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Honda July 26, 2018 posted by

Featured Listing: Museum Quality 1989 Honda CB-1 for Sale

Update: This bike has sold to an RSBFS reader! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

I’ve always been a “slow bike [and car, for that matter] fast” kind of guy, mainly because I could never really afford the fast bikes I wanted, but also because I’m pretty sure I’d have gotten into trouble riding something powerful all the time. But some folks just prefer smaller-engined motorcycles: on the road especially, you can barely get a modern sportbike into third gear unless you’re on the freeway, and winding one to redline, even in second gear, is likely to land you in jail if you do it in or around civilization… But that’s never a problem with something like today’s pristine Featured Listing Honda CB-1.

The 400cc class came about because of regulations that heavily taxed and otherwise displacements over 400cc in some markets, not because everyone was clamoring for them. In Japan, the 400cc sportbike, and even 250cc four-stroke sportbike classes were hotly contested, with Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha all producing smaller, more sophisticated machines than we ever saw officially in the USA. But licensing and laws aside, there are also fans of smaller displacement bikes that have the experience and skill to handle a legitimate sportbike and don’t want to be stuck with one of the torquey, but fairly crude-feeling singles or parallel twins you normally find powering bikes in the class.

Enter the Honda CB-1. Powered by a slightly detuned version of the CBR400RR’s engine, the 399cc inline-four had some serious mechanical specifications, including sixteen valves and gear-driven dual overhead cams. The result was 55hp and a 13,500rpm redline, plenty to motivate the 400lb machine and push it all the way to 118mph, assuming you were prepared to thrash the sewing-machine-smooth engine mercilessly.

The CB-1 was one of only a couple of 400cc, inline-four sportbikes that were ever available in the United States, and that sophisticated little screamer is the main appeal here, along with the simple, sporty styling that has aged very well. The CB-1 did lose the CBR’s aluminum frame and made do with tubular steel unit instead, but saved weight by losing the fairing and the CBR’s second front caliper and rotor. Smaller valves and different tuning meant slightly less outright power that the CBR, but lower gearing meant it was a better real-world bike as well.

Unfortunately, as polished as it was, the CB-1 didn’t really sell very well here in the USA, where bigger is always better and 600cc supersports are considered “learner bikes.” But its surprising sophistication had fans then and now, and has become a bit of a cult bike here in the States. But if you missed the boat the first time around and didn’t get to buy one new from your local Honda dealer, here’s your chance: this one has just 9 miles on the odometer and is amazingly clean.

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Honda CB-1 for Sale

2nd Chance! up for sale is my brand new 1989 Honda CB1 never registered. This bike has been in climate-controlled storage its entire life.

Originally sold in California, I bought it out of a collection in Colorado about 3 years ago. The previous owner had removed all the fuel and prepped the bike for long term storage. The 9 miles on the bike were dealer prep miles.

Since I took delivery of this bike, it has gone through another extremely thorough and expensive prep process for long term storage. This was all documented and the work was lovingly done by the master tech at Marin Speed Shop here in Marin California. There is absolutely no fuel in the tank or in the carbs or fuel lines. The bike was started two years ago prior to storage to verify its condition. It had a perfect leak down and we used an auxiliary fuel tank because we did not want to put fuel in the bike’s tank. The bike started and ran perfectly. Afterwords the carbs were disassembled and all fuel was removed and the carbs and tank were then misted with oil.

This is a museum-quality bike, it is as brand new as the day it was sold. Every aspect of this bike has been gone through and prepped for this long term storage. Everything on the bike is original, even the tires, so if you want to ride it then the tires should be replaced.

Please look closely at the pictures. I will be happy to take calls and answer any questions. I have all the paperwork – I mean everything. I have the bill of sale, title, certificate of origin, all original pamphlets, all keys, everything.

There is no reserve on the bike except that I have started the bidding at $6000.00. I have spent quite a bit more than this so I am hoping to get more but the bike needs to go because we need the space.

