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Honda February 15, 2020 posted by

Honda Week Continues: 1988 Honda NSR250R for Sale

Oh god, I can only imagine the backlash in the comments as our unofficial Honda Week rolls on! Today, we’ve got a clean MC18 version of the NSR250R, Honda’s little two-stroke sportbike that took the fight to the Suzuki Gamma, Yamaha TZR, and Kawasaki KR-1. And like those bikes, it was a technological powerhouse, squeezing maximum power from the tiny engine. Introduced in 1987, these never officially made it to our shores, but are now old enough that they can be legally imported and registered in most states.

The original NSR250R MC16 was followed by the MC18 seen here in 1988. It was powered by a compact, lightweight, crankcase-inducted 249cc 90° v-twin that used Nikasil-plated cylinders for a slightly undersquare 54 x 54.5mm bore and stroke. An early version of Honda’s PGM electronic ignition and their electronic RC or “Revolutionary Controlled” powervalve gave a more flexible spread of power, and a six-speed cassette-style gearbox put power to the 18″ rear wheel that was matched to a 17″ front.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda NSR250R for Sale

For sale is a 1989 Honda NSR 250 two-stroke motorcycle with rare hard to find CA title and registration for street use. The bike was just serviced so it is in running condition with everything working, it has been owned by its last owner for over 18 years. It is in good shape for its age but it is not perfect. If you have any questions feel free to send me a email.

The odometer shows 17,590km, which means the bike has a little less than 11,000 miles on it. No problem if the bike has been properly maintained, and it has that all-important California title that should make a trip to the DMV somewhat less painful if you want to register it here… Probably. The MC18 is less desirable than the later MC21, let alone the MC28, but it’s still an NSR250R and should go for a good bit less: bidding is up to $3,856.00 with several days left on the auction.


Honda Week Continues: 1988 Honda NSR250R for Sale
Honda September 24, 2016 posted by

In the Beginning: 1987 Honda NSR250R MC16 for Sale


Although the very last MC28 version of the NSR250R is often considered the most desirable of the line today, with high-tech electronics, handling, and gorgeous good looks, obviously owes its existence and success to the original Honda NSR250R MC16. These are becoming a bit less the unicorns they’ve been here in the USA up until now, due to a number of enterprising folks bringing them over by the bucketload as they reach 25 years old and become easier to import, although they’ll never be common sights here.


And although it lacks some of the polish and sophistication of the later versions, the MC16 was still a very fast little motorcycle. Powered by an extremely compact, crankcase-induced v-twin while competitors were powered by parallel twins, it also featured Nikasil-plated cylinders and an electronic “Revolutionary Controlled” valves replaced Honda’s earlier ATAC system and it was all backed by a six-speed cassette gearbox for quick gearing changes at the track.


From the original eBay listing: 1987 Honda NSR250R MC16 for Sale

1987 Honda NSR250R MC16 – a real gem!

All original, 30 years young. 7410km (appx 4605 miles). Younger riders beware, do not let the displacement (cc) of this bike fool you. Essentially a GP replica, this twin-cylinder, two stroke, 250 cubic centimeter spitting cobra used to be THE bike on the track. Not only is it the preferred bike of Isle of Man TT riders (Bruce Anstey, IOM TT Classic 2016 champion), this Honda historic icon was notorious for eating over-zealous riders for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The NSR250R is beyond flickable, lightweight (275lbs dry), and is basically on par with a 90’s 600cc sport bike. They are no joke, and they are awesome. This is one of the very, very few titled MC16’s in America. Don’t miss out.

Includes the original Honda key, tool kit, and owner’s manual. I am also including the Honda Factory Service Repair Manual in ENGLISH for free!  Has every Honda step and spec, makes maintenance a breeze.


Please double check with your city and county regulations prior to bidding/buying!

All electronics function properly: neutral switch, speed sensor, lights, horn, etc. Brakes have been bled and pads are in good shape with plenty of stopping power. Fuel tank has been emptied and cleaned.

