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Greenheads – 1996 Honda RVF400R / NC35

On the coat-tails of Saturday’s RVF400R post, here’s a 1996 model NC35 with good if not great cosmetics, and a peculiar choice of fairing fasteners.

1996 Honda RVF400R / NC35 for sale on eBay

In the Japanese market, keeping the excitement bubbling for Honda’s new RC45 superbike meant having a lookalike that had better access to new and merely mortal riders.  The RVF400R followed the VFR’s able footsteps, with a new decade’s styling and a few new thoughts on sportbike engineering.  No sense re-designing the little V-4, since it smoothly delivered the legally limited 61 hp.  Likewise the alloy chassis and ELF-designed swingarm, though adjustments were made.  17-inch wheels are found at both ends, and upside-down forks were finally deemed a requirement.  Fox-eye headlights came with the new fairing, which was only available in the white, red, and umm, purple – same as the RC45.

Looking quite tidy, this RVF appears substantially stock with the exception of the too modern-looking muffler.  Might be a bit of work to fix those paint chips but would be worth it.  Not sure why the end of the seat fairing is a little wonky.  The owner offers a walkaround video – here -.  Comments from the eBay auction:

This bike has 18,921 km (11,757 miles) on the odometer. The carbs were rebuilt and the motor tuned in 2020 and the original tires replaced with Continental Sport Attack 2. All maintenance is up to date. The bike has a properly jetted TYGA Race Exhaust and it does sound good. The bike starts, idles, runs and shifts through all the gears just like it should. The are no flat spots during acceleration. The bike has some minor nicks and stains from the road and one noticeable scuff on the left side tank where it rubbed against the trailer wall. The tank is clean inside. the original toolkit comes with the bike. I have a parts manual, maintenance manual, and owners manual that go with the bike. The original exhaust canister also goes with the bike (it is in very good condition). I have the import documents and a signed title by the original buyer in the USA.

Many times these rare models get snatched up before our post hits the wi-fi waves, but this one should survive at least until the previous RVF sells.  Boasting about their rarity in a clear voice, these babies are asking and getting superbike bucks.  Hopefully the new owner will be a rider, a RSBFS reader, and under 5′-10″.




  • The general characterization of NC35 as just a sales tool for halo machine which is its bigger sister is misleading. It sure is a lookalike of the bigger sister, but NC35 had a real purpose, which was F3 class racing, then including Suzuka 4-hour endurance race which was semi-professional support racing for the famous 8-hour endurance race, that was based on TT F3 regulation (250cc 2stroke, 400cc 4stroke).

  • Man these prices people are asking nowadays for these bikes are more than double. For what I paid for my jdm collection. Back in 08 my friend got one of these for 6500. Still has it.

    I’ve gotten to ride it a fair bit fun bike great engine sounds. But it’s really just an updated vfr400 from 89 – 93. Updated. The engine is pretty much the same. Changes mostly centered around chassis updates. 17 inch rear wheel the main frame very close to the vfr but the rvf the engine was repositioned. Slightly lower and titled more towards the front wheel. Flat slide carbs from the vfr’s round slide.

    The rest was mostly in the bodywork/looks different forks and front end. The swingarm and rear brakes were tidied up. Like no more brake stay arm. But instead of calling it an updated vfr400 they made it look like a baby rc45. And called it the rvf400 purely to cash in on the bigger bikes popularity.

    I was riding it once and stopped for gas and some guy comes over. Is that an rc45?!! Then I explained what it was. It looks like an rc45 and that’s were any relation to the rc45 ends.

  • Bike ASKING prices have been STUPID. But I wonder what the street payment price really has been. I would be a player for no more than $8,999 on this one. Nice, but not THAT nice. And the other one on here, WAY STUPID. Especially because of 1) who is selling the bike and 2) the non OEM tail section.

    If someone wants to sell me one of these NC35 at $8,999 in similar ridable condition, hit me up. Otherwise, I can’t wait for this bubble to pop because it has really gone as crazy as the housing market in many states.

  • Looks to have all Chinese body work to me, big ask on the price.

  • I think it is priced high as well, but I don’t see any JDM bubble popping in general, as these bikes are perfect for the road, rare in the US, nostalgic, well-made, interesting, and aren’t coming back.

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