Best of luck and thanks for looking,

Please call for any question you may have 408 391 8975


Obviously, with basically just delivery miles, you’d likely need to go through the bike top-to-bottom before riding it. So perhaps the biggest question here is, “Does anyone really need a museum-quality Honda CB-1?” Well since the bike was originally a practical, affordable, and sophisticated do-it-all scoot, I doubt this will have the universal, drool-worthy appeal of something like an RC30, a bike that was sold in very limited numbers and had very exotic components. But somewhere, you just know there are a couple folks who’ve always loved this classy little machine or are looking to complete their extensive Honda collection. Regardless, it’s obvious there is real interest in this bike: although nice, well-used CB-1s regularly change hands for around the $3,000 mark, bidding over at the eBay auction is already up north of $6,000 with several days left on the auction!


Featured Listing: Museum Quality 1989 Honda CB-1 for Sale
Kawasaki July 18, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: 1995 Kawasaki ZXR400R for Sale

Although bikes in the 400cc class are virtually unknown in the USA, they were big business elsewhere, with bikes like the Honda CBR400 and VFR400, Yamaha FZR400, and today’s Featured Listing Kawasaki ZXR400R competing in showrooms and race series for the hearts and hard-earned money of sportbike enthusiasts. Here in the US, it is 600s that are generally thought of as the lightweight, “beginner” sportbikes, and anything smaller than that is the domain of cheap and cheerful commuters and learner bikes.

Overseas, it was a different story: tiered licensing, heavy taxes, and high gas prices meant there was a great deal of interest in serious motorcycles with smaller displacement. Consider that for Yamaha, the FZR600 was the low-tech model of the range, with a steel beam frame in place of the aluminum Deltabox unit found in the FZR400, FZR750, and FZR1000.

With today’s 1000cc superbikes sporting sky-high redlines of more than 13,000 rpm and Yamaha’s R6 claiming 16,000 shrieking revs, it’s maybe hard to think of a bike with a 14,500 rpm redline as being “high-strung” but the 398cc inline four in the ZXR400R needs to be worked hard to make speedy progress, which is completely in keeping with the bike’s sporting mission. Produced between 1989 and 1999, there were basically two versions of the bike, the earlier “H” bikes and the later “L” version. The H bikes made 61hp while the L made a few more horses at a higher rpm, with a slight loss in torque. The H model weighed a bit less than the L at 350lbs dry and the bike had a top speed north of 140mph.

Today’s Featured Listing has fairly low miles and appears to be in excellent condition, aside from some minor cosmetic issues expected of a bike that’s been ridden. Best of all: it does have a valid title and is registered for road use!

From the Seller: 1995 Kawasaki ZXR400R for Sale

Up for sale is a VERY RARE 1995 Kawasaki ZXR400R in collector quality condition with only 16,267 kilometers (10,107 miles). It has a few tiny rub marks and a couple of small scratches from its 10,000 mile journey thru life but overall its in MINT condition. After thorough inspection, I can tell that this bike has been loved and cherished over the years. It is in completely stock unmolested condition.  All fairings and components are 100% OEM factory Kawasaki. Brand new Bridgestone Battlax tires have been installed front and rear. Bike runs like the day it was new. This ZXR comes with a Utah state title and is titled as a street bike for road use. I have set the purchase price at $10,500 because my last 1993 ZXR400R sold on Ebay for $10,450 in the “your choice” auction with the GSXR400RR. Serious buyers can contact me at 801-358-6537 for more pictures or any other questions you may have. $500 deposit thru PayPal due immediately after sale.

The seller is asking $10,500 for this fizzy little monster. Obviously, that’s not a whole lot of bang for your buck if you consider it in purely performance terms, and the ZXR400 isn’t quite as iconic as something like the NC30. But these are exceedingly rare here in the USA and if you’re a die hard Kawasaki lover or a fan of motorcycle exotica, this will probably fill a large [figuratively], green hole in your collection. If you notice any other bikes in the background, we have been told they are for sale as well.  Skip the line before they get listed publicly! Everything must go!


