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Location: Spring Branch, TX
Price: $6,500.00 with no reserve on ebay now!
Mileage: 17,317

These are some of the hardest 400’s to come by in the states. We have featured more VFR400 and RVF400’s than CBR400’s. You want to be the talk of your next Hooter’s Bike Night? Pull up on this one and make sure you have a bottle of water with you because you’ll be dry from all of the gum flapping you’ll be doing.

They are very rare in the US and even more so in this condition.

Recently been serviced, NEW Two Brothers Racing full exhaust system ($900 USD).

Has always been garaged, never raced, adult owned and is in excellent condition! She starts, runs and rides great! Everything works – idles smooth and runs strong. This bike always draws a crowd. I’m constantly asked if it is a current model and love watching people’s jaw drop when I tell them its a 97 model! I know I’m going to regret selling it…

When these CBR’s were available, they had all the features of a big CBR just in a smaller package. They feature a DOHC, four valve per cylinder, transverse four cylinder, four stroke, producing 53hp and rev’ing to 14,500rpm. An aluminum frame kept weight down to 163kg and they featured a Showa adjustable rear shock and flat-side carb’s . This bike is exotic to us American’s featuring the dependability of a Honda four-stroke.




  • Pretty nice! from then looks of the pictures on his add, it looks like he has a lot of nice bikes going to be coming up for sale.

  • This CBR looks like it could have been one of Ozzies. I have just acquired an 88 RGV250 Pepsi edition( yes a real one ) from Ozzie he’s a very cool guy. Am I right about this bike??

  • Hey Sean-

    I don’t think any of these bikes come from Ozzie. Mauricio and his dad have quite a collection and apparently have some pretty good connections as well. He’s forwarded me a list of bikes that will coming for sale and all I can say is WOW!

  • No listing of mileage? or title?

  • Updated information… sorry!

  • …AND GEAR-DRIVEN CAMS. How can you own an NC29 and not know this?!? It’s written on the bloody fairing, not to mention it’s what makes this I-4 Honda unique–and why you would never swap in a CBR600 tractor motor (even though it would fit)…

    There were no “1997” NC29s–the last ones were built as ’94 “RRR” models–but it probably doesn’t make much diff.


  • Doug where’s the list??!! Where’s the list??!!

  • Own both a NC29 and a 35, couldn’t tell you which bike I liked more.

    The gear whine alone along with the motor lope on the little inline 4 should be experianced by all at t least once to appreciate some of the small exotic’s the US never were allowed to puchase legally.

    $6500 would be a fair price if the bike did come with a legit title.

  • these bikes are not all mine the ones that were are gone all except one NSR250 SE still in my possession. I represented all as mine at one time because I would have had all 30 bikes in my possession for sale along with mine. It would have worked except that my customer (NOT Mauricio or his dad) decided to let Mauricio in TX. offer the bikes at the same time. This created a ton of confusion so I decided to pull out of the offer. I have in fact been collecting and selling greys for over 20 years now. I happen to have the CBR44 in this pic in my possession but all the other bikes still in Mexico are not offered or sold by me. I will be handling the title work for most and that is the extent of my involvement. I do still have however a handfull of RGV’s and Aprilias that will/may be for sale at some point just not right now. Any further interest/confusion please call me directly 813-655-8470 for clarification

  • Of course I meant CBR400RR (not CBR44)

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