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Featured Listing: 1997 Honda NSR500V2 for Sale

Update 7.7.2015: I’ve been notified by the seller that this bike has sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc


Built between 1996 and 2001 and powered by a 499.7cc two-stroke v-twin, the NSR500V2 was the stablemate of Honda’s V4 bikes, and provided a simpler, less expensive option for privateer racers. Cheaper to run and easier to maintain, it was an ideal machine for less well-heeled teams looking to compete in top-level racing, and allowed them to fill out Moto GP grids.

And unlike the V4, which Honda would only lease to the teams running them, the V2 was actually available for purchase.


Weighing in at a featherweight 227lbs [103kg] dry the 100° v-twin produced a claimed 135 bhp. It couldn’t compete in a straight line against four-cylinder rivals, but high corner speeds allowed it to lap at a similar pace. Although it was down nearly 40hp compared to the V4 machines, it was much lighter and easier to ride, with a broad spread of power and better handling that allowed it to race against and even win with surprising regularity against factory four-cylinder machines.


Like all genuine racing machines, these are exceedingly rare. Only 22 were built, and of course some have not survived, making today’s bike a very rare opportunity.

From the seller: 1997 Honda NSR500V2 for Sale

This Honda NSR 500 V2 we offer for sale was part of 4 machines imported by Honda France starting in 1997. This example was entrusted early 1997 to the team Tecmas Honda Elf and the rider Régis Laconi to race in the 500cc World Championship. Subsequently sold to a private collector, who fully serviced it with new pistons and crankshaft, had it repainted in the Repsol livery and used it for a number of classic events in Europe covering approximately 300 km. In 2008 it was sold to a Spanish collector.

The fork and shocks were overhauled. The engine received new pistons, rings and rods. A new clutch was fitted and the bike received new Dunlops, type KR106 in the front and KR108 in the rear. The front brake disks are new Lorraine carbons with new brake pads fitted. The magnesium water pump is also new…

The bike was 100% overhauled being started on a roller and never used since.

It is stored with standard carburetor setting (rich) and dry (no water to avoid rust and damages to the new magnesium pump, for the same reason no gas in the tank and no brake fluids).

Nsr 500 2

Accessories, books and a comprehensive spares package come with the bike:

  • Sete Gibernau’s original Repsol leathers, helmet and boots
  • Honda Maintenance Book
  • Front and rear stand
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 set Honda steel front brake discs with brake pads (new)
  • 1 set of exhausts (without silencers)
  • 1 set of gas cables (new)
  • Set of front and rear sprockets
  • 2 NGK spark plugs (new)
  • Set of main and pilot jets
  • Seat foam (new)
  • 1 set of clutch discs (used)
  • 1 tool to remove rear wheel.
  • 2 heads (used)
  • 2 complete pistons (used)
  • 1 magnesium water pump (used)
  • Set of engine gaskets (new)
  • 1 set of carbon reeds (new)

This bike was fully overhauled by GT Motorcycles Ltd.

About price, I want 120000€. (will consider offers)

Nsr 500 24

At current exchange rates, that makes this just north of $130,000. It’s also interesting that it comes with Sete Gibernau’s leathers. I wonder what a bit of Eau de Gibernau adds to the value. He did ride a V2 to several podium finishes in 1998 and 1999, although it’s not clear that he rode this exact machine…

NSR 500 3 Gibernau

If you dare to ride it, it’d be the ultimate track day machine. It’d also be ideal for vintage racing or track days, although you might want to have a line on some replacement plastics before riding it in anger.

Interested parties can contact the seller by email here.




  • Great bike, maybe one of the most desirable in the world. How much costed new one, 80 000 EUR ?

  • I wonder what these went for back in the day to buy from HRC. $130,000 seems like a good deal for a real ex-GP bike.

    This is why I look forward to visiting this site every day. How often do you see one of these come up for sale???

  • 100,000.00 USD is what I remember seeing back then

  • 228 pounds dry and 135hp… Sick!!!

  • Honda recommends you replace the crankshaft, pistons, etc every 2000km. Cranks will cost you $8000, if they’re still available.