Featured Listing: 1995 Kawasaki ZXR400R for Sale
Honda March 22, 2017 posted by

All You Really Need: 1990 Honda CB-1 for Sale

No one is arguing that we don’t live in an era where “learner bikes” aren’t very sophisticated machines, but no matter how impressive the electronics found on modern small-displacement bikes may be, and no matter stone-axe reliable the mechanicals are, there’s something distinctly uninspiring about the weedy exhaust note of a single-cylinder KTM RC390. It’s a great motorcycle in pretty much every way, especially considering the affordable price-point, but it definitely doesn’t sound sexy. Something like this Honda CB-1 however, might appeal to both new and experienced motorcyclists, especially those a bit shorter in stature or riders who’ve realized the truth of the old axiom, “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than it is to ride a fast bike slow.”

There’s no problem with a lack of sexy here, although that’s probably because the CB-1 wasn’t really designed as an entry-level motorcycle: the 399cc inline four that motivates the CB-1 was shared with the sportier CBR400 that never officially made it to the USA, although they do show up from time-to-time as grey market imports. As you would expect, this mini-sportbike powerplant is very sophisticated, and has four tiny cylinders, sixteen valves, and dual overhead cams operated by gears, instead of the expected timing chain. The little four made 55hp and could push the 400lb machine to a top speed of 118mph. The frame is a less-sophisticated tubular steel unit instead of the CBR’s aluminum beam frame, valves are bit smaller, and the CB-1 has a single-disc front brake set up, but it is otherwise very similar in terms of performance, except in top speed. Of course the CB-1 was geared a bit shorter and actually felt quicker in real-world riding than its sportier sibling.

This example appears to be very clean, although the gauges could use a little help. A trip to eBay should eventually turn something up, or fit something cool and modern from Acewell or Motogadget. The carb service mentioned by the seller is a nice bonus, as that could be a headache for a new rider, or even for an experienced wrench.

From the original eBay listing: 1990 Honda CB-1 for Sale

This is a fine specimen of a CB-1. It does not at all look its age. It’s not museum quality, there are a few minor blemishes, but it is very close to perfect. The bike was just serviced: the carburetors were cleaned & synched and new tires were mounted. It runs perfectly, all the lights work, etc. It needs nothing but a new owner to enjoy the ridiculously smooth high-reving beauty.

The seller is asking just $3,100 for this particular bike, a bargain considering the performance and sophistication found here. There are near cult-like levels of devotion surrounding the somewhat forgotten Honda CB-1 and it’s v-twin stablemate the Hawk GT, although that hasn’t translated into increased values, as these are still very affordable bikes and offer performance, rarity, and relatively easy maintenance. Although handling is limited by the budget suspension, bolt-on upgrades from the era’s CBR should sort that out easily and improve stopping as well with a second front brake disc and caliper. In an era of relatively simple and economical small-displacement machines, something like this offers up big-bike thrills in a very sophisticated, manageable package, with a low price tag, street cred, and good looks.


All You Really Need: 1990 Honda CB-1 for Sale
Honda August 10, 2016 posted by

Little Brother: 1994 CBR400RR NC29 Fireblade for Sale

1994 Honda CBR400RR R Side

The Honda CBR400 was produced between 1988 and 2000 and was a perfect middle step between the entry-level 250RR and the supersport 600. Don’t let that “learner bike” displacement fool you: the CBR400 was in every way a grown-up sportbike: the liquid-cooled inline-four featured gear-driven cams, a six-speed gearbox, triple disc brakes, and a lightweight, aluminum beam frame. All squeezed into a package that looked very much like a CBR900 that had been a bit shrunk in the wash… It was limited to a mere 59hp due to Japanese licensing requirements but, as you’d imagine, more power is readily available if you de-restrict it, and the resulting 70hp is more than enough to play with on the street or on tight circuits that favor handling over outright power.

