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Honda’s Take On A In Line Four 400: 1994 Honda CBR400RR

cbr rightTalk about being the redheaded stepchild, the CBR400RR generally isn’t on the top of anyone wish list of grey market bikes.  Honda made life difficult for the little CBR by producing it alongside the superb RC30/45 clone, the VFR/RVF400.  Lowering its’ desirability here in the U.S. is the fact that it is a dead ringer for the CBR900RR, well except the munchkin size.  Too bad those factors might hold it back because reviews of the bike are positive and I’ve heard the rev it to the moon engine is a joy to experience.

cbr left

The story on her:

For sale is a JDM-issue only 1994 CBR400RR, with the rare Type 8 NH-343P body work paint job. It has 15K on the odometer, and it isn’t clear how many kilometers were run up before it came here and got the speed reducer put on the speedo/odometer to change it to mph/miles.   There “might be” 25 of these Stateside – I’ve never seen or heard of another one!

These bikes are products of the “horsepower wars” that  the Big 4 Japanese companies waged in the early ’90s.  This CBR features the “Gull-Arm” rear swing arm. 

I am a serial fix-it guy, and I have had my fun with this. It was also carefully gone through by a local mechanic to fix a large hole in the torque curve. Once I took off the after-market exhaust and put the stocker back on – oh, man, this is how it should run! Note to owners of these multi-cylinder bikes from the ‘90s – Unless you are smarter than the Honda engineers, don’t mess with the engine – see before and after dyno chart.

The tank bag comes with it, the bike stand doesn’t.  I have a clear US title. 

I rounded up two new correct stock heel guards, two OEM mirrors, a new air filter, and a new windscreen. Looks great, goes great, RARE, no downside here.

cbr rear

I can personally vouch for the smile factor of 400cc bikes.  The high revving engines are a treat for the ears.

cbr front

It’s titled and ready for the road.  The auction has an opening bid of $5,000 and a BIN of $7,000.  While rare, the little CBR’s tend to struggle to reach those numbers.

Check out the auction here.



  • Ode to James Brown : ” Get it on the scene like a SEX Machine ! ” This is definitely one sexy 400cc machine . It is even more rare than VFR400s . I also think , but won’t swear to it , that these bikes …the inline 4s were less restricted than the V-4 400s . I will be happy if someone cans shed some light on that for fact .

  • NC30 is easy to de-restrict. I had an NC29 and sounded and ran really nice. The power and gearing worked well for the street too. Great looking bike here.

  • Even today I wish we would get some of the smaller bikes that Europe and asian countries get. Our stupid love of excess horsepower that we could never use on the streets is the culprit. Wringing the crap out of a bike is loads of fun, riding around in second or third gear on the back roads ain’t.

  • I like how the tank bag is hooked to the fairing.. expect damage where those hooks are attached.

  • We’ll see where this one ends up but I have one in the garage that just isn’t getting used anymore…get’n to old, bad shoulder now…..http://www.bikepics.com/members/nedragr/93cbr400/

  • That’s a beauty Jeff, how much do you want for her?

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