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Featured Listing – 1995 Honda NSR 250R-SP MC28

Update 11.21.2016: The seller has contacted us and let us know this NSR has sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc


Many two-stroke fans would’ve been thrilled to locate and federalize the last generation of a small-sports dynasty – an MC28-spec Honda NSR250R-SP.  But this Florida owner has re-imagined the NSR 250R with blueprinted engine, Yamaha upside-down front end, and full Tyga fairings.  The updates were part of a frame-off restoration, with most parts being re-finished or upgraded.  Though it appears destined for the track, the bike is titled in Tennessee and could be made road-ready.



Built just 1994-96 and never available in the states, the 60 hp v-twin was a significant revision to the previous MC21 with ProArm single-sided rear, digital dash, and PGM IV electronically controlled ignition.  The aluminum box frame and dry clutch helped keep weight to 300 or so lbs.  The NSR250R reviewed as a razor-sharp handler which required a skilled rider to keep the momentum high, using the great brakes, on-off engine, wild available lean angles, and no engine braking.




The build for this NSR reads like a catalog page from Tyga, a Thai-British manufacturer and tuner.  De-restricting the engine using PGM-IV requires a “racing” card and wiring harness, the owner has both, as well as modified airbox and lightened flywheel.  An expansion chamber and carbon-kevlar mufflers from Jha have been installed.  A more modern Yamaha front suspension has been installed, with 6-piston brakes.  The full Tyga bodywork has been tastefully painted and stickered so as not to compete with the sound of the dry clutch and 13,000 rpms.  Also included is a 300cc engine kit, a substantial power increase.



The owner’s list from the eBay auction:

Entire frame up engine and motorcycle restoration, powder coated Frame, Swingarm, & Magtek Wheels, bike come with matching Tennessee title, bike is street legal and can be registered for road use

1) PGM with HRC 030 card and I have stock card

2) New Crank and top end – with matched cylinders

3) Oil injection is blocked off and uses pre-mix only

4) Carbs are jetted

5) Hi flo reed stuffers, with carbon reeds

6) JHA 500V exhaust with carbon kevlar silencers

7) Lightened flywheel

8) Stock airbox with cutout section and aftermarket filter

9) De-restricted wiring harness

10) Lower cylinder head has been upgraded with an upper cylinder head conversion for better burn

11) TYGA GTP body work and custom paint job

12) TYGA new 300 kit sold with bike complete extra top end

13) Yamaha entire front end

14) New Dunlop Q3 tires front and rear



No question, this is for a distinctive rider, on the lower end of the size and weight chart, but well experienced on the racetrack.  Beyond distinctive, the customized NSR 250R-SP racebike is a singular machine, especially considering its recently completed condition.  This bike/rider combination could lead to some epic days.  The asking price is $16,600 or best offer, and the owner can be reach at 954-809-8596





  • Dreaming here no speedo drive hooked up no turn signals and premix only no mirrors all negatives for a street ride.

    • Smokin Joe, no speedo because it has PGM IV with HRC 030 from Factory Honda, which deactivates speedo, and raises horsepower to 60+ with derestricted wire harness, and i have mirrors and signals for the the potential buyer…

  • mods request comments stay on topic, without flaming other commenters…

  • So would a hypothetical R6 riding, 6’2″ and 200lb advanced level trackday poser (me) be able enjoy this thing as a second trackday toy or is it just too small?

    • No. You’d be fine.

  • Nice bike, but since it is no longer a stock street bike in desirable stock config, at the asking price it needs to be already tuned and setup at the high end of the NSR250 performance spectrum with all the go fast parts installed and sorted out, because for $16,000 one can buy an actual RS250

    Very nice bike though, I just think the over the top mods bring the price down, not up.

  • Any interest in selling just the 300cc out. I have the rest of the parts to go with it. 🙂

  • What a beautiful motorcycle. Love it.

  • Bike looks great mate, don’t get brought down by the grannies on 4 strokes who know nothing about these bikes. The NSR250 is one of the few bikes around that gets genuinely better with upto date modifications.
    Love the bike, on a tight track this will take anything on!

    • I want it but would fill my pants everytime rode it. Fantastic work.

  • The black frame/wheels with silver bodywork is a great combination.

  • Thanks guys for the positive feedback, this bike handles better than any other bike, including my 1299r Duc, never get tired and the power to weight ratio, it’s, awesome, not to mention it’s a real head turner, especially with the dry clutch sound. I am currently working on my NSR 500 recently aquired and that’s the only reason I am selling the rare gem/beauty. I tried to mimic TYGA build, other than the paint job there are only a few small differences.

  • Eric contact me, I would be interested in selling the extra 300 kit, then I could drop the price of the motorcycle

    • I forwarded Eric’s email. -dc

  • Mike, nice bike. Tell us about the NSR500.

    • Lol g14 classified until complete,
      It may pop up here in the future but it will be ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • There’s been a couple of the v twin nsr 500s for sale before you could buy them limited sure think last one on here went for 50k.

    • Can’t tell you how much my nsr 500 will go for yet if I even sell it

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