1994 Honda CBR400RR Dash

This does look very similar to a CBR400 posted last month, with identical colors and similar miles, but it seems to be different bike: that one was in Georgia, this one in Canada, and some of the accessories are different as well.

From the original eBay listing: 1994 CBR400RR NC29 Fireblade for Sale

Very Rare Bike in North America. Japanese only model imported to UK, then to Canada. 4 cylinder 4 stroke beauty that makes around 65Hp. 17,300Km mileage. Beautifully engineered and top quality components of the day. 3x previous mature owners. Has large scratch on Right Engine cover from falling over during maintenance. Some other minor dings and scrapes. Never raced or dropped on road. In excellent mechanical condition: Recent full tune up to include all liquids replaced and systems flushed, Carbs cleaned, new battery, new spark plugs, valves timed and adjusted, new brake pads, new front tire, lots of rubber on rear, new chain and sprockets, Runs like new. This is a very fun bike to ride. Handles very well. Its a little bigger than a 250cc machine but has the torque and zip of larger machine thanks to the 400cc engine. Great bike for new rider looking for unique/quality ride or for Collector looking for outstanding example of early 1990’s exclusive Japanese machinery. Looks just like 3/4 version of early Honda 929 models. Becoming collector item in Europe and in North America. Comes with front and rear paddock stands, shop manual (in English) and original owners manual in Japanese. Have British and Canadian paperwork. I just don’t have time to ride anymore. Asking price of $5900.00 Canadian. Am willing to negotiate. Buyer responsible for pickup/delivery. Plated and registered in Province of Ontario, Canada. Serious Buyers only please, no test pilots.

1994 Honda CBR400RR R Side Tail

The $5,900 Canadian asking price equates to about $4,476 US, a very decent price for one of these, as recent CBR400s have sold in the $4,000-$5,500 range, depending on year and condition. The seller claims this has been recently serviced, features fresh rubber and is otherwise ready to roll. That black/burgundy paint scheme is pretty subtle, but I wonder if fans of the CBR are actually more interested in garish race-replica colors… In any event, the price is very reasonable, considering where recent examples have ended up. Obviously, US buyers will have to jump through some hoops after purchase, but that price is low enough to justify the effort. It’d make an ideal bike for someone of smaller stature, or someone who just wants to be different. Or someone who enjoys smoking much bigger bikes on tight roads with the throttle pinned to the stop.


1994 Honda CBR400RR Front

Little Brother: 1994 CBR400RR NC29 Fireblade for Sale
Honda March 16, 2014 posted by

Welterweight CBR: 1990 Honda CBR400RR (NC29)

Update 3.16.2014: The last time we took note of this CBR400RR was July of 2012, and before that was 2010. Maybe 2014 will be the right year for this one. Links updated. -dc

1990 Honda CBR900RR for sale on eBay

If rare Honda’s are your thing, then you got to check out this CBR400RR. Granted, these aren’t too rare in certain other countries, but here in the US they don’t show up to often. These feature a 53hp inline four that screams to 14,500rpm while tipping the scales at roughly 360lbs dry.

OG RSBFS readers might recognize this exact bike being for sale in October 2010 (check Doug’s post here). It doesn’t look to have accumulated a single mile since the last go around and the sale ad is virtually the same, though now with more pictures.

