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In the Beginning: 1987 Honda NSR250R MC16 for Sale


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.


Although the very last MC28 version of the NSR250R is often considered the most desirable of the line today, with high-tech electronics, handling, and gorgeous good looks, obviously owes its existence and success to the original Honda NSR250R MC16. These are becoming a bit less the unicorns they’ve been here in the USA up until now, due to a number of enterprising folks bringing them over by the bucketload as they reach 25 years old and become easier to import, although they’ll never be common sights here.


And although it lacks some of the polish and sophistication of the later versions, the MC16 was still a very fast little motorcycle. Powered by an extremely compact, crankcase-induced v-twin while competitors were powered by parallel twins, it also featured Nikasil-plated cylinders and an electronic “Revolutionary Controlled” valves replaced Honda’s earlier ATAC system and it was all backed by a six-speed cassette gearbox for quick gearing changes at the track.


From the original eBay listing: 1987 Honda NSR250R MC16 for Sale

1987 Honda NSR250R MC16 – a real gem!

All original, 30 years young. 7410km (appx 4605 miles). Younger riders beware, do not let the displacement (cc) of this bike fool you. Essentially a GP replica, this twin-cylinder, two stroke, 250 cubic centimeter spitting cobra used to be THE bike on the track. Not only is it the preferred bike of Isle of Man TT riders (Bruce Anstey, IOM TT Classic 2016 champion), this Honda historic icon was notorious for eating over-zealous riders for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The NSR250R is beyond flickable, lightweight (275lbs dry), and is basically on par with a 90’s 600cc sport bike. They are no joke, and they are awesome. This is one of the very, very few titled MC16’s in America. Don’t miss out.

Includes the original Honda key, tool kit, and owner’s manual. I am also including the Honda Factory Service Repair Manual in ENGLISH for free!  Has every Honda step and spec, makes maintenance a breeze.


Please double check with your city and county regulations prior to bidding/buying!

All electronics function properly: neutral switch, speed sensor, lights, horn, etc. Brakes have been bled and pads are in good shape with plenty of stopping power. Fuel tank has been emptied and cleaned.

GENUINE OEM Honda fairings, not cheapy-China replicas. At 30 years old, they do show signs of aging with one minor hairline crack near the right side mirror/turn signal and some scuffing towards the front side, as well as some very minor cosmetic imperfections toward the undersides. No frame scratches or tank dents.

Goes through all 6 gears like a twin cylinder bat, straight outta Hell.

Carbs have been cleaned, spark plugs replaced. Sync’d to the best of my ability. No fork seal leaks. Bike has been clay-barred, hand waxed, and detailed. Bike will need new tires and a final tune-up/walkaround before hitting the road/track. DO NOT RIDE THIS WITHOUT GETTING NEW TIRES FIRST. I also recommend using nothing but ethanol-free high octane gasoline aka “rec-gas”.


The seller is looking for $6,000 for this one, and helpfully includes a pair of videos here and here so you can have some confidence that, even if navigating the DMV proves difficult with this grey-market beastie, at least you know it starts and runs well. It’s not perfect, with some scratches and surface rust, but looks like a solid example, and currently features a WA state title.




  • Pretty much a display piece good luck finding crank bits for a MC16 cause there ain’t none let alone many other parts that are NLA

  • Hi everyone, this is my bike. I appreciate the feature, Tad. It’s going up for sale today 9/25 at 7pm PST with no reserve

    @SmokinJoe439 – I’ve found plenty of parts I would need if I planned on tracking it (I did plan on tracking it) for rebuilds, and have made good contacts around the world to find buried OEM goodies. Instagram, facebook, and ebay alone have proved invaluable, as well as some of the NSR and 2T forums across the pond.

  • I’ve been on nsr world since 2004 do your homework guys did you get this bike from James?

    • No I didn’t. It’s pretty simple Joe, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. Your personal input wasn’t asked for. Thanks.

  • Easy, easy,at least it ain’t a dustbin fairing diesel…

  • $6000 or no reserve auction?

    Did I miss the link to the auction?