    That being said I would buy this in a second if I could afford to just for the chance to ride a real 500gp machine around a racetrack

    • Well, in all likelihood nobody who buys this will ride it anywhere near 2000 km. If I had the money I would buy this bike in a heartbeat. I’ve seen this bike listed several years ago, not sure if it never sold or is being resold, but man… I’d have to say that this is a very fair deal.

      I should have gotten into tech.

    • We run our NSR500Vs several times a year, and they are surprisingly easy to maintain. Under non-race conditions, with “enthusiastic” amateur riders, the cranks will last considerably longer that 2000km. We also replace the outer main bearings regularly (and do on HRC RS250s too) which increases their longevity considerably. 😉

  • Power to weight=lots to none…
    Watch out Garry McCoy…

  • “Entrusted” means leased, right? Tecmas didn’t “own” it, did they?
    “Subsequently sold”–did Tecmas sell it with Honda’s approval? Did they go bankrupt and liquidate it before Honda could get it back?
    I may have wrong information–please tell me if I do, but I don’t think Honda allowed these to be sold or onto the market.
    So good luck getting ANY support whatsoever from Honda. The carbs will have custom PNs on them that designate them as works, which means Mikuni/Keihin at the behest of Honda may black-ball you for support. Better learn how to make your own spare harnesses and other parts. “Normal” 250 pistons are easy, but are they the ones matched to this state of works tune? From what I’ve heard, there are myriad and multiple levels of parts, from privateer to full-works–which one is this? Were all the original pistons and other parts saved? This bike may make you glad 3D printing exists so you can make your own parts.

  • Sorry, saw that the V2s were indeed for sale. I had it wrong.
    Still, the “entrusted” thing has me wondering. Of all the verbs to to use, why this one?

    • >Henway
      The bike is in Europe (asking price in Euros) so the person writing the ad might not be a native english speaker.

  • Whoa, mama. That is a rapid ripper! Any electronic aids?

    • Your right wrist is the only traction control – there were no electronics on them back then

  • Awesome…but I still think the Factory Marlboro Roberts YZR500 that Kenny was selling for $200k was a better deal.

  • Ever the 4-stroke guy I still have a soft spot for the older 2 stroke GP bikes . That being said I find it awesome that one can even be bought by the public. 130 K is a lot but I am sure someone will pick it up eventually . The power to weight ratio is just insane !

  • its awesome, but I still think for that kind of money I’d opt for a YZR500 (Roc or Harris). If I had the means….

  • Just dipped into the 401K, The hell with retirement , I want this bike!!

  • Grabbing an RGV roller and stuffing an RG 500 engine , add some quality Ohlin brake and suspension goodies
    and you’ll be close. Probably set you back $15K – $25 k but a much less expensive alternative / easier on the 401 K with similar thrill factor. I still want this beauty though..

    • Nope, not even close, sorry.

    • Wanker!!!!!!
      Go back to the TYGA Forums.

  • I got to say this is the most exclusive machine that I have seen on this site (I am a Ducati fan but love 2-st). I wish I had the skill to ride this and had the means to afford it and its maintenance along with track days around the world at my favorite tracks – PI, Mugello, Laguna, Brno, etc.

    Buyer – enjoy riding, drooling, maintaining..


  • Sweet ride! Power to weight is HUGE!!! Like riding a young school girl after she had 5 expresso’s. Getty up…..Go fast! Take chances!

  • Frank, you’re sick. I like that about you.

    This bike! Holiest of holies of publicly purchasable bikes. Then and now. I do remember when they were still current & Doohan was killing everyone on it’s big brother. I remember an early web site of a US importer that had listings and pics for brand new RS125, RS250, and the NSR500V2. The RS’s had prices next to the listings. The NSR had “call for quote”. I so fantasized about calling and ordering one up. I guess I’m still fantasizing about buying this.
    Lottery ticked dream garage:
    1. Honda NSR500V2
    2. Ducati Supermono
    3. Honda RC30
    4. Yamaha R7
    5. Ducati Desmo D16RR
    6. Kalex Moto2

    • I may be able to help with your 3rd choice. I’m Looking for a good home for my RC30.

  • The seller has notified us that this bike has now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller. -dc

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