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1995 Honda RVF400R NC35 For Sale!

1995 Honda RVF 400R NC35 For Sale on eBay!

Racing Vee Four 400R Okay, that’s not exactly correct, but some of it is. Can anyone tell me what the “R” in RVF stands for? The best info I can find on it is it was just a cool name the Honda endurance works teams used.

The little RVF has always been on my radar and this one looks to be in very nice condition. However, at a whopping $13,995.00 this one is out of reach for me now, tomorrow, next week and 5 years from now. Now, I am not saying it’s over priced! I’m simply saying I’ll need to get a little bump in pay from the RSBFS.com CEO before I can pull the trigger on a sweet JDM Grey Market machine. Please excuse me, I’m going to buzz Dan about that raise I need . . .

Well, my phone call didn’t yield a raise so, I guess I’ll get back to dreaming-

The RVF’s are a well rounded version of the VFR400R, but with less horsepower. Yes, you read that correctly. Due to some mid 90’s Japanese governmental overreach regulations, JDM 400cc machines were limited to 53hp. No worries though, because the RVF’s had all the workings of a true race machine. Fully adjustable forks, 17″ wheels, single sided swing arm and a very racy looking ram air system. This one comes with a very tidy Tyga Exhaust that is said to increase power by 13.5% with proper jetting and only weighs half as much as the stock piece.


From the seller

If you’re a RVF fan boy like me, this one definitely stirs the emotions.

Check out this RVF 400R here!




  • What makes these more desireable than an actual RC-45 is those 17” wheels. There is actually a decent choice of rubber without that 16” front wheel. Yeah, I know Honda built many CBR900 varients for a long time that used the 16” wheel. But the last of those was 20 years ago.

    I will never be able to afford an RC-45. So something like this is appearing.

    Question to the RC45 experts: could an RC45 upper fairing with the actual ROUND headlights be fir to this? The headlights on these look so cheap.it looks like its big brother in every other way. Then you get to the headlights and it looks like some used car dealer slapped it on so it could be rolled out on the lot. Just asking fulling realizing the chances of finding the proper RC45 parts to do it would be virtually impossible.

  • No it can’t be done at least not some kind of bolt on swap like your hoping for.
    It has some kind of jdm setup my friend owns one has for a long while now. You can get some led bulbs for it makes it much brighter.

    This one doesn’t have stock rear fairing you can tell by its solid single seat look. If it was stock there’d be a pillon seat that removes. For a glove box compartment and it would also give you access for the helmet strap holders.

    It’s also been detailed up by the seller the fairing looks like it’s been waxed and polished. Just like the tzr they have. Reminds me of that guy from Utah from awhile back. Was detailing the fairing and frame and the rims. To make them look all nice and shiny.

    But the real sin was him trying to pass of a freshly imported jdm bike as a turn key. Every single jdm bike I have seen like these. Needed a full on restoration before I’d considered it a turn key. Even if they ran upon arrival. Seals rubber bits fuel lines carbs bearings brakes etc all need a serious once over.

    The fairing sure hides all of that ugliness too. Unless an enthusiast owned it and has restored it.
    Your find out the hard way when you have to get it towed it home.

  • Thanks for the comment on the tail not being OEM. I think it looks great and better than the oem you describe. Had to go google for pics, but i clearly see the difference you pointed out.

  • There is a “semi-restored” 6.8kmi. 95′ rvf400r on SF/Bay Area Craigslist right now for $8500. JDM bill of sale only, if this isn’t the one for you guys. No, I’m not the seller. Just scanning c-list and saw it today. Ad is 2days old. Just an FYI.

  • Racing V Four?

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