GENUINE OEM Honda fairings, not cheapy-China replicas. At 30 years old, they do show signs of aging with one minor hairline crack near the right side mirror/turn signal and some scuffing towards the front side, as well as some very minor cosmetic imperfections toward the undersides. No frame scratches or tank dents.

Goes through all 6 gears like a twin cylinder bat, straight outta Hell.

Carbs have been cleaned, spark plugs replaced. Sync’d to the best of my ability. No fork seal leaks. Bike has been clay-barred, hand waxed, and detailed. Bike will need new tires and a final tune-up/walkaround before hitting the road/track. DO NOT RIDE THIS WITHOUT GETTING NEW TIRES FIRST. I also recommend using nothing but ethanol-free high octane gasoline aka “rec-gas”.


The seller is looking for $6,000 for this one, and helpfully includes a pair of videos here and here so you can have some confidence that, even if navigating the DMV proves difficult with this grey-market beastie, at least you know it starts and runs well. It’s not perfect, with some scratches and surface rust, but looks like a solid example, and currently features a WA state title.



In the Beginning: 1987 Honda NSR250R MC16 for Sale
Honda July 7, 2015 posted by

JDM Two-Stroke: 1987 Honda NSR250R for Sale

1987 Honda NSR250R R Side FrontWhile Honda does have a well-deserved reputation for technical innovation, they sometimes seem to intentionally eschew certain formats or technologies, only to swoop in and produce world-beating bikes late in the game, as if to say, “See? Weren’t kicking your ass using a v-twin because we didn’t want to…”

The same is true of two-strokes like this NSR250R.

1987 Honda NSR250R L Side RearBack in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the Japanese manufacturers’ lightweight sportbikes were often two-strokes like Yamaha’s RD400. Two-strokes lend themselves to this kind of bike, providing a good power-to-weight ratio and compact dimensions, along with a narrow powerband that rewards rider skill and involvement. During that same period, Honda’s small and middleweight sporting motorcycles were sophisticated overhead cam twins and even four cylinder motorcycles like their CB400. 1987 Honda NSR250R L Tank DetailBut when Honda did begin producing two-strokes, they didn’t so much dip their toe in as dive straight into the weird end, producing bikes like the MVX250F and later NSR400R that featured Honda’s advanced torque-enhancing ATAC system for their weird little V3 two-strokes. 1987 Honda NSR250R FrontThe original MC16-version NSR250R was introduced in late ’86 as an ’87 model and was most commonly available in the red-and-white color scheme seen here, although blue-and-white bikes exist as well. Designed to ape the look of Honda’s 250GP bikes, the bike used a 90° liquid-cooled 249cc v-twin with a six-speed cassette-style gearbox that made track-side gearing changes much easier for the highly-strung little sportbike. The bike used aluminum for its frame and swingarm, and weighed in at under 300lbs without fuel and oil.

1987 Honda NSR250R ClocksFrom the original eBay listing: 1987 Honda NSR250R for Sale

Just imported through US Customs this summer, this 1987 NSR250r comes with a US title ready to be transferred into your name in your state.

This NSR250 is showing just 11,146 original miles (17,937 kilometers) on the odometer so it is a clean, lower mileage bike but the sun has not been kind however as the bodywork is paint faded and the stickers, etc. faded too. A light color sanding or polishing compound will bring back the paint and plastic polish will restore the windshield so a little elbow grease will go along way with this NSR. The fairing bodywork is original and un-cracked and the seat is in good condition too. Newer tires front and back, triple drilled discs and a hidden dual seat option make for nice features on this bike. There are 2 small dings barely visible in the top of the tank (probably from a tank bag), I tried to get them to show up in the pictures but they are small so you really can’t see them. All in all a very clean used 250R, I have 5 more pictures that eBay won’t let me upload-send me your email address and I’ll get them to you.