From the Seller:

As much as it pains me to do this, I am putting up my NC29 1990 CBR-400rr for sale. I have owned this bike for years and now have a new grandson to spend my money on. My baby RR is 100% street legal and you can ride it anywhere the day you get it! NO WORK NEEDED! She has new Pilot Powers front and rear, EBC brake pads, braided lines, carbon slip-on and Motul 300v synthetic in her veins. Motul brake fluid, Fox rear shock, steering damper, F-3 rear wheel conversion (17 inch) and progressive fork springs. ALL lights and electronics are 100%. I have safety-wired most every critical bolt because frankly I don’t like thinking about wheels, brakes, or oil plugs falling off. The bike runs and rides perfectly. For some unknown reason the speedo needle is stuck on zero but the odometer is still working, so mileage is accurate and is in kilometers. She is jetted and piped for optimum performance. Cosmetically all the ORIGINAL PLASTICS are in good shape, with the exception of a few rash marks from a previous owner. I always intended to restore the bodywork, so I purchased a set of aftermarket plastics and never got around to switching and restoring the originals. ALL will be included in this sale as well as a plethora of NEW SPARE PARTS (a couple grand worth) that are impossible to get and will keep you riding for years to come. SEE THE PARTS VIDEO for details. Please look closely at all the pictures and watch ALL the VIDEOS for the most accurate representation of this bike and the included parts — and to see it run. I have transferableVermontregistration of ownership so this bike is street legal in allUSstates. If you would like a copy to check with your local DMV, I would be happy to provide it.

One of three videos from the auction page

Looks like the bike is still in the condition it was in back in 2010, including the suspension modifications (among others) and the slightly scrapped fairings and engine case. Now, I will say that this appears to be the exact ad and photos from the previous go around. Having said that, if this bike truly hasn’t acquired a single mile in that time I would hope that it is still in the condition as described. But this is a cool and unique bike that you can ride and enjoy without being afraid of a scratch. It also comes with a bunch of spare parts and a title ready to go. Check out the auction here for more videos and to place you bid!


Welterweight CBR: 1990 Honda CBR400RR (NC29)
Honda September 4, 2013 posted by

Vertically Challenged? 1993 Honda CBR400RR

cbr right 2

As you can see, I’ve  passed our poltically correct human resources class here at the RSBFS towers.  The seller points out that this bike is great for shorter riders but I’m telling you, the 400’s are great fun for all. 

cbr left

We’ve seen a couple of CBR400RR’s for sale in the past few months but this one looks like the gem so far.

From the seller:

Perfect for shorties and small riders!!!

We purchased this bike here in Colorado 5 years ago and it has been one of the most consistent, easy, fun bikes I’ve ever ridden. If you’re short — this bike is for you!!! I’m 4’10” and could whip this thing around anywhere with utmost confidence and it’s smooth engine makes it a dream to maneuver in small spaces. The suspension is perfectly tuned for someone smaller in stature so it handles amazing and I never had trouble keeping up with the liter bikes in the mountains.

Even the paint is custom, the bodywork is all OEM and aside from the suspension and some braking goodies, most of the bike is still stock. It is in immaculate mechanical condition and runs very strong. I’m really sorry to see this bike go (honestly it has been the “happiest” bike I’ve ever ridden), but with our second child we just realized we don’t have enough time for the bikes anymore.

I’m also selling all of my gear so if you are short and interested in gear (zip together Tiger Angel leathers, textile jackets, vented jackets, gloves, etc.) I have plenty and am willing to make a deal for the buyer of the bike.

Features include:
Fully titled in the state of Colorado
Always garaged
10,000 miles (9,000 km + 4400 miles)
All OEM body panels with custom paint and custom decals

Race Tech Front Suspension rebuild/revalve (Professionally tuned for light weight rider)
Ohlins Rear Shock
Hel Steel Braided Lines
Pipe Werx Slip on
EBC Rotors
EBC HH pads
Recently rebuilt front calipers
Powder coated wheels, subframe and miscellaneous brackets
Header wrap
Safety Wire
Tyga light smoke windscreen

Additional included items:

Rear Pit Bull stand
Spare double bubble tinted screen
OEM clear screen
Stock silencer
Riser clip-ons (still need some assembly to use them)
Passenger pegs
Immaculate bike cover
Haynes Owners Manual
Miscellaneous OEM and aftermarket parts

Asking price: $5,300cbr disccbr muffler

cbr top

A obviously well cared for bike that just needs a new owner (short or tall)  to twist that throotle.

cbr lights

The asking price is $5,300 and the bike is listed on Denver Craigslist.