    Anyway, why selling?

    Finding narrow 17″ and 18″ rubber in decent street compound will be a chore – I know I have struggle to. Track rubber is easy – well the 18″ rear is still an issue, so then to find the appropriate narrow 17″ back wheel.

    Did you manage to track any actual cranks down? Or just contact to try source one?

    • Originally I wanted to track it but I had knee surgery a few years ago… My doc said in 5-10 years I would need hardware removed… well surgery was about 7 years ago now and I have yet to meet my deductible. I’d rather not be in pain than keep the bike.

      It’s at auction now. The eBay item number is 222260610099

      As far as sourcing parts goes, I have a few people on the eastern hemisphere that have been very helpful and are willing to find me anything I need for a good price.

  • Why does it matter where he got the bike from? Its titled in WA state and is legal in all 50,what more is there to state??
    Want it? Buy it, its simple. Container loads of them were imported into New Zealand in the late 80s/early 90s secondhand from Japan,damn they were good times,every 400/4t,250/2t you could imagine and damn did they get crashed all over the place. Formula 3 racing was going off and I had a mate in the Air Force who the weekend crashing his and the weekdays (and nights!!) fixing it.

  • Good luck with sale Stuart. Would likely recommend getting RSBFS to take the auction down from their site once you get some page hits. Most of these idiots are only care to bash anything that is not bone stock, perfect, untouched, and ready so sit in a living room gathering dust.

    • Thanks for the kind words, EZ. I will definitely miss seeing this in my shop, but again, I’d rather not be limping to go look at it. Waiting on my robot legs, then life will be a breeze.

  • Someone just got an awesome deal.
    $3150 with the bidding very hot in the last 20s – going form $2650 to $3150 in short order.

    I was in 2 minds to bid, I would love to add this little gem to my stable but I have officially run out of space, even with the NS400, TZR-3XV-350 and RS250 on display at 2 separate bike shops.

    But the MC11 and MC16 are 2 that I do want, and this MC16 was cleaner than most – and the $3150 selling price is a little below value I think – so a great buy 🙂

    • @RC – Unfortunately for the ebay bidder as stated in the video and previous listing the bike was for sale locally and an offer was accepted. They paid more than $3150 and should be here Wednesday to pick it up. If for whatever reason they back out or can’t follow through with the deal it will go back up for sale again. If you are still interested after Wednesday go ahead and give me a ring – 206 – 941 – 4410

  • Then you should have ended the auction BEFORE the final bid. Saying a “local buyer offered more” AFTER the auction is over is completely in contrary to the entire concept of the auction.

    The idea is to end the auction EARLY if a local buyer offers more, not after the bids are all in.

    I think more likely you want more than the $3150 final price so you are saying a local buyer is bringing more money – if I had been the high bidder and you rejected the offer after the auction ended I would be pissed as hell.

    No thanks, I don’t want to buy a bike from you for any price 🙁

    • eBay does not let you end an auction with bids within 12 hours of the listing’s end time. I also stated multiple times in both listings the bike was for sale locally and that I would end the auction at any time for any or no reason at all. My local buyer came by around 11 in the morning, not really much else I could do until the listing actually ended.

      The buyer can be upset all he wants, the fact of the matter is I explicitly stated the bike was for sale locally. It was listed on 3 other sites as well as facebook groups during its for-sale lifetime. And yes, I absolutely am taking more money from my local guy. The bike is worth well over $3150.

      With that being said I put him in contact with an acquaintance of mine in Seattle who has plenty of other bikes to choose from who is looking to move a few bikes. I’m sure plenty of you know Buck. There’s not a single bike he could buy for $3150, and I have no shame in not selling my bike to cheapskates. Reserves deter people from bidding, and I simply just do not care. He can leave negative feedback if he wants, it makes no difference to me. I’m sure all of you would do the same.

  • SHIIITE! You babies have far too much time on your hands… Enjoy every bike on this site, no matter how shitty, and quit picking on every thing to the point of adnauseum. Opinion is cool, but personal attacks are kinda’ lame. More 2 strokes please…

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