The seller also helpfully includes a video of the bike running. 1987 Honda NSR250R Lower FairingAlthough there is stunning performance potential in the NSR250R, many of these have been imported originally from Japan, meaning they would have initially been limited to 45hp. This one comes most recently from Canada, but it might be worth a quick email to the seller to verify that it’s been de-restricted. 1987 Honda NSR250R R Side RearAs the seller mentions, this one needs a bit of cosmetic work to really make shine, although “that’ll buff out” seems a bit cliché… Bidding is just north of $2,000 with the reserve met, with five days left on the auction, so this might be a good chance to pick up a nice, running NSR for a relatively low price, and then spend a bit of time getting the cosmetics up to snuff. Or just ride it!


1987 Honda NSR250R L Side Front

JDM Two-Stroke: 1987 Honda NSR250R for Sale
Honda May 22, 2013 posted by

Madness Continued: 1987 Honda NSR250R (MC16)

Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada — $3,900 BIN – 13,670mi


If you’re in Canada and looking for a Japanese two-stroke 250, then this is your time in the sun. With a 250cc smoker available from Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki all available in the Great White North at this very moment, you have a few options.


This clean looking MC16 NSR is personally my favorite of the group. Sure it is Honda’s first big 250cc two-stroke race replica bike, and it may not be on the same level as some of the models to follow. But what it lacks in technology, it more than makes up for in classic good looks.

From the seller:

You are bidding on an original NSR250 bike imported from Japan.

New Michelin tires, new brakes and new battery.

All original, in excellent condition and hard to find.

The pictures tell the story.

Two cylinder two stroke oil injected.

Locate in P.E.I. Canada


The bike does have higher mileage, but it is an ’87, and that really isn’t that high in the long run. The bike looks very clean for having this many miles and looks as stock as they come. No one has decided to paint the fairings on this one, thankfully! Starting bid is $3,000 with no Reserve ($3,900 BIN). We have seen a blue on of this year with about half the miles go for $3,800. So this one could be right in there and be looking for a new home. Check out the auction here and place your bid!


Honda April 15, 2013 posted by

Where Were You In 1987? 1987 Honda NSR250 MC16

nsr right

I know where I was; sitting in high school dreaming of a way to get a hold of a two stroke street bike.  Well, I was dreaming about some other things as well but that is for another web page.  The MC16 was Honda’s first real try at a ‘race replica’ 250 and they scored a hit with it.  It may look a bit dated compared to later NSR’s but there is plenty here to work with.

nsr left rear

Most importantly it is titled so check that off your list.  How does it look for being produced back in 87?  I think it looks pretty darn good.  Yes, there are some scrapes/dings and some corrosion but overall it looks in good shape.  From the sellers description it sounds like the carbs need a good going through but that isn’t unusual.

nsr right rear

Other than the chambers, I’m not noticing a lot of changes to the bike.  Stock photos show the bike with a blue passenger seat.

nsr top

Lets hear from the NSR experts on what little bits and pieces might be missing.  I’m noticing a bar end and mirror.

nsr forks

Here is what the seller had to say:

up for auction here is a very rare honda

nsr250r 2 stroke grand prix bike

is a #312 bike on frame sticker

i got the bike ,cleaned carbs,changed plugs and oil

it starts right up runs great with choke on

carbs will need to be synced up

at top end bike flys with choke off

shifts through all gear and has plenty of pull!

so im thinking air/mix screws are off

is all original paint on bike

has a couple little cracks and scratches

bike is missing tool kit,will also need 2 of the 1/4 turn fairing fastners on lowwer right fairing

please look at all pictures posted of bike

has a clean and clear michigan title in my name

speedo is in kilometers,shows 10,000 km

comes with original binder manual and new brake pads for front and rear,still in package from previous owner

bike is missing right side mirror as well

nsr tank

It might be a nice candidate for a full restoration project: for the right price.

Check out the auction here.