best motorcycles I have ever owned. Each dealer got about one each of these and they sold out quickly at over $18,000.00. Today, 600’s cost over 10k and will be worth how much in 6 years? these LE’s are a bargain and better than $ in the bank. Anytime you can buy something like this, ride it for a year or two and get close to your $ out of it…your riding for free. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  • I have seen this bike in person after almost buying it just 2 weeks ago. We fired it up using the battery from my B-King so can say it runs flawlessly. Its a fantastic bike and is almost accurate in its description save one detail. We did not come to terms as I found the lower had a small gouge and would not acknowledge it was not showroom or give an agreeable dispensation for it. But seller seemed genuine and overall a good guy. Bike is almost mint showroom save one defect on right lower. A price adjust of $150 would have seen that in my garage!

  • So EricH – I gotta know – had you struck a deal with the seller would you be riding that R1 LE, or would it be parked in a safe corner inside your house??

  • That’s a great question. Realistically I would end up riding it as I don’t see it as a piece of racing history like the R7 that was last listed(seller never contacted the owner for me). A bike like that you can rationalize letting it sit versus enjoy as you will eventually get a good return. These LE’s will drop a bit more and they go up, but not by much. They just don’t have the accomplishments of the other homologation bikes.

    FWIW, I bought a 91 ZX-7R in 1992. I rode that bike. It had a racing heritage and titles and was much lower volume. And seeing what they go for now, 20 years later, makes the case that these LE’s should be ridden

  • God i could so buy that, i bought one in 06 never could of got rid of it did 61500 thousend ks on it and not 1 problem bar chains sprokets tyres and batterys.was my daily work ride for first few yrs with the weekend blast mixed in. unfortunetly 6 weeks ago i was cleaned up at traffic lights by a car and it was destroyed totaly, funny thing was even the state it was in i put the key in and just like normal ready to start only wouldnt run because tank split, i cant ride cause of injurys so it would stay km free for a while,, wish i saw it when my insurance came through would of been sold

  • I will never understand buying a bike and not riding it. In the realm of costs, at 14 grand it is still way cheaper than a new Honda Accord and will probably never appreciate in value very much adjusted for inflation. This bike is way better looking than the new R1 and I am sure just as competent a bike. Someone should buy the thing and ride it,it’s only a motorcycle for godsakes.

  • I wish I was in the states right now, I would buy this bike in a second!

  • Well Jeff, you probably don’t have to worry about being in a hurry. This bike is not just relisting now. It has been continuously on Ebay since it first went up in January. At auctions end its been relisted withing a day or two.

    The market seems to have spoken….An R1 LE is not work 13K…even if 0 miles. Sad as that may be.

  • Just because a factory calls something a “limited edition” doesn’t make it an instant collectable (just ask anyone who has bought something from the Danbury Mint…). The market for collectable bikes is fickle and it is pretty hard to guess what make/model will ultimately achieve that status. A good example is the Ducati Desmosedici. A nearly $80k bike new that is currently trading for about 1/2 that amount.

    Buy it, ride it, and love it!

  • As usual, overpriced and a host of back-patters to boot…

  • 500 USA
    500 Europe

    1,000 in total

    Looking for the prefix at the end of 5VY* for this bike ?

    Cheers, MM!

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