Vertically Challenged?  1993 Honda CBR400RR
Honda July 1, 2013 posted by

Honda’s Take On A In Line Four 400: 1994 Honda CBR400RR

cbr rightTalk about being the redheaded stepchild, the CBR400RR generally isn’t on the top of anyone wish list of grey market bikes.  Honda made life difficult for the little CBR by producing it alongside the superb RC30/45 clone, the VFR/RVF400.  Lowering its’ desirability here in the U.S. is the fact that it is a dead ringer for the CBR900RR, well except the munchkin size.  Too bad those factors might hold it back because reviews of the bike are positive and I’ve heard the rev it to the moon engine is a joy to experience.

cbr left

The story on her:

For sale is a JDM-issue only 1994 CBR400RR, with the rare Type 8 NH-343P body work paint job. It has 15K on the odometer, and it isn’t clear how many kilometers were run up before it came here and got the speed reducer put on the speedo/odometer to change it to mph/miles.   There “might be” 25 of these Stateside – I’ve never seen or heard of another one!

These bikes are products of the “horsepower wars” that  the Big 4 Japanese companies waged in the early ’90s.  This CBR features the “Gull-Arm” rear swing arm. 

I am a serial fix-it guy, and I have had my fun with this. It was also carefully gone through by a local mechanic to fix a large hole in the torque curve. Once I took off the after-market exhaust and put the stocker back on – oh, man, this is how it should run! Note to owners of these multi-cylinder bikes from the ‘90s – Unless you are smarter than the Honda engineers, don’t mess with the engine – see before and after dyno chart.

The tank bag comes with it, the bike stand doesn’t.  I have a clear US title. 

I rounded up two new correct stock heel guards, two OEM mirrors, a new air filter, and a new windscreen. Looks great, goes great, RARE, no downside here.

cbr rear

I can personally vouch for the smile factor of 400cc bikes.  The high revving engines are a treat for the ears.

cbr front

It’s titled and ready for the road.  The auction has an opening bid of $5,000 and a BIN of $7,000.  While rare, the little CBR’s tend to struggle to reach those numbers.

Check out the auction here.


Honda December 29, 2011 posted by

New Year=New Toy: 1988 Honda CBR400RR NC23

New Year=New Toy: 1988 Honda CBR400RR NC23

Is your new years resolution to add more toys to the garage? Or maybe you need to sneak one in before the new year. Here is your opportunity to get it done: a really sharp looking 1988 CBR400RR.

Maybe not as sexy as a VFR400 but the CBR wasn’t neglected technology wise: gear driven valve train, 14,500 red line and a braced swing arm are among the goodies. The owner claims the engine whine is a thing of beauty. Here is a good read on the CBR with some technical details if you aren’t up to speed on the RR. is another good source of info and has a good forum.

Remember the Hurricanes? The little CBR is titled and darn near stock. The owner says braided brake lines and a Works rear shock are the only changes. I am pretty sure the windscreen is an aftermarket item as well. The shock is probably a nice upgrade as the original would not have been set up for our fat asses. Now she does have some KM’s or miles on her. The seller states 26,000 miles. As far as I know these were domestic market bikes only so I’d ask about the odometer being in miles. A lot of 400cc bikes were grey market imports to the UK so it is possible it may have started out with a mph speedo/odometer.

Here is what the Japanese buyers drooled over back in 1988:

The accessories you could get at the time:

The seller has a BIN price of $3,995 to go along with the auction on this beauty. 400’s don’t have the lust factor of 250 two strokes but that seems a like a reasonable price for a titled, clean, stock and rare little bike. I might be a little biased since 400’s are my current passion.

If you are tempted, click here.